Ratings News

Check out the Top 12 guide I posted last week.  I’ve added some new fan groups and forums to the list.  Thanks to those who sent links.  If there’s a group that I’ve missed,   just drop me a line.

Ratings News

American Idol continues to dominate the airwaves.  Tuesday’s show averaged 32.5 million viewers and a 13.5 rating/32 share in the adults 18-49 demographic, according to preliminary estimates from Nielsen Media Research. “Idol” started strongly, with 28.7 million viewers, but grew to 35.5 million viewers by 9:30 PM. On Wednesday, the show averaged 27.8 million viewers and an 11.4 rating/28 share in the adults 18-49 demographic.  These numbers are down from last Wednesday’s hourlong 8 p.m. installment that pulled in 30.4 million viewers. But, since last Wednesday’s show featured the guys performing rather than Results, it’s a little bit like comparing apples to oranges, yes?  Last Thursday’s Results show averaged 26.3 million viewers.

Odds and Ends

I’ve finally added TMZ.com to my list of favorites, and plan to check it regularly.  It features little gossip items that, whether true or not, are kinda fun.  Let’s see–we’ve got Paula’s new man (he’s sorta cute). And why Kevin Covais broke up with his girlfriend (they decided he’d fare better in the competition as a single guy.  Ha.  Chris Daughtry begs to diffa).  This item, about Idol stylists gradually darkening Taylor’s gray locks has got some heated discussion going on the message boards.  But, last week, in this Access Hollywood article, Idol stylist Dean Banowetz said he planned on giving Taylor the “George Clooney effect”,  just darkening his hair–rather than removing the gray.  I think we can expect Taylor looking sharp with his hair a bit darker, and the silver/brown a bit more blended.

Last TMZ item.  The reason Kellie “choked” on Tuesday, according to “backstage sources”:  “Pickler was panicked that she might have a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ with her black strapless number. Minutes before going on, Pickler was fidgeting and hoisting up the dress.  Pickler went from wardrobe stylist, to hair stylist, to make-up artist, repeatedly saying: ‘My hair is caught in my (fake) eyelashes!’ It was apparent — the 19-year-old was so uncomfortable with her ‘Dolly Parton’ look that her singing took second seat.”

First of all, she looked nothing like Dolly Parton.  I thought her hair and dress were lovely–not the “fun trashy” look the awesome Dolly sports.  Secondly, Kelly’s vocals were as average as ever.  The difference was that for whatever reason, the judges decided to critique her vocal performance, rather than her personality.

Speaking of Kellie, I’ve been loathe to address her sad/sensational backstory here.  But,  as we hurtle toward the finale, the media spotlight on it will only intensify.  So here I go.  I expect, in the weeks to come, for wayward mom–who abandoned a 3-year-old Kellie–to inevitably surface.  That sure will be fun. And, dad recently sent this letter to the local paper.  Apparently, he’s turned his life over to Jesus and is a changed man.  I hope so.  He’s due to be released from prison shortly before the AI finale.

Of course,  the Idol producers will have the good taste not to exploit his prison release in anyway. 


This MTV article talks about how her hometown is responding to Kellie’s success.  Commercial ventures like t-shirt sales, and restaurant specials like “Kellie Calamari” are popular. 

I’m sure that Calamari dish is a first for Albermarle, since Kellie never heard of it.  Heh.


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