American Idol XIII Top 31 Spoilers

OK. I’m going to make this the official list. I’ll be pinning it to the top of the blog, and reblogging it when new names are added!

The Idol Pad will be revealing the American Idol XIII Top 30, and a few other twists, this evening, sometime between 7-10 pm CT. You can follow them on twitter at IdolSpoilers.  We’ll be participating in the event, so please join us then!

In the meantime, here are more Hollywood hopefuls who made the cut.  No contestants from last year’s Top 20 made the cut, although any contestant outside of the Top 11 was eligible, due to a rule change. I guess the new producers want to begin this new season with a fresh slate.

  • There’s a Top 31 this season
  • Sixteen boys/Fifteen girls

UPDATE: There will be a Top 30 in the end, when Neco Starr and Ben Briley are forced to compete against each other for the 30th spot. America will vote on the last Hollywood Round episode.


  1. Caleb Johnson – (PHOTO) –  Rock/Southern/Blues – Caleb auditioned in Season 10 and performed in a Hollywood group with James Durbin. He also auditioned in Season 11, where he was cut just before the Top 24. Check out his spoiler post HERE.  – AI AuditionS10 Group NumberOriginal Song “Down to the River.” – Contestant Preview
  2. Casey Thrasher – (PHOTO) – Casey is featured in this American Idol promo at the :07 mark, holding a baby “I have a precious reason right here” he says about why he auditioned. – Contestant Preview
  3. Maurice Townsend – (PHOTO)
  4. Malcolm Allen – (PHOTO) – Soul/Gospel –  Season 13 Audition PreviewYou Tube Channel –  “Ordinary People” cover “Greatful” cover – Contestant Preview
  5. Dexter Roberts (PHOTO) – Country –  Facebook“Country in my Soul” cover  Contestant Preview
  6. Ethan Harris – (PHOTO) – WGWG/Pop Country –  WebsiteFacebookTwitterYouTube Channel –  Season 13 Audition Preview –  Contestant Preview
  7. Spencer Lloyd – (PHOTO) – Twitter“I Believe I Can Fly” Lip Dub  Contestant Preview
  8. Jordan Brisbane – (PHOTO) – Gospel – FacebookTwitter – YouTube ChannelContestant Preview
  9. CJ Harris – (PHOTO) – Country – You Tube channelNews report from Auditions in Tuscaloosa – Contestant Preview
  10. Sam Woolf – (PHOTO) – WGWG – FacebookTwitter –  You Tube Channel – Contestant Preview
  11. George Lovett – (PHOTO) – Soul + Classical –  FacebookTwitterGig Salad –  You Tube Channel “A Song For You” at the Apollo Classical performance
  12. Ben Briley – (PHOTO) – WGWG – Facebook –  Twitter –  You Tube Channel  Contestant Preview
  13. Neco Starr – (PHOTO) – Soul –  American Idol 11 Hollywood Contestant – “Grenade” audition in Savannah – WebsiteTwitter –  YouTube ChannelSoundcloudMusic Video “Incomplete”  Contestant Preview
  14. Briston Maroney – (PHOTO) – WGWG – TEEN band called “Subtle Clutch” – Facebook –  TwitterFacebook – Instagram –   Inside Knoxville “Save Tonight” cover (13 yrs old) – Subtle Clutch You Tube Channel – Contestant Preview
  15. Emmanuel Zidor – (PHOTO) – Soul –  FacebookTwitter –  You Tube Channel – Contestant Preview
  16. Alex Preston – (PHOTO) – WGWG – Wwon a Boston MIX 104 contest to open at MIX Fest. Lives in Nashville now, and has a single on iTunes – FacebookTwitter –  You Tube ChannelContestant Preview


