Song Spoiler Update

Song Spoiler Update:

About the tentative track list for the American Idol Season 5 CD–I’m hearing that the track list for the CD is correct.  But that,  even though the contestants were told they could pick their own songs,  some where “persuaded” to do a song the “idol people” liked better. Hmmmmm


Posted on KT Tunstall’s My Space:

Be sure to watch AMERICAN IDOL:
Tuesday, May 2nd @ 8pm – Frontrunner, Katharine McPhee perform KT’s “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.”

Lastly, Paris Bennett’s song for the year she was born:  “Kiss” by Prince

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ETA:  I’m back!  My stylist is so forgiving…. 


I realize that Prince’s “Kiss” was released in 1986 and that Paris Bennett was born in 1988.  However, I have yet to receive an incorrect song spoiler from the very well-placed source who forwarded that tidbit to me.  So, I tend to believe that Paris is rehearsing “Kiss” as we speak.

Loophole?  Tom Jones and the Art of Noise recorded a version of “Kiss” in 1988.  And according to Wikipedia it was a hit. Although, I’m not sure if it was a hit here in America, or across the pond in England.

ETAA: According to (and a commenter here) Tom Jones’s version of “Kiss” went to #31 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, and #14 on the Modern Rock Tracks Chart. And,  it charted in the Top 20 on the Hot Dance Music chart. All in 1988.

Thank you so much steph.  And a belated to thank you to the peeps who sent me the heads up on Katharine’s song choice.

Aaron and Tony on the AI beat

Dave White’s recap this week from the featured commentary from Aaron and Tony, his so-called “spies” who attended Tuesday’s taping.  Here is their first hand account for your reading pleasure:

“Before the show starts the back-up singers sing this 10-minute ‘funk lite’ jam where they go, ‘Say Paula…Abdul…Paula…Abdul, ‘ and the crowd is supposed to chant their names. Then they go, “The Dawg’s coming out!” and you’re supposed to do the Dawg Pound woof woof woof and the backup singers go, “Randy… Jackson… Randy…Jackson…” Then they eject the judges out from the side door and Paula runs around like a crazy woman hugging people and stuff. The crowd is like 10% celebrities—I saw Tori Spelling and Miss Jay from America’s Next Top Model—15% media assholes, and then 75% rich junior high school girls having their birthday.”

“I sat right behind Elliott’s and Paris’s families and—big shock—Paris’s family is more fun. Elliott’s clan is nice but more conservative, all wearing yarmulkes and whatnot. I spoke to Elliott’s cousin, a young guy who referred to himself as Elliott’s “mentor.” This sounded weird to me, but what do I know? I told him how I approved of Elliott really changing his look. He was hesitant to go along me on this at first but I said, ‘As a Gay, don’t think I haven’t noticed.’ That actually worked, can you believe it? He melted, as if his safe answer would never hold up against my gayness. Like, it reminds you that we have everyone who doesn’t live in New York or Los Angeles snowed and that to them being gay means that you are automatically an expert in fashion and styling. He just deferred to me after that. ‘Yeah, he does look a lot different, ‘ he said.”

“In the commercial break after Elliott sang, McPhee’s McFather comes over to the judges’ table to complain about how they dissed Katharine. Simon and Randy get the hell out of there, but Paula gets trapped by him for the whole break, much of it with her hands holding his face, consoling him while he cries. I can see Paula clearly, mouthing stuff like ‘It’s just our job’ and ‘She’s gonna be fine.’ I lean into Paris’s mom and grandmother and whisper, ‘I didn’t know you could do that.’ And Mom whispers back, ‘We’re not supposed to…'”

“Paris’s grandma, Ann Nesby, has clearly negotiated her Jesus-ness with her love for the Gays. Or at least this Gay. But I just suspect she’s always sweet. I said, ‘Girl, I bet you can’t even get your nails done anymore, ‘ and she was all, ‘Honey, I can’t go anywhere, but I’m so proud blah blah blah.’ Then I asked her if it was sweeter watching Paris have fame, having had her own, and she said she is prouder of Paris than she ever was of herself. And I believe her. Then Miss Jay came and sat down with them. They didn’t even know who he was, he just joined them. In fact I think he stole the seat of one of Paris’s cousins. He just plopped his ponytails down and got out his sequined Sidekick. I hate those sequined Sidekicks. Also, Paris’s mom is younger than me, I think. I find that troubling.”

“Paris is so tiny. You can’t really tell on TV how tiny she is. She’s like Dio. That tiny. But loud. I don’t know how she doesn’t overmodulate their microphones. Seacrest is tiny too, but dude-tiny. Maybe 5 foot 5. Like a wee little ninja.”

The dishiest bit is from the third paragraph.  Tony reports that Katharine McPhee’s dad approached the judges table after her performance to complain about the judges’ harsh comments.  Paula spent the rest of the break consoling a crying McFather.  Paris’s mom remarked that the parents aren’t supposed to do that…

I doubt that a distraught McFather was the impetus for the backpedaling/apology made by Nigel and Simon, however.