Kelly Clarkson Endorses Obama, Gay Marriage

Kelly Clarkson is currently wrapping up the UK leg of her world tour and she tells the Daily Star that she can’t wait to move into her her new home in Nashville, and that she’s eager to vote in the upcoming American presidential election.

After the online controversy over the American Idol winner’s twitter “endorsement” of Republican, Ron Paul during the primaries, it turns out that she’ll be voting for Barack Obama…again. One of the reasons why? She joins Carrie Underwood in declaring her support for gay marriage.

“ I’ve been reading online about the debates and I’m probably going to vote for Obama again, even though I’m a Republican at heart,” she reveals. “I can’t support Romney’s policies as I have a lot of gay friends and I don’t think it’s fair they can’t get married.”

“I’m not a hardcore feminist but we can’t be going back to the 50s.

“Obama is a great guy. I’ve met him and I’m a fan of Michelle too. “She has been busy promoting better education and healthy diets, which is something we could all use a dose of reality on.”

So there you have it.

As a side note–it wasn’t all work and no play in the UK for Kelly. She hired a personal driver to take in the sights.

“I had my sister with me and we went to Derbyshire to see where the version of Pride And Prejudice featuring Kiera Knightley was filmed. Y’all live in such a beautiful place. When I’m here there’s so much to see as I’m a really big history nerd.”

Unfortunately, back in July, Kelly bid on a ring at auction that was once owned by author Jane Austen and she can’t bring it home! The ring, which cost the singer £152,000, must stay in the UK. “We put in an export request but I can’t take it out of the UK as they’ve named it a national treasure,” says Kelly. Maybe she can donate it to a museum and go visit it once in awhile…

Kelly’s Greatest Hits Chapter One is due out on November 19.

Via the Daily Star.

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  • Brian Stephens

    This is why the Republican Party is going to have to change its stance on these issues as the boomers and older crowd kicks the bucket. Even conservative-minded folks in this generation like Kelly can’t in good conscience endorse this discrimination. The “throw the gays under the bus” strategy that has been the GOPs bread and butter for so many decades is less successful every year.

  • John S

    I wonder if this will create controversy by the media….oh wait-she’s endorsing a liberal, the media will love her for that. ;)

  • Landon Cox

    My flawless queen!

  • fantoo1

    Ew, can’t stand the Obamas.

  • Samuel Shallenberger

    Guess who has two thumbs and won’t be buying her new single! *points to self*

  • bridgette12

    and if you look at FOX you will see a bias the other way. There is something for everybody out there.

  • ellen8

    So glad to hear that this Texas girl (Carrie, Oklahoma, too) has an open mind and sees that equal rights are a privilege we all should share.   

  • Tiffany Lee

    Whatever I’m still buying “Catch My Breath”

  • dd999

    When your as wealthy as Kelly, (like many liberal outspoken celebrities)  I suppose the economic failure of Obama’s recovery plan over 4 years and all he promised is less important to them than a social issue! Understandable!

  • Chicagolaw

    Yay! Love her

  • Robert D’Angio

    I just have one thing to say… Gay Marriage is not just a “social issue.” I don’t really want to get involved in that debate, but it’s not. The blatant discrimination of an entire group of people simply because of their sexual orientation is simply both stupid and wrong. Maybe it’s a “social issue” to some, but to the Gay men and women in this country who live by the same rules as everyone else, but get denied the close to 1500 benefits that come with a marriage certificate (look it up it’s true) would argue that it is certainly more than a social issue for them. I applaud Kelly for this. It’s nice to see that some people value others just as much as they value themselves.   

  • John S

    Actually, I have seen a lot of young people on twitter/facebook who are for Romney and the Republican party and aren’t blindly following Obama.

    I have nothing against those who follow either party, just as long as they get their facts straight. I have seen too many young people who blindly support the Democratic party just because their liberal college professors say its right.

  • elliegrll

    Maybe she sees that the economy is getting better.   Or, maybe she was waiting for Romney to offer specifics, an alternative to what the President is doing.  I think a lot of people having been waiting for that, instead of just being told that Romney isn’t President Obama, so somehow that will make everything better.

  • elliegrll

    I’ve heard of a lot of young and old people who blindly follow the Republican party just because Fox News says so.  There are people who refuse to think for themselves everywhere, it’s how George Bush and countless of others got elected.

  • MellyPer1692

    Yay Kelly! Eventually, I hope much sooner than later, the old guard of the Republican Party will realize that they have done themselves in by their outdated ideology with regard to social issues, women’s issues and the lack of separation of church and state in their platform.

  • Eileen99

    Good grief, are you even serious? And that never happens with Democrats. SMH.

    Dems aren’t the only ones who have a brain and can think for themselves. How incredibly insulting.

    This is exactly why I hate these political threads. idek why I looked in here.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that blindly following a candidate/party/news station isn’t limited to just Republicans. ;)

  • Danny Latham

    Whichever side of the debate you are on, you still have to admire Kelly’s courage in supporting gay marriage. This is one of those hot button issues where it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It should not be a GOP or Dem thing. It should be a human thing, and hate should not be tolerated on either side of the aisle. Bravo for your bravery, Kelly, and this is coming from a straight conservative who happens to support everyone’s right to marry the person they love, regardless of race or gender.

  • Sparkles

    It didn’t sound like she endorsed anyone to me. Out of the left side of her
    mouth she said she’ll “probably” vote for Obama and out of the right side she
    said she’s “a Republican at heart.” Sounds like she’s trying not to offend
    anyone and offer a mea culpa after that Ron Paul twitter debacle (it seems that
    she was unaware that only country singers can endorse a Republican). The way I
    read it was that the only thing she was truly endorsing was gay marriage.

  • Ashetalia Staatz

    It’s a civil rights issue. It is a root issue for how our society functions. Any society where one group is treated as an inferior based on religious, esoteric beliefs is one where the rights of everyone have been compromised. Our society is based on spreading “freedom” and the constitutional way of life. Our way of life IS compromised by civil rights violations; we don’t base our “power” simply on brute political/economic pull. We are not China.

