Taylor Hicks is Profiled in November’s Vibe Magazine

Taylor Hicks is Profiled in November’s Vibe Magazine

The issue of Vibe featuring Taylor Hicks will be available at newsstands October 17th.  But, lucky for us,  there are some copies available now.  Thanks to sexygirl for obtaining one and scanning the article–I’ve posted it here.  The photography that accompanies the story has Taylor striking some very iconic Elvis-like poses with his hair and clothing done up in retro-fifties fashion.  And the article itself follows Taylor as he takes a tour of Ray Charles’s recording studio. It also contains a few interesting tidbits about Idol and Taylor’s upcoming record:

Taylor flat out refused to sing the first coronation song handed to him by Idol producers:

…Even his first post-Idol single, “Do I Make You Proud, ” was a blow against the show’s vision for him.  It’s effectively a pop-gospel number, broad and triumphalist, and well suited to Hicks’s raspy grain. But even though it fit neatly with Idol’s saccharine pop vision–show producers handpick songs for the finalists–it wasn’t the song Hicks was initially given.  “I walked out of the studio and said, you guys deal with it.  I’m not singing that music”…

Taylor ain’t no stinkin’ throwback.  Ok, he is–but with a modern twist:

“You have to keep up with the times, ” continues Hicks.  And so even though, in the Idol tradition, his forthcoming, as-yet-untitled album will feature a Ray Charles cover, which he will record in the icon’s studio, it’ll also look to more eclectic influences–David Bowie and Beck among them…

Another Fun Fact To Know and Tell:  Taylor’s Indie CD “Under the Radar”, released in 2005 and available only at one store in Birmingham, has sold 17, 000 copies as of August.