  1. Jena Irene Asciutto – (PHOTO) – Alternative Rocker – Contestant Preview
  2. Marrialle Sellars – (PHOTO) –  Soulful/Singer songwriter – She’s the female African American singer who auditioned with her guitar. She performed Bruno Mars. Check it out HERE. – Contestant Preview
  3. Briana Oakley – (PHOTO) –  Soul/Blues  – Briana made it to Hollywood in Season 12. She was only 16. Check out her “Up to the Mountain” audition performance HERE. She had a bullying backstory. Check out her Hollywood acapella audition (“Impossible”) HERE. – Twitter You Tube Channel – Contestant Preview
  4. Kristen O’Connor – (Photo) – Singer/Songwriter –  Twitter –  YouTube Channel – Contestant Preview
  5. Andrina Brogden –  (Photo) – Pop/Soul –  FacebookTwitter –  “I Will Always Love You” coverContestant Preview
  6. Emily Piriz – (Photo) – Pop –  You Tube ChannelFacebookTwitter –  DollFace MusicShe auditioned for an X Factor Fast Pass  Contestant Preview
  7. Kenzie Hall – (PHOTO) – Singer/Songwriter –   Twitter –  You Tube Channel – Sixteen year old Kenzie auditioned in Salt Lake City with “I’m Gonna Find Another You” by John Mayer.  “You have everything going on,” said Jlo. Harry was impressed that she played a diminished chord.  She got 3 yeses. – Contestant Preview
  8. Bria Anai Johnson – (PHOTO) – Hip Hop singer – Makes Me Want to PraySoundcloud – Contestant Preview
  9. Brandy Neelly – (PHOTO) – Country Singer – Brandy auditioned in S11 and S12.  S12 Audition Your Cheatin Heart –  S12 Hollywood – Kree Harrison’s Group Dolly Chicks “Sin Wagon”  Contestant Preview
  10. Majesty York – (PHOTO) – Soul/Gospel  – Liberty Worship Audition (Love Came Down)  Contestant Preview
  11. Austin Wolfe – (PHOTO) – Singer/Songwriter –  “Goodbye” – Original Song she wrote at 14 – More originals at her  YouTube Channel YouTube Channel 2 – Reverb Nation – Austin sang “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons for her audition in front of the judges in Salt Lake City. Jennifer felt she had the whole package. Harry compared her to Haley Williams of Paramore and Keith complimented her pitch. She got 3 yeses.- Contestant Preview
  12. Jess Meuse – (PHOTO) – Americana/Blues – FacebookTwitter –  YouTube Channel Covers and OriginalsReverb Nation –  Article/Videos – article – Contestant Preview
  13. Malaya Watson – (PHOTO) – FacebookYou Tube Channel –  B in the City Webisode  Contestant Preview
  14. M.K. Nobilette – AKA Emkay Brazil – PHOTO – Singer/Songwriter – “So High” Cover – Street Performance in SF Contestant Preview
  15. Jillian Jensen – (PHOTO) – Pop –  X Factor 2 Judges Houses contestant (She was bullied and cried all the time) –  X Factor auditionJillian Cut at the Judges Houses –  TwitterYou Tube Channel – Contestant Preview
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  • Wally.

    Yayyy Keri. Shes one of my favorites. Now come on Megan Miller, Jess Meuse, Selena Monroe, Sierra Monroe.

  • LeahKittyS

    Yay, David’s back! I liked him last year; kind of thought he was robbed.

  • Anny_nanny
  • Wally.
  • Anny_nanny

    7th video – this girl was on the XF earlier.

  • Blirel

    what year

  • Blirel

    by the way think is keri lynn roche she was on last year not televised and also she has a youtube channel

  • Blirel

    she sounds fantastic she also has a love the way you lie cover not for sure if this is her

  • Blirel

    this is an image of her at her audition and i have confirmed with a source called

  • Jason Gorny

    Anyone knows if Jillian Jensen made it?

  • Blirel

    here she is at it is keri lynn roche

  • Blirel

    so far we know she makes it to hollywood and past 1st round check out it is a good website with all idol info

  • Blirel

    check out on youtube this it is keri lynn roche she is reported to be top 30

  • Jason Gorny

    I just looked at IdolPad. She made it to the fourth round. Don’t know if she made it through to the next round or not.

  • Blirel

    cool have u checked the video i posted above of keri lynn roche she is phenom wanna talk some more idol now

  • Blirel

    Megan miller who did an amazing job with titanium and summertime last year and got cut nearly right away is back im so excited

  • Blirel

    also do u watch the NFL

  • Amy Beth

    Maybe they are taking this back to their roots idea literally. Season 1 had a Top 30.

    They had 3 semi-finals of 10, took the top 3 vote-getters of each group and added a judge’s choice wildcard.

    And they found Kelly Clarkson!

