Dancing with the Stars Week 4 – The Results

Sugar Ray Leonard and Anna Trebunsakaya are ELIMINATED

I don’t watch reality shows other than the handful of competitive reality shows that I blog. Does Kendra Wilkinson have such a big following from that Playboy mansion thingy she did that she can avoid elimination and a) Dance like crap b) Be really rude to Louis c) Behave as if she couldn’t care less about the competition.

How does such an annoying contestant outlast one that’s charming, dancing better and trying a lot harder? Sugar Ray deserved at least a few more weeks. Tonight’s results are REDONKULOUS.

After the jump, my live blog, plus a performance of Swan Lake, and TWO performances from Jennifer Hudson!

Live Blogging the Dancing with the Stars results right here.

Tonight’s musical guest is Jennifer Hudson!

The orchestra is back with the violin player dude performing “Walk this Way”. The DWTS troupe takes the stage to perform.

Chelsea and Mark, Hines and Kym, Ralph and Karina take the stage first.  Two are safe. One is still in jeopardy.  Ralph and Karina, Hines and Kym are safe. Chelsea and Mark are still in jeopardy.

Despite still being in jeopardy, the judges choose Chelsea and Mark to dance their Viennese Waltz again.  Eh. There’s no Bottom 3 on DWTS.  They were probably picked for the drama.

Now for some filler as “Lt. Len” addresses the contestants. WTF.

Jennifer Hudson debuts “Don’t Look Down” from her new album!!!  Jennifer…covered in glitter!  I see George Huff!


More results: The next couple safe is Chris and Cheryl. Also safe are Romeo and Chelsie. Petra and Dmitry are still in jeopardy.

The 3 lowest scoring couples are backstage.  Kendra blames her bad dancing on hormones. WTFevah.   Next bit of filler included interviews with the pros talking about where they get their inspiration.

Next Stars of Dance features a ballet performance to Swan Lake that is most certainly NOT FILLER.


Jennifer Hudson sing “Feeling Good” with the orchestra.


More results: Kirstie and Maks are SAFE.  Kendra and Louis are SAFE. SERIOUSLY?

MORE RESULTS. The next couple safe is Petra and Dmitry


  • Ralph and Karina
  • Hines and Kym
  • Chris and Cheryl
  • Romeo and Chelsie
  • Kristie and Maks
  • Kendra and Louis

Still in Jeopardy

  • Chelsea and Mark
  • Petra and Dmitry
  • Sugar Ray and Anna

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  • halo9125

    SHOCK ELIMINATION!! Pia and Mark Ballas are out!

    LOL sorry I had to :)

  • iluvai

    I was sitting in a cafe today and I overheard some women going off about the violin player. It was funny. But damn he is good.

  • MrDuffin

    I sure hope JH doesn’t scream her way through her songs tonight!

  • bentley1530

    OK this first JH song is not good and would not get me to buy her album.

  • steelbluelily

    JH’s song did not impress me; her dress was hideous; and I absolutely love how Louis moves on the dance floor.

  • sunchick

    Why was J Hud walking through the audience wearing a shiny purple lampshade? More like don’t look up. Ba dump bump. Chht.

    And yes! re: Louis. <3

  • sparkledheartsss

    How ironic would that be!?

  • jlc

    I just figured out why I dislike Kendra so much. She reminds me of Kate (Plus8). They could be twins–both in looks and bitchy personality.

  • jlc

    I wish Adam was the guest singing this song. :o/

  • hersheydog1

    I intensely dislike how she sings this song. That is all.

  • iluvai

    Hang in their Kirstie and Sugar Ray!

  • jlc

    Wow! So Maks asked if he could kiss Kirstie!! I think she’s worried she’s going home. But wait…they are safe!! Yay!

  • cookbunny


    I was sure Kendra and Louis were going home tonight. Her “I don’t care” comment last night was right up there with Jacob’s “can’t look at ourselves in the mirror.” Well, that and people don’t generally vote for girls who slept with Hef.

  • jlc

    Holy crap—Kendra’s safe?? wtf?

  • jlc

    I have never voted on DWTS until last night. I usually vote on AI, but this season I haven’t. See where I’m goin?

