Queen Song Spoilers

Thanks to Gray Charles.com for this link to Hollywood Records.  Queen’s new Greatest Hits CD “Stone Cold Classics” dropped today.  The website lists the Idol’s song choices.

Kellie Pickler – Bohemian Rhapsody
Bucky Covington – Fat Bottom Girls
Ace Young – We Will Rock You
Taylor Hicks – We Are The Champions
Paris Bennett – The Show Must Go On
Katharine McPhee – Don’t Stop Me Now
Chris Daughtry – Innuendo
Elliott Yamin – Somebody To Love

Note that Kat and Taylor’s song choices are different from the USAToday spoiler list.  Interesting.  I think, as others have speculated here in the comments section, that this is a first-choice song list that’s now outdated.  And that theory jibes with what I’ve been hearing from sources.

But at this point?  Who knows.  Stay tuned…