Phillip Phillips’ “Home” Goes Gold

Congratulations to Phillip Phillips. The American Idol winner has just earned his first gold record–selling more than 500,000 copies–for his Idol coronation song “Home.”

The news comes via management and publishing company Pulse Recordings, which represents the song’s co-writer and producer Drew Pearson.

This week the song sold more than 27,000 copies for a total of 523,477. First week sales of “Home” sold more than 278,000 download.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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  • Anonymous

    Congrats, Phillip!

  • Anonymous

    Well.. maybe he is rethinking the whole “this isnt really me” thing right now … congrats to him … its very impressive …

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to Phillip!!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulation P2! Its actually good to see an idol from S11 hitting milestones.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, it’s a great song. Congrats to Phillip!

  • justmefornow

    Didn’t really care who won this year, but glad to see the winner selling well.
    He probably was always way more popular than the rest of them. I knew he would be from the first time I saw him at auditions, and called it back then.

    Congrats P2.

  • dabney c

    I still haven’t heard the song on radio, and I listen a lot. Weird.

  • Michael McRell

    Really enjoy that song & the majority of the others he did on the show…seems like a really good guy….happy for him and the success of the song.  He seems to have gotten over the initial disappointment of not being able to perform one of his original songs & has started to make ‘Home’ his own.  Ironic–writing this post and ‘Home’ just came on the radio…lol!

  • Anonymous

    Me too. Neither on the top 40 or HAC station. But then again I live in South Florida so radio stations don’t really play a lot of  idol music. If that makes any sense lol Does location matter? 

  • Jacob

    So, 278k downloads in first week and it’s only sold 523k so far. How big drops has he had?

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations, Jimmy!  And Philip, but since it isn’t something Philip thought was his kind of song, I think some credit goes to Jimmy.  

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to Phillip!

    Hopefully, more of these Idol coronation singles will be like “Home” & less like the sappy “rainbows, mountains, etc.” songs.

  • Anonymous

    The song isn’t getting a lot of airplay, which makes its sales all the more commendable, especially more than a month after the season ended.

  • Anonymous

    Phillip has to be able to vocally sell the song, and make it believable, so he deserves some credit too.

  • Michael McRell

    Yes it did drop off considerably after the first week…however…that seems pretty normal for ‘idol’ songs coming off of the show.  Probably wouldn’t have seen such a steep drop, but Phillip was basically out of commission for a month after the show and was unable to do any promo for the song.  Interscope also didn’t push the song hard to radio until the middle of June…all in all considering the health issues & other things working against this song…it has done quite well.  If I remember right…Scotty’s song didn’t go ‘gold’ until late September or October sometime…so actually I am kind of surprised it went ‘gold’ this soon based on recent history of Idol coronation songs.

  • hcpoirot

    I did not surprised. THis is one of the best Idol “usually awful” coronation songs. Congrats, P2.

  • dabney c

    But without airplay, it won’t keep growing and maximizing its potential. Why is it not getting played, anyway? Is it a lack of promotion dollars from Interscope, or a lack of support from radio PDs, or a lack of interest from listeners? 

  • dabney c

    It may have something to do with “Home” being a way better song than Scotty’s winner’s single.

  • idolstruck

    Congratulations Phillip!  He is such an amazing singer who is so easy to connect with and I do hope more people will discover his other recordings because they are all amazing! I can’t wait to get hold of his debut album.

  • Anonymous

    I’m actually most happy for the writer of the song. He said he wanted that Gold record if it ever managed to sell 500k. Now he has it. :D

  • Anonymous

    According to wikipedia, ILYTB was certified gold on August 25, 2011

  • Anonymous

    It is getting played on HAC, although it still hasn’t gotten picked up by some big markets, like L.A. (KBIG is notoriously slow to add songs unless they are from major artists). It isn’t getting played that much on Top 40 radio, for the simple fact that it doesn’t really fit that format. 

    The natural format for this song is really Triple A or alt rock. But since those formats are very Idol resistant, it isn’t getting played by those type of stations

  • Luz Mae Salvador

    CONGRATS PP!!!! aawww!! so proud of you!!  i hope you will also do GREAT on ur LP!!!!!   Good Luck!! 

