Kelly Clarkson Won’t Be Judging American Idol 13

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kelly Clarkson’s reps say she will NOT be judging season 13 of American Idol, despite rumors to the contrary.  E News went so far as to report that an all-alum panel was a 95% done deal, with Kelly, Jennifer Hudson and possibly Clay Aiken or Adam Lambert vying for the 3rd spot.

Adam Lambert has said on several occasions that he would be thrilled to sit on the Idol panel, but according to a source, Adam’s reps have NOT heard from Idol bosses the possibility of  joining the show as a judge.

And yet another source tells THR that the producers  first choice is to bring Jennifer Lopez back (UGHHH NOOOO) and that is also high on the list. However, a source close to the Black Eyed Pea says that it’s “doubtful” the singer would  have time for the gig.

Kelly has made it clear in interviews that she would not be comfortable judging a reality show, although she loves to mentor, as she did on The Voice and last year’s summer competition, Duets. She’s got too much going on to make room for Idol anyway.

These rumors swirling around the blog-o-sphere  just 1 week after the Idol confetti fell?  They sound like a lot of insider speculation and ass talking.  FOX won’t announce who is sitting on the Idol panel until September or October.  In the meantime, the feeding frenzy for “sources” and “scoops” amongst the  entertainment rags will continue All. Summer. Long.

Doesn’t THAT sound like fun? Sigh.

Read more at The Hollywood Reporter


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  • b_james

    NOOOOOOO (to everything)

  • Beaugard Stevens

    What I read didn’t make me think Kelly wanted it, just that they were asking. We already know what Adam would do- I could see Clay signing on although it might be either/or with Adam/Clay. If Jennifer Hudson will agree to the horrid “Smash,” I don’t see why she would not do Idol, I don’t know how her movie schedule is- Ruben, Taylor, David C. Kris, Jordin. none of them have high-profile gigs, I don’t see why any of them would say no.

  • mmb

    As I said below, I think without either Kelly or Carrie they won’t go with an all alum panel. Kelly says no (no surprise), and Carrie is busy and would undoubtedly say no. So I guess we can all move to to some new gossip. No no no to more J-lo. Will I Am i generally dislike as an artist, but he is a pretty engaging talk show guest etc. How has he been doing on the Voice UK?

  • AHotDamnMess

    We won’t find out until September or October? Auditions start July 11th in salt lake city…am I missing something?

  • matt89

    Jlo and might as while just cancel it then. That would be even a bigger mess

  • matt89

    Dream Panel: Pink/Lambert/Harry Connick Jr

  • Mateja Praznik

    At this point, speculation about potential new judges during the summer is the most exciting part about American Idol. And it’s been like that for quite a few years.

  • Larc

    Judges don’t get involved until later. It was mid September last year when the first auditions before the judges took place in NYC.

  • Sassycatz

    I don’t see why she would not do Idol, I don’t know how her movie
    schedule is- Ruben, Taylor, David C. Kris, Jordin. none of them have
    high-profile gigs, I don’t see why any of them would say no.

    Because it’s not what they’re interested in doing, nor what they even went on the show originally to become?

  • mjsbigblog

    E Online reported that she and Jhud were practically a done deal.

  • H.A.

    The biggest mistake they can make is dragging this out into a circus again this year. Mentioning everyone including my dead grandmother is so clusterfuck. Honestly I hope Idol alumns stay away from this mess.

  • mmb

    Agree…I was actually hoping that unlike last summer they would just get something in place quickly and quietly, without floating a million names and theories etc. After a while the judge stuff became an absolute joke last summer — far from building excitement I think it just led to rolling eyes and more Idol fatigue. I thought maybe they has learned something from that. J Lo and Will I A, certainly aren’t going to help them meet their previously stated goal of no more mega salaries for big stars. J Lo is gonna want Mariah money, and Will at least Nicki money. That being said, if the want J Lo back then they are dumber that I thought. Nothing against J Lo. But there is no reason for her to return

  • Face

    thank *insert name of your preferred deity*… I luv me some Kelly C… but this wouldn’t have been good for her… or IA …

  • H.A.

    Adam’s management DMG hasn’t even been contacted. So I wouldn’t bet on it happening now and if they do I hope they turn it down. Despite what Adam may want a good management team would knock some sense in him. It would come across as an afterthought and him publicly saying he would take the job would lowball any $$$ negotiations.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Thank goodness! Go Kelly!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “And yet another source tells THR that the producers first choice is to bring Jennifer Lopezback (UGHHH NOOOO) and that is also high on the list”


    That is all. lol

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I don’t believe E Online. lol

  • Miz

    Glad that one was put to rest quickly. I found it rather hard to believe that Kelly was on board with this. I have similar scepticism over the other rumors. An all Idol panel? Laughable.

