Adam Lambert – Trespassing – Listen to a Full Stream

Listen to a full high quality stream of Adam Lambert’s Trespassing ahead of its May 15 release.

Adam will perform his single “Never Close Our Eyes” on the American Idol results show, May 17.

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  • Anonymous

    This album is amazing. Brilliant from start to finish.

  • Marie

    Bringing my comment over from Headlines:

    I so agree with everything that you wrote.

    Yeah, Underneath is just wow! That song is so powerful. As for the bonus
    tracks, they do take a listen or two to get into them. I’m still not
    that into Take Back, sounds too poppy, mixed with lite rock to me,
    basically too close to WWFM, which I hated from FYE.

    But Runnin..that caught me by surprise. He pretty much uses his whole
    vocal range, almost all 3 octaves, in that song. Never heard Adam sing
    so low. I love the drums in it, it just sounds so tribal.

    Nirvana, the last song on the album, is just…I love that song. It’s so
    dreamy, like lying down on a bed of clouds or something. Really pretty.

    I love the fact that he wrote on all the tracks but three, BTIKM, NCOE
    and Naked Love. His writing has gotten so much better, and everything
    sounds so much like..Adam, lol.

  • Anonymous

    Runnin kicks major ass.  Where is jammasta? I think that might be a fav for him :)

    Nice job Adam.  Shady, Naked Love, Runnin, Underneath, Kickin In and Pop That Lock are my favs.  And did I mention Runnin??? 

    BTIKM. RCA I hate you. NCOE sounds great on the radio though. 

  • Anonymous

    There are no words to describe my feelings for this album. Underneath just rips at your heart and soul. Runnin is my new jam along with Shady. The others are not that far behind.
    I love everything about this album and hope he receives the recognition he so deserves as an artist and as the beautiful human being that he is!!

  • Anonymous

    I love it all, but right now I am stuck on Runnin. This song just kills.

    Honestly, BTIKM is the one song that feels out of place.

  • No Thanks

    I don’t know why, but the singles they pick for Adam are never my favorite.  But I’d say 90% of this album kicks major ass.  J’Adore “Shady”, “Kickin” In”, “Broken English”, “Underneath” the most.

    Honestly, not fond of any of the bonus tracks (and can see why they didn’t make the main cut).

  • Karen

    I love Runnin’ ….. he sounds like Midge Ure (Ultravox – Vienna) at the beginning.

  • Tinawina

    Shady and Underneath FTW. Special shout out to Kickin’ In, Cuckoo and Chokehold.  Yup.

    I might change my mind later with further listens, but I doubt it.

    RCA is not allowed to pick lead singles ever again. They suck.

    Great album.

  • Jake Williams

    Wow! This album is amazing! I hated his first album. It was too weird for me. But this has hit after hit.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite album of 2012 so far. Not that i heard them all :p.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it is just me but this review has the songs for streaming and they seem just a bit better quality. This was another great review too.

  • No Thanks

    Still appalled that “Cuckoo” wasn’t made the 1st single.  That’s Top 40 radio gold right there.

  • Anonymous

    lol yes i think it’s safe to say he didn’t really hit it out of the ballpark with FYE. There were few good songs, but as a whole it lacked direction and artist integrity. 

    But he really more than redeemed himself with this piece. I’m glad he is back to doing pop music, obviously he can tackle any genre vocally, but it’s obvious that this sound is where his heart is and also where he belongs. imo :3

  • randi

    I was hoping for a separate thread for the stream.  Thanks MJ

    Now let the flail begin lol

    This album is freakin brilliant.  From start to finish the production, the lyrics, the vocals, everything is done to perfection.

    I’ve bounced around with which song is my favorite; one minute it’s Shady then it’s Naked Love then it’s Runnin or maybe it’s Pop that lock…. All of these songs are so great it’s really next to impossible to pick one and call it my favorite. 

    I will say though that Underneath goes far beyond just being the favorite off this album.  Underneath is probably the best song I’ve ever heard recorded.  I hope that we get the honor of hearing him sing this song live.  I predict if we do there will be rivers of tears.  He really opened up his heart and soul on this track.  So vulnerable and raw and honest. 

    Adam wasn’t kidding when he said he was letting us trespass into his inner self.  Incredible. 

