Nigel’s weekly Post-performance Interview

Nigel’s weekly Post-performance Interview

Here’s this week’s interview with Nigel Lythgoe.  Here’s a little re-cap for your reading pleasure:

  • Bucky – Was a good opening to the show.  Nigel would like to see a little more energy in Bucky’s eyes.  He said, “I want to know that he’s enjoying himself when he sings.”
  • Ace – He liked the fact that he tried to do something else with the song–but didn’t think he succeeded.
  • Kellie – He thought she looked like Joan Jett from the neck down and Dusty Springfield from the neck up.  Nigel thought she did the song “really well.”
  • Chris – Nigel didn’t mind that he chose a song we don’t know, but minded that he chose a really boring song while there are so many great Queen songs to choose from. (I suspect though, that the list of approved songs was probably pretty short.
  • Katharine – He recounted the “used to be Mandisa’s song” story, but didn’t comment on her performance.  If ya don’t have anything nice to say about a pimped one, don’t say anything at all?
  • Elliott – Nigel thought Elliott to put more blues into the song–which he didn’t think the song needed.  He thought it was “pretty good”
  • Taylor – He loves his energy, loves Taylor “jumping around”.  He mentioned his missed microphone kick.  Nigel thought Simon “went for him” last night.  But, not in a good way.
  • Paris – The interviewer thought she was “flat”.  Nigel immediately turned the comment around to the judges.  He said he thought the judges were a little “flat” last night.  Then he never commented on Paris at all.
  • There’s a “huge” Queen medley tonight. YAY.
  • He made no mention of “shocking” results.

I find these little post-performance show chats interesting.  I don’t think Nigel’s assessments are necessarily honest–but I think they say a lot about where a contestant stands in their eyes at any given time.  Plus, you never know if there might be a clue dropped here and there about who might be Bottom 3, or leaving that evening.  The interviewer’s obsequiousness is pretty annoying, however.

DialIdol Results

I’m sure many of you already know that  are predicting 6. Chris Daughtry, 7. Bucky Covington and 8. Ace Young in the Bottom 3 this week.  Last week, Dialidol’s predictions were right on the money.  I expect everyone will be watching to see how the fare this week.