  • bridgette12

    I must have missed Romney explaining his economic plan, because all he’s done is talk about Obama’s failure and put down 47% of Americas population including our servicemen and our elderly who have done their fair share already, as being freeloaders and deadbeats. But why should Mitt care, he is a multi millionaire, with at least four homes and no doubt a lot of money hidden overseas so not to have to pay taxes on it. As for Kelly, she alone with is every other American have the right to endorse anyone they want, including Obama and Ron Paul. 

  • whoisthatwoman

    Why celebrities need to express their political views is beyond me.  Way to piss off half your fan base.

  • Jonathan Frahm

    I don’t want to dredge on about my political opinion on a music forum, I think that whether Kelly supports Obama, Romney, or some other candidate, anyone here who is absolutely serious about not buying her next single (or any of her other works for that matter) are completely and utterly immature IMO. There are plenty of good people out there who can support either cause, and you sure are missing out on a hell of a lot of talent. 

  • md

    Have you ever been to Texas? Houston was the first major city in America to elect an openly gay mayor.

  • Ashetalia Staatz

     Good for you, if you have political beliefs. It takes guts to express them in such a way that it pisses off half your fan base. Kudos to Kelly.

  • bridgette12

    I totally agree with you, we seem to have a lot of people in the States, who refuse to use the brain they were given and think for themselves, instead they listen to cable shows and radio talk shows and let some loudmouth make up their minds for them. 

  • Taylor

    I knew there was a reason I liked this woman! ;)

    Seriously, her talent is first and foremost, but I’m happy to see her endorsement of gay marriage and I appreciate her open-minded views on the upcoming election.

    Kelly Rocks!

  • bridgette12

    If she pisses off half her fan base by expressing a political view that’s her right as an American to give, the problem is not with Kelly. It’s with the fans who think that she has lost that right to express her views just because she a great singer who makes a lot of money. The half of the fan base who get pissed off, should ask themselves, would you want someone getting mad at you just because your views don’t gel with theirs.

  • Joe

    Many of us young people don’t blindly support obama, we just see through Romney,who has literally held every position on every issue in the book just to get elected. Has the economic recovery been slower then we all would have liked? yes but i find it hard to see them criticizing obama for not fixing it in four years while going around touting his EIGHT year plan. Good for Kelly, Carrie and the ones who have had the courage to speak out even if it has meant losing some fans. This just shows that they that it’s a bigger issue with bigger consequences and that they care about everyone, not just a select few like Romney. not granting the same rights to everyone simply states that they are a lesser being in country were man was supposed to be created equal, unfortunately we aren’t there yet but hopefully soon. 

  • TheGreatXL

    This just makes me love Kelly that much more. <3 Being gay, it's nice to hear these things. It really makes me proud that people from all walks of life are seeing that we're people too. That used to didn't always be the case.

  • James M.

    Kudos to Kelly for being one of the few outspokenly bipartisan Americans. It seems like nothing happens because Republicans block Democrats, Democrats block Republicans, and they mostly play the politics game to be right and have power, not to help the country. And also, what Brian Stephens said. Having an anti-gay marriage platform is terrible. 

    Also, it’s really strange to be mad at her and not buy her music for her political views.

  • Montavilla

    Have you ever been to Texas? Houston was the first major city in America to elect an openly gay mayor.

    Wait… is Portland not a major city?

  • asifclueless

    Kudo to Kelly!!!
    Talking about Gay Marriage, today is Spirit Day.

    Today is Spirit Day, and people everywhere are donning purple to show
    their support against LGBT bullying.

    All the girls from “THE TALK” are wearing purple today.  :)

  • Brian Stephens

    Sure there are young people following Romney. Some are informed on the issues. Some (in your words) “blindly support the” Republican party “just because their” conservative preachers “say its [sic] right.” I’m from East Texas; there are a lot more of the latter in that region. To suggest that the only blind followers are Obama’s is pretty ludicrous.

    I’m just saying that a lot more young conservative voters support gay marriage compared to how many older conservative voters do. At a certain point, the GOP will have to evolve with the electorate or be viewed like the Southern Democrats of the Strom Thurmond era.

  • RemusL

    You basically repeated what elliegrll said.

  • chillj

    Seems like this gurl has had a presidential epiphany.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Elliegirl edited her post after I had responded. Before I responded, she only specified that Republicans blindly followed Fox news, which is why I posted what I did. Her edited version included Democrats as well, so now she agrees with me. lol

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I can see supporting some aspects of either major politcal party, and not following the entire platform of the Democrats or Republicans.

  • Beaugard Stevens

    It’s daring for her to wade in these waters again but I am glad she did.  And Ron Paul is not even supporting Romney so why should she?  The reason it made such a splash last time is Kelly has a major gay fan base and it felt like a slap to her gay fans in supporting Ron Paul- who is not pro-gay although his fans like to spin him as that- but it obviously didn’t hurt her too much, she had a worldwide #1 afterward.

  • Ashetalia Staatz

    This country is experiencing a drastic demographic shift. Women, who are anything but a minority, support progressive politics by a wide margin. Ditto for blacks and Hispanics. Ditto for Catholics, who break with their church’s social stands. Ditto, above all, for the youth, who are extremely progressive. The latest Pew religion poll that I saw showed that 1. third of people under 30 have no religious affiliation 2. support liberal social policy. They are unlikely to change as they grow older.

    The gop wants a certain type of economic policy: no unions, low wages, no benefits, little job security, low taxes on the wealthy. They need to convince the majority of Americans to follow such a policy, as the policy is blatantly self destructive for a majority of people. So far, they have been very successful in using “wedge” issues–abortion, birth control, marriage equality, racism when it comes to Obama–to get their way. Demographically, however, they are losing on such issues. They have a decade to find some other way of convincing people to vote for low wages and low benefits.

  • Sassycatz

    They have a decade to find some other way of convincing people to vote for low wages and low benefits.

    Free beer and binders full of women?

