HDD – Album Sales Prediction : Feb 4-10

With 70.38% of reports in, Josh Groban who has built his own model to success, is set to top the chart. He’s only beating out Tim McGraw (finally free from Curb) by less than a 100 albums right now, but expect that gap to widen today based on Friday’s predictions. Tim is releasing his first album with Big Machine and airplay chart ninja Scott Borchetta will no doubt be up to his usual Jedi mind tricks (this time with somebody who actually is Country!). Given how Curb had hobbled his career lately (releasing all sorts of greatest hits albums instead of actual albums so he couldn’t fulfill his contract, finally having a judge tell them to cut it out and then dumping an album they said was full of sub-standard material last January), Tim is expected to have a very respectable 95-105K.

Now 45, the album series for people who don’t have iTunes or who have friends they don’t know what to buy for, is currently set to come in 3rd place with 80-90K in sales. This version features songs by One Direction (“Live Like We’re Young”), Phil Phillips (“Home”) and Kelly Clarkson (“Catch My Breath”). Now 44 is still on the charts back in 38th featuring songs by Carly Rae Jepsen and Kelly Clarkson.

Album of the year Grammy winner, Mumford & Sons’ “Babel” has moved up 5 spots to top 4. We will see a part of the Grammy effect this week because contenders and performers got a lot of press going into the weekend and some people race to their iTunes accounts on Sunday night. The effect will be likely be larger next week. Last week’s number one, Justin Bieber (acoustic) is 5th this week, the Lumineers are 6th, the Grammy Compilation album (featuring Carly Rae Jepsen and Kelly Clarkson) is 7th, Bruno Mars is 8th, Taylor Swift’s “RED” is 9th and Red debuts “Release the Panic” in 10th.

The first reality contestant album shows up 26th with One Direction’s “Take Me Home”. Idol’s Phil Phillip and Carrie Underwood are right next to each other at 32nd and 33rd respectively. Kelly Clarkson rounds out the list at 48th with her Greatest Hits album.

CHART DATE: 02/11/2013
LAST UPDATE: 02/11/2013 12:39:53
NOW IN: 70.38%

LW TW artist / album label power index
10 9 TAYLOR SWIFT RED 25,847






50 50 WIZ KHALIFA O.N.I.F.C. 5,778

Hits Daily Double


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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TP6FDKZWZZOESHA5DCZVTU24T4 JasonG

    I hope Kelly Clarkson get some sales bump on her Stronger album as well as her songs too! 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Given how Curb had hobbled his career lately (releasing all sorts of greatest hits albums instead of actual albums so he couldn’t fulfill his contract, finally having a judge tell them to cut it out and then dumping an album they said was full of sub-standard material last January), Tim is expected to have a very respectable 95-105K.”

    Wow! I don’t follow Tim (or country music), but how on earth could a label pull this kind of crap, especially on someone like Tim? Did the legal decision involve some sort of monetary compensation to Tim? I hope so.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that she will, but that bump may not be seen until the current week’s sales numbers are known (sales week ends on Sunday).

