Taylor Hicks – His personal song choice is rumored to be “Try a Little Tenderness”.  I’m hearing that he left a very obvious hint during an interview with News radio 960 in Birmingham Friday.  He said his choice was “a love song that he wanted to sing but couldn’t get cleared earlier in the season”.  He gave up “Try a Little Tenderness” during “Love Classics” week, because the producers felt it wasn’t a song that guest star Andrea Bocelli would ever sing. Whatever.

I’m still working the rumor mill.  I’ll be back with more later.  thanks to donna,  PMHU, and other Taylor fans for your help!


More thoughts on Chris

Every time there is a surprise boot, whether it be Tamara Gray, Clay Aiken,  Jennifer Hudson,  or Constantine Maroulis, there is an instant backlash from fans who cry foul play.  This year isn’t any different.  From E! Online:

“The day after the day after Daughtry’s elimination from the Fox singing competition the Internet continued to buzz with rumors, speculation and wild speculation that shadowy forces and/or ineptitude thwarted the bald rocker’s widely assumed ascension to the May 24 season finale.
The chief conspiracy theory centered on Idol’s oft-maligned phone lines. Some fans complained that their Tuesday night votes for Daughtry were misdirected to lone female standing Katharine McPhee, whose voice was said to have greeted them with thanks of support, MSNBC.com reported.”

Here’s the deal.  Elliott Yamin and Taylor Hicks both had incredible nights.  Katharine McPhee didn’t, but according to dialidol.com, she and Chris were in a statistical dead heat for last place.  In my opinion, either one of them could have gone.  But after the dust settled, it was Chris who was left with the fewest votes.  No conspiracies, no foul play. It’s just the way the Idol cookie crumbles. 

And the producers are grateful, because the surprise boot is ratings gold.  That’s money.


The Tour

Got some tour info here.  But first a little rant.  I saw the Idols last year in Manchester, NH.  I just checked my records, and last year, tickets were $55.75 for the best seats in the house.  This year they’re going for $71.50.  That’s nearly a $20 increase!  What gives?  I know the tour did very well last year, but a $20 hike is pretty steep.  The producers must believe they’ve got some mighty big breakout stars who can sell shows at that price.

I saw quite a few families at the shows last year.  This year, it will cost $300+ for a family of four to attend.  I’m thinking there are some folks who are gonna just say no to shelling out that kind of change…

Not me of course.  Because I’m Idol’s bitch.  I’ll be attending the opening show in Manchester, and probably at least one more. I’m pathetic like that.

Here is the tour schedule from americanidol.com.

The Poptarts pre-sale starts this Wednesday and runs through Friday.  I’ve found that these pre-sale tickets aren’t all that special.  If you log on early and aren’t satisfied with the tickets you find, I suggest waiting until the actual sale date.  Most of the sales start either Friday the 19th or Saturday the 20th depending on your venue.

Ticketmaster is handling most of the sales, but not all.  Check with the venue to find out how to purchase tickets if you don’t see it listed on Ticketmaster.