Glee Covers Kelly Clarkson’s “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” VIDEO

Can you handle one more Glee video today?  I think you’ll like this one, because it features the girls of New Directions, AKA the Troubletones, singing the Kelly Clarkson smash, “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)”

The performance will be featured on Tuesday’s Glee Winter finale, “On My Way” follows the Glee.  So what do you think of Kelly getting the Glee treatment? FYI:  Kelly’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” was performed on the Season 1 winter finale in 2010.

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  • Anonymous

    Those audience members are so loud. lol

    Otherwise, I love this. It’s a nice coincidence that Kelly was covered again for the Winter Finale…hmm…

  • Jenna

    Not one of their best covers… The overall vibe feels nice though. It seems like a great song for the occasion, curious what the look Sue was giving.

  • Lovesyesha

    Love it! Santana rocks! She is the only consistently great thing left on Glee.

  • Pretty Horsey

    I’m glad The TroubleTones got to perform again. I really like it but I wish they’d show a bit more of the dancing where you could see everyone and not cut away to random light shots or of the stage from far away. Also did they need to have the clapping track when Heather starts singing? It was almost louder than the music.

  • Anonymous

    OK I’m confused. The Troubletones got eliminated at sectionals. How are they performing at regionals? Not all of the girls went on to join New Directions. Sugar just assumes she belongs and they let her hang around. But Sue looks proud and even Sebastian looks like he’s enjoying it, and they’re good.

  • Latin2

    I bet Kelly is feeling proud that her song is being done by Glee.

    BTW they did an excellent job! Loved it!

    (the audience clapping is a little loud, but it is still great)

  • Kariann Hart

    What an enjoyable performance!  It is good that all the girls are getting nice exposure this season.  I agree, I’d like a little bit more dancing.  Are any of the back-up singers from the Glee Project? 

    Yes, I think Kelly would be proud!

  • Pretty Horsey

    In the bathroom scene after Sectionals with Quinn, Mercedes, Brittany and Santana, Quinn told them that if they returned to New Directions the TrobleTones would get to perform 1 number in the competitions.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that they did a nice job of WDKY.  A bit off topic, but I’ve stopped following the plot of Glee and tune in the for musical numbers.  Why are the girls in the Troubletones allowed to compete twice, once as their own group and then with New Directions?

  • Anonymous

    In both “Glad You Came” and “Stronger” New Directions and The Warblers look really happy to be watching each others performances. Even Blaine, who was physically assaulted by Sebastian. I wonder what happened to bring on a detente?

  • starfishy2000

    Your link does not work anymore for the video

  • Anonymous

    That’s right, I forgot about that, thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe that tragic event that happens has an effect? Personally I think Sebastian’s asshat behavior is all an act. That inside he’s a very insecure boy who may not have a good relationship with his family. And maybe Blaine knows it. I don’t mind Sebastian being scheming and sarcastic like Santana. Be a pain in the ass but not to the point where everybody just hates him.

  • Sq

    MJ – any idea where the video went…. :(