American Idol 12 Hollywood Pt 1 Roundup – Poll Results and More

AMERICAN IDOL: Drama and desperation escalate behind the scenes as the pressure mounts during the intense “Hollywood Rounds” which kick off with the guys, competing on Wednesday, Feb. 6 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) and Thursday, Feb. 7 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT). The girls get their chance to win over the judges beginning Wednesday, Feb. 13 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.

You guys have voted, overwhelmingly, for The Math Heads, featuring Nick Boddington, Matheus Fernandes, Gabe Brown, Mathenee Trecco as your favorite group from last night. As of Thursday afternoon, 48% voted them #1. The Coach Potatoes, featuring Charlie Askew and Curtis Finch, Jr. came in second, with 22.36 percent of the votes, and Young Love, featuring Zach Birnbaugh, Nate Tao, Cortez Shaw and Elijah Liu came in 3rd with 8.3% of the votes.

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However, vote totals were down overall, with only 492 of you weighing in. Usually we average about 1,000 votes on a poll. Also, my video partner IdolXFactor tells me his counts for last night’s videos are down.

I understand that Idol producers want to break the streak of male winners. Five seasons of guy champions is a bit much. But, attempting to achieve that goal by painting the guys as untalented, unattractive, uncommitted, asshatty, stupid, boring and/or lazy is not going to cut it. Even in years when the girls came out on top, there was crush material for the female fanbase to swoon over. Jordin Sparks’ Season 6 had Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson. Carrie Underwood’s Season 4 had Bo Bice and Constantine Maroulis, and Kelly Clarkson’s Season 1 had Justin Guarini.  Cute, talented boys help create buzz, and before you know it, folks who had no intention of watching become invested.

Creating a guys-as-losers narrative is going to come back to bite the producers. And it could still result in a guy winner–but one who isn’t engaging or talented enough to create buzz during the season or thrive in the post-Idol musical landscape.  If tonight’s episode  isn’t an improvement over last night, good luck enticing viewers to come back for the girls round next week–which I have no doubt will feature stellar talent.

Here’s a review of your favorite groups

Math Heads

The Math Heads – Group Round – American Idol 12 by IdolxMuzic

Couch Potatoes

Couch Potatoes – Group Round – American Idol 12 by IdolxMuzic

Young Love

Four Tones & Nate Tao’s Group – Group Round… by IdolxMuzic

American Idol 12 Hollywood Part 1 Recap

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  • anibundel

     Creating a guys-as-losers narrative is going to come back to bite the producers. And it could still result in a guy winner–but one who isn’t engaging or talented enough to create buzz during the season or thrive in the post-Idol musical landscape. 

    Lee Dewyze? What?

  • fantoo1

    Hopefully tonight is miles better.

  • tomr

    Season 4 also had Anthony F. 

  • justmefornow

    MJ, your assessment of Idol’s apparent tactics last night was dead on.
    Granted, I’ve only seen several seasons of Idol, but that was the sorriest group of misfits, (and they sent some through!!) I’ve ever witnessed.

    This will backfire on them if they don’t change tactics. They’ll even further tank the ratings, or end up will a totally unmarketable, low selling winner.
    Or both.

    Cause lets face it, sad as this group is, a guy still will probably win this.

  • fantoo1

    There WAS some talent last night-we saw Devin, David Willis, Charlie, Devan, and Curtis. Unfortunately they chose to focus more on the trainwrecks and instead just show the snippits of the talented guys.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Well, if some unremarkable guy ends up winning … Then OKAY. I mean, I want a girl to win, but if the voters want American Idol winner to have a penis, no matter what, then … they deserve a sucky winner. Considering the last five male winners are nothing to brag about, it wouldn’t be a disaster. The standard for an Idol winner is already very, very low.

  • justmefornow

    Some of those were the least offensive, but none of them had any “Star” quality about them.
    You usually know it when you see/hear it.

