Blake Shelton Hires The Voice’s Gwen Sebastian For His Band

The Voice coach, Blake Shelton picked powerhouse singer, Erin Willet over Gwen Sebastian in last night’s battle round (the two sang Pat Benatar’s “We Belong”), but it may be the country singer, Gwen, who got the better end of the deal.

Country Weekly is reporting that the North Dakota native has been hired by Blake to join his touring band for several dates including his appearance at the April 1 ACM Awards on CBS. SCORE!

Gwen plans on having fun on tour. “He has a big heart and an infectious laugh,” she says of her coach. “Plus, he’s pretty darn funny!”

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  • Anonymous

    Reason #573490 why Blake is my favorite of the judges.

  • Rand

    And we have a winner. Blake keeps showing up for his people.

  • mmb

    If I was a voice contestant I would pick him as my mentor so fast it would make your head spin. Of all the mentors he is the one that has really helped contestants in real, tangible ways and has continued to support them when the show is over

  • Bobbi

    I absolutely LOVE the way Blake comes through for his team members. Glad she’s getting this shot too. Really like her voice. 

  • Pam

    I was truly disappointed Blake didn’t pick Gwen last night and so this is great news.  He truly does look after his contestants. 

    Thanks mj

  • Mase Wallace

    that’s why it pays to pick blake over anybody else

  • Anonymous

    So it sounds like she is doing backup vocals for his band that s great she will get some exsposure as the person from the voice.  I liked her voice alot.

  • Mase Wallace

    i would pick him too

  • hcpoirot

    Yup. If a contestants who had 4 judges hit the button are pretty stupid if they pick other coaches than Blake. Specially if they pick Cee Lo.

    Touring with Blake will help Gwen a lot to the exposure of her career.

  • ZsusK

    Go Blake! I love it that he takes such an interest in the post-show careers of his choices.  I really loved Gwen last night, but knew she didn’t have a chance against Erin (who is also very good) once they aired the bit about her father. But, I was so, so impressed with Gwen’s graciousness when she did not get the nod.  What a sweetheart!

  • Listening

    Blake is so sweet the other coaches all say they’re friends w/ their group and that they’ll stay in touch but Blake is helping them beyond the show. I love this guy he’s funny, sweet, good looking who can ask for anything more.

    This was a tough choice for Blake he’d just heard about Erin’s situation w/ her dad and pair it with both her and Gwen being equally talented in different ways that just tipped the scale to her side.

  • Kylee

    She will probably have the most successful career out of any other Voice contestant. 

  • ladymctech

    I am kind of surprised that Blake was “allowed” to do this before the season was over? But, if it’s cool with TPTB running the show, I am happy for Gwen. Both my husband and I would have picked her, but now we know that things happen for a reason.

  • Jim

    Yup. Gwen has a big country voice. She was the natural selection for Blake. Like Pia, she has the last laugh, gracious and caring in one battle’s defeat but winning the exposure war and probably a contract before the year is out.

  • Nanc

    Blake is the best….he actually walks the walk…good for him and great for Gwen!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    What a great gig for Gwen!  I liked her, and it was a tough choice.  As people have said, she may end up doing better than a lot from the show, and Blake puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to helping his team members.  The fact that she seems like such a sweetheart probably didn’t hurt either.

  • Miz

    THat’s fantastic. Good for her and good on Blake.

    Yep, I’d pick him over the others too.

  • Anonymous

    he’s always been my favorite mentor… this just further proves why.

  • Karen W.

    Love Blake and that he looks out for those on his team.  Obviously he can’t help everyone but he helped Dia and Xenia last year, and now Gwen. He is awesome!I love Gwen’s voice, hope good things happen for her.

  • Anonymous

    Good for her!  I liked her better than the other girl.  Plus, her name is awesome.  ;)

  • Axxxel

    People choose with their emotions and justify their choice with reason (brian tracy)… and I think after the emotions are tempered.. the voice of reason spoke louder to Blake…

  • Anonymous

    Terrific!  That works!

