News Bits

A couple of tidbits I found at the TWOP forum:


Ken Warwick on “Entertainment Tonight” last night, said that Queen would meet with the contestants, but the theme would be “Rock” rather than Queen.  Boo.  I still hope the kids perform an awesome medley of Queen favorites next Wednesday….

Prince a no go

According to  Access Hollywood,  Prince will not be appearing on American Idol, “According to his label publicist, Prince will not be performing this season.”  Actually, I’m relieved…

Also, according to a poster at TWOP, (this is for you 3d!), “Access Hollywood” showed a clip from Ryan Seacrest’s radio show of Nigel Lythgoe “ripping Shakira a new one because she didn’t even bother to say hello to the contestants when she was on the show.”

The meaning of Pwn

For those of you asking, here is Wikipedia’s definition of the word pwn or pwned.  And it looks like I spelled it wrong!  Better go fix that.

“‘The slang term pwn (past tense pwned, pwnd or pwnt) as used by the Internet gaming culture, means to dominate an opponent. In this context, to be pwned can be defined as “to be defeated, ” with the strong connotation of also having been “made a fool of.” It is generally used for “friendly taunting” of a player’s in-game enemies, and gently “rubbing in” any victories, no matter how fleeting. While the term probably originated as a typographical error of the word own [1], it is now used intentionally by many members of the culture. The term has become so ubiquitous in Internet circles that it is often used outside of gaming contexts.”

About Nigel’s comments in his interview

He did say that “everyone would be talking about tonight’s boot tomorrow” as if it would be shocking, but his tone was very half-hearted.  I’m thinking it won’t be a shock.  But the surprise could be that the bootee has never appeared in the bottom three before.