  • windmills

    Good. I was half-expecting Kelly to pop up on Twitter with a “I’m doing what now?”-style denial but this’ll do.

    ITA with MJ – they’re totally and annoyingly going to drag this out all summer. As long as my faves aren’t involved in the rumors, I’m out of the speculation game. It’s just too tiring and pointless.

  • H.A.

    Yeah, When they floated Adam’s name last year it was agreed that they like to troll for hits. LOL. I will stick to THR when the final announcement happens until then it’s all a waste of time for hits.

  • curly_yenta

    Taylor Hicks ‘high-profile gig’ has him working 5 nights a week as a headliner in Vegas nowadays. If his contract is extended or he wants to extend into 2014, the time commitment to Idol is out of the question. I doubt Idol could touch his salary he’s making now, anyway.

  • Sandy

    Jennifer Lopez? Is she still a star?

  • ptebwwong

    Kelly put that rumor to rest very quickly. Frankly, I didn’t expect her to judge anyway.

    I also don’t believe that Idol is trying to get a full judging panel of Idol alums. I could see 1 Idol alum on the panel, but not all 3.

  • Lynn Di Resto

    Adam would be good as long as he can give negative feedback when needed. Everything should not be positive.

  • Sandy

    When is Kelly getting married? AI takes alot of your time.

  • Ronnie D

    SCORE! Now I don’t have to put up with her yay!

  • H.A.

    I hope fans stop pushing for Adam. It’s over move on.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think in October.

  • heartly

    October, a week or two after the tour ends.

  • heartly

    This makes me a very happy person.

  • matt89

    Did they quickly forget how awful Jlo was as a judge?

  • EB

    J-Lo and will i am…. now we’re getting somewhere. Not that it’s good (cause it’s very, very bad) but that sounds far more likely than getting any of the real Idol stars back to judge.

    Gosh darn it Idol, HARRY CONNICK JR. And two other decent people. It can’t be that difficult.

  • matt89

    Says who? Nobody has said that Adam has been offered, or declined

  • ZsusK

    Didn’t Nigel say that it was Fox that chose the judges, not the Idol producers?

  • Jeff2683

    That above does not surprise me in the least. Granted – I have not watched idol when I saw how they were pimping their favorites. What was the point in watching when you know the outcome weeks and weeks in advance. The only way I would watch if it had Clay and Kelly. They would really make it interesting since they are such good friends. Now since the rumor mill has been turned on it is no Kelly. Still would watch if Clay was on.

  • jcabby

    I hope Harry Connick Jr. is available to be a judge.

    With rumors of J.Lo coming back, maybe they’ll start the rumor of Steven Tyler coming back too.

  • EB

    Maybe even a report or two speculating whether or not Randy will be back now because they need judges..

  • Sandy

    I love Clay!

  • EB


    Or they took those comments people made about “Even J-Lo is better than Mariah, Nicki, etc.” too literally. :O

    She doesn’t cause any trouble though, oh and she always looks perfect, also with her if you’re ever struggling to find a performer or someone to plug their own music, movies, clothing lines, etc, she has something to sell you every week! *sigh* I think they loved having her on the show… the rest of us, not so much.

  • bridgette12

    Totally agree, they can do better, but then again I have said that the last three years

  • Matteo Rodrigo

    Kelly was awful on Duets

  • EB

    Not necessarily. I mean, I’m not holding my breath until October to find out, but he has said he would be interested. That makes him about 12% more likely to join than the big hitters like Kelly, Carrie, J-Hud, etc. :P

  • Matteo Rodrigo

    Doubt Pink would do it as I think every show has tried to get her and people don’t like to get on a sinking ship. Most artists just don’t like to criticize other artists. The Voice is pretty much all positivity.. Any critiques are pretty light. I wonder how Ricky Martin did on Australia’s Voice and my dream judge has always been Cher(although younger people probably don’t know who she is. She’s got the experience and says what’s ongher mind with no filter. And I heard she’s planning new music. Again

  • ZsusK

    Pushing? I think people are just discussing whether he would be a good judge…which I personally think he would. Also, I do not understand why people see this as a crappy gig if it’s something a former Idol would love to do. Besides weekly exposure, the judges get to promote their own music, do interviews with all the big-hitters, have their name in the press on a regular basis. If you are not getting the radio play of Kelly or Carrie or the movie roles of JHud, it seems to me to be a no-brainer to accept the job.

  • Matteo Rodrigo

    Well it’s the press speculating

  • Matteo Rodrigo

    They have to do research and if they were shay, they’d do screen tests for once

  • escape

    The reason why none of them have high-profile gigs is the reason none of them will even be asked.

  • escape

    Harry Connick Jr is a good bet. He has always been a popular mentor and has said being a judge is something he would like to do.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    I’m declaring for team windmills. This year’s keep-interest-up strategy seems to be to once again float every celebrity name regardless of plausibility. No doubt we’ll have Paula Abdul, Paris Hilton, and Honey Boo Boo “almost locked in” at various points before mid-August.

