David Archuleta Sings ‘God Bless The Broken Road’ and ‘Crush’ – Deseret Book – Salt Lake City Utah

David Archuleta sings “God Bless the Broken Road” and “Crush” to a hometown crowd at the Deseret Book in Salt Lake City, Utah.

David is out promoting his new memoir, Chords of Strength.

Check out the videos after the jump.  Videos via Pattycake04

Video after the JUMP…

God Bless the Broken Road


David Greets fans

David Signs Books

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  • heidijoy

    David sang beautifully for his hometown crowd and many are raving across the fan sites how touched they were. The stage was reportedly across from the temple and with mountains in the backgroun and a beautiful day many were brought to tears. Happy for David and his fans. Thanks MJ for the posting.

  • Pam

    I can’t get over how sweet and humble David is. I hope he never changes. :) I hope the hometown crowd had a good time.

  • houstonrufus23

    Not a fan of the Flatts, really, but I admit to having a weakness for this song. I’ve always wondered how David would sound on it. He sounds wonderful. Hope the SLC peeps had a great time. Looks like David was happy to be home.

  • Lys

    So lovely. I, too, have a soft spot for that song. And for him. :)

  • KathyH

    Adding my voice to the chorus. Love that song and David’s voice, and together they made me cry. (Well. Also missing my daughter who’s off at Girls’ State this week, but …)

  • ggdoorsfan

    the humble demeanor cannot mask the greatness, emotional intensity and simple beauty contained in david’s vocal arsenal. ‘god bless the broken road’… god help us, heh. hurry up with that single david, and that cd… on the edge of my chair waiting to hear what you’re bringing to us.

  • khomphuong

    He has never disappointed me .

  • davidlove

    David in fine voice today, as always. Loved the a capella Broken Road! He surely loves the home crowd, looks very comfortable. I think I see his sisters in the background at the signing. Warm fuzzies all around today!

    Thanks for bringing the videos, MJ :)

  • JudyOhio

    David is sure loving the striped shirts on this tour! lol. It’s a nice extra touch that he has sang a tune or two at these stops! David just keeps giving and giving. So much energy. It must be tiring, but he just keeps going and going and going! He treats his fans well. How many turned up at this Utah signing? Anybody know? He’s been getting a good turn out everywhere, so it seems to me that since he’s in his home state today the crowd would be even larger still.

  • dhunken

    David you are so nice and So extremely talented. I still say he is going from cute boy to very handsome man. He is maturing into his look. What is so great is he is really not aware of it. David you think you have tons of girl fans now who grab at you….mmmmm….wait about another year or two…. they will be ripping off cloths…..I am not kidding… :-)

    I think it is very smart that he is singing a song or two at the signings. It Re-establishes that he is first and foremost a singer and gets people interest peaked for the next album. Plus a good book to read until then. :-)

  • frogcooke
  • davidlove

    It feels like David’s been missing the performing and is finally able to release that desire. His connection with the songs and the crowd is so rewarding to watch. Just makes you smile.

    dhunk – agree he’s going to need a strategy soon to ward off the grabbing women. His fans are respectful of him, but even then things can happen.

    I’ve heard 1,000 at the signing thrown around – not sure. Anyone else know?

  • SBC

    That Rascal Flatts song is seriously beautiful. It sounded even better sang by David. Ahhhh, just beautiful.

  • heidijoy

    Those pictures are fabulous, Frogcooke. David facing the crowd with the SLC temple in the background was breathtaking. I think David was touched by that and the hometown crowd. The fan reports have been positive.

  • Suzanne

    The video of Bless the Broken Road pans around. It doesn’t look like that many people at all. Maybe a hundred or so? There were many, many more at the Mall of America. Maybe he didn’t need two signings in SLC area–or maybe signings at noon on a weekday just can’t be well attended. Sort of forces the kids to skip school.

  • frogcooke

    Actually most of the people werent around where he was performing, the line went along the buildings in the opposite direction i think from the way the vid is facing. *I think* I just know you can’t really tell from the performance area.

    They couldnt go further out in front of the stage because there is a street there, they even had less room in front of David because the police had to keep the sidewalk clear.

    I’ve heard at least 600 or close to 1000 by the end. From what most people said, people came in a steady flow for at least 3 hours straight so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 1,000.

    “Line of peeps NOT in front of stage :(( http://twitpic.com/1utd3a

  • believeme

    Country is not my favorite genre but I love many of Rascal Flatts songs.
    Archuleta didn’t sound good to me. I heard the noises he make every time he breath in. My ears really had something wrong.

  • frogcooke

    well, he’s gotta breathe. lol

  • jujumagumbo

    If I had to complain about an aspect of his voice, it would be his breath control. He’s great at holding out phrases, but it’s too obvious where he takes his breaths. His tone and pitch are always fantastic though.

  • frogcooke

    Actually it’s not to do with his breath control, he has great control. Its a side effect of his vocal paralysis, its not something he can do anything about.

    It’s not always as noticable, sometimes you can hear it more than other times. Though I could just be used to tuning it out.