  • Siti Rohaya

    OOMGGG…..happy dance nowwwwww……

  • askance

     The brit reviewers were raving about it when they got to preview some of the tracks earlier and even tho it isn’t number one on my favourites list I feel that they and you could be right lol.

    there are so many tracks on this album to love!

  • Emmy

    Adam totally exceeded my lofty expectations. 

  • wicked

    I love Never Close Our Eyes, OutLaws of Love, and Runnin (Nirvana maybe). Most of the other tracks just don’t click with me. I will buy possibly 3 tracks.

  • Anonymous

     Runnin is extraordinary but it just doesn’t fit with the the vibe of the rest of the album. I agree BTIKM is the odd one although I love that song, it pales in comparison to the rest, even the bonus tracks. Have you paid attention to the vocals at the end of Nirvana? That is killing me right now. There are so many layers in these songs, even more apparent with these HQ streams. There is a lot of background commentary,lol, on Shady that I hadn’t really heard before. This album is major, a real triumph for Adam.

  • Anonymous

    Underneath is one of the most amazing songs ever recorded. EVER.

    Runnin’ (good call on whoever said I’d like that one!), Broken English, BTIKM, and Outlaws of Love are great too. Nothing else really does it for me.

  • Sher

    I can’t get over how much I love this album.  It’s cohesive, lyrically impressive and amazingly addictive.  Adam’s voice is spectacular – I’m seriously impressed by his lower register on Runnin’. 

  • Anonymous

     I expected a good album but not great. This is a GREAT album. The songs are wonderful but Adam’s vocals elevate them to the heavens. He said in one interview that as far as the vocals, he gave it all he had. Thank you Adam for pushing yourself to the limit to make this incredible album.

  • Anonymous

    It is soooo nice to be able to understand every word he sings :)

    Underneath is the song that has touched me the most.

  • Anonymous

    I love this album and one of the biggest reasons is that it’s a lot more contemporary than FYE. I love the mixture  of dance songs and more emotionally charged songs. Adam has done a great job of creating a album that he won’t have a problem of forming a tour around. I’m really glad that he’s getting some great reviews from the States that seem to agree with what the British music critics wrote.

  • randi

    I forgot to mention Nirvana – this song is so good – it takes its time and really drifts along with the melody and his voice on this song is so sexy. 

    Shady is a dirty little romp of a song.  The beat is sick and that opening “get your ass down to the front, go on and pull it out, I dare you” JFC get us all pregnant why don’t you Adam LOL. 

    With FYE there were more songs that I skipped than I didn’t but with this one there isn’t one song I can skip.  I have to listen all the way through because each song is a total aural experience that can’t be missed. 

  • Anonymous

    I love this album so much more than fye! For one thing, I gotta admit it’s much more up my alley since I love strong beats and crazy wierd electronic production. And this album is giving more of that than I had hoped for. At this moment I’m hooked on the bridge to Broken English. That beautiful wordless melody he sings with that bizarro noise going on underneath. Does it sound like someone’s trying to power up their gas lawnmower? 

    But one thing I love about the electronic production is that it really fits the songs. All the discordant sounds in Broken English perfectly fit the song’s message of miscommunication. The occasional scrambled sounds of Kickin’ in fit the scrambled brains of this person getting drunk. Kickin’ In’s not a catchy song, but I love its inventiveness–the singing falsetto and not falsetto at the same time, etc, and the way the vocals are overlaid out of sync in the “do you feel it kickin’ in” chorus is like the audio version of the seeing double of someone drunk. I just love how well put together it all is.

  • Sharon Sunday

    Breaking my boycott of posting on this blog to just say….WOW ADAM! What a brilliant album!! I love it all especially ‘Runnin’!!!

  • No Thanks

    I’m about to make an obscure 80s movie reference. 

    But every time I hear “Pop That Lock” I picture the end of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with Sarah Jessica Parker and her Joey Lawrence lookin’ dance partner at the big dance contest totally owning her bitchy rival.  LOL!

  • Madred

    The album is much stronger than the singles released from it. That was the case with FYE. I have my deluxe edition set to be here on the 15th. I hope this does as well for Adam as FYE did, if not better. 

