America’s Got Talent 9 – Top 48 – Week 4 Power Rankings

Ok guys, I’m kinda writing this on the fly as I need to get to bed soon because tomorrow, I’m heading to the city and I’m actually going to be in the audience of the live show! I’ll be posting pictures throughout the day on my twitter, so you can follow me @adamhsamuel if you want to keep up. Anyway, lets talk the talent that will be performing!

12 – Dom the Bom’s Triple Threat (I hope I never have to type that name again)- Um… I don’t really get their talent. I can also throw cards, granted not as well as the kid, but I just don’t get how the judges (*coughproducerscough*) thought these kids were more talented then Beach Avenue and Dustins Dojo. The fact that the judges thought they were so good that they got to skip Vegas means the judges are not really basing who they pass through based on their talents. Hopefully, unless they do something so incredible that they really can persuade me otherwise, I’m pretty sure they will be going home this week.

11 – Jonah Smith (Band)- Eh, he is ok. Bands have not been doing well this season, and I’m predicting Jonah will follow in their footsteps. Yes, they are talented, but there are more interesting talents in the mix, and like all other bands that performed this season, they are destined to perform early. Unless they do something that blows our minds, I’m pretty sure they will be heading home.

10 – Bad Boys of Ballet (Dance)- They are good, but Extreme Dance Company is better, simple as that. They probably will end up performing early and will likely get lost in the shuffle. I could be wrong, but I predict they will be going home.

9 – Nina Burri (Contortionist) – Contortion scares me. Nina is really good, but watching someone perform contortion is kinda unpleasant to watch. I’m predicting America will agree with me and while she is entertaining, her act will not be something people will want to see again. It depends really on how America decides to react to her, but I’m pretty sure she will be heading home this week.

8 – Mothman Dance (Dance) – We have a lot of great dance acts performing tonight! Going into the show, I think Extreme Dance is the best, but these guys definitely have a ton of potential to surprise us. I think Extreme has better dance, but Mothman make their dance more aerial. It could go either way honestly for me, but I predict one or the other will end up advancing. For now, though it can change, I’m still going with Extreme advancing.

7 – One-Voice Children’s Choir (Choir)- I used to be in a choir when I was younger but since I couldn’t sing for garbage once I turned 14, I got kicked out, so I kinda have a grudge against choirs. Anywho, I have a gut feeling these guys will perform last and get a standing ovation. I don’t know, it is something about their story that I see building up to a redemption arc. I don’t really care for them, but I feel the producers are using them as a wild card going into this round. If they don’t perform in the second half of the show and just do so-so, I’m pretty sure they will be heading home. They could go either way for me at the moment.

6 – Jonatan Riquelme (Balance)- If this guy can actually get through his tricks without falling (like many balancing acts before him have on this show) he will be in a great position to advance. Should he fall, however, or mess up, he is definitely going home. Whether or not he finishes or ends up falling is all up to him. I predict he will manage to complete his tricks without falling and if he does, I feel he will likely nab number four’s spot on the list.

5 – Extreme Dance Company (Dance)- I hope these guys deliver because they are super talented. If they go through though, they will have some serious competition with AcroArmy, but if they put on a show and dazzle the audience with the tricks I know they are capable of, they will have a great shot at advancing.

4 – Quintavious Johnson (Singer)- This kid just has something about him. When he sings I hear star potential, but I worry that he is too young. For me, I think he definitely deserves to advance tomorrow, but it will be up to the judges whether to allow him to pass, or bus him for being too young. I’d like to see him advance, but it will all come down to the judges comments on whether he actually does. For some reason, I feel he will end up robbed.

3 – Emil and Dariel (Cello Players)- I never would have thought that I’d put cello players as my number three, but by god these guys are crazy good! They completely vanished from the competition when they got a straight pass to the live shows, but with their audition, I completely get why. I hope these guys don’t get screwed by performing early, because the show would be missing something if they went home. I really also want them to perform a cello only version of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal (like the Glee version), because I think that would be straight up epic. For some reason though, I have a gut feeling they will be robbed.

2 – Smoothini (Magic) – If it wasn’t for Mat, Smoothini would be running away with the magic category. We haven’t seen Smooth in a while, so I hope people haven’t forgotten about him, but hot damn this guy is crazy talented! If he delivers, as I expect him to, he will sail through this round. When he comes face to face with Mat if he advances and they perform on the same night, things are gonna get crazy intense.

1 – Kelli Glover (Singer) – This singer was robbed on American Idol 14 years ago and I’m betting she won’t be this year on Americas Got Talent. She is. in my opinion, the best singer in this competition (Emily West is a close second, followed by the singer from Sons of Serendip), and will probably have a moment if she picks the right song. I must caution her though on song choice, because a bad one can sink her ship, but I trust she will pick a good one that she can slay. She should be sailing through this round if what we know she is capable of shows up on stage.

Who Should Go Through- Kelli Glover, Smoothini, Emil and Dariel, Quintavious Johnson and Extreme Dance Company.

Who Will Go through- Kelli Glover, Smoothini, One-Voice Children’s Choir, Jonatan Riquelme and Extreme Dance Company.

