Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

Some Idol Health News

The good news–Ruben Studdard has lost 100 lbs.:

Ruben Studdard has lost nearly 100 pounds by cutting back on his food. He used to weigh more than 400 pounds. Studdard told NBC’s “Today” show that he was put on a 1, 200- to 1, 500-hundred-calorie diet at a weight management center at Duke University. The R&B singer, who won 2003’s “American Idol” competition, beating out Clay Aiken, says he’s now a vegetarian. Studdard has a new album coming out Oct. 17. He says he called it “The Return” because not many people bought his inspirational album, and some thought he hadn’t recorded in a while.

The bad news–according to, Bo Bice, who has been in and out of hospital emergency rooms since the end of Season 4 last year,  recently had a third round of surgery to solve a chronic intestinal problem:

…After in depth discussions with his physicians, a new round of tests was scheduled during a break in the tour to attempt to pinpoint the problem and determine a course of action to resolve it. After the first round of tests was completed last week, Bo’s medical team concluded on review of the results that surgery could not wait, and he was immediately admitted to the hospital. The surgery was not easy or routine, and after a setback the following day, Bo is now recovering well under the supervision of his doctors and hospital staff.

According to, Bo was recently diagnosed with intussusception–a condition in which “a part of the intestine has prolapsed into another section of intestine, similar to the way in which the parts of a collapsible telescope slide into one another.”  Bo’s doctors are hopeful that this surgery will finally resolve his health issues.

Bo was mid-tour.  Several upcoming concerts–Cumming, GA, Panama City, FL, and Anaheim, CA–were cancelled.  The future of the tour is unknown at this time. has more here.  Get well soon Bo…

The Today Show Concert Series–Upcoming Idol Appearances

Here’s the schedule so far:

  • Kellie Pickler – Wednesday, November 1
  • Katharine McPhee – Thursday, November 30
  • Jennifer Hudson – Tuesday, December 12

Mario Vazquez Single “Gallery” Crack’s the Top 10 Pop Charts 

According to this press release:

He [Vazquez] is now the only American Idol performer to achieve the radio milestone reached by Kelly Clarkson with his single “Gallery” today reaching the #9 position, cracking the treasured Top 10 on BDS and Mediabase’s Top 40 Pop Charts.

Pretty good for a quitter, eh?

Randy Signs a Deal

And finally, Idol judge Randy Jackson has inked a TV Development deal with Warners:

American Idol judge Randy Jackson is making his first foray into TV production, setting up his Dream Merchant 21 Entertainment banner at Warner Horizon Television. Warner Bros. Television’s low-cost unit has signed Jackson to an exclusive, multiyear overall production deal under which Jackson will develop and produce a range of projects, from reality shows to one-hour dramas. Jackson and his manager, Harriet Sternberg (NBC’s “The Return of Spinal Tap”), will run the shingle, based on Warner Bros. TV’s Burbank lot. Jackson says he’ll be hiring key development execs shortly.

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