  • cjinsd

    Holy crap—Kendra’s safe?? wtf?

    Maybe Louis’ fan base is keeping her in…

  • halo9125

    Did I hallucinate- or did Kendra essentially say that she didn’t care because it was her- uh- hmmm- “lady’s time”?

  • jlc

    Did I hallucinate- or did Kendra essentially say that she didn’t care because it was her- uh- hmmm- “lady’s time”?

    Apparently. I’m not a fan of hers, but as someone who has experienced “lady’s time” for eons, the last thing I’d want to be doing is ballroom dancing on live tv during that period. Pun intended.

  • OnePlusSix

    Well I must say that I wasn’t impressed with Jennifer’s performances and I generally enjoy her. I also don’t understand why she would do “Feeling Good” (Michael Buble) when she has a new album out (she should have chosen something new). C’est la vie! I totally enjoyed David Garrett (violinist) and the ballet group along with the DWTS dance troupe tonight. I’m not sad to see Sugar Ray leave, either him and/or Kendra would have been appropriate for tonight. I felt for Louie when Kendra made her comments and could sense his disappointment in her.

    Glad to see that Chelsea and Petra were safe because I think it would have been an injustice if it had been either of them tonight.

  • Kipper

    Isn’t “Feeling Good” the song JHud sings for Weight Watchers a million times a day?

  • Miss Blue

    YAY! It’s all good. Moved into first in the pool (with many others, lol), and my darling Petra is safe.

    Love JHud, but didn’t like this performance. And Len as a general – ummm, yeah. Not.

    I shall be voting my fingers off for Petra next week. Yes show, you did throw the fear of god into me. I’d like her to last a few more weeks. It is past time for Kendra to go.

    And I do agree with cjinsd – people are voting for Louis, not Kendra.

  • googletot

    That purple dress makes Jennifer look fat again!

  • sherimoonzombie

    Why is JHud dressed like the feather duster from Beauty and the Beast??

  • Lexus

    I thought for sure Kendra was going tonight. She has no desire to be there and Louis looked like he was ready to cut her loose.

    Sugar Ray is a gentleman. Period. Sorry to see him go. He wouldn’t have won, but deserved to be there another week or two.

    Ralph is a sweetie. I love him and Karina together and I especially love how complimentary and appreciative he always is of her. That’s how it’s done, Kendra!

  • lla2827

    It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? How many people actually watch the Kendra Playboy show. She should have been a goner. Maybe people were voting for Louis.

    I am with you MJ–I only watch a few competitive reality shows. DWTS, AI and Project Runway. (I do watch HGTV tho–if that is considered reality)

    I felt bad for Sugar Ray. He tried and I really like his partner Anna. She is fun to watch

  • http://www.dancin.ca dancin

    j hud looked like she was wearin her little sisters dolls dress HIDEOUS and i may have to utilize an ice pick to both ear drums if i hear that damn weight watchers song again

    as for the results BOO why is kendra still there

  • Allison

    Bad choice of who went home! I missed that lousy comment Kendra made about not caring – that was a real dis to Louis, for sure. Sugar Ray was probably the next worst, but he was trying, and I remember him from the Olympics. He was such a graceful competitor, and only the stiffness from age was hindering him – not a bad attitude!

  • aiam

    The amazing violin dude is David Garrett. He’s a very famous violinist and he was the best part of the show tonight. I wish that he had done more than one song.

  • SuperNut

    Why couldn’t it have been Chelsea and Mark instead of Sugar Ray and Anna? And he left with total class. Can’t wait to hear Chelsea and Mark whine about being in the fake bottom two in their video package next week.

  • Reflections On Life

    Does Kendra Wilkinson have such a big following from that Playboy mansion thingy she did that she can avoid elimination

    Absolutely yes. If you are under 30, you totally know who Kendra is, and you’ve never even heard of the others. You might know even know that there was a Karate Kid I (i.e. the one with Will Smith’s son is the only KKid movie you’ve ever heard of).

