Nigel’s weekly post-performance show interview

Here’s Nigel’s weekly post-performance show interview with

  • Taylor should have picked a bluesier song, like Ray Charles “It’s Crying Time Again”.
  • Mandisa was better this week than last week. He loves Shania Twain.
  • Liked Elliott’s song choice and his performance.
  • Paris picked the wrong song–it wasn’t fun enough.
  • Ace did very well
  • Kellie and Katharine lifted the tempo. Katharine “smoldered”
  • Something was “lost” in Chris’s eyes last night.  He wasn’t sure Chris believed what he was singing.
  • Bucky–couldn’t understand a lot of the words. “He sang in American”.
  • Paula was booed for the first time ever.
  • Every year there is drama around eliminations.  Tomorrow everyone will be talking about what happened the night before.

Nigel made a lame attempt to drum up some drama for tonight, but his effort was half-hearted in this interview.  No reports of tummy aches or sleepless nights here.