  • Michael McRell

    Probably the major culprit is the is the ‘lack of support from radio PDs’…seems like it would be in the best interest of Interscope to throw money at it…they need a hit for Idol that is not Kelly, Carrie. And, the majority of reviews have been good and sales of the song have stayed pretty strong considering it has not gotten the airplay…so I don’t think it is a lack of interest from listeners.

  • Anonymous

    Who knows how well the song will do on radio.  It’s still gaining on Hot AC, which is a slow format, but the format that’s most likely to play the song.  Ideally, it’s home format would be Triple A, but getting it played there isn’t going to happen.

    The interesting thing about its sales is that they have been so stable without airplay.  It’s similar to the songs and albums from similar Triple A artists that do well in spite of the lack of radio support, and it makes me wonder if the song is appealing to those who don’t rely on the radio to find new music, even among the AI crowd.  If it is, that could be a good sign for Phillip.

  • Anonymous

    YAY!!! Was so hoping Phillip would do well and how wonderful for the songwriter, too. I am so excited for the debut album. I love seeing people realizing their dreams and that’s what AI is supposed to be all about. Congratulations, Phil and family.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that is fantastic! Congrats to Philip and the songwriter.

    If the song sold that well without radio airplay, imagine what it could do with radio airplay. Sales would be through the roof.

  • Wui Zhuan Lim

    It has been played in Malaysia radio station…
    Love it!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to Phillip!  His first gold record!  He must be thrilled!!!  It’s a really good song too imo :).

  • OffLeash

    Congrats Phillip! Home went gold in 7 weeks. I bet that’s some kind of record right there. The fact that it’s still selling so well without significant radio AI is truly remarkable. Congrats again! 

  • Michael McRell

    They have posted Phillips performance of ‘Home’ from his interview at the KC radio station 99.7..The Point.  They also have a performance of ‘Disease’ posted there too.

  • Anonymous

    Fabulous! I am so excited and thrilled for Phil and the songwriter! I bugged my local radio station to play the song and they now play it a lot. I like to pretend it was because of me. ha ha  I hope others from this season find their own measure of success. I love to see any Idols do well for themselves in music. 

  • Eilonwy

    Congrats Phillip! Home went gold in 7 weeks. I bet that’s some kind of record right there. 

    RIAA’s database indicates that Clay Aiken’s first post-Idol single was certified gold in under 5 weeks. But this was determined under Rule 116A: If something looks like an Idol record, make sure Clay Aiken didn’t get there first. (Rule 116C involves Carrie Underwood. We don’t talk about Rule 116B.)

    Nonetheless, P2’s single is doing very well and everybody involved should be proud of it. Add me to the list of people who hope that Home’s solid performance convinces Iovine that coronation singles should continue to sound like real songs.

  • OffLeash


  • Anonymous

    Great news, I’m happy for Phillip and I enjoy the song.

    I believe WINK in Ft Myers is playing Home but it’s early yet. About half the HAC panel is playing so it totally just depends which half you listen to, it’s all about perception. It’s doing well on HAC for an Idol single but time will tell if it breaks out.

  • Anonymous

    It is a myth to say it isn’t getting airplay. Between HAC & Top 40 formats, it has gotten more than 1300 spins over the past 7 days. And unlike many songs from ex-Idols, it wasn’t regulated to just receiving spins in the overnight time periods — right from the start it has gotten spins across all time blocks.

  • Anonymous


  • fuzzywuzzy

    “RIAA’s database indicates that Clay Aiken’s first post-Idol single was
    certified gold in under 5 weeks. But this was determined under Rule
    116A: If something looks like an Idol record, make sure Clay Aiken
    didn’t get there first. (Rule 116C involves Carrie Underwood. We don’t
    talk about Rule 116B.)”


  • OffLeash

    Tell me more about Rule 116B I beg of you. Being left in the dark is gonna keep me awake at night lmao.

  • Hazehel

     I bet that’s some kind of record right there.

    David Cook did it in four.

    1st week – 236,000 
    2nd week – 399,000
    3rd week – 479,000
    4th week – 523,000

    The difference is that David Cook was able to do promo work straight after winning, and radio also played his song quite a bit.   In comparison, without promo, Home went into a steep dive pretty quickly.  Clay Aiken might have done it in 3, but I’m not sure.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget that Phillip was out of commission for a number of weeks, and the song wasn’t promoted during that time, so this is doing very well in spite of those circumstances.

