DAUGHTRY set to be Released this Tuesday

DAUGHTRY set to be Released this  Tuesday

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Shocked, shocked was the  vast Idol  viewing audience  last season when Chris Daughtry, who was expected to win it all, was eliminated in 4th place.   The look on Chris’s face that night was hard to forget.   When Ryan Seacrest  bluntly delivered the news that Chris  was going home, his expression  went from a smile to looking like someone had punched him in the gut.    In post elimination interviews he had no filter–Chris  came off angry and confused–like someone who had bought into his own hype only to  be brought rather rudely back to reality.

Happily,  there was a silver  lining for Chris.    Like  first season’s  Tamyra Gray,  also a perceived  front-runner shockingly eliminated in fourth place,  The Powers That Be would decide to sign him anyway.    But, unlike Tamyra, they wouldn’t wait two years to  release his album.

In fact,  immediately after  being signed, Chris got  to work on his album.   During the summer tour,  Chris spent every spare minute working  with an all-star team that included producer Howard Benson (All American Rejects, My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach), songwriters Ben Moody (Evanescence), Mitch Allen (SR-71), Brent Smith (Shinedown) and  Brian Howes  (Hinder).

These days, Chris is at peace with his elimination.   He admits he was upset when he was suddenly ousted, but has come  to believe that things happen for a reason.   For one thing, losing made it possible to work with a band, a working scenario Chris favors over going solo.   This past fall, he auditioned hundreds of musicians.   Four auditioners–Josh Paul (Bass), Jeremy Brady (Guitar), Josh Steely (Guiltar) and Joey Barnes (drummer)–the four J’s ha ha–made the cut.   They weren’t assembled in time to record the record, but they’ll be Chris’s band as they promote and tour the album.

The band is called DAUGHTRY–named  after the giant  tattoo Chris had inked on his back over the summer.   Just kidding!    Sorry, that  ignormous tattoo is just so snarkworthy. Actually, when he got the tattoo, he knew the name of his band.   Chris chose  DAUGHTRY because of the name recognition–“Kind of like Bon Jovi, “ he says.

Last  Thursday night, DAUGHTRY previewed 5 songs at a listening party for executives (including the big guy, Clive Davis) in New York City.   Stealth accounts posted at fan boards from people who  attended, report that the suits absolutely LOVED the album.   Read a review of the show here.   The critics will be harder to please.   But hey, this is American Idol we’re talking about–ex-contestants from that cheesy show always have to fight for respect.

You can  decide for yourself.   Listen  to the entire album here  at VH1.   This video  from MSN features an excellent acoustic version of “It’s Not Over” woven into clips of Chris talking about making his new album and the challenges of songwriting.   In this iTunes podcast  Chris performs another acoustic number, “Sorry” and  describes how he chose the song (his wife found it). In another  interview–Chris reveals that both Lisa Marie Presley and her mom, Priscilla Presley  called him right after he was eliminated.   And here is another acoustic performance  of “It’s Not Over”

I’ll be posting more info when the  self-titled album “DAUGHTRY”  drops this Tuesday…

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