  • Susan Reiter

    Thanks for this link.  My computer was not liking the mediafire downloads!  Hearing these songs from first note to last — I am just stunned.  There is something for everyone and Kickin’ in, Shady, Cuckoo – and also NCOE which I look forward very much to hearing on Idol – but all of these have become my instant favorites!  And Trespassing – which is pure Adam inside & out!

  • Anonymous

     Love your analysis of Kickin in! It’s perfect and makes me see the song in a totally different way. However, I do think it is catchy and so creative. I hope Adam and Pharrell work together again.

  • Anonymous

    Confirms that he is a musical genius!  I absolutely love it.

  • Anonymous

    Right now my favorites are Shady, Kickin’ in, Pop that lock, Broken English, and Chokehold.  One reason that Broken English and Chokehold are my favorite among the “dark” songs is that their sound relates so well to the dancey light songs.  I love that Chokehold throws in that disco-sounding chorus. I think of Chokehold as the dark side of Naked Love.  The person singing Naked Love has this very carefree “free love” attitude, while in Chokehold they’ve become trapped after all, by falling hard for the wrong person. 

  • No Thanks

    I agree about “Kickin’ In”.  The breakdown is like the musical equivalent of someone trippin’ balls.  LOL!

  • Avari

    It’s so good. It’s just SO GOOD!!!!!

    I suspect that Shady may become one of my favourite songs of all time, not just my favourite on this album.

    I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. How awesome to have your wildest expectations not only met but exceeded? Just…so good.

  • buffyloverlori

    I like every song basically but the one everyone else is loving which is Running. I don’t hate it and I won’t skip it when it plays, as soon as I get his CD.Maybe because to me the first half of the song doesn’t sound like Adam too me, it will probably grow on me though. Favorite are Underneath, Broken English, Outlaw Of Love,Tresspassing, and Nirvana. It surprises me that I love the slower songs this time, and last time I didn’t care for any of them. Love this album more than FYE.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Great to have the full songs to preview. After listening a couple of times, I really like Trespassing, Underneath, Chokehold, Running, BTIKM, NCOE and my favorite is Outlaws of Love. Not too fond of the more electronic songs, but I’m glad that I like so many of the songs. Nice job, Adam.

  • Anonymous

    He did a great job of keeping the vocal out in front. Just amazing

  • Anonymous

    Shady is the coolest song ever!  If RCA doesn’t exploit it as a single they are even more incompetent than they (BTIKM?) sometimes appear.

  • Marie

    OMG I just love Runnin! It just makes me feel like marching, like I just feel so strong and hopeful listening to this song. Took me by surprise, as I really didn’t care for it that much from the snippet.

    Underneath makes me cry uncontrollably. That song hurts so much to listen to it, but yet..I keep hitting replay

  • randi

    I agree with those who have said Shady needs to be a single!  it is perfect for top 40 radio.  So much better than most of the songs on radio.  Turn it up turn it up turn it way up!!  indeed. 

    Feelin pretty fierce in my dancin shoes!! 

    When Adam said it would be worth the wait he was messin around.  It’s worth the wait and then some. 

    I only hope it gets the sales and recognition it so obviously deserves.  Adam should be EP on all of RCA albums because that boy knows how to build an album that delivers the goods. 

  • Anonymous

    That record is so much better than I would’ve thought from the singles. I don’t follow Adam at all other than buying a tune here and there that I like… but there’s more than enough there that I like a lot that I’ll buy the whole thing this time. And can’t wait to send this to my sister who is a fan who wasn’t super crazy about the first album because she’s going to love this one… Well done, Adam.

  • Roger Kramjet

    I just worked out to the stream of Adam Lambert’s Trespassing and am LOVING life! OMG didn’t want to skip a song. They flowed together so nicely and were great for working out. I am LOVING runnin because it is SO different. Underneath is beyond brilliant. I literally would list every track if I kept going because I love them all. Great job Adam! You blew away my expectations~!

  • Anonymous

    The lyrics in the book says ‘roll it out’ ;) 

  • Anonymous

    I just listened to the whole CD and did a track by track first impression.  Don’t know if I’ll post it, since my taste in music isn’t top 40 by nature & I’m not the target group.

    I do agree they did a good job of showcasing his vocals, so his fans should be pleased.

