Gary Barlow Quitting X Factor UK?

The Daily Mirror reports that Gary Barlow will not be returning to judge X Factor UK next season, paving the way for the return of Simon Cowell.

Gary Barlow is quitting X Factor – paving the way for a dramatic return by show supremo Simon Cowell.

After a series of on and off-air spats, the Take That star has privately agreed with ITV1 that he will not return for a third series.

He will see out the current contest but plans to spend more time with his family as well as focussing on his band commitments.

Stung by dwindling ratings, Cowell, 51, is said to be lining himself up for a widely hyped comeback as the show’s Judge Dread.

A source said: “It’s time for a shake-up. While Gary has never committed to another series, he was willing to listen to offers if this one went well.

“However, he was given the least desirable category – the Overs – and three of his four acts have already been eliminated.

“He feels his integrity has been compromised and the show has lost its credibility.

Reportedly, Simon will fly between California and London to judge both competitions, similar to the schedule DWTS judges Bruno Tonioli and Len Goodman, who also simultaneously judge Strictly Come Dancing in the UK. X Factor UK airs on Saturday and Sunday. Judging both competitions is exhausting, but doable.

If this report is true, I’ll be bummed. I like Gary. Frankly, who wants a double dose of Simon Cowell? Not me.

Via Daily Mirror

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  • Tun Moon

    Gary is the  only Honest judge in UK Xfactor…
    Simon is a just a greedy & childish businessman :(

  • Nasstopher

    I would always pick Simon 4 nights in a week over a night or two of Barlow.
    I’m not a big fan of him, or his mentoring. He is a good judge, but that is it!!

    Simon is funnier,better judge, mentor, and knows what people would like to listen to.

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    Lmao! Simon. Simon… Look how X factor is in shambles. Just goes to show you can’t be top forever.

  • ??EvHeaD??ozzy??

    Seriously, I don’t find it bad for XF UK, or XF US, but only to the contestants on both shows.  Here is the issue:

    He has to at least mentor his contestants a little bit.
    Everytime he flies from LA to London, it will take him 2 days, since the flight is long and there is some time difference. 4 nights from the shows, and 1 day back, NO TIME AT ALL for the contestants… and even if he finds some time, back and forth between continents, it will make him all tired and dizzy all the time, and it won’t be any kind of a good mentoring.

  • Kesia Monteith

    I suggest he goes back to the UK, and have a new judge in his place in the U.S. I think a panel without Simon wouldn’t be such a bad thing, as I didn’t miss him on the UK version, much less miss him on Idol.

    Simon is such a control freak.  

  • Mateja Praznik

    Simon has a guy that used to mentor Simon’s contestants for him when Simon was too busy.

  • Eric Ascher

    mj, I agree. Gary is actually more honest than Simon in many cases. He has never been afraid to tell his own acts that they screwed up. Ask Frankie Cocozza or Kye Sones. Simon also would have even less time to work with his acts if this were true, as many people have mentioned above. I have a bad feeling that this report is true, as it has come from so many sources. While Simon would help ratings, Gary would be a better mentor and judge for the X Factor UK.

  • SullyD

    Good for Gary. The Tulisa/Louis nonsense this season is making me cringe, so I’m  relieved that it will finally be over.
    But I shall miss his pretty face, that’s for sure :(

  • Leandro

    I have a hard time trying to believe that Gary really thought Frankie Coccoza could be a good singer. I think he jsut went to the live shows because the producers told Gary to do it. Therefore, I don’t think he’s more honest than anyone. It’s all a game that for some reason he doesn’t want to play anymore.

  • Klaine

    Guess Simon is more popular in the UK than U S.   HIs schtick seems to be over..and XF US isnt measuring up and this years talent seems so much worse than last years…Not Idol worthy

  • fantoo1

    It’s hard for me to feel sorry for him, especially after he tried sabotaging American Idol for his show. Karma hit him hard two seasons in a row now.

  • Oldhag

    Gary is better suited for a show like Idol.  I think he actually a good judge, although not the greatest mentor.

  • Larc

    Sorry Simon won’t be judging XF-UK instead of XF-US.  His absence from the panel and the production phase might make the US version more watchable.

  • Kesia Monteith

    I think Gary and Demi would make better Idol judges than mentors. It seems they are above the BS that goes on with X-factor.

  • Stavros

    I like Gary. I’m also pleasantly surprised with Nicole on the XFUK. She’s not only a constructive judge but also doing a great job of making all of her acts look good. I think there are only 7 contestants left, and Nicole’s held onto all 3 of her acts. Plus she’s been given the “Head Judge” seat that Simon fills on XFUS. I know that Simon and Gary have had a history of butting heads, and I remember when Louis and Gary were claiming they were head judge, Simon said that Tulisa should be the head judge because her act won last season.

    ETA: I could go without her constant Standing O’s whenever one of her act performs, no matter how bad/good it was.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Ugh, I don’t like much of Tulisa and Louis gaining up on other mentors nonsense either. They drove Kelly away last season with the Misha/Bully crap, so I knew Gary wouldn’t put up with the foolishness anymore either. I guess Gary was driven to the breaking point calling out Tulisa’s fag ash breath. LOL, I still can’t believe he said something so rude. I guess now that he stuped to the level Simon wanted him to, Gary figured this ain’t for him anymore.

    It’s ok to leave Gary, you’re better than this show anyway.

  • Nasstopher

    Let’s just face it. The rates sucked, he heard that Simon was thinking of coming back and thinking of bringing Cheryl and Danii back, so he figured: I should quit before they fire me.
    He started this season with 4 acts, and three of them got eliminated, all by deadlock, no ganging up was involved. He is as bad as Paula Abdul was.