  • springboard2

    Mediabase – Tuesday update:
    9  10  PHILLIP PHILLIPS  Home  331  357  -26  1.423
    -9  Spins
    -6  Bullet
    -0.045  AI
    31  27  VICCI MARTINEZ  Come Along f/CeeLo Green  144  121  23  0.842
    +2  Spins
    +2  Bullet
    +0.016  AI
    33  28  PHILLIP PHILLIPS  Gone, Gone, Gone  141  107  34  0.553
    0  Spins
    -8  Bullet
    +0.004  AI
    1  1  PHILLIP PHILLIPS  Home  2170  2109  61  16.216
    -25  Spins
    -68  Bullet
    -0.225  AI
    6  6  CARLY RAE JEPSEN  Call Me Maybe  1302  1327  -25  10.014
    +5  Spins
    +49  Bullet
    +0.078  AI
    9  7  KELLY CLARKSON  Catch My Breath  1186  1008  178  9.348
    +30  Spins
    +5  Bullet
    +0.305  AI
    12  11  OWL CITY & CARLY RAE JEPSEN  Good Time  775  752  23  3.845
    -2  Spins
    +14  Bullet
    -0.032  AI
    40  41  CHRIS MANN  Roads  30  35  -5  0.051
    +1  Spins
    +3  Bullet
    0  AI
    43  43  CASSADEE POPE  Over You  24  24  0  0
    0  Spins
    0  Bullet
    0  AI
    45  39  PHILLIP PHILLIPS  Home  202  189  13  0.639
    +2  Spins
    +6  Bullet
    +0.047  AI
    10  9  CARRIE UNDERWOOD  Two Black Cadillacs  4880  4684  196  39.36
    +46  Spins
    +50  Bullet
    +0.395  AI
    15  14  CASEY JAMES  Crying On A Suitcase  3326  3333  -7  27.135
    -17  Spins
    -71  Bullet
    -0.054  AI
    32  32  KELLY CLARKSON  Don’t Rush f/Vince Gill  1127  1172  -45  7.105
    -4  Spins
    -13  Bullet
    -0.028  AI
    6  5  KELLY CLARKSON  Catch My Breath  3968  3818  150  29.785
    +12  Spins
    -42  Bullet
    -0.189  AI
    5  7  PHILLIP PHILLIPS  Home  3597  4021  -424  25.85
    -49  Spins
    +4  Bullet
    -0.549  AI
    26  24  VICCI MARTINEZ  Come Along f/CeeLo Green  861  738  123  4.239
    +17  Spins
    +12  Bullet
    +0.215  AI
    46  39  OLLY MURS  Troublemaker f/Flo Rida  263  167  96  1.104
    +8  Spins
    -8  Bullet
    +0.022  AI
    48  41  PHILLIP PHILLIPS  Gone, Gone, Gone  252  107  145  1.468
    +24  Spins
    +13  Bullet
    +0.164  AI
    17  14  KELLY CLARKSON  Catch My Breath  5953  5446  507  38.622
    +112  Spins
    +132  Bullet
    +0.704  AI
    21  20  OLLY MURS  Troublemaker f/Flo Rida  3763  3272  491  26.356
    +119  Spins
    +75  Bullet
    +0.684  AI
    28  23  ONE DIRECTION  Kiss You  2979  1833  1146  14.782
    +190  Spins
    +42  Bullet
    +0.905  AI
    27  40  ONE DIRECTION  Little Things  675  1859  -1184  4.148
    -134  Spins
    +128  Bullet
    -0.739  AI
    95  45  CHER LLOYD  With Ur Love f/Juicy J  565  50  515  2.203
    +104  Spins
    +98  Bullet
    +0.524  AI
    34  38  MARCUS CANTY  Used By You  572  566  6  1.606
    -9  Spins
    -40  Bullet
    -0.071  AI
    Urban AC:
    16  15  FANTASIA  Lose To Win  611  515  96  3.53
    +5  Spins
    -6  Bullet
    +0.041  AI
    39  40  PHILLIP PHILLIPS  Home  57  56  1  0.158
    -1  Spins
    -2  Bullet
    -0.004  AI
    9  9  CARRIE UNDERWOOD  Two Black Cadillacs  676  666  10  1.991
    +3  Spins
    -12  Bullet
    -0.012  AI
    Canada-Hot AC:
    8  7  KELLY CLARKSON  Catch My Breath  895  888  7  2.376
    -3  Spins
    -9  Bullet
    -0.012  AI
    7  8  PHILLIP PHILLIPS  Home  870  894  -24  3.326
    +7  Spins
    +25  Bullet
    +0.103  AI
    31  27  OLLY MURS  Troublemaker f/Flo Rida  375  339  36  1.75
    +4  Spins
    -7  Bullet
    +0.001  AI
    29  37  ONE DIRECTION  Little Things  241  354  -113  0.657
    -9  Spins
    +12  Bullet
    -0.075  AI
    49  44  ONE DIRECTION  Kiss You  155  94  61  0.533
    +2  Spins
    -11  Bullet
    +0.05  AI
    Canada-Main AC:
    1  1  PHILLIP PHILLIPS  Home  399  402  -3  3.22
    -7  Spins
    -6  Bullet
    -0.102  AI
    6  5  KELLY CLARKSON  Catch My Breath  264  242  22  1.403
    +1  Spins
    -3  Bullet
    -0.02  AI
    7  13  OWL CITY & CARLY RAE JEPSEN  Good Time  198  235  -37  1.467
    -10  Spins
    -14  Bullet
    -0.101  AI
    30  27  KELLY CLARKSON  Dark Side  81  77  4  0.817
    +2  Spins
    +7  Bullet
    +0.027  AI
    38  35  ONE DIRECTION  Little Things  59  58  1  0.449
    -4  Spins
    -5  Bullet
    -0.106  AI
    Canada-Top 40:
    20  16  OLLY MURS  Troublemaker f/Flo Rida  823  705  118  3.952
    +16  Spins
    -21  Bullet
    +0.189  AI
    29  32  PHILLIP PHILLIPS  Home  447  476  -29  2.404
    -5  Spins
    -2  Bullet
    +0.003  AI
    33  34  KELLY CLARKSON  Catch My Breath  354  377  -23  1.364
    -5  Spins
    -2  Bullet
    -0.05  AI
    42  39  ONE DIRECTION  Kiss You  299  214  85  1.314
    +11  Spins
    -17  Bullet
    +0.04  AI
    41  47  ONE DIRECTION  Little Things  155  221  -66  0.454
    -10  Spins
    +2  Bullet
    -0.044  AI
    Christian AC:
    17  16  COLTON DIXON  You Are  563  490  73  1.897
    +11  Spins
    +6  Bullet
    +0.03  AI
    Spanish Contemporary:
    69  47  OLLY MURS  Troublemaker f/Flo Rida  109  63  46  2.182
    +7  Spins
    +9  Bullet
    +0.105  AI