    Actually, I do hope a girl wins this year, just so people will stop complaining about it, lol.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I never find the groups very entertaining. They may be alright for “drama”, but I don’t learn very much about the individual contestants’ singing ability.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Bingo! AI has a MASSIVE editing problem. I’ve got news for ya Fox:

    Stop meddling in on the damn show, talk to Nigel about changing some directions that this show is heading. And most importantly….


  • dishwalla

    If Idol truly believed that a girl winning would increase ratings and be a cash cow, they would have pushed for this last few years.  The ratings would have even dropped further if not for the guys.

  • irockhard

    I will LMFAO if one of these guys ends up winning and I bet Iovine is dreading the possibility of this happening but it most likely will happen. But I hope it does so that Iovine can lay down the law with FOX and demand them to fire both Nigel and Ken.

  • jcabby

    The editing of the show yesterday, and changing how Hollywood usually goes, made the episode almost boring to watch. I am a faithful watcher of the show, but I found myself flipping to the Rockets- Heat basketball game. I usually never dare to do that when Idol is on, especially during Hollywood week. that’s just my two cents.

    Anyway, I pretty much like Lazaro, Charlie, Micah, and Nate. Gabe is starting to grow on me. The groups were pretty much lame for the most part. Individual singing tonight I bet will be the most interesting and entertaining.

  • EvenMoreron

    I thought the heartthrob of Season 6 was Sanjaya.

  • Leandro

    The same you said is valid for a winner of XF, on both sides of the ocean. The same is valid for any singing show these days, actually.

    Plus, people need to stop that BS that a girl is necessarily more marketable than a guy. Pia, Melanie Amaro, Haley, Lauren? pfff… they aren’t doing any better than Scotty either P2. Jessica has nothing but pinoy’s followers on her twitter and Carly is doing YT videos.

  • Leandro

    Yep. This is one of the main reasons I’m hoping a girl to win. lol . Let’s see if she’ll become multi-platinum just because she’s a girl. lol

  • Mateja Praznik

     It’s not even about marketability. The last five winners of American Idol suck, no matter if some manage to sell some albums or singles. And those female contestants you mentioned are all better than them.

  • irockhard

    LOL I’m not holding my breath. Like I said before, the only girl that managed to outsell the WGWG winner her season was Crystal. So no, I don’t think a female winner will do any better sales-wise than the recent male winners in this climate.

  • fantoo1

    Nobody said Phillip had star quality and look what happened.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I thought long and hard so I wouldn’t break any rules of the blog and here goes…

    I’m rather grateful that my daughter talked me into watching Idol Season 10 and Scotty doesn’t suck.  That’s all.

    I really hope that the show can turn around and that a girl wins so this whole meme will stop–and that people stop lumping five very different guys into one big glob.  

  • fantoo1

    That’s kinda unfair to say all of the last 5 winners suck. A few of them actually deserved to win. David Cook was considered one of the best male contestants ever at the time and he was something new and different. Scotty was also something different and unique for the show-deep voiced old school country teenager. He also had this star quality about him. Kris was also considered to be one of the best of his season and had some standout moments.

    Being a WGWG doesn’t automatically mean you suck or are unmarketable.

  • Leandro

    Actually, American Idol is very lucky that they had some female winners in its first seasons, when the rating were huge, which favored them to sell well. Idol, X-Factor, The Voice franchises around the world have even more male winners than American Idol. 

    The Voice is the only one who is producing some female winners right now, but I think this is only because its format enables the producers to manipulate a lot in favour of a female winner.

  • Eilonwy

    The Voice is the only one who is producing some female winners right now

    Melanie Amaro won XFUSA just one season ago. It merely seems like half a decade because we’ve had an unusual number of opportunities to forget her.

    Prior to Cassadee Pope’s cheerily manipulated win, The Voice was the show of the African-American male winner, having gone two for two in that demographic.

