American Idol 10 – Sheryl Crow set to Mentor the Top 5

@AmericanIdol teased on Friday that the mentor sitting beside Jimmy Iovine his week would be a woman and “a true poet and legend!” Now, E! is reporting that the poetess is Sheryl Crow:

Sheryl Crow is gonna have some fun as a guest mentor on this week’s American Idol.
E! News has learned that Crow will join previous season 10 celebrity mentors Will.I.Am and Miley Cyrus (and “style mentor” Gwen Stefani) when she sits beside Interscope Records honcho Jimmy Lovine on Wednesday’s show as the final five contestants prepare for their performances. “The show wanted Sheryl because she is a true singer-songwriter and she wanted to help them develop as artists,” says an Idol insider.

Are you looking forward to Sheryl Crow mentoring the kids?

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  • tomr

    No I’m not. All of the remaining sing better than she does.

  • Pam

    Are you looking forward to Sheryl Crow mentoring the kids?

    I am. :)

  • workdog

    I really dislike her; she’s not all that and yet she’s a Grammy darling and performs at all the “important” events. She annoys the hell out of me.

    True story: couple of years ago she was up in the Reno/Tahoe area and wanted to go out on a boat that is normally rented for parties, etc. The owner said sure and gave the price. She was AGHAST that he wanted her to pay. She said she usually gets that stuff comped. He said, yes, well I can appreciate that, but I have to make a living and I’m not charging you more than anyone else. She actually did the “don’t you know who I am and that it could bring you more in publicity?”. He said no thanks and she refused to pay so she didn’t use him. Hate that shit. By the way, not hearsay as I directly know someone who was associated with that marina. No monkey.
    Found it funny when she was on 30 Rock for the Kidney Now episode and she stated “yeah, I’m getting paid”. So true, so true…

    That same weekend Jessica Simpson was there, the paparazzi were nuts all over the place, and my direct person said she was ditsy as ever. Walking along the hot boat docks saying “hot, hot, hot” over and over yet not slipping on the damned shoes she was carrying. Ooookaaayyyy….:-)

    I think she’s harmless but that was funny…in a weird way…

  • koshka

    One season too late. LOL

  • just sayin

    I really like Sheryl Crow’s music and I think she probably be a good mentor.

  • GreenHippo

    One season too late. LOL

    yeah she wold have been perfect for Crystal or this year for Casey… again too late :(

  • MrDuffin

    Hope Kid Rock comes with her!

  • PamReid

    No I’m not. All of the remaining sing better than she does.

    Couldn’t disagree more. I love her voice.

    Hope Kid Rock comes with her!

    Now, him, I can do without! :)

  • Mtlfan

    I like her. I’m curious to see her in a mentor role

  • pj

    I am down with it. I mean, she’s way better than Miley.

    Anyone else think Miley’s speaking voice last week sounded like a 40 year old heavy smoker?

  • NOLA

    Just ewwww.

  • SpenserJ

    I am down with it. I mean, she’s way better than Miley.

    I’m down with it too. I like Sheryl’s songs. I find her song-writing fun and interesting. She’s been in the business so long that I think she might have some insightful commentary. Or, she might suck. Either way, I still like her music :).

  • tomr

    Whenever Randy says “dawg” this week I’ll think he is refering to Sheryl.

  • justshootme

    I hesitated to even open this thread because I seriously Can’t Stand Her. So happy to see I’m not the only one! “A true poet and legend”? Barf.

  • weese

    I dislike her. There is some song of hers about summer that my radio station plays year round. I’m not a fan of her music either.

  • superfudge

    Love Sheryl Crow. She should be a great mentor. She can sure show me anything she wants. Heh. She looks phenomenal for her age.

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  • x57x

    Sheryl Crow? Is she going to teach them how to only use one square of toilet paper?

  • wolfsbane813

    this could be good!! hopefully she can help these kids out

  • tomr

    Think she is more familiar with a pooper scooper.

  • SuperNut

    Are you looking forward to Sheryl Crow mentoring the kids?

    No. I don’t like her. I’m sure she can teach the Idols how to screw over people and to find the right person to sleep with to help their career.

  • Cari

    “Let’s face it, it (American Idol) undermines art in every way and promotes commercialism, I am sad people love it so.” – Sheryl Crow, 2007.

    Funny how a little $$ can change anyone’s mind :p

  • RockiDreams

    Good grief, yuck. Not looking forward to that at all and please, please, spare us any of her “singing.”

