Crystal Bowersox – All That For This – Cover and Track Listing!

Check out the album art and track list for the forthcoming album, All That For This, from Crystal Bowersox. The American Idol 9 runner-up is set to drop her sophomore release through Sanachie Entertainment on March 26.

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Crystal co-wrote all but one of the record’s twelve songs. The lone cover is a good one–The Sunday’s 1990 tune “Here’s Where the Story Ends.”

The album includes a duet with Jakob Dylan of the Wallflowers.

The album’s  first single, “Movin’ On” goes out to Triple A radio today.

Via USA Today

The Track List:

1. Dead Weight
2. Movin’ On
3. Fall Into Place
4. Home
5. Someday
6. I Am
7. Shine
8. Til the Whiskey’s Gone
9. Amen for My Friends
10. Stitches (with Jakob Dylan)
11. Here’s Where the Story Ends
12. All That for This

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  • Danny Latham

    Home is actually called Home is the Place. After hearing Movin On today, I am getting very excited for this release. 

  • ST7

    what does triple a radio mean

  • CB40

    Can’t wait!

  • girlygirltoo

    Triple A is a radio format, like pop or country or r&b.

    Triple A radio used to be pretty much for singer/songwriters, the Bob Dylans, John Mayers and Jason Mrazes and Jack Johnsons of the world — artists who were storytellers but who didn’t really fit neatly into the country or pop or rock formats (although they could crossover into one or more of these formats).

    In the last year or two, Triple A has become a lot more wide open. You will hear alt rock bands, pop artists, country artists, r&b artists played on Triple A stations these days, although the emphasis is still on singer/songwriters or at least on songs that really tell a story.

    There aren’t a lot of Triple A stations in the US; according to Mediabase, there are only 26 monitored stations in that format. Because of this, artists who are confined to Triple A format are going to struggle to get a l of radio play/exposure. Partly because of this, a lot of singles will get released to another format (generally, but not always, HAC or alt rock) at the same time that they are sent to Triple A radio.

  • chris99x

    I’m not a fan of the album cover. The airbrushing looks amateur, especially around her face. Still, I cannot wait for this album!

  • Caro3278sweet

    Album is bad. Just as bad as Blake Shelton’s. But still excited about the music.

  • irockhard

    Adult Album Alternative. It’s a format that plays singer-songwriter artists of various genres, especially soft rock, eg: John Mayer.

  • chillj

    I’ve never understood the release of track listings; why would you want to know the song names without lyrics?  What am I missing?

  • Kariann Hart

    I love the photo that MJ has been presenting.  In that one, Crystal looks so young and innocent.  Then again, that may be something she doesn’t want!

  • durbesque

    Another ‘Home’.  Cover is puzzling.  No get up and go.  Odd title, “that” and “this” are weak words, maybe the song is good.  What’s in that cup?

  • revolution

    Its true that only 26 are monitored but there are about 110 unmonitored, many of them college radio…

  • revolution

    Well in this case there is now only one that I have never heard…Amen…

  • revolution

    Home is really titled, “Home is the Place”

  • girlygirltoo

    college radio stations are an entirely different category than Triple A radio. Most college radio stations have multiple different programs featuring different types of music. For instance, they may have a 3-hour show for hip-hop music, then another 3-hour show for rock music.

  • revolution

    Well many list themselves as AAA — like Fordham, Towson State etc… some have much tighter play lists than you would think…if you look up AAA radio listings there are over 130 stations that consider themselves AAA.

  • standtotheright


    why would you want to know the song names without lyrics?  What am I missing?

    Tracklists with some cowriters, duet partners, and titles are suggestive about the direction of the album. PR reps have less fact checking to do without lyrics, reviewers have less text to read without them, and that means it is more likely a quick and accurate piece will land in the press. And then all those parties, including the artists, are more prepared for the album release cycle.

    I agree that from a fan perspective, lyrics complete the information. But complete information takes time to collect.

    Album cover is bad. Just as bad as Blake Shelton’s.

    Bad, yes, (who picked that angle?), but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

  • revolution

    Image on this album cover is blown up here…her eyes shine in the original…

  • Jonathan

    I thought I was alone in this… do not like the album cover. The pic for Dead Weight is far better. 

  • revolution

    Here is the song I’m most looking forward to hearing what they do with on the album, to me this has breakthrough written all over it!

  • revolution

    One more thing….Lee and Crystal are sharing the same stage again at sxsw… 4 hours apart but they are both playing Fleming artists showcase…Crystal is on from 8 to 8:40 Lee is on after midnight.

    Gina told me Crystal is flying in and flying out, I wanted to interview her for a story I’m working on…So if Lee comes early they might be able to play together.

  • chillj

    Hey, thanks!!!

  • revolution

    Hmmm maybe I need to restate that, or has another thread reported that Lee Dewyze will be at SXSW on the same showcase as Crystal. I expected Lee’s fans to be excited…

  • girlygirltoo

    the info about Crystal, Lee and Kris all playing at SXSW was posted in the headlines thread when the news first appeared, I think. They are all Fleming Artists clients, and it looks as though the other acts appearing on the bills with Crystal & Lee (on March 14th) and with Kris (on March 16th) are all Fleming artists, as well.

  • revolution

    Cool I missed that…

  • revolution