    The only pattern I see for those two shows is that it would be a hoot-and-an-half to launch the winners together as a duo. A Melanie Amaro-Jermaine Paul duet probably wouldn’t have been worse than their separate winners’ singles (not much is), and a Pope-Stevens duo would probably provide fewer country lulz than his Pepsi song does.

  • Leandro

    I was talking around the world. Plus, I’m not on a mission against any of these shows ;)

  • Eilonwy

    I was talking around the world, male vs. female winners.

    You’ve actually toted up the winners of all three franchises worldwide, in all umpteen bajillion countries? I’m impressed (actually, I’m intimidated) and would love to know the percentage breakdowns.

  • garlandk77

    After a string of 5 straight, white male winners, it seems pretty clear that Idol would prefer NOT to have a 6th this year. Of the 20 males reported to be in the Top 40, it appears there may be as few as 5 straight, white males. 

    The Top 20 males include 8 blacks, 3 Asians, 1 Latino, and at least 1 and possibly 3 gay guys. I think it’s great that Idol is putting more minorities in the Top 40, but there’s a risk the show could suffer in the ratings.

    That DUETS singing competition last summer (with Kelly Clarkson as a judge) chose to banish all attractive white males. The 8 finalists consisted of 3 black females, 2 black males, 1 Asian male, 1 white female, and 1 overweight, unattractive white guy. The show tanked badly in the ratings. 

    If Idol has decided to go to war against attractive, straight, white males, this will no doubt make some people happy. But it could also turn off many viewers.

  • Leandro

    I didn’t do it. I read about it plenty of times. Some people posted here the number of male winners vs. the number of female winners. 5 or 6 countries that I know have mroe male winners than female winners. On wikipedia, they have a page for each show just with the name of the winners around the world. You can search there if you’re really interested.

  • fantoo1

    I agree, it’s unfair for them to be lumped together.

  • Leandro

    Germany is the best, they are in their 10th season and they just had one female winner. And that’s because Germany is a very liberal country. lol

  • Eilonwy

    Not really, as I see no reason to believe that voting patterns in other countries have any relationship to how the U.S. audience votes. But thanks for the insight.

    As I’ve said here many times, it would be terrific if XFUSA or The Voice got their acts together and launched a winner successfully in the U.S. 

    Sadly, the larger discussion of a backfired strategy, in which the lone “pale and male” wins regardless of ability, is giving me visions of a reality in which there are ardent fans trumpeting the wit, humbleness, shining inner beauty, and thud-inducing hawtness of Chris Sligh. 

    I hope what we actually get this year is a varied slate of talent that proves to give interesting performances. It’s not unusual that the crop looks distinctly un-star-like at Hollywood Week.

  • Kariann Hart

    Season 4 also had Anthony F.

    Thank you tomr, for remembering that Anthony Fedorov had quite a fan base!

  • tucker davis

    I absolutely agree with you! As much as a lot of people on this blog don’t want a wgwg to win, get rid of all the cute white guys and just watch the ratings plummet. Not many people in the south (where I live & a significant number of the AI audience) are going to invest 4 months of TV viewing/voting in the trainwrecks we saw last night. I’m hoping last night was just for entertainment, and the Top 10 will end up with something for everyone. 

  • Kariann Hart

    I really don’t think David Cook sucked.  I find him immensely talented.  And even if David A. won, we would have had a good winner.  Something tells me Archie will have much success in the future.  I have always predicted Broadway for him.  Just my 2 cents…

  • tomr

    If you want to level the playing field, revert back and eliminate the use of contestants using instruments.  Many of the last 5 winners would not have won their season had this been the case.

  • GRjourney1

    I’m a huge David A. fan, but David Cook definitely does not “suck”.  He has a great voice and seems to be a great guy.  David A. didn’t seem to be in the least disappointed about losing.  He loved and respected David C. and said over and over that he felt David Cook deserved to win.  David A. has done just fine even though he came in second.  I still think that was the best final 2 ever.

  • James M.