  • Anonymous

    I knew you would! It’s vocally nuts! I’ve had Runnin on repeat all day. I hope it doesn’t become the CTYG of the album in that he never sings it live. 

  • Anonymous

    gosh, it hurts to hear peeps dissing FYE! :DDD To me it was a great album, I still love it and I skipped only Master Plan when listening :D
    The difference is just that TSP is much more cohesive and very distinctly ADAM, where FYE often looked like a – brilliantly sung, eclectic and fun – collection of covers.

    Right now I’m not completely sold only on Naked Love and, blasphemy, Underneath lol. (idk, the full version feels kinda.. overdone? like, cut off half of the final part, and it would be awesome for me? idk, idk)
    Broken English is still the sexiest, Pop that Lock – the craziest fun along with Kicking In, loooove Shady, Cuckoo, Runnin, Chokehold and Outlaws of love. Nirvana is the perfect high, and idc, I lovelove Take Back, love the lyrics and long phrasing over the fast and rough music in chorus. “And I would give anything just to chase the dark away and start all over again..” – tears in my damn eyes every time, no lie. Smth personal, idk.

  • windmills

    I think you can really tell the phases in which this album was developed based on the clusters of songs: there’s the angsty power ballad cluster that was probably derived from the more “thoughtful” period of album development, the sassy/dancy cluster, and there’s the label-searching-for-single not-as-in-your-face cluster (that cluster IMO really interferes with the cohesiveness of the album).

    The catchiest hooks on the album are Trespassing, Shady, Cuckoo, Naked Love. Musically Trespassing is at the perfect crossroads for Adam: dancey production, a Queen-flavored hook, attitude everywhere. The big weakness of Trespassing and Cuckoo is their bridges. They kill the flow and momentum of 2 very catchy songs and they’re not well written at all.  I still like Trespassing because it seems so natural for Adam. Cuckoo goes between cliche lyrics and some really weak ones so despite all the attitude Adam puts into his singing, it doesn’t feel as unforced as Trespassing. 

    Shady is so Justin Timberlake it’s a little distracting. But it’s also insanely catchy and IMO the most fleshed out of Adam’s dance tracks as far as lyrics and production. Definite album highlight. Kickin In is not for me (I found it annoying) but I think it’s very effective in creating that whole trippy club vibe so I’ll give it a pass. Pop That Lock has the same let’s take over the dance floor lyrics I feel like I’ve heard in a million other songs and the different parts of the song aren’t gelling for me. The chorus where Adam stands in for Michael Jackson is almost eerie. 

    The “label looking for single” cluster has a very different personality than the rest of the album in that it’s not as intense or in your face. Never Close Our Eyes has a well developed melody but listening the whole album it lacks the intensity of the pop/rock power ballads at the end of the album and doesn’t have the same impact. I also don’t like the beat in the chorus because I don’t think it fits. But, it’s nice to hear a happy, friendly, light love song from Adam in Naked Love and the hooks are great. I also love how Adam sounds on the verses – it’s very immediate and likable IMO. I don’t know if any of the “label looking for single” songs truly fit the album but Naked Love is a keeper IMO. 

    Underneath reminds me a lot of Honestly on Kelly’s Stronger which is expected because they share a few of the same writers. Gorgeous melody paired a beautiful, rich, vulnerable vocal from Adam and raw lyrics. The production gets to be too much in the last part of the song but it’s still my favorite song on the album. I also like Chokehold, it has a catchy melody and good beat though maybe the lyrics could use more development from the title concept. I’d listen to Outlaws Of Love for the tone in Adam’s voice, that’s another song where the lyrics could’ve used more development. Broken English is the only one out of the intense pop/rock power ballad section that doesn’t work for me – I think they aimed for something interesting with the lyrical concept but didn’t get there and the wailing in the chorus isn’t my thing. 

    I definitely think there’s more of sense of purpose in this album than FYE and the production is definitely more sophisticated. They’ve definitely found a bunch of strong pop hooks for the album too. Where there’s room to improve IMO is in how they develop full songs out of those hooks musically and lyrically. But, there’s already improvement there over FYE so that’s good.

    I’m not even going to bother proposing singles, it never goes well for me with country albums and there’s even less reason to think it’d go well on a pop album. 

