Crystal Bowersox Introduces New Songs – Joe’s Pub NYC – VIDEO

Crystal Bowersox is set to drop her sophomore release through Sanachie Entertainment on March 26. Do want to hear most of the album now? The American Idol Season 9 winner is playing the bulk of the album on the road on her current tour.

Added to the mix are “Crazy” by Patsy Cline (Crystal will be singing the country legend’s songs on Broadway later this year.) and an exquisite cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.

The new songs are Crystal’s best yet. Her intimate, emotional vocal style is a perfect compliment to her deft storytelling.  In short, these songs are TERRIFIC. I wish her appearance in Boston didn’t coincide with American Idol hell week. Damn. But we can enjoy these wonderful songs though the lens of concert goers!

Click for the full playlist of songs from the second show at Joe’s Pub in New York City on March 6.

“All That For This”

The title track to Crystal’s album


Crystal will be hitting Broadway later this year to play in a Patsy Cline musical revue. Check out her cover of Cline’s “Crazy.”


Super-gorgeous ballad, “Shine”

“Get Me Out”

…and another

“Movin On”

Crystal puts down her guitar. All the better to wail the blues.

Till the Whiskey’s Gone

An upbeat ode to hanging on until the last drink.

“Amen For My Friends”

This sounds like a single to me.


Yes…a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah

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  • J SanchezFan Kaylo™

    One of my favorite American Idol contestants ever. Thanks for posting all of these. Will have a blast listening to them once I get home and I look forward to purchasing the album.

  • Jonathan

    I’ve been following this tour (on Youtube) and she rocks it everytime.

    I agree about her new songs. Farmer’s Daughter was a great album, but most of those songs, she wrote waaayyy before AI. There really is a huge difference between the songs then and now. And what’s more, I know she has still a few more gems stashed in her songwriter vault (Sandman, Grey Haired Rockstar etc.) Can’t wait for the next album (the one after this lol)!

  • Eriko

    Wow, Shine is indeed a “Super-gorgeous ballad”  And another wow for her cover of Hallelujah

  • revolution

    I was at this show and 8 more on this tour. While the Videos are great visually I just want to make sure that people are not judging the audio from these…If anyone has been to joes pub there is a row of seats right around the stage…thats where these videos come from, so he is actually too close to get the full mix even might be getting the bass players monitor since he’s right above him…these sound good but imagine Crystal’s vocals standing out more above the music…If its ok with MJ I’ll post audio from the first show on the tour, that gives you a better idea…nothing beats hearing her live, but I want to give you a chance to hear better audio.

  • standtotheright

    Thanks. I’m apparently particularly sensitive to the distortion in YT vids (as in I just.can’ so cleaner audio would be appreciated.

  • revolution

    Haven’t heard from MJ yet…here it is…hope its ok

    This is the first show of the tour… I was front row center…surprised I got such a mix. Still sounds better live of course but you get a good idea from this…recorded on a zoom H2n… Monte Mar was awesome for only a week of practicing with her.

  • AndyB11

    I agree MJ, Amen sounds like a good choice for a single. I also have been really enjoying the sound she gets with her backing band Monte Mar.

  • LA944

    Thanks- listening right now! Getting ready to take dogs out for a long walk and will listen to the whole thing! She’s so gooooooooood! Wish I could have gone to see her in NYC or DC–but hubby got double knee replacement and I’ve had to stick close to home for last month. Thought he might be up and around more by now–but not yet

    Her performance on Fox NY is up

  • S.G.

    I am a Kris Allen fan, wasn’t very much into CB’s first album, but those songs are really good. Thinking of buying the new album when it comes out. Good Job Chrystal! wish you the best.

  • abbysee

    I was at the 9:30 show at Joe’s last Wednesday. I only took two videos Crazy and Hallelujah. I wanted to experience the new songs unfettered. I too thought the songs superior to Farmer’s Daughter. A mix of beautiful heartfelt ballads and bluesy, soulful or playful uptempo tunes.

    She is a very pretty young lady She surprisingly came out in these high heeled shoes, which toward the end of the night she slipped off saying ‘ what the heck was I thinking.’ She’s a solid performer feeding off the crowd’s energy cutely agreeing with a gentlemen who told her she didn’t need a microphone after one early song where she raised the roof with her powerful voice, or cheekily sipping from her wine glass between songs.

    She was very well received by an eclectic mix, including a couple of college aged girls who wore sunflowers in their hair in homage to Crystal.

    One of the best moments was when she stepped from behind the mic and belted out a bluesy tune unfettered by her guitar and it was hot! Another cute moment was the look on her face when she got applause for removing her jacket. She mentioned how honored she was to have been chosen to play Patsy Cline, and how she’s still always so shocked to have people pay to see her sing. If the other night was any indication that’s gonna happen a lot more.

    I am so glad she chose to do idol. She may get some shit for not playing the game but I think she played by her own rules and considering the payoffs coming her way now I ain’t mad at her! Cant wait for this Cd to drop! Oh yeah my date for the evening was my daughter a college senior who was so into watching Crystal she forgot all about her $16 drink! That’s never happened before, lol.

  • Peg

    Love the new music.  If you ever get a chance to see Crystal live, do it.  Great show!

  • standtotheright

    Great sound. Promising new songs, too.

  • Lynn Di Resto

    They should give Crystal some air time. They do not give great singers a chance b/c it is not the rap and crap that they play on the radio. Elvis Duran give Crystal a break. Play her single movin on dead weight from her new release that is due out on March 28th