  • tomr

    They’d be better off having former idols mentor that finished third, fourth, or fifth. That way they could hear from the “horses mouth” what challenges await. Has anyone that went out fifth ever done much of anyrhing?

  • CarieB

    Not a huge fan of her music but she definitely knows who she is an an artist and may be able to impart some of that knowledge to the kids.

  • x57x

    “Let’s face it, it (American Idol) undermines art in every way and promotes commercialism, I am sad people love it so.” – Sheryl Crow, 2007.

    Funny how a little $$ can change anyone’s mind :p

    Good catch Cari.

    Apparently she is a hypocrite.

  • gangreen29

    Why do so many people hate Sheryl Crow? Is there some kind of puppy killing video I missed?

  • x57x

    Well apparently Sheryl Crow said she hated American Idol. She had nothing but bad words for Idol.

  • justshootme

    Plus there’s all her pretentious pseudo-environmental bullshit. Don’t tell me how many pieces of toilet paper to use b*tch.

    And I think her overrated music and voice kinda suck. Lol.

  • MrDuffin

    Sounds like you folks are talking about Fastasia…

  • jersey

    I like Sheryl Crowe’s music and voice. She’s only going to mentor them on the music business and their songs so I’m fine with it.

    If people’s personal views on the environment and politics and how preachy they were about such things, affected whether or not I could enjoy their music, films, tv shows etc. I’d be in a lot of trouble.

  • bean99

    I have no problem with Sheryl being a mentor even if she made a statement against Idol. I like her voice and a lot of her songs a lot.

  • Mtlfan

    “Let’s face it, it (American Idol) undermines art in every way and promotes commercialism, I am sad people love it so.” – Sheryl Crow, 2007.

    Funny how a little $$ can change anyone’s mind :p

    imo she’s entitled to change her mind! I give her the benefice of doubt ..

  • TwigLA

    I have no problem with Sheryl Crow. As far as her saying negative things about AI 4 years ago, so have a lot of other musicians. A lot of others have also changed their minds. That’s testament to the amazing talents that have come out of this show.

  • ReginaFilange

    Undermines music in every way, huh? Prepare to eat Crow, Sheryl.

  • lla2827

    I think she will be a lot better than I also like that it is a woman–finally! I was hoping for Stevie Nicks tho–that would have been really awesome!

    I am sure a lot of people in the music business have said some nasty things about Idol. And let’s face it–there is a down side to the show and nasty stuff goes on behind the scenes. Maybe she changed her mind because Simon is gone or Tyler is there.

    I can understand when someone has really paid their dues doing lots of small clubs and back-up singing (which I think is her background) that idol may seem like the easy way out or something.

  • Elek

    Considering her background, chances are she may be an effective mentor. She has touched country, pop rock and soul and obviously the five remaining finalists’ genres are within her zone. Besides, she is an Interscope talent so it does make sense that Jimmy Iovine asked her to co-mentor plus she still needs to push sales for her “100 Miles from Memphis” as it has only sold less than 200K from its release in July last year up to this day and do early promo for her Summer Tour with Kid Rock. Her publicised disapproval of American Idol and its contestants back in 2007 would be good teevee whether or not she admits that her comment then was not justified and was so over the top. I just wonder why she has not tweeted about her mentoring schedule. With her prima donna attitude, it’s not at all surprising.

  • Grammie Kari

    OMG, MJ – Nigel really does read his tweets!! I have been tweeting him, sent AI emails, and posted on forums (for 7 weeks) that Jimmy needs some estrogen in that production room! I have posted that message here many times – and it’s happened!!

    Believe it or not SHERYL CROW was the first lady on my list!! She started off teaching kindergarten. I had the pleasure of seeing Sheryl perform twice and she was awesome! Now, she has also been accepted by the Country Music community!

    EDIT: As Eleck says, Sheryl has a great musical background and did back-up for Stevie Wonder.


  • Allison


  • pj

    Is it noon yet? It’s Tuesday. ;-)

    Gosh, I refused to watch AI for years because I thought the concept was crap (started in s4 because a friend invited me to dinner and I was hooked). I have no problem with her changing her mind, for commercial gain or whatevs.

  • AddictedToMars

    Sheryl is okay, I like her earlier music in the 90s, girl was on fire then. Honestly I was hoping for Stevie Nicks to be the mentor this week.

    On her comment maybe she’s changed her mind about the show. Idol now is totally different than what it was in 2007. There have been more musican/songwriters types on the show since she’s made that comment.

  • BeachBum

    Sheryl Crow is everything this season’s contestants are NOT… a talented ARTIST!!