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Americanidol.com will host a live stream featuring red carpet interviews starting at 6/5c pm

I found this on TWOP, but it’s making it’s way around the message boards (including the comments here, thanks guys)–apparently Fox News reported that the “surprise” is a major female recording artist with a record producing husband. The reporter asked the source if it was Celine Dion, and she just smiled.

Speculate away, kids!

This ETonline article hints that there’s a big surprise in store tonight:

 “…Katharine revealed a few clues! “There’s a big surprise that out of all the contestants only me and Taylor know about, so trust us it’s pretty big, something that’s never happened on the show!”

 Nigel Lythgoe also hinted there’s be some big surprises tonight on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning…

Check it out.  Brad Hicks, Taylor Hicks’s Dad was interviewed by the Birmingham News.  They spilled Taylor’s duet partner for tonight:

“One thrill, the family says, was meeting legendary record producer Clive Davis. They’re also looking forward to seeing Taylor perform “In the Ghetto” on the finale with Toni Braxton

Thank you Jena

Good morning!  Meatloaf has been confirmed as a performer for tonight’s finale.  He’ll be duetting with Katharine McPhee.   But other than that, I got nothin’…