Glee: John Schneider To Play Chord Overstreet’s Dad

TVLine reveals that Glee co-creator, Ryan Murphy, has cast John Schneider (Bo Duke on Dukes of Hazzard!) to play the father of Sam “Trouty Mouth” Evans (Chord Overstreet).

No casting announcement has been made yet, but the show is also looking for an actress to play  the part of Sam’s mom. (Stay tuned).

Schneider’s recent credits include playing the patriarch on the Superman themed Smallville and porn guy Ram Peters on Murphy’s old series Nip/Tuck.

The Glee co-creator also dipped back into the 70’s when he cast Donny Most (Happy Days) as Emmy Pillsbury’s (Jayma Mays) creepy “ginger supremacist” dad.

Compare and contrast John Schneider in the 70s and Chord Overstreet today.  It kinda works doesn’t it?

Schneider will debut at the same time as Chord’s return to Glee. Episode 8.   Y’all might remember that Chord’s family moved away during the summer after Dad lost his job. (Well,  in a big brouhaha over a casting promotion denied, Chord decided not to return to Glee in Season 3.  But then he changed his mind.)

Glee is filming Episode 8 as we speak, Chord has been spotted both on set and in the recording booth! I wonder what brings Sam back to Lima?

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  • Jenna

    Good I don’t think there are enough characters on this show.

  • Anonymous

    I only know him from Smallville as Clarks Dad

  • Black Swan

    Is it episode 8 yet? I cannot wait for Sam’s return. I have missed Chord so much. <3

  • Kirsten

    Excellent casting. I can totally see him as Sam’s dad.

  • milwlovesadam

    John Schneider  had a role in Nip/Tuck. He’s known to the Glee team!

  • Li Wright

    Once again hollywood is casting an actor to play a younger actor’s father when the actor should be his grandfather based on his age.  See Robert Redford and Jackie Evanko.

  • Goboywonder

    He was a hoot in Dukes of Hazzards and a great dad in Smallville. I think he was also a part of the Children’s Miracle Network Awards event along with David A a couple of weeks ago.

  • Kirsten

    Once again hollywood is casting an actor to play a younger actor’s
    father when the actor should be his grandfather based on his age.

    While agree that Hollywood plays fast and lose with the relative ages, I don’t believe this is an example. John was born in 1960 making him only 51. He would have been 29 when Chord was born in 1989 and 33-34 if Sam is 18 or 17. If John was to be Chord’s grandfather, he would have had to have a child by the time he was 15 and that child by the time they were 14. Sure, it’s possible for John to be Chord’s grandfather, but I think most people would think it better to have a child when you are established at 29 than to have two generations of kids having kids in their mid-teens.

    This casting is right on the nose.

  • Anonymous

    Yes. I mention that in my post. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Perfect casting in both looks and age.  Schneider probably feels older because he’s been on TV in some form for over 30 years.  But he started Dukes of Hazzard when he was only 19.

    He also released several country albums during the 1980s.  So he may wind up singing on the show.

  • Kariann Hart

    I am lovin’ this.  Yes, John is the perfect age to be Chord’s father.  Thanks for the reminder that John was a singer, and pretty darn good from what I remember.  I really liked Chord’s story line because it addresses something near and dear to many teens.  Dads are losing their jobs and not finding another quickly enough.  Foreclosures are the highest in years.

    Besides, Chord Overstreet is a cutie! 

  • larc

    When I saw that John Schneider would be playing Sam’s father, the first thing I thought of was a song John sang called “The Promised Land.”  It would possibly relate a lot to the way Sam’s father was feeling.  The song is somewhat dark, so I don’t know if they would have John sing it on Glee.

  • Anonymous

    Now if they could only cast Meg Ryan as his mom! 5he lips would be a perfect match. Maybe they could promise to perform John Mellancamp songs to lure her in. (Yeah, I know, Heather Locklear is a more likely possibility)

  • Anonymous

    maybe next time they should cast an even older person as a parent. Interesting to deal with  generation gap issues… with people getting married later.. it would not come as a surprise that some people have their first child at the age of 40+. Rgds, Axxxel

  • Anonymous

    and Sam’s mother is even more beautiful… uggh  all those goodlooking parents.. (Burt/Carole, parents of Mike)… LOL. Rgds, Axxxel