    I want judges who’ll:

    (a) Refuse to be producer puppets and make that explicit in their contracts.
    (b) Respond to performances by saying something intelligent and then shutting up.
    (c) Refrain from firing up their fanbases against fellow judges or any of the competitors in any medium, but especially on Twitter.

    Clarkson’s absolutely right to go nowhere near the judging table.

  • chloe18

    I actually think an all idol panel could be more fun than JLO, Will I Am, insert random name here. It’s something different instead of more of the same just with different names. lol after only two rumors I’m already tired of the rumors

  • jpfan2

    I doubt they’ll name the new judges until September. This way they can milk the rumors, etc.

    I’m not surprised Kelly said no but E online said it was 95% done. Ha.

  • Pat H

    Awww, too bad! I loved the idea of Kelly, JHud and Adam. I ran the idea by a few friends who love Idol & stuck it out this past season. They are big fans of the show. Don’t follow the kids afterwards! LOL! Anyway, they thought alumn judges was a perfect way to bring back viewers Idol lost.

  • Maj

    oh dear, not had enough of him on XF UK. also no to JLo coming back. please!

  • girlygirl

    Well, there goes that rumor, lol.

    I can’t see this happening if AI can’t get Kelly or Carrie as one of the judges.

  • yaddabing

    no to any alums.

    i’d like to see cheryl cole or kylie minogue as one of the female judges, tbh.

  • Sassycatz

    I would love it if Cher would do the show. She’s very out spoken, would not pull her punches, and would also not be “all about herself.”

  • girlygirl

    Briging J-Lo back is a horrible idea and bringing on would be an even worse thought. Just say NO

  • Jason Gorny

    My dream team would definitely be Dr. Luke, Norah Jones, and Bruno Mars. This fit what people here have said. A industry judge, a well known singer judge, and a celebrity judge.

  • xboxmas

    I would rather have J-Lo back than an all-alumni panel.

  • xboxmas

    Paula was bad too, and people still want her back. At least J-Lo could form coherent sentences.

  • taylor

    JLo? JLo?! This just proves they really are dumber than a box of rocks. They aren’t going to even try to do anything to change the problems, it will be the same old thing until they run the show into the ground.

  • xboxmas

    I think Kelly would have been a great judge.

  • Incipit

    Oh Lord. And I thought last years playing the news cycle for new judge names was bad – they waited a week, barely, from the end of Season 12? It’s already old.

    Well, if TPTB wanted to obscure the sales numbers for this Third in the Cycle season and replace them with this Chatter – that’s working so far…but the most intriguing line to me in THR story was at the very end –“…typically, these decisions are not made until the show and its various partners come together on pressing matters of format changes and possibly new executive producers.”

    Now, THAT would be news. IMO.

  • matt89

    No she wasn’t, it was just a horrible format

  • taylor

    I’ll take Pauler’s incoherent ramblings from time to time over JLo’s goosies and her total borefest.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think so too, but she has a lot better things to do than have to toe TPTB’s line. It wouldn’t have been good for her.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Clarkson’s absolutely right to go nowhere near the judging table.”

    Smart woman.

  • AdenEsh

    If Pink can’t do it, then Katy Perry. I like Connick’s personality. Don’t like his music. Too old fashion.

  • CB40

    if Jlo comes back I’m done with this show

  • lovetheusa1776

    I prefer not to.

  • Valarie

    I agree. Without Kelly or Carrie, the superstars are not so super.

  • Joey

    Bring back Ellen!! Ha j/k- Worst Judge Ever

  • AdenEsh

    I emailed my friends this video of Adam’s at AI post finale press interview and told them he might be considered to be on judges table for next season of AI. They all were amazed how articulate Adam is and they all said they’ll definitely watch Idol

  • matt89

    That would be an interesting fit, but who’s Dr. Luke?

  • HopeForMusic

    This is all so tedious. If they keep dragging this out, how do we get a little respite from Idol, particularly after such a boring year. They should just keep us guessing, and anxious for word on what’s going on with Season 13, including the judges.

  • Laura Corn

    It would be too much to expect TPTB to listen to the public speaking saying a big yes to Adam and a big no to Jlo. Personally cannot stand Wiliam oh excuse me Wil I am. What a crock!

  • tucker davis

    Well she was treated like one twice a week in front of 12 million people….that would be easy to get use to!

  • heartly

    The guy that has practically ruled pop radio for the last 8-9 years, for better or worse. He was the guitar player on SNL for many years and had his first huge hit with Kelly’s Since U Been Gone and he took off after that. He mostly works with female artists (Kelly, Pink, Britney, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Jessie J, etc.) but has done some work with the guys (Bo Bice, Daughtry, Backstreet Boys, Adam Lambert, Flo Rida, etc.).