  • PB52

    He has vocal paralysis which causes his breathing to be louder, even when he is not singing. it’s a medical problem, not something he can control, and he does a DAMN good job despite it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=587900002&ref=name cruzceleste

    Well, he does have a vocal paralysis, so thats why you can heard his breathing… but at the same time his voice wouldnt be so beautiful if it wasnt because of it…

    I have never heard that song before, the God Bless The Broken Road, I think is lovely, and David sounds great on it, IMHO…

    I’m also happy he is having a great turn out to his sign ups… he is a great kid, so wish him the best…

    According to Amazon my copy will arrive until June 17th, man I can hardly wait :)

  • revcat

    I really like God Bless the Broken Road, reminds me of my grandchldren who more or less came from a ‘broken road” to our family.

    I haven’t seen David lately, his hair looks kinda cute that way, a little longer.

  • gemzone

    jujumagumbo: David doesn’t have breath control issues. He has audible breathing because of his vocal paralysis. He has a paralyzed vocal cord. The strong vocal cord has grown up and around the weak one so he can sing. People with paralyzed vocal cords always have a hard time breathing. And I agree that his tone and pitch are always fantastic!!!!

  • abbysee

    Archuleta didn’t sound good to me. I heard the noises he make every time he breath in. My ears really had something wrong.

    Might I suggest a good otologist? :)

    David, David David, there are not enough superlatives left……

  • goboywonder

    David’s sounding and looking great. Just a few weeks back the fandom was in a tumult over his hair. Many wanted him to go back to the shorter, spiky hair. Now, it’s all the rave. He tweeted about getting a trim and there’s was a collective NOOOOOOOOOOO! LOL

  • ggdoorsfan

    found this video on the minneapolis star tribune’s lifestyle section… david singing ‘i’ll be’… niceee…

    C.J.: David Archuleta shows off

    American Idol runner up David Archuleta surprised fans with a song at MOA book signing.


  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=587900002&ref=name cruzceleste

    found this video on the minneapolis star tribune’s lifestyle section… david singing ‘i’ll be’… niceee…

    Nice video… and ouch @ the Kris Allen review in the same section…

  • ggdoorsfan

    Nice video… and ouch @ the Kris Allen review in the same section…

    that was the tackiest and one of the most unprofessional reviews i’ve ever read. sure, people have and are entitled to their opinions. this reviewer let his biases color the piece so much i swear i smelt the odor of manure wafting off my screen.

  • ggdoorsfan

    David Archuleta SLC book signing
    Kutv2 – fan interviews 6/7/10


  • ggdoorsfan

    the line waiting for david in orem for his book signing today… looks like a beautiful place… :D



    Anny: Woah Lots of people in line now.It’s like a party here with food and music haha

    Arrived at the Deseret Book in University Village by the University Mall! 1076 S. 750 E. If you want to come by! I’ll be singing!

    half a minute ago via txt

  • LCT

    Aw, David is probably the best a capella singer I have heard in a long while. I understand his breathing is due to the vocal paralysis where one vocal chord has compensated to do the work of two. I am very understanding about it and impressed that he doesn’t use it as a crutch or as an excuse! He keeps right on going and works so hard!

  • ggdoorsfan

    david has arrived in orem, and is singing…

    One of D’s biggest fans! http://twitpic.com/1v2urd
    less than a minute ago via Twitfire


    less than a minute ago via Twitpic

    Wow Crush was amazing acustic and now lean on me
    1 minute ago via Twitter for iPhone


    The line to get books signed!! :) ) http://twitpic.com/1v31if
    4 minutes ago via Twitpic

    Line still outside… [waiting to get books signed]

    Holy crap. Took my #fangirls to meet David Archuletta at DB. The line is about a mile long. No ex. #tweenstarfanenvy

    11 minutes ago via TweetDeck

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    * Location Rocky Mountains
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    * Bio Author, book reviewer, blogger, wife, mother and goddess who loves travel, driving in the rain with the top down, and playing music at full volume.

  • mhel

    Weeeeeee! David did it again!no words left for me to describe his awesomeness….just wow oh wow and what an incredible talented guy he is!!! Congrats david archuletaaaaaaaaa!!!

  • druzilla

    Fan girls get under my skin. David needs a haircut but sounds good. Good for him. Go Archie!

  • ggdoorsfan

    awww, fangirls make the music world go round, lolol… there’s a youthful energy they bring in the right settings – when it isn’t the ”wild and crazy, break down the barricades, turn over the limo” variety – that is addictive, and fun to watch. the ones that are young will grow up and have life and its realities begin tempering some of that exuberance. i hope they never lose all of it, or get so jaded or cynical they forget what that kind of free, raw, unfiltered joy feels like ;)

  • goboywonder

    Fangirls–what would a fan base be without em? *coughboringcough*

    Have enjoyed the book tour. The turnout at each stop have been above and beyond what is normal for book signings. GO DAVID! I think there is another scheduled for the 18th then a concert on the 19th at Rexburg, ID. A few fans have asked David about coming to their state and he said he’s trying to add more dates. I hope he comes to SF/Bay Area.