Taylor’s First Song Choice

Taylor’s First Song Choice

I posted a clue last night, for Taylor’s song choice, found on the americanidol.com offical forum: “Since Taylor did not want to come in between JD and Jordis, he decided to stay true to form.”   That clue refers to “RockStar:INXS”, the reality show that auditioned singers to become the new lead singer for the band INXS.  Jordan and JD were two contestants.  They argued over who would sing “We are the Champions.”

The clue makes perfect sense now.  I’ve heard from one of my reliable sources, who wishes to remain anonymous,  that Taylor Hicks’s first song choice was “We are the Champions.”

Here is my speculation:  “We are the Champions” doesn’t appear anywhere on the USA Today spoiler list.  But perhaps the entire group will be performing the song on Wednesday, for the Big Pointy Pose Group Sing…  Again, we shall see.


Some Good Reading

Here are a couple of cool articles:

This article is mostly about Taylor Hicks, but it’s first person blow-by-blow account from someone who sat in the audience for country night last Tuesday. A couple of excerpts:

“Nigel Lithgow (sic) is up there talking to the judges during commercial breaks too. He almost seemed to be coaching them…it was odd, I think there is more scripted in the show than any of us realize. I think they want it to look random, but it doesn’t play that way when you are there. If you think about it, they can’t let too much happen naturally, 30 million people are watching, they do have to have some sort of a game plan.

As the audience starts to file out, the judges leave. I was waiting in line to get out and I get nudged from behind and hear a very familiar English accent say, “Do you mind if I get through?”, in mocking disgust. Sure enough I look at the person next to me who is grinning ear to ear and fully amused with himself by the obnoxious tone to his voice with laughter twinkling out of both eyes, yes, it was Simon Cowell! He was so tickled that he got to act like a jerk to us. It was great. We of course let him through.”

Joe Reid, “Idol” recapper from Televisionwithoutpity is quoted in this NYTimes article that’s all about ” American Idol” and internet punditry.  Not only does the story quote Joe, but a poster named “Ninja Bunny” as well.  Also, the story notes that Dialidol.com and a company named Hitwise, an internet research company that measures internet searches, both predicted last week’s Bottom 3 correctly. Excerpt:

“His [Hitwise] statistics also seemed to spell doom in the coming weeks for Ace Young, a pretty-boy crooner, and Katharine McPhee, an adept performer Mr. Cowell has compared to Kelly Clarkson, the first winner of ‘American Idol.’ (Mr. Young and Ms. McPhee both have another factor against them: neither one is from the South, where all four winners and three of the four “American Idol” runners-up have come from.)

By Hitwise’s measurements, Chris Daughtry, a gravel-voiced rocker; Taylor Hicks, a prematurely gray Joe Cocker sound-alike; and Kellie Pickler, a wide-eyed country singer with a hard-luck story, have excited the most interest. But according to Mr. Tancer’s research, the three contestants inspire different types of searches. In Mr. Daughtry’s and Mr. Hicks’s cases, Internet users are curious about their music and past performances. ‘Then you look at Kellie Pickler, ‘ Mr. Tancer said, ‘and the queries are all around finding pictures of Kellie Pickler. Specifically of her prom dress.'”

Interesting stuff.