Watch Simon Cowell Put Together One Direction Two Years Ago (VIDEO)

Two years ago today, on X Factor UK, Simon Cowell put together 5 lads who didn’t make the cut as individuals into a yet-to-be-named boyband. They would become the worldwide sensation…One Direction!

Who woulda thunk it. I had a lot of fun during series 7, snarking on the boys’ bad dance moves, weak vocals and inability to harmonize! Look who had the last laugh. Egg on my face! Ha.

One Direction would go on to be eliminated in 3rd place. Those girls, who were eventually named Belle Amie, went out in 11th place in Week 4. Girl groups can’t win X Factor was the conventional wisdom at that point. But then, in Sseries 8, the plucky girls of Little Mix took it all.

Will a group win the upcoming season of X Factor US? It could happen. Or Simon will die trying. Heh.

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  • Anonymous

    Teenage girls’ lives will never be the same.

    I have to give them credit. They are miles better than when they started. They couldn’t harmonize at all on the live shows. Now I hear them on their own material while singing live and they mesh quite well.

  • Mateja Praznik

    One Direction’s first performance in bootcamp. Simon sees $$$:

  • DavieP

    So is it a done deal that simon will get groups in xfus? they better give brit the girls

  • Anonymous

    Simon will definitely get groups, to prove they can work in the US. Interestingly, in the UK version, he never had an act not make the final 3. Ever. So if he can work that magic here, he’ll be good.

    I’m assuming LA will get Overs, because that’s the worst category. The newbies Britney and Demi will get the good categories, Boys and Girls. I’m guessing the better of the two will go to Britney.

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit, I really like their songs. One Direction really took the world by storm. Props to Simon! 

  • Kesia Monteith

    “Interestingly, in the UK version, he never had an act not make the final 3. Ever.”

    Didn’t Simon mentor Leona Lewis during her season?

    ETA: OOPS Sorry! Read it wrong! You said “not”, LOL

  • Anonymous

    Lol, yeah, and in that year both of his acts were final 2. That was before they separated Boys and Girls into their own category, though.

    I hope he can work that magic with the group category this year. One Direction sure benefited from it!

  • Anonymous

    ” Simon will definitely get groups, to prove they can work in the US.”

    Is it wrong that I hope groups won’t work in the US?

    (heh. And I *like* groups.)

  • Leandro

    Ladies and gentlemen: watch the snake laying its egg.

  • luvadamlambert

    One directionnnn <3

  • Leandro

    The blond guy didn’t even sing. He isn’t even singin on bootcamp, just lip synching. They were a hilarious trainwreck. Not delicious as Wagner though. Nothing will ever overcome Wagner.

  • No Thanks

    Honestly, the moment I saw the 5 of them standing together, I thought they had IT.  I figured, as long as they’re weren’t a trainwreck, they’re gonna be massive.

    ETA: Then I saw their judges houses audition and that was it.

    In other news:

    An hilarious video of 2 of the boys pranking the other 3.

  • Cindy Moniz

    Aww, that was kind of heartwarming, actually.  What started it all.  Screaming teenage girls aside, I actually don’t mind One Direction.  Of course, I’ve also never seen X Factor UK. 

  • Li Wright

    I’ve said since last season that Jimmy IO should do the same.  I don’t see Stefano as a single act, nor Deandre.  Put them together with another guy and voila you have a boy group!

  • Kathleen Moore

    Actually, you can add a few other boys.
    Eben Franckewitz would do great in a boy band.  Jimmy likes him…he said he wishes he could audition again a few years later.

    I know there are more out there.