  • springboard2

    2/12/2013 – Itunes Top 1500 Singles and Albums (from LivePopBars)
    24. Carrie Underwood – Blown Away
    31. Carrie Underwood – Two Black Cadillacs
    32. Phillip Phillips – Home
    38. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
    39. Kelly Clarkson – Catch My Breath
    43. Olly Murs – Troublemaker (feat. Flo Rida)
    64. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
    94. One Direction – Kiss You
    120. One Direction – Little Things
    134. One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful
    139. Christina Aguilera – Just a Fool (with Blake Shelton)
    162. Carrie Underwood – Good Girl
    195. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time
    224. Journey – Faithfully
    232. One Direction – Live While We’re Young
    234. Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton – Just a Fool
    235. Cher Lloyd – Want U Back
    237. Casey James – Crying On a Suitcase
    262. Journey – Open Arms
    270. Kelly Clarkson – Don’t Rush (feat. Vince Gill)
    285. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’
    312. Phillip Phillips – Gone, Gone, Gone
    314. Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats
    327. Cher Lloyd – Oath (feat. Becky G)
    334. Vicci Martinez & Cee Lo Green – Come Along
    340. Tate Stevens – Holler If You’re With Me
    346. One Direction – One Thing
    424. Kelly Clarkson – Dark Side
    471. Stefano – Yes to Love
    475. Colton Dixon – You Are
    485. One Direction – Rock Me
    490. One Direction – Kiss You
    546. Carrie Underwood – Cowboy Casanova
    575. Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone
    604. Kelly Clarkson – Mr. Know It All
    618. David Archuleta – Don’t Run Away
    624. Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love
    679. Cher Lloyd – With Ur Love
    681. Mandisa & tobyMac – Good Morning (feat. TobyMac)
    690. One Direction – She’s Not Afraid
    699. Carrie Underwood – Jesus, Take the Wheel
    747. Christina Aguilera – Your Body
    778. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
    792. One Direction – Nobody Compares
    826. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
    845. Cassadee Pope – Over You (The Voice Performance)
    853. Carrie Underwood – All-American Girl
    873. One Direction – Little Things
    877. One Direction – Heart Attack
    889. Carly Rae Jepsen – This Kiss
    902. One Direction – They Don’t Know About Us
    970. One Direction – Still the One
    980. Carrie Underwood – Undo It
    1053. Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway
    1069. Cher Lloyd – Swagger Jagger
    1077. Christina Aguilera – Beautiful
    1100. Olly Murs – Heart Skips a Beat (feat. Chiddy Bang)
    1209. Kelly Clarkson – Because of You
    1273. One Direction – Loved You First
    1280. Christina Aguilera – Fighter
    1309. One Direction – Up All Night
    1327. Carrie Underwood – Temporary Home
    1328. Journey – Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
    1372. Carrie Underwood – How Great Thou Art
    1402. Journey – Any Way You Want It
    1432. One Direction – Moments
    1452. Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love