  • Blirel

    this year’s more like white girls with guitars not white guys with guitars

  • Karen C

    I’m really glad if David Oliver Willis made it, I thought he was terrific last year.

  • Raymar Casillas

    Yeah I agree. She should’ve made the Top 12 last season for sure.

  • Anny_nanny

    Very interesting sound, but too similar to Annie or Neil.
    It is always interesting to hear the voice of the young musicians, who so greatly loved before, but I will be interested to hear what this girl can do herself. With the great pleasure I would have bought a Phillips’ album of songs of Joe Cocker, but if he was singing all the time Joe’s songs during his season, I would first howled in outrage.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Eh, I remember this David guy from last year, he wasn’t very good. Keri seems like a pretty girl, I wish she dropped the guitar. Not impressed with her original music.

  • Anny_nanny


  • jayidrocks

    Keri is this kind of female contestants, who I will see. She is different from all the belting Pop/R&B-Divas or the country girls. Please bring more rock chicks.

  • LA944

    So happy that David’s back! I couldn’t believe he didn’t make it last year. But, after I saw the casting–I knew why–David was too good. I rarely remember contestants who didn’t make it from a previous season–only when I’m really shocked they weren’t put through. I did remember Candice from the yr before & I remember David from last season

  • LeahKittyS

    My grandmother said he reminded her of Harry Belafonte. I wonder if she’ll remember him when Hollywood Week airs.

  • Mike

    Agreed. David Willis has fodder written all over him.

  • Shannon Hayden

    i figured david made it by his comments on twitter.i hope he makes it at least to the top 10 this year

  • helo23

    Some of these people aren’t being discreet over on their twitters LOL

    Selena Moreno ?scarletsdoll38m

    To accept rejection and then walk away is tough. But to accept rejection, walk away, fix what didn’t work, and then go back is even harder.

    Malcolm MacAnthony Allen 3 hours ago via mobile Sitting at the airport thinking out load… This has been the most emotional and stressful week of my entire life!!!! But I thank my creator for continuing to bless me.

  • Wally.

    damn so selena probably got cut.

  • Julieta Alvarez

    did jett hermano audition this new season?

  • Kariann Hart

    Anny_Nanny, are you talking about Annie Lenox and Neil Young? Sorry, I don’t know that much about current artists.

  • Anny_nanny



    They should have a rule that if someone made the cut and blabs, they can get disqualified. I don’t think it takes courage to go back. Idol has had a lot of success stories that have done that so it should be very encouraging to folks

  • gem2477


  • vd88

    Damn David didn’t make it, I really liked him. What was the point of that rule if they wasn’t going to pick nobody from last season?

  • Mike

    He did make it. She’ll be saying something like “just kidding we were right the first time” soon. Lol. FAIL

  • Mike

    Most likely she did and was eliminated by producers because they want a fresh start with mostly new contestants.

  • Jazzyjen508

    They shouldn’t pick people from last year because people aren’t interested in having those people again. There is a reason why people didn’t watch last year and it is a combo of boring contestants and annoying judges that had drama that overshadowed the contestants

  • ptebwwong

    Frankly, I think the spoilers & blabbing who made it are usually from people who work for Idol than actual contestants or their family and friends.

  • Damien Roberts

    I disagree, last years top 5 or 6 in particular were a pretty strong group. Idol didn’t work for many reasons and I don’t think contestants were part of it.

  • candicekreedom

    top 6? Lazaro was just not that good in my opinion but i agree on the top 5 not being completly boring but i guess what didnt work was the over use of ballads,boring themes,and not having interesting guys the show didnt give much diversity to the public.

  • candicekreedom

    Briana Oakley and Maurice Townsend are reported to be in the top 30 by idolspoilers

  • Jingle Jam

    Wow I can’t believe that American Idol is going to air next month, January, which is also next year 2014!!

  • Karen C

    The ones that people hope would be picked aren’t the ones that made it through to the finals, though. There are some that might have been more interesting than those that didn’t.

  • Sassycatz

    Lazaro? The guy who goofed up when singing with others causing them frustration. The guy who had a hard time learning new songs beyond his (clearly) limited repertoire? Yeah, what a pro.

  • Blirel

    outta the spoilers and previews
    i think standouts include divas Kristen O’Connor and Andrina Brogden with a possible Marialle Sellars

    soulful malcolm allen and possibly ethan harris

  • Blirel

    remember this is early and im not sure and we haven’t seen everyone in top 30

  • Jason Gorny

    I really hope Jillian Jensen made it.