So those are my thoughts, what are yours? Sound off in the comments below! Also, if you think I’m cool, you can always follow me @adamhsamuel on Twitter.
Peace out guys!

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  • Eric Ascher

    I think Kelli and Smoothini are certainly going to kill it tonight. I loved Quintaveous last time, and so I hope he makes it too. I know you don’t think the card throwers have a shot and I would love it if they didn’t but I’m afraid that they might get votes. Overall, I’m clueless about everyone but Kelli and Smoothini. I’ll make my final predictions in the liveblog tonight.

  • Blirel

    I’m doing weekly rankings like I do as a fan of AGT every week but this week I’ll miss tonight’s show and be watching from online after the show happens most likely.

    But here’s predictions and rankings from me again:

    Bad Boys of Ballet, Kelli Glover
    , Dom the Bomb’s Triple Threat, Emil and Dariel, Nina Burri, Quintavious Johnson, Extreme, Jonah Smith, Mothman Dance, Jonatan Riquelme, Smoothini and the One Voice Children’s Choir

    12. Bad Boys of Ballet- I think they do have talent but America has hardly seen them their audition wasn’t shown and their judgement week performance was very short and had perfect timing but didn’t show us anything we haven’t seen from a dancing/ballet group.

    11. Dom the Bombs triple threat – They did very mild tricks that weren’t great but one of them was the throwing the card in the balcony but this time I need more and feel like they didn’t do enough to just skip judgement week and by more I mean I need every trick to look outstanding like tricks like throwing a card into a balcony every time, America sure loves kids and they do have a chance on a very non talented night and very unpredictable night.

    10- Jonah Smith- I really really like him but I just don’t know where he fits in the show he’s not the most talented singer although i think he’s an outstanding singer but he’s going against two more outstanding front runner singers Kelli and Quintavious also I think his audition wasn’t very strong with his original song but his judgement week performance was amazing with a cover and I think he’s got a very unique Ryan Tedder esque voice and with a cover of a big bold song that makes him takes risk could carry him thru.

    The next acts I’m putting for a reason:

    9- Jonatan Riquelme- When I heard his name I’m like who is this he’s forgettable and that’s not good his audition was good but a little lackluster and we didn’t see him in judgement round America will not know who he is is the problem and I think he will be one on the edge with a chance but not a good one.

    8- Mothman- They do a similar thing as acroarmy but Acro is stronger with better tricks and the problem with them is they can be found boring and also same with Jonatan they have only been seen in a montage in their audition and not in judgement round I would like to see what they can bring but I don’t think they will get thru.

    7- Extreme Dance- They were outstanding in their audition with swagger and great moves but I think we’ve seen stuff like it before and also they had a short audition and weren’t seen in judgement round and they are very forgettable and I think the same with them as Mothman we’ve seen it before and I don’t remember them very much.

    6- Nina Burri- I agree with Howard stern she is amazing and the best contortionist we’ve seen ever on AGT she’s outstanding she’s confident but not cocky she’s got good music choices and she’s flawless with her flexibility and the one problem is she wasn’t shown in judgement week that’s why she might not get through but I don’t think she’s forgettable I love her and am rooting for her tonight.

    5- One Voice Children’s choir- Guess what I agree with Mel B they are not a million dollars worth act but guess what I think Lexi from them is… She’s the best singer maybe on the competition she’s famous from YouTube they’ve got a large following and I think they will let Lexi lead it tonight if not they could be goners as she’s the best shot they’ve got at making it.

    4- Emil And Dariel- I think they are talented but agree with America that they copied another duo that do rock violin stuff but I think they are the most hyped act going into tonight and if they go on their softer side or a really hard rock cover they could through I hope they do something recent and maybe they’ve got another secure talent like singing hopefully like Christian Stoinev just kidding but I think America may have forgot them for a while but them being hyped made America remember them and I think they will get through.

    These 3 acts are the acts I’m waiting for and I think they are potential finalist:

    3. Quintavious- He’s the strongest young singer in the competition I hope he picks a song that’s more recent and makes it sound amazing something high like bang bang by Ariana grande Jessie j and nicki Minaj I’m hoping for a Ariana Grande cover from him tonight cuz I think he can do Ariana good.

    2. Smoothini- I’m just guessing he will perform last everyone has been waiting for his mind-blowing tricks and want to see him and mat Franco compete against eachother the two best magicians he’s got showmanship talent and tricks that will blow ur mind I think he will go thru in a landslide.

    My favorite act tied with Christian Stoniev Aerial Animation and Mat Franco:

    1. MISS KELLI GLOVER! If ppl thought Emily west was good be ready for Kelli glover she’s shown her belty side with I have nothing and her soft side with warrior now she could explore something bigger and better and newer like
    A big new arrangement of the recent hit Am I wrong something a bit faster she could slow down but not suck the energy out and belt it. I think America realizes her talent and that she should be in the finals and will be upset at her getting cut in the past by the producers and judges of AI AND AGT.

  • Blirel

    Who should go thru: Kelli Glover, One Voice children’s choir (because of Lexi), Smoothini, Quintavious, and Nina Burri

    Who will go thru: Kelli,Smoothini, One voice children choir (because of Lexi again lol) Quintavious and Emil and Dariel