    37. Carrie Underwood – Blown Away
    64. Phillip Phillips – The World from the Side of the Moon (Deluxe)
    73. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (Deluxe Version)
    75. Kelly Clarkson – Greatest Hits – Chapter One
    76. One Direction – Take Me Home (Yearbook Edition)
    98. One Direction – Take Me Home
    103. Colton Dixon – A Messenger
    117. One Direction – Up All Night (Deluxe Version)
    149. Journey – Journey: Greatest Hits
    214. Phillip Phillips – The World from the Side of the Moon
    270. Cher Lloyd – Sticks & Stones
    331. One Direction – Up All Night
    411. Christina Aguilera – Lotus (Deluxe Version)
    437. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger
    478. Carrie Underwood – Play On
    639. Carrie Underwood – Some Hearts
    750. Cassadee Pope – The Complete Season 3 Collection (The Voice Performance)
    770. Carly Rae Jepsen – Kiss (Deluxe Version)
    792. Carrie Underwood – Carnival Ride
    807. Pentatonix – PTX, Vol. 1
    946. Scotty McCreery – Clear As Day
    1069. Daughtry – Break the Spell (Deluxe Version)
    1094. Casey James – Casey James
    1150. Mandisa – What If We Were Real
    1174. Journey – Journey – Greatest Hits 1 & 2
    1177. Vicci Martinez – Vicci
    1211. Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway
    1362. Daughtry – Daughtry

  • windmills

    fuzzywuzzy: Wow! I don’t follow Tim (or country music), but how on earth could a label pull this kind of crap, especially on someone like Tim? Did the legal decision involve some sort of monetary compensation to Tim? I hope so.

    The damages part of Curb’s lawsuit against Tim (yep, they filed first) and Tim’s countersuit against Curb hasn’t yet been decided yet. It’s gotten postponed a few times now. It should definitely be eye opening to everybody though that a label (not even a major label technically, though they operate like one in the country world) can do this to their only superstar act. It seems to be a Curb specialty though, and I’ve wondered if there was something personal going on there. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Thanks, windmills. I googled a bit and this article seems to report the latest status of the lawsuit and countersuit.


  • girlygirltoo

    Seems like Curb is shooting themselves in the foot. No big act or hot up and coming act is going to want to sign with them if they are aware of this mess.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djafans Fan Dja

    David A’s Don’t Run Away was at #618 earlier it’s now at #153 now on itunes!!
    I don’t have any expectations but it sure is nice to see his name and song :)

  • Anny_nanny

    CHART DATE: 02/11/2013
    LAST UPDATE: 02/12/2013 11:35:29

    LW TW artist / album label power index % change

    13 9 GRAMMY NOMINEES 2013 CAPITOL 38,094 +64%


    33 33 MAROON 5 A&M/OCTONE 16,442 +19%

    26 38 PHILLIP PHILLIPS 19/INTERSCOPE 15,147 -3%


    47 46 KELLY CLARKSON 19/RCA 10,830 +22%

  • LongKissGoodnight

    26 38 PHILLIP PHILLIPS 19/INTERSCOPE 15,147 -3%

    Total: 693K

    Only a thousand less than last week, that’s a nice number (if prediction holds). Means that album is stabilizing while it is in between singles. (Of course Home is still getting a massive amount of airplay, but it should be less potent after all this month).

    Radio gods willing, GGG will grow and hopefully get to the point where it starts increasing album sales again, probably not sooner then in 3 weeks, a month, though.

  • Lobilobi

    if the predictions hold, Phillips album is stabilizing which is good
    “Gone, Gone, Gone” is going up the iTunes chart but i don’t know why ?



  • LongKissGoodnight

    >> “Gone, Gone, Gone” is going up the iTunes chart but i don’t know why ?

    I got curious &  checked the i-tunes.
    GGG is at #284 right now.

    That’s a pretty noticeable leap. Higher then I have expected.

  • girlygirltoo

    IDK if that’s a huge jump — it was at #312 this morning. In that range on iTunes chart, we can see songs moving 20 places up or down within a relatively short amount of time, because the sales are likely all pretty close.

    The song is being used in a commercial for some NBC show, though, and it’s getting some radio play in 2 formats now, and of course he’s on tour — any or all of that could account for this movement.

  • Caro3278sweet

    Where’s my windmills country update? I am lost and sadz without it. Boo hoo!!!