  • Blirel

    Emily Piriz seems like a pro like she has been doing it for years and plays piano with great control and style she will be a threat I think top 10 for her

  • Blirel

    check out emily piriz look up wrecking ball online

  • Blirel

    check out emily piriz she is amazing

  • Vetle

    Yes! Brandy Neelly! She was so robbed last year.

  • Call_girl

    Hands down from what I have scene the Ladies are bringing it this season! I do have to say I need to see More from Bria Anai + Kristen O’Connor

  • Montavilla

    I’m excited to see that she’s back again. I still remember how great her audition for Season 12 was. :)

  • Damien Roberts


  • Damien Roberts

    Sorry, I was thinking of what should have been…Lazaro did out stay Burnell.

  • Damien Roberts

    I actually do think that that format works better for them. The last time they did it was season 8 with Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, and Allison Iraheta.

  • Jason Gorny

    Yay Jillian made it through!

  • Dana Rimons

    Well, I reserve comments on the talent level and how the season will pan out (exciting, boring, predictable, suspenseful) until we actually get down to the main voting shows HOWEVER…

    I am really surprised and so pleased at the diversity within the top 31. It looks like it could the most diverse group we have ever had at this point in the competition. This is a very good thing.

  • vd88

    Jillian made it whoopie, prepare for alot of crying and constant talk of bullying.

  • shell29

    Well, the talent on the ladies’ side is already much more interesting than what we had last season. I’m trying not to get too excited because the really good, interesting girls always seem to get weeded out in the semis but I like what I’m seeing & hearing so far. Why couldn’t we have had this crop of ladies last season?

    The guys? Well, chock full of WGWGs (as expected) along with a few effeminate gospel-flavored Black males sprinkled in (the type Idol usually casts). Not too excited about that right now.

  • Madilo

    Who’s your next American Idol out of those 31 ?

  • guest

    So there is no another Jessica Sanchez & Ellona Santiago lol still they know they wont win eventho they are really good..Lol

  • guest

    I was expecting her to audition again tho.

  • Damien Roberts

    The girl still has an amazing voice, so I’m not hating that decision.

  • Mason

    Well the last girl who won and who has better voice than J.Sanchez still need to prove her marketability

  • Lollygaggin

    Here’s some more Austin Wolfe with a “Stay” cover She has another youtube channel than the one posted above Pretty girl with a pretty voice.

  • Kariann Hart

    If the producers are making REAL changes, then each and every one of these 31 young people should be good enough to go on the Idol tour. No joke contestants.

  • Sicola789

    I haven’t watched all of them yet, but from what I have seen so far, these are the best voices at the moment:

    Jess Meuse
    Caleb Johnson
    Alex Preston
    (Those who missed the rockers last year may want to check the mentioned 3 above)

    Brandy Neely
    Austin Wolfe
    Sam Woolf
    Malaya Wilson
    Bria Anai Johnson
    George Lovett
    MK Nobilette

    A lot of good potential so far, but of course, I will need to wait until the actual show to make a final judgment.

  • BonnieDee

    Pretty impressed by Austin Wolfe. Her song “Goodbye” that she wrong at 14 could be a hit. She must be 17 or 18 now.

  • BonnieDee

    I so agree! I hate the joke contestants

  • BonnieDee

    Yes I really think she can be a contender.

  • BonnieDee

    I like the wolves–LOL Sam Woolf and Austin Wolfe.

  • Raymar Casillas

    I’m intrigued to see Jillian made the cut. I wonder if she’ll pay the same Sob Story card she did in X Factor.

  • CaioF

    OMG, Jillian! Shes great!

  • maymay

    Since JLo comes back, I guess the latin contestant Spance Lloyd with his handsome look could make the top 10. But I can`t find his singing video from You Tube. So it is a big guess.

    Sam Woolf matchs the folk trend. Good choice. I like Briston Maroney`s raw and raspy voice. I am not sure he is country or folk. His teen band Subtle Clutch seems good. Alex Preston`s has a lot covers, not bad.

    So Idol contestant Alex won X Factor but X Factor contestants Jillian
    Jensen and Ethan Harris will win Idol? I hope not. And I don`t want them all to make the top 10. But Jillian has a fanbase and Ethan has a charming face. So I don`t know.