    It’s sad, though – Sugar Ray Leonard is an absolute athletic hero of our generation (40+). I don’t watch DWTS at all (I don’t watch infomercials, and DWTS is essentially a 2-hour publicity infomercial for has-beens). I certainly don’t see why anyone spends time voting on DWTS (does the winner get anything, like say, a career or a contract, like in AI, Project Runway, or Top Chef?), but I saw your comment re Kendra and felt compelled to respond.

  • GreenHippo

    I had 15 points on Kendra and 5 on Sugar Ray…. if i would have checked twitter the night before, i would have noticed that a lot of ppl liked Kendra. She seems very popular indeed…. *groan*. Oh well it is just DWTS.

  • hcpoirot

    Not shock at all with Sugar ray being sent home. He didnot perform that well. The judges are overscoring him two weeks now. I bet Kendra is the real bottom 2 . Next week will be very tough cause all the couple left can at least (fake to) dance.

  • Allison

    Sales bump from DWTS – David Garrett has 2 albums in the top 20 on Amazon, and Katherine Jenkins has #13. Guess everyne who wanted Jennifer Hudson has the album already.

  • ri

    that David Garrett dude gives Casey James a run for his money in the looks department. it’s a close call. i’d take either one. BOTH is even better, lol.

  • slithytoves

    This is going to sound as fangirly as hell, but one of the couples dancing to “I’m Feeling Good” were Ryan and Ashleigh Di Lello from SYTYCD S6! (I’d recognize Ryan’s nose anywhere, lol)

  • Davidx2

    Have to agree with MJ about Kendra…really wish she would have went home last night. She couldn’t even be bothered to participate in the dumb “Lt. Len” sketch…I think she was the only one that didn’t. Sorry to see Sugar Ray go….he seemed to work really hard and was fun to watch.

  • cookbunny

    Re: Kendra’s popularity. First off, “The Girls Next Door” was one of E!’s all-time highest-rated series and lasted five seasons (no one talks about the low-rated 6th season that featured “the new girls” including Hef’s current fiance). It boosted the Playboy brand, especially among younger women (Playboy makes way more money on marketing, branding and merchandising than it ever will on the magazine). Anyway, after the “Original GND” left there were two spin-off series:

    1. “Holly’s World” focuses on Holly Madison’s life in Vegas as the lead cast member in “Peepshow” at Planet Hollywood (she got the role after doing DWTS). It co-stars Josh Strickland who was an Idol contestant in Season 2.

    2. “Kendra” was intended to be about Kendra being on her own, living the single life…until she broke the news to the producers that actually, she was in a relationship. Then the show became about her engagement and marriage with Hank, her pregnancy, and being a mom and an “NFL wife.” She barely mentions Playboy, though some of her friends are Playmates and they appear once in a while. That, and she took FULL advantage of tabloid publicity, giving OK Mag and others exclusive access to her wedding, first pictures of baby Hank, post-pregnancy pics, etc.

    Poor Bridget…her Travel Channel show “Bridget’s Beaches” was a flop, and her pilot for an E! show didn’t get picked up.

    Yes, I’m a former GND “word that rhymes with bard.”

  • jlc

    I certainly don’t see why anyone spends time voting on DWTS (does the winner get anything, like say, a career or a contract, like in AI, Project Runway, or Top Chef?), but I saw your comment

    While I agree that most contestants on DWTS are “has beens”, part of the appeal (for me) is that it ISN’T a “real” competition in that the winner gets some contract or whatever. It’s just for fun & the prize is a silly mirror-ball. So what? Can’t anything be just for fun anymore? It’s entertainment I enjoy. At least it’s true reality–no manipulation by producers like the other “reality” shows you mention. Celebs learn to dance and then dance. No screwing with us as viewers & fans. It’s straightforward and honest. I like that.

  • doggiedr

    I have no love for Kendra- none.
    At all.
    But I do believe that her nonchalant “don’t care” attitude is a defense mechanism. If she admitted to caring, she feels like she would have to admit to being hurt by criticism, and admitting to being hurt is something she does not want to do. For her I think being seen hurting equates to being weak or vulnerable or walls being breached somehow.
    It’s a “if I don’t care about you then you can’t hurt me by not liking me” thing.