  • wordnerdarchie

    Low Wages?  LOL!  I was making the most money in relation to buying power when the Republicans were in office back in the ’80s and that was before women were making more progress in pay equality.  It seems obvious to me that the concepts of fiscal responsibility in government, business, and personal lives are lacking in a lot of Americans’ thought processes.

  • blackberryharvest


    They are unlikely to change as they grow older.

    That isn’t true. My aunt was a Democrat when she was younger and thought Reagan was the worst thing ever. Then she got out in the “real world” and realized she was really a conservative. Once a lot of young people have to pay taxes, they realize where they really stand.

    Winston Churchhill said it best:
    “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”

  • Jenna

    I agree, I usually hate it when any celebrity talks too in-depth about politics and who they are voting for, but I like how bipartisan Kelly came across, really only highlighting her stance on gay rights.

  • Sassycatz

    LOL!  I was making the most money in relation to buying power when the Republicans were in office back in the ’80s

    And I was having my Pell Grants slashed! 

  • wordnerdarchie

     You were still in school in the 80s?  (Doing mental age calculations.) ;)

  • Pippygirl

    What are those of us who are registered independents, socially liberal but fiscally conservative to do? Stay home I guess.

  • md

    Everyone is for high wages and great benefits and job security. There is no way to guarantee them.

    The postal service can’t operate in the black because the promises it made to retirees cost too much now that first class mail isn’t used as much.

    American automotive manufacturers were at a disadvantage because retiree benefits added $1K to a cost of a vehicle (GM declared bankruptcy, so don’t go there).

    Several California municipalities have declared bankruptcy since June. They have huge pension and health-care costs coming at them.

    The University of California has an overall pension deficit of $14 billion.

    The nation’s second biggest public pension fund, the California State Teachers’ Retirement System, faces a projected $64.5-billion shortfall over the next three decades.

    Illinois’ budget deficit was $43.8 billion dollars as of June. Illinois also has more than $83 billion in unfunded pension liabilities.

    California is considered something of a model for liberal governance. It has the largest state economy. When Jerry Brown took office, he said he had found an alarming $28 billion “wall of debt.” Last month, directors of the State Budget Crisis Task Force “estimated that the burden of debt totaled at least $167 billion and as much as $335 billion.”

  • mileyfan123

     What economic failures? Obama inherited a recession, and we are no longer in the recession. This was a massive global recession that many countries still haven’t emerged from, many because they chose massive budget cuts that only worsened the recession. Obama’s stimulus probably kept our economy from bottoming out. I remember how scary things were right when Obama was taking office with the economy, and things are looking much better now.

  • jinxx315

    Oh dear Kelly. If you think Obama actually cares about gay marriage, you are mistaken lol. He just wants votes. He has had 4 years and I am so SICK of people saying “well he inherited” blah blah blah. Has anyone seen the unemployment numbers, gas prices…Neither Romney or Obama care about the middle class, or probably anyone else besides themselves actually. 

  • mileyfan123


    He has had 4 years and I am so SICK of people saying “well he inherited” blah blah blah.

    You hate hearing about it because it contradicts your argument about failed economic policies? Obama started with a recession, and we got out of it under him. It’s a fact, sorry.

    Has anyone seen the unemployment numbers

    I have….have you? They have been going down since the stimulus

  • abbysee

    Well she voted for him before, that Imho is better than an endorsement. I know there are so highly visible endorsers who forget to go to the polls!

  • Pippygirl

    Today it was reported that Welfare spending for this year has now exceeded 1 trillion dollars for the first time in history (and that does not include Medicare and Medicaid spending). This is according to the Congressional Budget Office and the Senate Budget Committee. If the economy is doing better why are more people requiring assistance? 

  • mileyfan123

    That number does include medicaid, so please do not spread lies,  and medicaid and children’s insurance health insurance programs both account for that big jump in part, because Obama actually wants people to be covered with insurance, unlike Romney who thinks we can just send everyone to the emergency room.

  • abbysee

    No, just hold our noses and do our civic duty!

  • F

    My best years economically were the 8 years of the Clinton administration.  My earnings to expenses was always on the plus side, I was making monumental strides in my profession and I could easily afford my house payment. A raise was a raise and my taxes were manageable.  I had health care, money in my retirement account, and the future looked bright.  Eight years later I was unemployed, had lost my house, couldn’t afford health insurance, my cost of living expenses had almost doubled and had been to a few military funerals.  So much for the the “great” years of the Bush administration.

  • MellyPer1692

    Actually I hope to retain my heart in my 40s Thank you. Republicans like Romney are quick to say that government shouldn’t interfere in people’s lives, but they are the first ones to want to control people because they don’t agree with their religious or moral views. My heart leads me to volunteer and help the poor, I don’t just show up for a photo op and pretend yo wash dishes that are already clean to try and fool people.

  • MellyPer1692

    The welfare post below is incorrect. The figure does include Medicaid and children’s health programs. It also includes 83 other programs including food stamps and low income tax credits. The figure also came from a study commissioned by a Republican senator and the 1 trillion figure is an estimate. I pulled the article from Fox News since some seem to trust them only lol

  • Jazz_11

    “Way to piss off half your fan base.”

    I wonder where the “half of her fan base” comes from. If you got this just because Kelly’s from Texas, md posted this down thread

    Houston was the first major city in America to elect an openly gay mayor.

  • Pippygirl

    My apologies, it does not include medicare and social security.
    Romney is the man, I believe, who has made sure all residents of Massachusetts now have health insurance. Is there any other state that has done that successfully? The saddest thing about this election is how Romney has painted himself as a hard core conservative to get the nomination. He was “accused” of being a Massachusetts moderate, as if being a moderate was a bad thing! Sad state of affairs indeed.

  • Jazz_11

    And it’s not only about that Gay Marriage, what about women’s right to get equal pay, and other women’s right that R&R are going to limit?

  • MellyPer1692

    It’s not sad, to me it just shows his character. The Salt Lake City Tribune endorsed Obama today. They specifically cite Romneys refusal to give details of his economic plan and his changing his views depending on his audience as reasons.