  • Pat H

    Wondering if they are going to do like they did in Season 8 where the top 3 in groups of 10 make the finals.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Hopefully not. Top male, top female and the next highest vote getter advanced every week, which basically meant 2 guys and 1 girl advanced every week. Girls didn’t stand a chance.

    Also, it would mean three weeks of semifinals. In recent years, semifinal lasted 1 week. We don’t know yet how many finalists season 13 will have.

    Plus, they have 31 semifinalists, so one group would have 11 people.

    IMO, it would be best to keep the genders separate during the semis.

  • Not fit to print

    Thanks for the link! I am starting to get excited about the show again.

  • Blirel

    my wish is for the top 10 to be this and im guessing they will have 2 wildcards to make a top 12 so here is my wish
    Malcolm Allen

    Sam woolf
    George Lovett
    Neco Starr
    Alex Preston
    Marialle Sellars
    Kristen O’Connor
    Andrina Brogden
    Emily Piriz

    Austin Wolfe
    M.K. Nobilette
    Wildcard singoff Jillian Jensen,Caleb Johnson with Jillian winning
    Wildcard singoff Brandy Neely, Bria Ania Johnson with Brandy winning
    rounding out a top12

  • Shawn Jang

    Let’s hope these contestants can actually sing (cough Lazaro) and have personalities! I think last season was a little boring for me because none of the girls/guys had a personality (or at least showed it fully), except maybe Angie.

  • Blirel

    there is one joke contestant look up Emmanuel Zidor on youtube or look at him on

  • helo23

    I’ve always said this: TPTB chose to not show the contestant’ personalities last season. All their attention was on the judges. Think about it. The seasons where the majority of people say the contestants weren’t “boring” were the sesaons TPTB made a choice to highlight the cast. S5/7/8/and especially 10. S10 was like a damn Judd Apatow movie with goof balls Casey, Paul, Haley, eccentric Naima, and the others,…they showed them going to movie premieres, the idol mansion, etc.

    Back on topic, I think this season looks promising. And If Jill gets voted to the semis, that would make for a fun year. All the drama that will go on in Idol land regarding her LMAO!

  • Shawn Jang

    Let’s hope TPTB learn from their mistakes.

  • LeahKittyS

    I don’t watch the video links; I like to be surprised when I first see them all on the show. But you are totally on point about the personality thing. I followed last year’s cast on Twitter and there is lots of personality that the show chose to ignore. It’s sad that the bickering judges got all the attention when these kids just wanted to make people happy with their music.

  • LeahKittyS

    I refuse to watch the video links; I want to be surprised when the show comes on. But there are some interesting sounding names on this list. Let’s hope the show puts the emphasis on them and I don’t have to keep going to Facebook and Twitter to find out who these kids really are.

  • helo23

    This looks like a diverse and better season than 12 already. Everyone seems to have an opinion on Jill Jensen. She’ll might be the most polarizing contestant this season: either hate her or like her seems to be the case. Jess Meuse is interesting. She reminds me of a better looking Carly Smithson or Elise Testone. I don’t think any of the WGWGs stand out tbh. But then again I didn’t think P2 stood out. Ben Briley has some guitar skills. So there’s that

    ETA: If I have to take a wild guess on who will win……it’d be Sam Woolf. He’s the most WGWG out of all of them. He has shades of P2′ creeper like aura about him in his youtube vids.

    MK is something I think Idol has never had. An obvious and openly lesbian contestant. From what I hear she’s a standout in HW. We’ll see how she does with the Middle and Southern demo this show has.

  • LeahKittyS

    Are you implying that Carly Smithson and Elise Testone were ugly? I beg to differ. And I don’t have an opinion on Jillian Jensen because after the disastrous Season 1 I steered clear of X Factor. From what I see MJ and one of her Twitter followers saying, her presence is making me nervous.

  • LeahKittyS

    I wonder that myself. I’m looking at the winner’s name right now…some of these names will be on my iPhone music app in a few months…but which ones?

  • helo23

    OMG! Jay Zidor is like an entertaining Jacob Lusk/Joshua Ledet. Hilarious! lmao!!

  • Wally.