    Best tracks: Shady, Naked Love, Underneath
    Skippers: Pop That Lock, Broken English, Better Than I Know Myself

  • mmb

    I hear you!  Why the dissing of FYE?  It was a terrific debut album, got good to great reviews, sold the world over, spawned several hits the world over, and garnered Adam a grammy nom.  I will agree that it was very eclectic and not nearly as cohesive as Trespassing. 

    Trespassing, IMO, is a great album.  None of the songs feel like filler to me, don’t want to skip over any songs. The production is amazing yet his voice is always front and center.  I think Adam really hit it out of the park.  (now RCA, about that lead single……Bygones!  loving NCOE!)

  • Roger Kramjet

    We are more than pleased. I am LOVING life and Adam just poured HAWT sauce all over me! lol

  • janae gibbs

    Naked Love is now on repeat. God, I love that song!

  • Anonymous

    ”I forgot to mention Nirvana – this song is so good – it takes its time
    and really drifts along with the melody and his voice on this song is so

    ^^^I agree. This is the song on the album that makes me want to cuddle with my hubby:)

    I still can’t get over how awesome Runnin and Undernearth is.

  • Roger Kramjet

    You are such a huge Adam fan you really took your time and really got into those singles. Good for you. lol I am LOVING everything on this album. It sounds like Adam so I am not distracted.

    Best tracks: All of them
    Skippers: Not a darned thing

  • V Jemmy

    Alright, there’s a thread now that I can flail in.  Nice.

    Overall, I’m very pleased with the cd.  I’ve been listening to it on repeat all day, as well as a bit last night.  I’m not tired of it yet, though I have found my ‘skip’ song.  Kickin’ In looks to be a favorite, but I cannot stand it and immediately hit NEXT. 

    I really like the transition that BTIKM makes in the album going from the up tempo to the slower songs in a non-kneejerk way.  I think that this is a good place for it, even if it didn’t turn out to be the greatest single in the world.

    Overall, I think this is a far superior album to FYE… and I really like FYE.  However, I turned it on this morning after having listened to TS and really heard, for the first time, the disjointedness that everyone has been talking about for years.  The difference in night and day.

    I might be saying this as an Adam fan, but I really think that this is one of those albums that works better as an album than as singles. 

    Looking forward to my real copy coming in now.

  • randi

    I hear you!  Why the dissing of FYE?  It was a terrific debut album, got good to great reviews, sold the world over, spawned several hits the world over, and garnered Adam a grammy nom.  I will agree that it was very eclectic and not nearly as cohesive as Trespassing. 

    I know I said I skipped a lot of songs on FYE but I didn’t mean that as a diss.  I skip a lot of songs on most albums.  It’s rare for me to find an album that I want to listen to from track 1 to track 13 (or whatever).  Most albums have filler that are songs just thrown on to complete a track listing so they can get the release out there because they know the four or five singles they are going to release, there aren’t any of those on this album.  Every song, IMO, including the bonus tracks feels like a well thought out decision to build on capitalize on Adam’s strengths, which his obviously powerful vocals and his ability to deliver on a range of emotions. 

    I have no issue with RCA releasing BTIKM as the lead single.  To me it was the perfect bridge between FYE and this era and it gave us something to hold onto during the extended period between releases.  People get bored without new music and I think it was smart of RCA to put something out there at a time when most people were expecting an album.

  • julia

     gosh, it hurts to hear peeps dissing FYE! :DDD To me it was a great album, I still love it

    I still love it too.  It is a GROSSLY underated album IMO.

    Agree with the rest of the post too.  I’m so impressed with the way he has tied all the elements that we’ve always known were very adam and tied them together to create an original, distinctive and current and cohesive collection.

    Couldn’t be more pleased with this album, I really feel like it is cementing his place in the industry as a real artist, not just an idol contestant.

  • Roger Kramjet

    As such a huge country music fan that doesn’t love pop Adam should be honored that you took the time to listen to his music and make such copious comments. I was SO influenced by your comments. Great effort on your part.

  • marie

    I love this album. Great job Adam!!!!!!!

  • Kayla

    Naked Love is now on repeat. God, I love that song!

    I know right? It’s pure summer pop fun, I feel like you can actually hear Adam smile while he sings that opening round of “whoaah-oooo-ooaaah” and then in the “take it off *heh* and try me on, the hottest threads you ever wore” section, like he totes knows and loves how silly and fluffy the song is. I adore the whole vibe, it makes me smile along with him.