  • Pippygirl

    Obama has changed positions on things as well, but I guess when he does it that’s different. Politicians do that to get elected. My only question is why the hell do they want the job in the first place?

  • journey1

    I made the mistake of listening to the debates when the Republican candidates were fighting it out for the nomination.  Romney is talking a whole different talk now and his lack of specifics really bother me.  When Salt Lake City endorses Obama, and I heard on CNN that in Massachusetts he is 20 pts. down to Obama, it makes me wonder.  My daughter lives in Mass. and she doesn’t like him at all.

  • whoisthatwoman

    Geez already, 

    (1) Reading about the debates is NOT the same as seeing them live;

    (2) Throughout my working career discussing religion or politics is equal to  career suicide if your higher ups don’t agree with you; and

    (3) No problem with speaking your mind, but be sure of your audience or endure the negative backlash in your pocketbook.

  • jinxx315

     I bet there a lot of people that want to keep Obama in office so they can stay on the public dole. Sure, there are a lot of people that could use the help, but 1 Trillion worth? Give me a break. Too many people want a hand out instead of getting off their asses.

  • jinxx315

    I think you hate hearing that we aren’t in an economic recovery. Obama also likes to have his ahem…people…cook the unemployment numbers by not allowing ALL of them to be included. Look that up on Google while you do fact checking. :)

  • Shoriagirl

    Kelly is just trying to sell her album. Wasn’t she supporting some other candidate before?

  • MellyPer1692

    Im sorry but civil rights are not a state issue. Ever hear of the constitution? Denying a class of people to marry under the LAW, is not passing the court tests. I think people want to keep it a state issue, but eventually they will lose and it will be decided on a federal level.

  • MellyPer1692

    There are abusers of the welfare system, yes. Just like there are abusers of the tax system through corporate tax credit schemes, hiding of asses (hello mitt Romney offshore accounts), etc. haven’t heard of him speaking of closing those loopholes

  • Taylor

    Yeah, cause she’s having a ton of trouble in that department. LMAO

  • Taylor

    (4) Gay marriage is a Human Rights issue.

  • whoisthatwoman

    Not legally.

    The Federal branch of the government has NO say!

  • quickjessie

     I”ve stayed out of this discussion as I do not have the energy or time to correct the many misstatements made with the links/citations necessary to shut them down.

    However, your blatantly racist comment has drawn me into the fray.  Not going to argue with you as you aren’t worth my time but as I taught my children – do not ever allow racism or bigotry to stand without confronting it. 

    So spew as many racist comments as you’d like but you’ll get called out on every one of them.  And just so you’re clear – I am a 59 year old white woman, still working, never been on the “dole”, and support Obama 100%.

  • durbesque

    You don’t understand economics.  Going deeper and deeper into debt is the road to recovery.  That’s the strategy my President is following, and my President must be right.  That’s why God made him President.

  • Dusting Divas

    (4) Gay marriage is a STATE issue, not federal.
    No. Gay marriage is a Human Rights issue. 

  • kirble

    (4) Gay marriage is a STATE issue, not federal.

    How does your stance jibe with the fact that some Republicans in Congress want to pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage?

  • biggmamajama

    How is what jinxx315 said racist?    This country is falling apart.  We can argue all day about who caused the problem, but the bottom line is it’s getting worse…by trillions of dollars.  The bleeding has to stop.  Obama made promises and he failed.  If we continue to make allowances for him, we may never recover. Gay marriage will mean nothing then.

  • Dusting Divas

    Obama is getting America out of a very expensive hobby. War. For that alone he should be sainted. 

  • Mary Landreth

     Portland is a great city – 583,000 strong….Houston 6.22 MILLION – major city

  • jinxx315

     I really hope your comment is tongue in cheek and sarcastic lol.

  • jinxx315

     Tell me where I mentioned race. You might try to shut people up by playing the race card darling, but it wont work on me.

  • Dusting Divas

    “Obama also likes to have his ahem…people…cook the unemployment numbers by not allowing ALL of them to be included. ”

    If you weren’t referring to race, then what are his “ahem…people…?

  • durbesque

    Very sarcastic.  I used to be on a website where they required sarcasm to be printed in purple.  It made things perfectly clear and allowed for unlimited imagination.

  • iluvai

    I wish there was separation between entertainment and politics.  ;0

  • quickjessie

     Reading – it’s fundamental.

  • biggmamajama

    Your comment makes no sense.  I read jinxx315’s comment it wasn’t even vaguely racist.  Obama is a lying, douche bag and that has nothing to do with his race.  Apparently his supporters are just like him….just keep repeating the lies over and over until you convince yourself and others that it’s the truth. 

  • biggmamajama

    Pretty sure his people are his staff and supporters.  The fact that you immediately play the race card says more about you than jinxx315.

  • MellyPer1692

    Lol. If we want to talk lies, Mitt Romney is the king. How many times has he flipped on his 47% comment? How many times have his talking points been proven by the pesky facts?

    Don’t get me started on his running mate and his pretend soup kitchen visit and his disassociation from bills he wrote and denies now.

  • EvenMoreron

    I’m the same age as Kelly and fairly liberal, but I’ve noticed that the newer generations (maybe Millennials, maybe slightly younger) have actually emerged more conservative, at least the people I know.  My cousin and most of her college friends are voting in their very first presidential election, and voting Romney.  They all have the “Me” generation mentality.  I just thought it’s an interesting shift, perhaps cyclical.  

  • roarpen

    Uh Oh – politics. LOL

  • standtotheright

    I wouldn’t call a Bush appointee or the WSJ blind Obama partisans, and they published this item stating that the BLS survey data cannot be manipulated

    That is not to say the reports are correct; there are sampling and other errors that creep in, and numbers get revised (in both directions) all the time. But the BLS is staffed by career bureaucrats, and they take a great deal of care to avoid any manipulation or political leaks.