  • Jason Gorny

    I’m happy Jillian made it through. She deserves another chance and I’m pretty sure she won’t be using her sob story. I follow her on twitter and she’s very inspiring. She’s also bi-sexual. I just hope people here will give her a chance to prove herself. It was foolish of Demi to eliminate her on the XF.

  • KBAKER01

    Okay, after looking at all of the contestants, this is what i’ve came up with as my favorites. For the boys.. it will be easier to pick who should make it to the top 10 – 12.. or whatever they decide to do this year. For the girls, it’s honestly a lot harder because they are more diverse and just incredibly talented.


    Caleb Johnson
    CJ Harris
    Sam Woolf
    George Lovett
    Ben Briley
    Emmanuel Zidor

    Note: Malcolm Allen and Ethan Harris could also have good shots.. But, they’re not my favorites.


    Briana Oakley
    Kristen O’Connor
    Bria Anai Johnson
    Austin Wolfe
    Jess Meuse
    Malaya Watson
    M.K. Nobilette

    Note: Marialle Sellars, Brandy Neelly, and Kenzie Hall could all make the cut too.
    Also, I don’t understand the hype over Emily Piriz because she doesn’t have an incredible voice.. very average to me.. but that’s just my opinion thus far.

    Overall I think we have a very talented group and if the judges do their jobs properly we could end up with a great group this year! Looking forward to it!

  • jms

    Pretty happy about Jillian Jensen. Bullying backstory or not, her voice was great IMO. I’m wondering if there are any rockers this year, it doesn’t seem like it at first glance.

    Casey Thrasher has a pretty awesome name.

  • candicekreedom

    my top girls : Bria,Malaya and M.K

    my top guys : Alex and Briston

    intresting contestants i would like to watch grow :Emily,Austin and Majesty

    i didnt like Ethan Audition not impressed by him,and jess Meuse looks over hyped by now but maybe i ll like her on the show we’ll see. I didn’t like Jillian on xfactor, and checking some videos on YouTube i still don’t like her so if she makes it to top 10 i hope its deserved.

  • candicekreedom

    @IamJzidor is the twitter for Emmanuel Zidor

    and this spencer twitter @ur_thai_friend

    well i cant find any videos of Spencer except this

  • James

    There is something really interesting about her.

  • James

    Looking through some of the you tube videos, I am happy to see that there doesn’t seem to be any busing of the guy contestants this year.

  • Eureka

    Jillian is pretty good why so much hate on her¿? this cover is amazing

  • ptebwwong

    Why is there a top 31? Why is the 1 extra contestant a guy? Seems unfair. If they wanted to add an extra guy, they should have added a girl, too.

  • candicekreedom

    this is bria Anai twitter and channel

  • candicekreedom

    @MalayaTina Malaya watson

    twiiter account i like her

  • Jingle Jam

    The only people who I remember from the Top 20 last year were Johnny Keyser and Cortez Shaw. Too bad they didn’t make it this season.

  • Jingle Jam

    My guess is they will probably have a Top 16 instead of a Top 12. I think having more acts would be enjoyable. Last season, I found the Top 20 rounds really fun to watch compared to the Top 11.

  • Jingle Jam

    Marialle Sellars?

  • Damien Roberts

    Don’t be TOO nervous. She could get kind of obnoxious because she came off fakely timid, BUT she does really have a great voice.

  • Guest

    I don’t mind ‘joke’ contestants as long as they can sing (eg. Cece Frey from X-Factor USA).

  • guest

    Really? I thought she’s african-american. Oh well hope she’ll go far. Coz if she is same brand wd jessica nd ellona well they can really sing tho.

  • idkdavi

    Do you guys have some The Voice spoilers from Season 6?

  • Sicola789

    The Jena girl has been revealed. She is part of a band called Infinity Hour, she is good, check her out. Jena Asciutto.

  • Blirel
  • Blirel

    But she explores many genres but i have no source that tells me this is jena irene but sicola789 @sicola789:disqus who told u this

  • candicekreedom

    i like her
    @JenaAsciutto1 her twitter i think
    only spencer follows her maybe she isn’t likeable jk
    i hope its her

  • Sicola789

    It was confirmed on The Idol Pad.

  • Blirel


  • Blirel

    I cannot find it can u send me a link to the exact spot

  • Jason Gorny

    Jillian Jensen saw this page and tweeted about it. She thought how mjsbigblog described her as pop and known as a crier was funny.