  • Eriko

    Congrats! But something tells me this is not only his first gold, but also his last

  • dabney c

    For Cook it was radio play. That song was everywhere for months after his Idol win.  So, yeah, it’s impressive that Phil was able to sell gold in 7 weeks without the same level of exposure, but it’s also doubtful he can duplicate this feat with a new song that won’t have the benefit of being introduced on the show. He will eventually need airplay to continue his success. Without it, he may end up being a touring artist rather than a chart-topper … which is a fine way to make a living. Not knocking it.

  • Hazehel

    It looks like Clay Aiken could have done it in two weeks.  His sold  393,000 first week, for him not to get to gold, he would need a drop of over 70%, which is possible, personally I think it would be less than that.  David Cook would still be the fastest-selling winner though coronation song-wise.

    Phillip dropped over 60% each week the first 2 weeks because of the lack of promo, the drop declined after that, and only just started to show an increase the last couple of weeks because of increased radio play.  I do expect his song to go platinum though, possibly better depending on radio play.  Its iTunes chart position is much higher than songs with better audience impression, so people who heard it like it.

  • SaSa8

    Congrats to Phillip.  But to me this is not surprising since the general feeling after the finale was that this was one of the best coronation songs on Idol, if not the best.  So for it to go gold this quickly doesn’t really surprise me.  It’s great news though.

  • lovesickheroine

    Good  for you Phillip. I hope you can keep up with the momentum that Scotty has started

  • Leandro

    And he’s the one who’s making more money right now. Congratulations to the writer too!

  • Guest

    Do you really think Phillip’s success comes from something Scotty did? I think Phillip is doing just fine and his success has nothing to do with Scotty.

  • BigNLiddle

    I actually heard “Home” on the radio this morning on my way to work! Was pleasantly surprised.

  • OffLeash

    Yeah, I’m not sure what Scotty’s success has to do with P2’s either. Different genre for starters. Just like S8 top 2 success had nothing to do with S9 top 2 flop.

  • Anonymous

    Phillip has to be able to vocally sell the song, and make it believable, so he deserves some credit too.

    Oh, I agree.  This might be one of those creative relationships that produces better results from friction than from complete agreement.  Some artists benefit from being pushed out of their comfort zone.  

  • Anonymous

    This looks like another good week for Home so figure in another 25-30K in sales. Getting to 600K should be fairly simple but I’m not sure about 1M. It’ll need way more exposure on radio.

    Still happy the song is doing well.

  • OffLeash

    He’d need a lot more spins, or the Olympics to go platinum. 

  • tucker davis

    Congrats Phillip! We’ve met a lot of neat young people through Idol, but it’d be hard to find a nicer one than this Georgia boy! Hope he never changes.

  • Chesnee Slagle

    Actually “Magic Rainbows” is the only song that gets airplay in norhteast TN. I’ve never heard a song from This Loud Morning on the radio, ever. Our soft rock station plays the heack out of “Magic Rainbows.”

  • TheOther

    It’s actually only been a month and half since the finale. And only about 2 weeks that Phillip has been out doing promotions. This is really the only big Idol song Interscope has.  And I don’t think it was a fluke that Jimmy Iovine was mentioned in the press release.

    Billboard published the EP sales. Phillip (20k), Josh (9k), Skylar (8k), Jessica (6k), Hollie (3k). Nice to read that Phillip charted his 2nd Top 40 CD on Billboard’s Top 200.

  • Anonymous

    The increases can be attributed to promo Phillip started doing. Olympics, 4th of July on PBS, then MLB All Star Game in successive weeks. Good that just one bit of TV exposure has spurned an increase for the week. Airplay and being out on tour helps too. Hopefully Interscope has some more TV promo lined up.

  • Hollie Heathers

    Home is perhaps the best ‘coronation’ song for a winner in a long time.  I’m not a fan of Phillips style or his voice, but I find Home a’ight.  It’s not as sappy or drecky as TOML, nor do I think it has the potential to imprint a certain label or image onto him that he’ll have a hard time overcoming, like Cook. What he does after Home is done is the test. If he and Iovine and the label manages to get a few other good selling and charting singles and CD’s I’ll be impressed. Gonna keep watching to see how he does.

  • getaway1

    Phillip tweeted that he spent yesterday shooting the video for Home:)