  • lovetheusa1776

    The President and the Governor are both in their personal lives good husbands and great fathers.  Whether or not in their public lives they are equally knowledgeable about how to prevent the emerging economic debacle is the question. 

    It’s necessary to look at their professional experience, as well as the policies they’ve pursued, in order to come to any kind of conclusion.  That takes a lot of work and digging behind the headlines – and few of us are willing to do that. 

    In conclusion, I will, as many libertarians, vote for the Governor for President (for economic reasons) and for marriage equality in Maryland where I live.

    There are many of us who are not hardcore one way or the other.  Freedom and liberty are foremost.

    Good for Kelly in supporting gay marriage – however, one doesn’t have to support the President to do that.  How many forget Mr. Obama changed his mind when his stance against gay marriage became politically awkward.    

  • standtotheright

    The problem is that unless either Obama or Romney secretly practice the art of remote possession and can manage to overtake the bodies of Merkel, Draghi, etc. and get Germany out of the euro-area, thus allowing the rest of Europe to improve terms of trade, most of the cause of the upcoming economic debacle is beyond the sphere of influence of the US president.

    And my “digging” into their records suggests that neither has any particularly innovative ideas about housing or jobs beyond Obama’s plan that can’t even get passed right now. And the (in better times) mutually palatable pieces from it would be likely to be thrown in piecemeal from any fiscal cliff reconciliation conducted by any future government.

    However, there will be a significant difference in the approach taken by each potential Administration when DOMA reaches the Supreme Court, thus making Clarkson’s stance something besides irrational. 

  • mileyfan123

    In conclusion, I will, as many libertarians, vote for the
    Governor for President (for economic reasons) and for marriage equality
    in Maryland where I live.

    Your vote for Romney effectively negates your vote for marriage equality. Romney supports a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, which will take away the rights of states to decide for themselves whether gay marriage should be legal.

  • mileyfan123

    So what would you propose? Austerity measurements? How has that worked out for European economic recovery?

  • pj

    I have no idea what Romney will do if he were elected.  I saw him say one thing during the primaries and then start changing his tune in the same election cycle. My impression of him as a man is that he will do or say anything to get elected president.  That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t do a good job or that he’s unlike other politicians… he’s just so obvious about it. 

    On the other hand, Obama hasn’t accomplished all he promised.  Much of that has to do with what I believe was a naive belief he could charm the Republicans to play ball. Well, he was wrong. I do think he’s done a good enough job to warrant another four years giving the alternative.

    We are in better shape than when Obama took office after Bush.  Romney has adopted social policies that are not what most people want. He hasn’t presented a better alternative to economic issues. His plan is purposely vague.  It’s easy to say someone hasn’t done “enough” when you’re not in the job.

    As for Kelly, I would buy her album if she endorsed Romney.  I think she rocks.  :-)

    I usually separate celebrities from politics. They don’t influence my ideas. If I like what they produce, then I’ll will watch/listen/read.  I do draw the line at racist/homophobic rants like Mel Gibson.  I never really liked him anyway though.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Whether it negates it or not is not my prime concern.   The economic survival of America is. 

  • pj

    Yeah, that’s not a good argument for Romney. 

  • mileyfan123

    You said freedom and liberty are foremost important. I guess you mean your own freedom and liberty, not gay people though. I guess they don’t count because they aren’t your primary concern.

    And to address the economic concerns, so to ensure the economic survival of America, you are going to support the candidate that wants to slash government programs….because that really helped the economies of Spain, Ireland, and Greece, right?

  • mileyfan123

    You said freedom and liberty are foremost important. I guess you mean your own freedom and liberty, not gay people though. I guess they don’t count because they aren’t your primary concern.

    And to address the economic concerns, so to ensure the economic survival of America, you are going to support the candidate that wants to slash government programs….because that really helped the economies of Spain, Ireland, and Greece, right?

  • lovetheusa1776

    If we are fortunate, there’s a possibility we may not have to follow Mr. Obama and his attachment to the Euro Way.  But, then, some are blind to reality and cling to their dreams.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Gay people flourish in freedom – that comes first. 

    Slash government programs?  Perhaps you should look at our expenditures and see if we can continue this profligacy unabated before we become Greece.

  • pj

    Everyone focuses on the POTUS election, but I encourage everyone to look at local elections, plus the house and senate.  I want to get rid of the people who think that compromise is a dirty word. And yes, I primarily mean the tea baggers.

  • mileyfan123

      Gay people flourish in freedom – that comes first. 

    Romney isn’t giving them freedom. He will actively take that freedom away from them. You have made it clear that you are fine with stripping gay people of the right to marry in states where they have already been granted that right in the hopes that Mitt Romney can put more money in your wallet.

    Slash government programs?  Perhaps you should look at our expenditures
    and see if we can continue this profligacy unabated before we become

    Yes slash government programs, because unlike Obama who is proposing a mixture of cuts AND ending tax breaks for millionaires, Romney’s only solution is slashing government budgets. He has repeatedly refused to end tax breaks for millionaires.

  • pj

     Yes, cuts need to be made.  Romney refuses to say where they will be made (except PBS which is negligable). That is important to many voters.

  • roarpen

     OK – diving in. If you are anti-gay rights – why? Just why? That is all. #samelove #macklemore bring it to 5 million views:

  • lovetheusa1776

    What’s Mr. Obama’s plan?

  • pj

    President Obama introduced a jobs plan.  He wants to work on the infrastructure, which is really lacking.  He wants to eliminate the tax cuts for the personal income of the wealthy. He wants to reduce our spending on wars in the middle east.  He’s been pretty clear. 

    What is Romney’s plan to cut the deficit?  Closing loopholes?  Sorry.  He’s going to have to cut government programs and he needs to say which ones he wants to cut because some of them are important.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Would recommend your studying the actual proposals and the many studies of them (both sides of the aisle for a change, please).  Also check how long the government will run – or put a dent in the debt – if you remove Mr. Soros and his ilk from their healthy bank accounts. 
    As far as hoping Mr. Romney will enrich my wallet, could do with a little of that after the losses of the last four years.