    I would say that only Lee and Phillip sucked, and even I have to admit that Phillip ended the competition with some top-tier performances of the season. Scotty and Kris were at least in the top 3 performers of their season (keyword: performer, not singer), so I wouldn’t even say they were undeserving. Then again, both of them were my favorites in their seasons. Even as a David A. fan at the time, David Cook was a better performer.

    …In terms of sales, David Cook did pretty well, but it doesn’t sound like he’s doing all that great right now (I’m not sure though). Scotty and Phillip’s debuts sold pretty damn well.

  • maymay

    So if a female had won one of the past five seasons, she could have sold more than DC, Kris, Lee, Scotty, Phillip? I doubt. Even Crystal only slightly outsold Lee. And how about Lauren and Jessica?

    The past five seasons had lower ratings and faced worse music industry so you can`t expect their winners could sell more than Kelly and Carrie. Especially the lower ratings made female demographics monopolized and lacked viewers diversity. 

    As for Phillip, did he suck? I have a feeling his singles and debut album will outsell all winners` except Kelly and Carrie. I am sure at least Home will become the bestseller single in Idol history. It is weird to continue to dis a successful Idol winner just because some Idol viewers don`t like him.

  • Mateja Praznik

    I find the last five Idol winners really bad as a whole.

    Between Cook and Archuleta, I would pick Archuleta, because Archie at least have a few outstanding performances. But I have to admit that that season’s cast was very unappealing and boring overall.

    Season 8 had two great contestants: Adam and Allison. Danny had a good voice and Kris was just middle of the road and fodder. Always a fodder.

    Season 9 was a disaster. There were a few promising contestants that never made it out of the semis. At the end, Crystal was well above DeWyze, but he still won.

    Haley and Lauren were both better than Scotty. I do think he is the best of the last five Idol winners though.

    Phillip … Another disaster on the level of Lee DeWyze. Yuck.

    I miss the days of winners like Kelly, Carrie and Jordin. I mean, a disaster named Taylor Hicks still happened, but that was one year. Not practically five years in a row.

  • Ronnie D

    Phillip got lucky with a good song, at least that’s the way I see it. It’s not his ‘amazing vocal talent’ that pushed that song up the charts. Crystal isn’t mainstream enough to really make an impact with her music. I don’t think gender is as big of a factor as far as being successful goes. It requires a lot of charisma, talent, and just plain luck.

  • TheOther

    All I can is GOOD LUCK to whoever wins Season 12.  Because they will be compared against Phillip’s success in the marketplace.  His future is with mentor Jimmy Iovoine, AAA radio, the new fans from his very successful college tour and MB20 shows.  Not the AI bubble.  

    Phillip should be very proud that The World From The Side Of the Moon, a CD where he wrote the majority of the songs, has now sold 679,000 copies in just over 2 mos.

  • Chrissie H

    Mateja Praznik “I find the last five Idol winners really bad as a whole.”
    I don´t agree and I´m pleased that there is no correlation between the above opinion and the opinions of the majority who chose those guys as winners.  Furthermore I´m pleased that in fact there is a correlation between sales pattern of AI artists in the US and in my part of the world in spite of  cultural difference. 

  • Karen C

    Between Cook and Archuleta, I would pick Archuleta, because Archie at least have a few outstanding performances. But I have to admit that that season’s cast was very unappealing and boring overall.

    I think Cook had as many outstanding performances as Archuleta.  And many in the rest of the cast. 

    And there’s a difference between not liking someone and saying they are bad or suck, especially at their level.

  • Jeannie09

    Funny I thought it was the other way around with your Cook/Archuleta comparison. I found Archie to be a boring singer. Nice guy and all, but really never had a “wow” factor. He did a nice job on “Imagine’ but that was about it. When Cook was on the show, I couldn’t wait to see what he would do next. He kept viewers intrigued and never disappointed by seeming to knock it out of the park each performance night. To me Idol hasn’t been a standout show before or since Cook. Cook took chances like no other and showed us how his voice could master anything they threw at him.