    Judging by the Kimmel concert performance, I suspect this will be one of the faves of live crowds if he continues with the superfun audience singalong using the earwormy repeated “whoaah-oooo-ooaaahs.” Love.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you on the skippers windmills.  I don’t mind BTIKM, but with the rest of what I’ve heard today, I have no clue why they picked that first.  (And, thanks for your insightful review!).

    Overall, this album is much better than I expected it to be.  There are some real winners on here.  So far, I lean towards Shady & Trespassing as my favorites.  

    I am rather fond of NCOE, so I’m interested to see how it is received by the AI viewing audience next week.  

    At any rate, I’ve only listened through once, but overall I’d have to say job well done.  It’s not overly cohesive and there might be a couple of “meh” moments.  But, this is a solid second effort for a relative newbie to the business.  

    Typically, my criteria for buying a whole album is if I REALLY like at least 4 or 5 songs.  I’m getting close :).  Perhaps if I listen a few more times, I might decide to pre-order (something I almost never do).  

  • Mauricio Arizmendi

    Finally! full leak of the worst album I’ve ever heard! Thank God this one will flop like all the Idol releases ahead (Reinhart, Allen)

  • Nele621

    Wasn’t Shady ready to be released in Dec. or Jan? It’s a very well produced, funky song. This is better than practically anything I hear on the radio. I seriously can’t get enough of Shady.

  • YankeeFan08

    I can’t get enough of Shady either … I think it’s my fave right now, but ask me in a few minutes and I may have a new fave. LOL

    As much as I love Shady, I don’t think it would have been a good choice for a lead-off single.  They needed a “safer” song to reintroduce Adam (although I think they went a little too safe with BTIKM) . 

    Can you imagine how much fun it’s going to be to see Adam perform Shady (and a lot of the other songs) on tour!  No one will be sitting down!

  • Roger Kramjet

    I would love to agree with you but it looks like Trespassing is # 15 on Amazon’s best seller list and has been in the top 100 for 63 days compared to Kris’s album at #76 in the top 100 for 1 day.

  • Trina

    Holy crap this is amazing! I loved FYE but this is even better.

    I didnt care for Adam on AI (didnt like season 8 at all to be honest) but then I LOVED the song FYE, loved WWFM, downloaded the album and got hooked. then I started really appreciating how good he is.  so he made a fan out of me by releasing music I love. I wish more Idols can do that.

  • Nele621

    But Kris’s album has been skyrocketing up. It was a lot lower in the last couple of days.

  • ZsusK

    I swore I wasn’t going to listen to any streams as I wanted to wait to hear the album for the first time next Tuesday.  But, I’m not that strong! I gave in and just listened to the entire album.

    Wow! This is one amazing album.  Well-produced, carefully-crafted songs with Adam’s killer vocals to give them an edge. And so, so funky.

    Kickin’ In, Shady, Running, Trespassing… I can’t decide which is my favorite. It doesn’t matter. There’s not a song on the album that I won’t listen to on repeat.

  • Itsmekg

    I love Adam’s voice, but I don’t necessarily like this genre of music.  I will buy the CD and play it to death in my car (that’s really the only time I listen to music) and fall in love with each and every song.  

  • Mauricio Arizmendi

    what the hell? stop stalking me! the catcher here is Adam so STFU

  • Mauricio Arizmendi

    and yes, this is what happens with the Idol contestants that sings rock the whole season but make dance-electronic albums

  • Anonymous

    Hope this is ok to post. Adam just had a mini twitter party about the album.

     Adam Lambert ? @adamlambert

    Now that #Trespassing is streaming in full on – lets do a twitter party about the MUSIC!!!

    “@HausOfNath: What was your favourite song to write/record on #Trespassing?” Shady was fun. Sam is hilarious. Nile is a class act. A legend

    @adamlambert omg! Do you think you will perform every single song on this album, including bonus songs at least once live?

    @adamisalamb we are rehearsing a LOT of new material this week. Doing a lot of live sets throughout the month!

    “@DanielzROTFL: @adamlambert what is your vision for the next music video?” already shot it last week!