  • pj

    BTW.. this is how it breaks down for me.

    Romney being a waffle iron on issues (not just during his life, but in the last few months) + his statements on social ideas that don’t appeal to me + lack of details on how he would actually change things (except saying he was a successful businessman) = not impressive.

    Gonna go for Obama.

  • lovetheusa1776

    A “jobs plan” – yes – they’ve been so successful.  Infrastructure?  he had two years and a House and Senate of his own – so much for that.  The reduction in war spending is already factored in. 
    Well, he can always build more windmills or prevent oil pipelines from being built.  Or he can “invest” billions more in his friends’/donors’ projects like Solyndra and A123 – Mr. Obama picking winners and losers in the business world with taxpayers’ money is a marvel to watch.

  • pj

     His jobs plan didn’t get a vote and I’m sure you know it. 

    What is Romney’s plan to reduce the deficit?

  • lovetheusa1776

    McConnell wanted a vote, but Reid blocked it, knowing it couldn’t get the votes among Democrats – saved Mr. Obama the embarrassment.

  • pj

     Well, you didn’t answer my question about Romney’s plan, so I guess I’ll let you be.  Have a nice evening. I’m tired. 

  • Truthiness2U

    This makes me love Kelly more. The right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness should be about We The People. All the people. While we have not always lived up to that ideal, we have worked toward achieving a More Perfect Union, as we actually started living up to that ideal and making it about all the people. 

    So good for Kelly for seeing this and speaking her conviction about the rather radical concept of treating your fellow human beings, as fellow human beings. Who are ALL  endowed with certain inalienable rights by their creator. 

    Ya know, this is definitely worth buying her song on iTunes, and maybe her greatest hits album. 

    Oh and I always respect the actual conservatives who value the things like small government, and therefore don’t want to get up in things like gay marriage or reproductive rights. Totally antithetical to small government types. Which is why I respect true Libertarians  and why I think Kelly was probably attracted to the idea of Ron Paul. I would be a fan of Ron Paul if he was truly as Libertarian as he says he was, as he is typically all Big Government when it comes to things like gay marriage and reproductive rights.

    So again, I can see the through-line for Kelly from endorsing Ron Paul to now Obama…assuming (incorrectly) that Ron Paul was a Libertarian all the way through. Shame about that, btw. Would love a true and good Libertarian party in this country. 

  • Truthiness2U

    And gotta say, I’m back at MJ’s and stupidly (for myself here) enter this thread? 

    Oy to the vey. And yeah, I really should know better. So sorry to MJ in advance. 

    But keeping it on topic, Kelly still is a firecracker with some killa pipes and a great  American Idol (in all senses of the word). 

  • Erlinda

    Need a new leadership in the whitehouse. Can’t wait for Nov. 6. As for Kelly she has the right to endorse whoever she wants to.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Sadly there are only two options to choose from. Between Obama and Romney, Obama is the better choice by far. So I hope Americans re-elect him. That said, I’m not holding my breath. This nation elected George W. Bush twice. 

  • blackberryharvest


    Sadly there are only two options to choose from.

    Well, technically no. There are actually other options, only they are in the smaller parties.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Realistically, there are only two options.

  • standtotheright

    If we are fortunate, there’s a possibility we may not have to follow Mr. Obama and his attachment to the Euro Way.  But, then, some are blind to reality and cling to their dreams.

    I said nothing about either candidate’s attachment to the Euro way. My one and only point is that as Europe continues to derail itself by letting the crisis continue to roll on, growth there will be minimal. Global growth estimates have declined because of this. The US has very limited influence in that, but will bear the consequences, as will China, Brazil, etc.

    Believing that the name one ticks on the ballot in November will change that unfortunate fact is the only substitution of dreams for reality that I see.

  • jinxx315

     His cronies…white, black or purple.

  • DragonFly

    “I wish there was separation between entertainment and politics.  ;0”

    To that statement, for the majority of people, thankfully/hopefully there is. 

  • marmom07

    We can not pay for the war and tax breaks to the wealthy on backs of the poor and middle class. We can not sacrifice our children’s health and education to pay for massive debt and recession caused by republicans. We can not take away women’s right to choice and health care, equal pay and protection against violence. We must push forward to full equality for gays and all people under the law not by someone else’ religious beliefs. We have to continue to protect the environment for everyone and not allow business to profit at the expense of our health. Look to China if you want to see unfettered business willing to poison children for profit. So easy to say Less Government when you don’t understand what that government is really doing for you. Today the stock market is up, unemployment is dropping, whoever is president has NO control over the price of gas it’s price is set by a global economy. Look at history: large deficits run up under republican presidents and surplus under Democrats. How incredibly disingenuous of republican lawmakers to whine about a large deficit that was created by wars they voted “Yes” to. You can not increase expenditures while giving away tax revenue and balance the budget. “Trickle Down” only “Trickles Out” to over seas bank accounts. The wealthy are not the job creators. Jobs are created by a demand for goods and services which happens when the middle class has income to spend. Middle class income has dropped while fat cat wealthy CEO’s income has increased more than 200%. Romney was in Venture capitalism which only cares about short term money making by gambling with large sums of money. He was not in business to create goods and services. Government is not a business and can not be run like a business.

    Good for Kelly willing to stand by what she believes.

  • wordnerdarchie

    We can not pay for the war and tax breaks to the wealthy on backs of the poor and middle class.

    Would you care to put some substance to your post & elaborate what tax breaks the wealthy have that the middle and lower class do not have instead of just repeating political rhetoric?

  • MellyPer1692

    Thank you Marmom07. Eloquently said.

  • hillstreetblooz

     The Salt Lake Tribune, the largest newspaper in Utah, on Friday endorsed
    President Obama for re-election rather than the first Mormon
    presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. In an editorial entitled “Too Many Mitts,” the paper castigated Romney for his frequent reinventions and changes of position.

    That speaks volumes… start your ‘education’ or reeducation here.