  • jpfan2

    Going from 312 to 277 (where it is now) is not really a major move. Probably only a few thousand downloads. However it is good to see the song gradually moving up the chart.

  • windmills

    Sorry, it’s been that kind of day. Here ya go :)

    Reporting in from Billboard Country Update and Country Aircheck:

    There was 1 recurrent at Billboard (Randy Houser’s How Country Feels out of the t10) and 3 at Mediabase (Randy Houser out of the t10, and Thomas Rhett/Eli Young Band out of the t40). This coming week there should be at least one Billboard recurrent (Chris Cagle out of the t20), CaseyJ’s COAS is once again at risk of going recurrent, and there’s a chance Gary Allan’s Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain will go recurrent out of the t10. Gary’s song should be the only recurrent at Mediabase this coming week.

    Carrie’s Two Black Cadillacs had another meh week gaining 740k AIs and moving up to #9. The push for Brad’s Southern Comfort Zone should be over now which should help 2BC pick up a little, but there’s still the problem of a couple other songs being pushed past their expiration dates, namely Dierks Bentley’s Tip It On Back which rebulleted this week and Taylor Swift’s Begin Again which got a big push. Odds are Taylor’s song is being pushed so that it can get a t3 peak this week (with Jason/Luke/Eric, Gary Allan, & Brad dropping), which has to be some kind of symbolic victory because Begin Again isn’t even in the country t30 for downloads and clearly isn’t what’s selling Taylor’s album right now. There isn’t a push on for Two Black Cadillacs, and in some ways I think the label is fine with it biding its time until the chart opens up. The only problem is Blake Shelton’s mediocre song is now only about 2.5 million AIs behind. As far as where 2BC ends up this week, there’s a solid chance of passing Gary Allan, so it’ll likely end the week at #8 or #9.

    On the Indicator chart 2BC tied for the strongest week in the t10 again and now sits at #5. The difference is the songs from Brad and Dierks peaked there this week and Taylor’s song peaked there 2 weeks ago. 

    At MB/Aircheck 2BC gained a mediocre 319 points to move up to 39. Based on this morning’s update, it appears Dierks’s song isn’t ready to give up. So, whether 2BC moves up will depend mostly on how hard Gary Allan’s song falls this week. Once again 2BC will likely end the week at #8 or #9.

    CaseyJ’s Crying On A Suitcase retained its bullet and reached a new Billboard peak of #14 despite losing 329k. This is the 2nd straight week COAS has lost AIs but held onto its bullet. At this point t10 hopes are fading because Dierks is not cooperating and neither is Taylor, plus COAS’s own airplay seems to have peaked. Lady Antebellum will pass this week and Thompson Square is likely to pass also. With this in mind it wouldn’t surprise me to see COAS go recurrent either next week or the week after that. 

    At MB/Aircheck COAS lost 125 points and its bullet while moving up a spot to #14. Chris Young’s song trails by 497 points and outgained COAS by 1025 points last week so odds are he is passing, and so is Lady Antebellum. Thompson Square could pass if it picks up the pace too. COAS could end the week at anywhere between #14 and #16. The recurrent clock is on so unless COAS rebullets, it will go recurrent the Sunday that follows this one. 

    Kelly’s Don’t Rush had a weak week losing 369k and its bullet though it held at #32. Darius Rucker passed but that was offset by Randy Houser going recurrent. Weird week in that part of the chart: Darius slowed down even though he passed, and even Jake Owen lost AIs (94k, though he kepts his bullet). There’s no immediate danger of recurrency because DR is only 15 weeks old. Kip Moore closed to 432k AIs behind after outgaining DR by 1.106 million AIs last week so he’s likely to pass this week. So are Tim McGraw/Taylor Swift with The Highway Don’t Care, which  is unofficially but clearly the next single off Tim’s album. So, look for DR to end the week at #33 at the worst. 

    At MB/Aircheck DR lost 90 points and its bullet while holding at #31. Darius closed to 219 points behind by outgaining DR by 324 points and has passed since last Sunday. The annoying thing about that is that if DR had held off Wagon  Wheel, DR would’ve moved into the MB t30 and picked up countdown spins. On the bright side, as long as DR can hold off Love & Theft next week it should be able to make MB t30 next week. 