    @adamlambert can you elaborate on the “did you say your game is brand new” lyric from Shady?

    @quailing ya know— you either got game or u don’t. And some folks ain’t grown- they run a brand new game. (inexperience)

    @adamlambert What song on trespassing could be the theme song of your life right now?

    @sweizzGlambert trespassing.

    @adamlambert Can you tell WHEN new video will be out? we can’t wait!

    @GlamNell it will be out when I think it’s ready! Lol. Gotta be great. For all of you. #NCOE

    @adamlambert PLEASE i beg u reply me! when are u gonna show us the trailer or a photo from your next vedeo? #INeedToKnow #AskAdam

    @Mica2081 I already posted a photo doll!!

    @adamlambert Are the “sweetest seeds” available in gardening stores?

    @NoAngelPF in California maybe.

    @adamlambert Are you at all surprised by the overwhelming praise for #Trespassing ?

    @MadLove4Adam relieved. And flatteredRead more:

  • weezle

    Well, I still listen to the full CD of FYE everyday, I love that CD…and every song on it!  I am liking about 80% of the Trespassing CD..I agree with most here that Shady is awesome, and surprisingly enough I love Kickin in..I feel this CD will sell very well…fingers crossed…

  • Anonymous

    Forgot to add also from the twitter party, Adam says that the extra bonus tracks on the UK version are also co-writes of his, Map and By The Rules. I love his writing so this makes me very happy and also, two more songs!!!! ajlfjpwalflkdalf wkflskasfdkskf;lkffd

  • jobeob987

    I’m dumbfounded.  I loved FYE and never expected to like Trespassing as much.  I liked (didn’t love) BTIKM and really liked NCOE.  Still, I wondered if I’d love this album and wasn’t sure after hearing the original snippets.  After hearing the longer ones, I knew I had instant love for Underneath, Shady, Kickin’ In and Chokehold and I quite liked Trespassing and Naked Love.  I was hooked and anxiously awaited to hear the album in its entirety.  Today after hearing Runnin’, I am completely blown away!  This was a bonus track?  Words fail me at the moment.  Honestly, if Adam doesn’t blow up after this release, then I’ll be very surprised.  SO proud of him!

  • Zoey Giesberg

    Basically, this album is *incredible*.

  • Tess

    what happens?  I haven’t seen any numbers for Trespassing, yet.  It will be interesting to read the reviews from the US media since, I’ve been told, this is very European sounding pop/dance music.

    I must say that I am amazed that a singer can sing his own back-up and sound completely different than himself when he does so.  Benefits of having a wide vocal range, I guess.  After listening to this I can understand why he needs some really, really strong back-up Singers when he sings live…it isn’t like the vocals are one dimensional.

  • Patroo

    I feel like this album is more coherent than FYE. With FYE, which I thought was an okay album, it was like: dancetrack followed by a popsong, then again a dance-electro song and then we suddenly hear a opera-esque song. 

    This album takes you with the first tone of the first song and pulls you in a flow, and only lets you go as the last song has finished.

    More mature Adam, no more campy and gimmicky material. 

    BTW, i reaaallyy dig the production on Shady. Reminds me of MJ.

  • Anonymous

    Umm . . . he only sang a couple of rock songs on idol.  THe rest where pop or HAC.

  • randi

    and yes, this is what happens with the Idol contestants that sings rock the whole season but make dance-electronic albums

    Did Adam sing rock all season?

    Audition: Michael Jackson/Queen (after being asked to sing something else)
    Hollywood Week – Four Non Blondes/Cher
    Top 13 Black Or White – Michael Jackson – Pop
    top 11 Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash – Country
    top 10 – Tracks of my Tears – Smokey Robinson – Motown
    Top 9 – Wild Cherry ( don’t let the name fool you) Play that Funky Music – Disco
    Top 8 – Tears for Fears – Mad World – Pop
    Top 7.1 – Steppenwolf – Born to be Wild – Rock
    Top 7.2 – Bee Gees – If I can’t have you – Disco
    top 5 – Cy Grant (muse version) Feelin Good – rat pack/standards
    top 4 – Led Zepplin – Whole Lotta Love – Rock
              Foghat – Slow Ride – Rock (which was the theme of the week)
    top 3 – US – One – (simon pick pop/rock)
               Aerosmith – Cryin – Rock
    Top 2 – Mad world again (pop)
               Change is Gonna Come (R&B?)
               no boundaries (shit)

    So out of all those songs 4 were rock and the rest were a mix of different genres. 