  • marmom07

     Bush tax cuts benefited the wealthy far more than anyone else.

    from here:

    The Bush tax cuts have contributed to revenues dropping in
    2004 to the lowest level as a share of the economy since 1950, and
    have been a major contributor to the dramatic shift from large
    projected budget surpluses to projected deficits as far as the eye
    can see.The tax cuts have conferred the most benefits, by
    far, on the highest-income households — those least in need of
    additional resources — at a time when income already is
    exceptionally concentrated at the top of the income spectrum.The
    design of these tax cuts was ill-conceived, resulting in
    significantly less economic stimulus than could have been accomplished
    for the same budgetary cost.  In part because the tax cuts were not
    as effective as alternative measures would have been, job creation
    during this recovery has been notably worse than in any other
    recovery since the end of World War II.

    More info here:

    Yes this link is wikipeida but at the bottom of the page are a lot of links for further reading.

    more on Romney’s tax plan

  • mileyfan123

    Welcome back :)

    I liked your post, you should stick around.

  • wordnerdarchie

    Thanks for the links. I don’t have much information on or whether they are considered unbiased or not, but I’ll read their conclusions and decide, based on other information, whether I agree with their findings.

    As a side note I wasn’t asking about Bush, I was asking about Romney so your information regarding President Bush I’ll disregard at the moment.  I understand why you included it however.

    Information about the two candidates regarding taxes are clearly listed in this document.  They’re probably a lot closer than you think.

    Taxes are a very complicated issue, and politicians have been talking for years about tax reform.  However, when talking about current tax “breaks” one must keep in mind there have been years of increases in taxes for the middle to higher income taxpayers, so changes in that area are needed in order to make the tax code fair for all tax payers.

  • elliegrll


    Bush tax cuts benefited the wealthy far more than anyone else.

    As the info. that you have in quotes shows, the biggest problem isn’t that they benefited the wealthy, it’s that they are a major reason why the deficit grew.   Another reason is how George Bush decided to pay for two wars, including borrowing money to China, which has resulted in the US losing a lot of jobs to China and importing some goods that don’t meet the US standards.

    The Bush tax cuts are similar to what people have been saying about Romney’s tax plan.  He’s proposing more cuts for the top 1 to 5%
    of earners, but he hasn’t said how he will pay for these cuts.  Every economist has said that these cuts will add as much as $5 trillion to the deficit.  Romney has said that he won’t be raising the taxes on the high earners to pay for these cuts, so the only option is to raise taxes on the middle class.

    To be fair, given the economic situation that we are in, the only option to get on the road to recovery is to raise almost everybody’s taxes.  

  • marmom07

     Yes exactly, 

    While I don’t like everything Obama has done, who will Romney be as a president? Moderate republican like when governor? hard right conservative like he was campaigning for the Rupubilcan nom? Something else? He’s asking me to trust him when he can’t or won’t explain how he will achieve his promises and policy wise he has been all over the map with his answers. I am deeply against his ideology that only hetro, two parent marriages produce successful children. I am deeply against many republican policies so no I’m not willing to take a chance on Romney. I don’t want more radical conservative judges placed on the supreme court (or other courts).

    The US is a great country because we got rid of child labor, require companies to protect workers from work place accidents (no sweat shops), ensure our water is safe to drink, our children can play in dirt not full of toxic waste, we have freedom of speech and due process, separation of church and state, we have fire, rescue and 911 and federal aid to areas devastated by natural disasters….. so yeah I pay taxes for that stuff and more.

    Currently people are dying because of pharmacy compounding medicine with no industry over-sight for me that’s not ok. Is it ok that the banking industry screwed people over and made bad loans and yet walked away without even a slap on the wrist? It’s why we have regulations and laws. Our economic melt down is tied to the de-regulation of banks not too much oversight.

  • Kariann Hart

    The gop wants a certain type of economic policy: no unions, low wages, no benefits, little job security, low taxes on the wealthy. They need to convince the majority of Americans to follow such a policy, as the policy is blatantly self destructive for a majority of people.

    I can’t help but wonder why anyone would want to give 4 or 8 years to someone that isn’t looking out for their back.  Romney is a major risk.  Of course, we want the recovery to be faster, but I believe President Obama is doing the best he can.  I would like to see the Democrats take over the House and jumpstart Obama’s programs.

    Also, the elderly are not always conservative.  We are looking out for our Medicare and Social Security, and believe in equal rights for all.

    marmon07, thank you for expressing your views so eloquently.  Indeed, Kelly and Carrie rock.  (Oh, and Bruce Springsteen, too.)

  • wordnerdarchie

    Bush tax cuts also benefited people all the way down to those having only $6000 in taxable income, or eligible for earned income credit as well as keeping in effect those credits for children & education.  Let’s be real and not rewrite tax history.

    The economy is like a house of cards where you might take one card out & you’ll be fine, or it could all tumble down.  Projecting what will happen given certain changes in tax policy and how it will affect the economy is, imo, purely guesswork.  If it was easy, we wouldn’t be in this mess right now.

    I wouldn’t want to be the one making those decisions.

  • elliegrll

    The economy is like a house of cards where you might take one card out & you’ll be fine, or it could all tumble down.  Projecting what will happen given certain changes in tax policy and how it will affect the economy is, imo, purely guesswork.

    And this is why people want Romney to be specific.  For example, he has said that he is going to repeal the so called Obamacare, but he’s going to provide everyone with coverage.  So the obvious question is how will he pay for it.  While governor he said that Massachusetts plan wouldn’t work, unless everyone was required to get health insurance.  

    Romney has said that he would cut these taxes:
    Lower tax rates by 20% = $2.5 trillion
    Eliminating the Alternative Minimum Tax = $700 billion
    Repeal of high-income payroll tax = $300 billion
    Repeal the estate tax = $150 billion
    Tax cut for corporations = $1.1 trillion  

    How couldn’t this have an effect on the economy?  Obviously something would have to be done to make up for this lose in revenue.