    Idol-related ads: Arista Nashville took out a 1/2 page ad in Country Aircheck and a 1/6 page ad in Billboard Country Update congratulating Carrie for her Grammy and acknowledging Blown Away’s win for Best Country Song. No mention of her current single, but the Aircheck ad thanks country radio. 

    Recommended reading: Billboard Country Update leads with a recap of country’s presence at the Grammys, with early focus on Carrie/”Blown Away” and a nice Kelly mention. There’s also a story talking about a one hour live streamed concert Tim McGraw did in partnership with Ram Country from the deck of USS Midway in San Diego as part of his album promotion, and how it fit into the larger media launch plan for Tim’s new album (including radio tie-ins).  

    girlygirltoo: Seems like Curb is shooting themselves in the foot. No big act or hot up and coming act is going to want to sign with them if they are aware of this mess.

    I definitely don’t think any big act would sign with them anyway. As far as hot up & comers, probably not. But they seem to have a bunch of young new acts who are relatively newly signed. The problem is there are too many acts who want that shot at a record deal, and either they don’t have people doing due diligence on Curb’s history, or they don’t care, or Curb has done something to convince these people they won’t do to them what they’ve done to Tim McGraw (and Leann Rimes and Rodney Atkins to some extent). Curb has Lee Brice who is on a roll right now. It’s going to be interesting seeing how things go down the road for him, because he’s basically they’re only successful act right now.

  • maymay

    I Will Wait now is on the country radio top 50 chart. I am wondering why the country radio doesn`t play Home. When people hear Home at the first time, they always think it is a country song. So I am surprised the country radio wouldn`t play it. Home is more country than I Will Wait. Phillip has lost an big opportunity  to contact the country fans who love to buy the album

  • babylockthemdoors

    I’m a bit worried about “Two Black Cadillacs” slowing down a bit. I think at this pace, Blake can overtake and spend multiple weeks at no. 1. I hope this does not block out the chance of TBC reaching the top. Singles from Lee Brice, Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum and Kenny Chesney are also expected to race quickly to the summit after Blake’s and Carrie’s. I know Sony rarely needs major pushes to send Carrie’s singles to number one. But I hope they don’t sit idly this time given that there is much competition in the charts right now. 

    By the way, “I Will Wait” and “Ho Hey” are now charting in Billboard Country Airplay. I hope country radio will give “Home” at least a shot at getting played.

  • girlygirltoo

    So I’m looking at the radio adds for this week, and I noticed that Fall Out Boy’s new single got a ton of Top 40 adds. Last I looked, Fall Out Boy was an alt rock act, not a pop act. I haven’t heard the new single, but this strikes me as a little odd.

  • http://twitter.com/eilonwya10 Eilonwy

    Local alt-rock station played Fall Out Boy’s new single as a hot-or-not pick this morning… I thought it sounded like rock, but the keepers of alt-rock purism blasted it for being “too slick” and “too pop.” So I guess it’s a good thing it’s being pushed to CHR and that CHR wants it.

    (The station then went on to play bluegrass-EDM fusion, which listeners loved, so go figure. It’s hard work staying sufficiently au courant to be a hipster.)

  • lovetheusa1776

    Believe FOB said Lambert influence – some other comments on VH1 and Spin about that.   “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” – flairs of AL on key phrases – “I’m on Fire.”   Like it. 

  • Anny_nanny

    If Phillip wants to promote the new single he had to sing this song every performance. So far I do not see how the radio-listeners need to associate GGG with Phillip even if Home in half a year, many believe the song of the M&S is not listening to DJs.

    I’m surprised that they did not try to get on country radio, but may they see that the songs do not go up in radio-play without the radio-tour but Phillip don’t have the time and the health to do this tour. I do not know. I do not remember news on radio-play “Home” on their own initiative, as it was on the smooth jazz and alternative. I’m sorry, Phillip could gain momentum but didn’t get a chance.

  • LongKissGoodnight

    I really love the new Fall Out Boy’s song, but yeah that is pretty much a strait-forward pop anthem (especially in it’s production) attempting to appear alt.rock.
    I sort of assumed that it might be a problem with gate-keepers.
    And I fully agree with them on the “too pop/slick” issue (if you can call it an issue). Being hardly a purist myself I would not have any objections to it’s presence on the format, but I can see the point of people that do.
    And though I find it to be rather awesome, this song basically came from a past decade of so called mainstream rock, which is no surprise considering the source.
    While bluegrass-EDM fusion you mentioned is a new wave. And by the very definition of things the format called Alternative should embrace new experimental sounds.

