Nicki Minaj Talks Girl Power and American Idol on The View (VIDEO)

  • thirdtime

    Oh my God…the intern they made over looked even more ridiculous than Nicki.  I didn’t think that was possible, lol.

  • Tinawina

    She gives an interesting interview. I really want to see how her outlook translates into judging.

  • fantoo1

    I loved how she said it was “pretty” good lol.

  • poipugirl

    As outrageous and superficial as she appears to be, she is articulate and interesting. 

    I bet the American Idol audience will be pleasantly surprised by her.

  • standtotheright

    Did someone in her management team threaten the View panel with bodily harm if they didn’t mention the perfume in the segment? Because I actually thought her stories about how she’d connected with YM and with her fans were far more interesting.

  • jr8809

    I’m really interested to see she is on the panel. I really think all four of the judges will have great chemistry with each other.

  • Li Wright

    Well if I’m reading body language right…Whoopie isn’t impressed with Nicki…neither am I.  Appreciate that Nicki  worked hard, but her get-up to me is very clownish.  And she is def copying Lady Gaga…Gaga has her monsters…and Nicki has her “barbs”?  The perfume packaging is hideous….guess I’m old fashioned but she should thank her lucky stars for AI which will give her cross over appeal.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Nicki is proud to be a strong independent woman. And au contraire–I think she’s a great role model for girls.
    Chicks doing it for themselves!”

    I’m not in favor of any celeb being used as a role model for children, but Nicki did emphasize the importance of education and that women should be independent and make decisions for themselves, which I think was very good advice. I also loved when she said that children should be parented by their parents.

    As for how Nicki will be as a judge on AI or anything else about her, I haven’t seen enough of her to get an idea of what to expect. Should be fun, though. lol

  • fuzzywuzzy

    lol I can imagine Nicki’s publicist jumping up and down behind the cameras to catch Sherri’s attention so that she would interrupt that interesting conversation and plug Nicki’s new perfume. 

  • brightones

    OMG – Nikki does look like a clown – maybe she’s been around Randy too often when he’s been wearing his clown suits.  I personally do not like what she represents for a family show.

  • elliegrll

    It’s funny that Nicki, despite how well she represents herself, can be perceived as being a clown or someone who doesn’t fit on a so called family show, but people like Steven Tyler and Billy Joe Armstrong are just being Rock.

    I think that Nicki looked cute on The View.  She continues to show that she has an opinion to share, and that if she’s allowed to be herself on AI, she will show that she is knowledgeable about the industry, and especially about women in the industry.  That’s a topic that she has discussed a lot during her interviews. 

  • elliegrll

    but she should thank her lucky stars for AI which will give her cross over appeal.

    You don’t think that all of the top 20  pop hits that she has have given her crossover appeal, or mean that she already has it?  Her current song is ranked #13 on the pop chart.  and both Starships and Superbass peaked at #3 on the pop chart.  She was the first solo female artist to have seven songs in the BB Hot 100 at the same time.  You are going to need some crossover appeal for that to happen.

    I don’t think that she would have been given a massive international endorsement deal with Pepsi, if she weren’t mainsteam.  For that matter, it was also the reason why AI hired her.   Maybe it’s just a case of not listening to the stations that play her music, or realizing that she’s the one in the Pepsi ad campaign, or that is her music playing.

  • elliegrll


  • Tinawina
    funny that Nicki, despite how well she represents herself, can be
    perceived as being a clown or someone who doesn’t fit on a so called
    family show, but people like Steven Tyler and Billy Joe Armstrong are
    just being Rock.

    You know that’s a good point. Her brand of OTT outrageousness is not uncommon in rock. Hell, I’m not sure we’d have got all this intense blowback like we’ve seen all over the web over Gaga or Katy Perry either, and neither are conventional dressers. But Ms. Minaj has always been uber polarizing, so there you go.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I agree. Nicki is a current, very popular singer/entertainer and the
    Pepsi endorsement already proved that she was internationally well
    known. That’s why Idol wanted her. Idol needs Nicki more than she needs Idol.

  • SullyD

    ITA. You have Kiss puking blood onstage, Ozzy eating bats (or at least the head), David Bowie wearing all the colors of the rainbow at the same time, Steven Tyler hitting on 15 year old girls and none of those people are considered “clowns”…

    (BTW, I like most of those artists better than Nicki, but I’m definitely “ok” with her)

  • jr8809

    “I’m old fashioned but she thank her luck stars for AI which will give her cross over appeal”

    Clearly your not following popular music at all, for the last couple of years Nicki has been one of the top artists in mainstream music today.

  • Jordana33

    This was a good interview and I like that she’s all about female empowerment. The first time I realized the extent of her crossover appeal was when Taylor Swift once mentioned that Super Bass was one her favorite songs and that she could recite all the words. She even had Nicki Minaj perform it with her at a concert (see below) 
    Warning: This has to be one of the stranger things I’ve watched…

    Also, the fact that so many different artists have featured her has also helped with the crossover appeal. 

  • poipugirl

    I think Nicki’s outrageous hair and wardrobe is so she stands out as an artist.  Otherwise, she would be just another black girl rapper that was trying to make it in the industry. 

    She made me notice her on the red carpet with that weird leopard hair/outfit a couple years ago.  She made headlines with that outfit, so I knew her name.

  • elliegrll

    The outfits help her get noticed, but if her songs weren’t connecting with people, nobody would know who she is.   She made a name for herself backing up other artists, and now she’s getting noticed because of her songs.

  • jr8809

     Do you not realize how big Nicki has become in the past few years? I don’t wanna keep saying this but some ppl just aren’t giving her enough credit.

  • Brandon Mitchell

    Not a fan of Minaj’s at all…How is she a role model when she sings about sex repeatedly in her lyrics. She also dresses skimpy

  • md

    Is she into make-up, hair and clothes and not her music?

  • poipugirl

    People were criticizing her outrageous looks and I was trying to justify why it works for her or why she dresses like that.  It helps draw attention to her music.

  • ShannonM

    I gotta say that I LOVED this interview!  I am in Nicki’s camp!!!

  • springboard2

    I hope Nicki is able to be herself on idol, she is going to be fun!

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