Survivor Caramoan Precap with bonus polls

It’s time for another season of Survivor and while I am sure most of you will be here on Wednesdays for the American Idol live blog which is done very well by MJ I hope you will pop into the threads for the Survivor recaps and join us in discussing the 26th season of Survivor.

The last Fans vs. Favorites season went down as arguably one of the best Survivor seasons ever with a lot of twists and turns through the entire season. And while I am was not overly pleased with the cast of favorites the same could be said last time around and that cast did well.

A lot of the cast made huge mistakes in their game play the first time around or were just crazy people. I’m hoping some of them will learn from those mistakes and I figure the ones were crazy last time will probably be crazy this time. Either way I am expecting a good season. I think it will not be as good as last season but since they are filming in the same general location and are no longer in the rain season I am hoping for more water challenges which can mix up the show. The season will really come down to how well cast the fans tribe is. The greatness of Fan Vs. Favorites and Philippines is that the majority of the cast seemed to be there to want to play and win Survivor rather then just looking for their 15 minutes of fame. If this cast can play that way as well it should make for a good season.

Now to end this precap with my pre-season pick to win it all. My heart wants Malcolm to win but I think the fact that he is playing back-to-back seasons will hurt him in game play. Also he is an unknown to everyone else playing and didn’t have a chance to create relationships with the favorites tribe outside of the game like others have. For that reason I do not think he will win it all although I do think he’ll play a third season at some point so he’ll get another day to succeed.

My pick to win the season is Cochran. I think he will learn from his mistakes on his last season. With a few extra years he should be more mature and comfortable in his own skin. That should allow him to out play everyone else this season.

I look forward to anyone else’s pre-season picks if they want to post them below or any other predictions for the season. Look for my recap tomorrow night and enjoy the premiere.