Queen Rehearsal

Hmmmm.  Check this out.  The song list was a side bar to this article.  Here’s a quote:

“After a performance before 30 million American Idol viewers each week, a rehearsal in front of a few dozen might seem like a yawner.

But this practice took place one afternoon last week in a cavernous arena with members of ’70s stadium anthem king Queen. It gave finalists a taste of the big time and increased their anticipation for their own Idol arena tour this summer.”

The reporter heard the Idols sing these songs at a rehearsal last week?  Could some of these song choices have changed this past week?  Or is this list a true updated list of what the Idols are going to sing tomorrow night?  We’ll find out soon enough.

ETA: Answering a question in the comments section:  I’ve disclosed everything I know at the moment.  I have no idea why Taylor had to choose another song, but there was this hint at the official boards regarding what Taylor would be singing tomorrow night: “Since Taylor did not want to come in between JD and Jordis, he decided to stay true to form.”  This hint refers to the TV show Rockstar:INXS.  Two contestants, JD and Jordis fought over who would sing “We are the Champions.”  It’s possible that he and another contestant wanted to sing the same song–and the other contestant wound up with the tune.  But I’m just speculating.