    Was that song a C2C’ “Down the Road” by any chance?
    C2C is a is a French award winning turntable group (they create music using phonograph turntables and a DJ mixer.).


    I have coat the megamix of their debut album  Tetra a month or two ago, and have been absolutely bunkers about it in general and this song in particular ever since.

    Down the Road definitely has a lot of commercial potential as far as my ears are concerned, but It is so left of center I am not sure how far it will be allowed to progress on Alternative.
    They have been embracing literal meaning of the format’s name with some alternative but not necessary rock compositions, and and pushing the boundaries of expectations to do so… And I really like that. But when even with all of it enormous mainstream success Thrift Shop has been stalling at #14 on Alt. for quite some time now, it is apperent that the leniency format is ready to extend to odd ducks has it’s limits.

    I have read that Down the Road has been used in Dr Pepper commercial, but I do not know if it is shown in US.

    There it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BO_pZ-qT_LY

    Now that Thrift Shop is good and settled in it’s smash status, this song is my new little horse in a race. Hopefully it can pull a ‘Too Close’ and develop into crossover hit.  I’m rooting for it fingers, toes and various body parts crossed. %))

  • Anny_nanny

    Who knows the numbers of Colton’s sales? Do we know the numbers of the Christian stores or this information will never be disclosed?

  • jpfan2

    Idol Chatter should have Colton’s numbers later today. Brian is good with country/Christian albums (not so good with Pop). 

    GGG is #1 on the HAC taking off list again. It’s making a strong move up that chart. But keeping it real Idol singles always do ok there. For GGG to really sell some downloads it will have to break top 10 in the genre plus eventually cross over to CHR.  Hopefully the video will help as well.

  • Caro3278sweet

    Thank you. I am happy again. 

  • http://twitter.com/eilonwya10 Eilonwy

    LongKissGoodnight: Good call! Yup bluegrass-EDM was the C2C song. I was curious whether you’d be able to name it and what you thought of it, so I’m glad you could. I’ll check out the album on your recommendation.

  • elliegrll

    even if Home in half a year, many believe the song of the M&S is not listening to DJs.

    I recall AI fans saying that people thought that Daughtry’s songs were Nickelback’s.  In both cases, the number of albums and singles sold go against those theories.  Phillip has gotten a lot of respect from those at radio and music critics.  He might be getting more cred. than any idol alum since Daughtry.  

  • girlygirltoo

    Huh, interesting. Thanks :)



  • Incipit

    What would be concerning is if GGG did ok on HAC but struggled to sell
    downloads. That’s happened to Daughtry, Cook, Kris Allen and Adam
    Lambert and is bad news for album sales.The second single from an Idol
    can be a career breaker if it doesn’t hit.

    jpfan2 – Second single is murky territory for winners of AI – Heh. No one can agree how to count the Coronary! – and anyway, I’m thinking you may be confusing ‘second single’ with ‘second album’ in your statement here. With those names you cited – which is the second single that didn’t hit? Non-winner Daughtry’s second single is simple enough – “Home” was a Top Five Single…awards etc are easily researched. And album sales.

    DC’s second single is either the Platinum plus  “Light On” or the Gold “Come Back To Me”, which followed Platinum Plus ToML – which one of those didn’t hit? Either was one of the three Top Ten AC hits from the debut album…a small club, with two other artists in it. The album, DCTR, also Platinum plus within three months of release.

    Kris Allens’ second single is either the Platinum plus “Live Like We’re Dying” that followed NoBo, and which certainly hit – or the debacle of “The Truth” – which did not do well – and here we have the first album of the artists on your list whose album did not benefit from single sales.

    But AL’s second single is just as murky, winner or not – depending on who you read, it’s either FYE, or “Whattya Want From Me”, or “If I Had You”- if anyone can decide how to count NoBo and Time For Miracles” – and I will leave the research and answers there to his fans…but even if his album isn’t Platinum in the US, it did very well…

    GGG is Phillip’s second single, since you are counting the Coronary for him – and the album is not Platinum yet, but doing OK – I just don’t think your statement supports what you intended it to support.

    JMO. Of Course.