  • Anonymous

    Parents die.  Shame on ‘The Voice’ for making it a public spectacle.  I would have picked Gwen.  She has a rare country authenticity that I think will serve her well in the future.

  • steph6449

    This is nice, but if she’ll purely be a back-up singer that doesn’t sound all that great. Maybe she will get a solo song or some other featured performance time out of it.

  • Karly?

    Blake continues to come through for his contestants. He’s what being a mentor should be about. I’m a country fan and very proud that Blake has been chosen to represent country music. Once again he shows why country stars are the classiest artists around! Thanks, Blake. 

  • sweetmm

    I’m beginning to love the family-oriented nature of these country singers; they seem to help whenever possible.  Comradeship seems the name of the game as opposed to the normal competitiveness.  I understand now why even pop star Kelly Clarkson seems comfortable and flourishing in the country music scene; she seems to find lots of love in the community.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad Blake did this, i was so mad yesterday with his decision to pick Erin over Gwen >:/ …. so I’m happy that she has a work now that help her somehow with her singer career :)

  • Manang Ams lagi nih!

    the way i understand it is that she’ll perform as an opening act or a supporting act in his tour.  i don’t think Blake would just make her do back-up vocals considering what he had done for Dia and Xenia.

    this provides a good exposure for Gwen since she’ll be performing for an audience that is into her genre

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I’m kind of jealous with the country music community. Where is the jealousy, etc, etc. I’m sure there is plenty if you seek hard enough, but the supports to the new people are just amazing. And those fans just spend money on the albums, concert tickets, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Good for her! She was one of my favs and I was PISSED when we was cut. 

  • Chris

    Oh, there are some rivalries in country music. I just started following country again and there seems to be some tension between traditional country and “cross over” country. So I see snarky posts that something “isn’t country” Taylor Swift, even Carrie. But it still seems like once you’re accepted into either camp, traditional or crossover, you are family.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice move, Blake!  Gwen was my favorite!

  • Kariann Hart

    It’s good to see that Blake follows through as a mentor.  How about the other three judges?  Nice for Gwen to be getting this exposure!

  • itsalleternal

    Both Erin and Gwen rocked though, so this is a great consolation prize – I hope Gwen turns out really successful! Too bad that she was forced against another great singer!

  • Anonymous

    “Family-oriented” seems like a great way to describe the country scene. Very glad Gwen’s getting this opportunity. Blake really does seem to go to bat for his people.

  • Alexandria Garcia

    I am so excited, I was so sad when she was eliminated cause I was already a fan of hers. But yeah I get so mad when they don’t pick Blake, like Angel Taylor, she chose Adam over Blake and then Adam eliminated her. I was so mad.

  • Anonymous

    I missed the third battle rounds so this comes as a surprise. Gwen will definitely get the exposure that she needs and I’m sure that based on talent alone, she’ll have her own record deal without having to win The Voice. I love Blake Shelton and I hope the best of luck to Gwen! Now to go watch the real thing on my job’s site,, thank goodness they have The Voice free to watch, otherwise I’d miss out on my most loved show!

  • Linda Conley

    I really like the voice’s blind auditions. It seems real. However after that it goes downhill and is like all the rest of the “singing shows”. I usually don’t watch after that. They either pit mediocre singer against mediocre singer and a great singer against another great singer on the same team. So we, the audience, end up with a mediocre singer who should never have made it and lose a great singer who should have been able to do battle with another great singer on a different team. Then it gets exciting and you can root for your choice. I feel that Erin’s personal story was in the forefront and Gwen, being a normal nice person was overshadowed by Erin’s story. Although Erin is good, Gwen is far better and should have won. We will probably never hear about Erin again, but I think Gwen has a unique “Reba” quality and will go far. I like country and Gwen’s voice is different and extremely good. She nailed EVERY note in her audition. I’d love to see her as an opening act for Reba or Kelly. WOW!! What a complete show that would be. Gwen already has a career and, hopefully, this push will do it for her. I think Blake knows that and that’s why he hired her for his show. Unfortunately, he may have been pushed by the producers into picking Erin due to her personal hype. Gwen will go far.