  • wordnerdarchie

    Wait a minute – repeal high-income payroll tax…. explain that one please, cause I’m not sure what you meant by that one.  Everyone pays FICA/Medi tax limited by a certain wage base.

    I hadn’t heard that either man has addressed payroll taxes at all at least according to the link I posted, unless it has been done lately.  Currently, payroll taxes are set to go back to regular levels of 6.2 % and 1.45% at the end of 2012.  The base wage for 2012 is 110,100. I don’t believe the base wage has been posted for 2013.

    As for reducing corporate tax %, Obama wants to also reduce corporate tax rate as well, so that point is a draw. ;)

    Both men want to lower individual tax rates – another draw. ;)  Romney does however, want to continue the same rates for higher taxpayers that are currently in force for 2012.  Obama wants to raise rates for those making more than $250,000.

    Obama’s stand on the Estate tax doesn’t do enough in situations like family farms estates, Romney’s is too drastic.  (See, I can be open-minded, lol)

    I personally hate AMT tax because it affects too many middle income taxpayers, so I understand Romney’s stand to do away with it.

    No matter who gets elected president, it’s up to Congress to get the work done in pounding out a new tax act, in time to be implemented for 2013 year. It needs to happen so it will happen, but it will probably be passed as a retroactive tax bill.  That means my job in Feb-May of 2013 is going to be a living hell.

  • asifclueless

    pj … You want Romney’s plan?
    You’ll get Romney’s plan!!!  :)  lol

  • wordnerdarchie

    I’ve seen that – paid for by the Democratic National Committee, which you can believe turns off a few voters.  The way they mock & ridicule the other side is disturbing and it seems to be widespread as seen by my twitter stream.  It’s not a good way to win over the moderates in the Republican Party or the undecided who are taking this election very seriously.  ;)

  • quickjessie

    Oh please.  The advertising by the GOP – with “paid for by the RNC” – FAR outweighs Democratic advertising.

    I live in a swing state – we are being BURIED in GOP ads.  You want disturbing?  How’s about 10 minutes out of every 30 being deluged with lies, easily checked via the Google?  That’s what the GOP is doing here.

    And by the way, the last moderate Republican was kicked out of his Party during the primaries.

  • elliegrll

    Both sides mock and ridicule one another.  I do have an opinion of who is doing more mocking, but I’m biased.  I think the sad thing is that the mocking works.  People will remember memes and zingers more than a long list of specific facts.  Which is why people focus on Big Bird, Binders full of Women,etc. instead of the real issues that those memes represent.

    BTW, people who would get upset about that website aren’t the intended audience.  I think that’s something that the President has had to learn.  Those who don’t notice how idiotic it is to mock his name, that he is a US citizen, or who focus more on whether or not he said that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, more so than the attack itself, are not people who were going to be open to voting for him anyway.

  • MollyAnnMay

    wordnerdarchie: That means my job in Feb-May of 2013 is going to be a living hell.

    Cry me a river. At least you’ll have a job. If Romney is elected he has indicated that he will, in collusion with the anti-science Republican Congress, be delighted to sign a budget that will effectively eliminate my job. 

    He’s also indicated that he would be delighted to collude with Congress to limit women’s access to health care, including safe abortions, and limit the civil rights of gay and lesbian citizens.

    Needless to say, that’s enough for me to vote for the guy who won’t do any of those things.

    But even if one focuses only on money, taxes and the economy, here are two essays on why Romney’s tax plan (or whichever tax plan he happens to be touting at any given moment) doesn’t make mathematical sense and WILL increase both the deficit and the tax burden on everyone except the extremely wealthy. (Who, btw, despite their whining, have done just fine over the last 4 years. Which hasn’t stopped them from greedily grasping for more.)

    From the center-right, Josh Barrow at Bloomberg:

    From the center left Ezra Klein at the Washington Post:

  • wordnerdarchie

    Happy to see that you agree with me on the idiocy of making a joke out of something that isn’t in the least bit…. humorous.

  • wordnerdarchie

    I appreciate the links.  It will take some time to read & work through all of the points.  One comment in the comment section of the Bloomberg article did catch my eye and raised a good question, it asked for an analysis of President’s Obama’s plan.  I wonder how his plan holds up under similar scrutiny.

    We all have our reasons for voting for our candidate of choice. Some issues are more important to each one of us than others.  I’ve lost jobs in the past because of governmental budget cuts and it’s never a fun experience.  My son has not been able to find a job and he’s been looking since May.  The husband’s plant just closed last month and he’s currently unemployed, so I hear you.  I don’t think my little part-time job will put us in any privileged tax group so I just might cry you a river. ;)  All those many years of penny-pinching & saving for a “rainy day” will come in handy now which apparently is what many people have failed to do.  Let’s hope that whoever is elected, that our economy will turn around.  It’s just a matter of which candidate you think will be able to accomplish that task.

    Thankfully, we have the opportunity to vote unlike people in many other countries and to have a civilized discussion on the issues in a public forum.

    But I have to break away from this discussion since there are things to do, it’s been fun, interesting and educational.  Thanks MJ for allowing it to continue. ;)

  • facebook-677275924

    You want Romney’s plan? You’ll get Romney’s plan!!!  :)  lol

    Oh my God that was hilarious!

  • Pippygirl

    I laughed out loud at that!

  • iluvai

    Is it possible to be a liberal socially, but a conservative fiscally??  I probably shouldn’t be on this thread.  ;) See you all on the DWTS and XF threads.  :)

  • GinaBallerina

    Really wish I hadn’t read this.  What a truly foolish reason to support Obama.  He endorsed gay marriage for political reasons only – why did he run last time as being against it?  It’s pretty obvious that his endorsement of gay marriage was for political gain, to appeal to a certain voting block.  Kelly says she’s voting for him AGAIN, mainly because of this one issue.  Yet last election he was against gay marriage…
    The real issue this election is the economy.  We can’t effect much change if we don’t have jobs that pay a living wage.  I love Kelly but I guess when you have a job that pays millions it makes you a little out of touch with what the real problems are.