  • sicem

    I think Savion Wright might also be in the top 30. He goes to school with me at Baylor and is constantly tweeting about hanging out with everyone who is in the top 31. Anyone have any news on what happened with him?

  • Emmuzka

    I love they way you have listed WGWG as a musical genre. As in idol it’s about type more than a musical genre, WGWG is as good a definition as the others.

  • jazzontherocks

    Sam Woolf recently released a music video for his original song “The Same”:
    He also has a lot of covers on Youtube including Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team”:

  • Seikou Kaba

    Am I the only one who doesn’t see when exactly did Jillian cry all over the season of Xfactor? I remember that season pretty well, saw her cry at her audition…and when she was cut…
    Where is the “crying all the time part”.
    She just became another classic case of “sob story ultimately defined her even though there’s minimal (if any) footage of her mentioning it afterwards.”

  • Blueknight24

    I remember Neco Starr from Phillip and Heejun’s group in Hollywood round. Hope he stay longer.

  • Scott
  • Scott

    Sam Wolfe and Jena Irene are the creme of the crop…there are a few other girls I like, but Sam and Jena stand out…

  • Prime_Minister

    I looked through all the videos.

    Jena Irene Asciutto and Sam Woolfe seem most promising so far. I really like Jena’s rockish (and modern) style, which is reminiscent of Allison Iraheta’s singing but more nuanced. Her cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “Beautiful Disaster” is one of the few I’ve seen that actually lives up to the original. Her national anthem is impressive too. (Is she Idol’s answer to finding the next Kelly?)

  • jevonuar

    She’s a contender!

  • jevonuar

    Wow! this season is really full of talents. Can’t wait! <3

  • jevonuar

    love it!

  • frumpus

    Obviously that dbag didn’t make it

  • Charlie Goot

    Where’s Austin Percario? :c

  • myers

    Are you sure he made the top 31?

  • BonnieDee

    Majesty could take the whole thing IMO. She’s very unique.

  • Mafs95

    I really, really liked Majesty Rose but let’s see what happens… sometimes there are contestants who really surprises us by the positive (Haley Reinhart, Kris Allen, etc…)

  • Dewayne Boyd

    Can we just fast forward to the final 3 with Jena, Sam, and Marrialle? This group doesn’t look promising. Possible spoilers Briston and Majesty.

  • kcostell

    So is there a final count on who (if anyone) got montaged and/or left out entirely of the audition episodes?

  • Blirel

    What the heck they featured every singer but george lovett who was left out i wanted to see him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trishdish2001

    I Agree! Wanted to see George!

  • LeahKittyS

    The only one whose audition was not shown at all was George Lovett. But I hear he’s the only one who got a standing ovation in Hollywood Week, so that should make up for it.

    As for montages, I know Kristen and Emily were shown together, and Jillian and M.K. were part of montages, but other than that, I think everyone was shown individually.

  • kcostell

    TheIdolPad has also posted demographic information on the Top 31. A couple interesting notes:

    -10 of the 15 women are between the ages of 16 and 18, while 13 of the 16 men are age 19 or older. However, the two youngest contestants are both 15 years old and male.

    -11 of the 16 men come from four states: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Arkansas. The two Arkansas contestants (Malcolm and Spencer) are actually the westernmost of any of the guys (there are two female contestants from California, two from Utah, and one from North Dakota).

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    No Savion Wright???! Must be producers sent him home because of his high profile brother’s murder case, makes me mad cos I wanted Sávion to get in top 10 just to give light to his brother’s case..

  • Valentin432

    Well based on this list, they’ve been doing a good job featuring these contestants.

    They’ve also been showcasing a lot of the guys, basically all of them except a couple sang last night and the other two (Ethan Harris and Brisbanne) had their audition showcased.

    Some girls have had a big spotlight but others (Jillian Jensen, Nobilette, Brogden) I don’t remember seeing at all,

    I’m reallyl surprised Rachel Rolleri isn’t there, she’s been getting a very good edit and so is Keri Lynn Roche.

  • Bunky Prewster

    Where are The Voice season 6 spoilers?

  • Dexter

    Well, it didn’t take Keri Lynn Roche long to move on from AI as she recently released a single, Scar of my Heart,