Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

Some extraneous Idol news for you.

Generally, I don’t post items concerning the Idol’s private lives, but I’m  making  this item–about the Charlotte Observer finding and interviewing Kellie Pickler’s  mom an exception.   Her childhood troubles–including a drug addicted Dad and absent mom–made up  the backstory that helped propel her Idol run.   It’s worth mentioning.

Kellie’s mom has not been living in California like Kellie and her family thought.   She’s been  living in a mid-sized Southeastern city–afraid to use her real name and location due to a history of spousal abuse, and a  fear of an angry public  familiar with Kellie’s backstory.   Mom says that she was aware of Kellie’s Idol run.   She watched and voted for her every week.   The newspaper contacted Kellie before they published the story.    She has no comment at this time.

Check out  for another Taylor Hicks rehearsal clip.   The first half is an in interview with Taylor talking about his life as a struggling musician interwoven with  the  band performing “Hell of a Day”.    After finishing the tune, one of the players says “Should  we do ‘Do I Make You Proud’  real quick?” and  Taylor  answers “YES, ” in an exasperated tone that says, “I’m so sick of this song.”   So, he changes it up.    Taylor substitutes the Weird Al lyric “Do I Creep You Out” every time he sings the line  “Do I Make You Proud”.   Funny stuff.

By the way, Taylor sings the National Anthem at the NASCAR 400 in Miami, FL today (Sunday).   NBC is broadcasting the race.   Check your local listings for start time.

Kimberly Locke will be part of the cast of Celebrity Fit Club V, along with Maureen McCormick of the Brady Bunch, Dustin Diamond of Saved by the Bell, Tiffany, country music  singer Cledus T. Judd, rapper Da Brat, Ross  “The Intern” Mathews from The Tonight Show.    Oh, the glamorous life of an ex-idol–starring in reality shows with D-list celebrities.    The show premiers this coming spring on VH1.

Bo Bice graces the cover of the latest Peavy  catalog.   Check out the photo on Bo’s MySpace.

Chris Daughtry’s debut album drops this Tuesday.   I’ll have more on that in a bit…