    He has his own record label that releases through Sony and with it came a clause that he can only produce material for artists signed to Sony so I think that would probably rule him out for Idol, if he was even slightly thought of for the job.

  • CanadianLady

    This public doesn’t want JLo, Will i am or Adam. But that’s just me. I think former idols as mentors makes a lot more sense.

  • Incipit

    “Didn’t Nigel say that it was Fox that chose the judges, not the Idol producers?”

    Yeah, I think so, ZsusK. Mike Darnell of FOX had a quote last year about how they weren’t being stingy w/guest stars too – and FOX seemed to be driving the bus this year. It’s just that they didn’t do a very good job either – I guess it’s not as easy as they thought – and throwing money at the problem isn’t the answer…Shock. Surprise.

    Who said Network Execs are idiots? Amen to that. IMO.

  • lovetheusa1776

    IMO, if Idol really cared about contestants (questionable), they’d hire Lambert. Such a graceful man – beautiful speaking voice, too.

  • Jason Gorny

    Aw darn it. Oh well haha. Maybe Keith Urban instead. I really don’t know any other good industry people beside Dr. Luke and Max Martin (Luke’s partner).

  • september21

    I don’t wanna see any alumni. I’ll wind up not liking them or not watching because I never liked them. Same with any household name today. Bring someone(s) behind the scenes and unknown so I can grow to like them, then get tired of them. At least there will be a growth – decline curve.

    I once said there should be a judges idol in the summer…which this is – just played in the media.

  • Sammy

    Just give it to an alum who desperately needs it.

    My dream panel would be John Mayer, Pink, and Dr. Luke (songwriter).

  • chillj

    Oh chees. Ew. These producers could not think outside of the box if it was made of swiss cheese.

  • Kitwana

    Good for Kelly. She does not need to attach herself to a rapidly fading American Idol. I would say the same for Carrie. i would also have said the same for JHud a couple of years ago. I bet the producers assumed they could Kelly on the cheap and she demanded Mariah money. I’m sure there are less successful/more desperate ex-Idols who will happily snap up a judging job for a hot dog and onion rings.

  • Amy Beth

    I doubt she asked for big money. I don’t think she wants the job at any price.

  • Kariann Hart

    I think Idol should definitely have at least one alum join the Judging Panel next year! I’d like to see Keith come back. That ICount Survey may give the producer some ideas of what direction to go with the panel. Please let it be better, and three is fine with me.

  • Michael Bishop

    Ok – I have to say it. As much as I follow many of the idols, unless the panel is former winners, I don’t they should go that route. I want the judges to either label execs or current performers, not people who did not win the show.

  • xboxmas

    Well she was on that failed show Duets, idol would be a walk in the park.

  • iluvai

    I’m glad she isn’t judging.

  • HKfan

    who’s the last one???

  • HKfan

    i’d love Cher too…

  • mmb

    If two current artists have similar resumes, and one competed but did not win the show, and the other never competed on the show, I don’t see why the non-alum is somehow preferable. If anything, the alum has more insight into the workings of the show, the challenges the contestants are facing during the shows run and post show.

  • Allison

    Have TPTB thought of David Cook at all? He was always very articulate. And didn’t Ruben have a college background in music. He was always so likeable. And what about Kellie Pickler?

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    The problem with alumni in general is that their ties to Idol and to the 19 empire (or to XIX, since Simon Fuller is still loosely connected to Idol) make it extraordinarily awkward for most of them to put their foot down on not being producer puppets.

    A choice between “I’m being told to say X by people who are hand-in-glove with my management/label/team” and “if I say X, I’m doing a disservice to somebody who’s standing where I was a few years back” is not something I’d wish on any alumnus. It’s a lose-lose situation.

  • Incipit

    “…not something I’d wish on any alumnus. It’s a lose-lose situation.”

    Exactly. Fans will not be happy when their Special Snowflake starts taking the Producer’s Notes. And signing on the dotted line for XX Million has obligations. Like it or not.

    We saw that – the judges are not hired to be autonomous. (Top 7 and Candice is in nobody’s Top 3 but Mariah’s in that gratuitous poll of the judges? Really?) I LOL in their general direction.

    But bringing this up so early is obscuring the story of the numbers for the Coronary song – no one is talking about that – or how the Bad Third Season Pattern has proven out – once again. Gee, do you think that may have been the point?

  • julesb2183

    I hope that Kelly considers it if they ask her. She’d be perfect – bubbly personality, massive success in her music, respected in the music industry with grammys, and a classically trained vocalist.

  • Karen C

    I’d love it if David Cook did it, not sure if he would want to though. He did say he thinks the show should be about the contestants and not the judges.