    Also all of Adam’s pre-idol songs were dance music and Adam was very clear coming off idol that he would be making dance music so if you were surprised by this “turn of events” you weren’t paying attention. 

  • mmb

    The first major paper review, from the NY Daily News (yeah its a tabloid but its NYC with a large circulation) came in today and its a really good one.  The music bloggers are raving over it.

  • Anonymous

    Adam did not sing rock the whole season, LOL  And some of the rock songs had a electro sound added to the arrangement.

  • Anonymous

    I still think BTIKM was all about a Claude Kelly deal.

  • indigo

    I am holding of to listen to whole CD until drop date,took a day off in anticipation and celebration of the big day. SO excited.

  • Anonymous

    I’m listening to Runnin again. I can’t deeeaaaaaal! His vocal on this just slays me dead.

  • Roger Kramjet

    I am wishing all the best for Kris and his album I was just stating facts because it didn’t sound like the person commenting was aware of them. I hope Kris sells a ton of albums and is hugely succesful. I don’t have any issues with Kris.

  • Barbara Swanson

    I am so blown away with Trespassing.

    take back NEEDS to be released at some point to a rock station–flat out fantastic, million times better than what is being released right now!
    But wow for Runnin, I find Nirvana just that…LOVE Shady, LOVE Underneath except I also wish the wailing bridge was not there–I am hoping for a radio cut.
    There isn’t a single song I will skip.  When you really listen to the lyrics–wow. wow. wow. 

  • Anonymous

    My favorites are Underneath and Runnin’. Ironically, my two least favorites are the 2 singles. RCA just doesn’t seem to be any good at picking singles (this doesn’t apply just to Adam, but to the other Idols on their roster as well. Eevn with Kelly, Stronger is a better song than MKIA. But I digress…)

    I liked FYE, but this is a stronger album overall than that was.

  • weezle

    bwahaaaa…I love your description of no boundaries (shit)…haha…

  • Ronnie D

    Is it scary that a full grown man squeeled like a little girl when I saw this thread posted by MJ? lol  Off to listen! Thanks for brightening up my dreary and rainy day :)

  • Anonymous

     Here is a compilation of reviews since the streaming started. So far so good :).!/AdamReviews

  • Barbara Swanson

    And oh, btw, i jave an entire website I am writing copy for.  NOT. ONE. WORD. written today.
    I am cleaning my room, a VERY important and time-sensitive job–which must be done because I can actually accomplish this task and listen.
    Not going to be a very productive day re ‘work’.

  • Anonymous

     Haha! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. I predict there is more squeeling in your near future, lol.

  • Ronnie D

     I’m on Shady right now, and have been dancing non stop in my living room since the albums first two tracks. lol. My dog isn’t sure what I’m doing. :)

  • Roger Kramjet

    I thought the same thing about Underneath at first but I am starting to LOVE the wailing bridge. It seems like it breaks free for a moment.

  • Moria Polonius

    Guuuys, the snippets gave a clue it’d be great but the end result is epic, just epic.

    All those dubstep breakdowns are da shit, gimme the fire-extinguisher noises, and electric chickens and aluminum sheets fighting with the wind! And Broken English found a way to combine it with a goddamn opera from another planet! Underneath is like Madonna meets Freddie Mercury and the further it goes the more apocalyptic and heart-wrenching it becomes. The beginning guitar on Outlaws of Love is sublime, Chokehold is the sexiest thing. Running gave me a WTF reaction at first, but it kinda made me think that rock!Adam wouldn’t be half-bad either, the build-up to the climax is massive. 

    They sound so good together despite being all so different, I don’t know how Adam pulled it off but, holy crap, it’s amazing!

  • Anonymous

    From the snippets I had heard before, I knew the album would be good, but hearing it all at once makes me aware how extraordinary it is.  Two of the biggest surprises for me are Underneath and Runnin.  Both are so dramatic, powerful, and, each in its own way, so utterly truthful, and he sings both so brilliantly. I have no idea if either will ever get to be heard by the general public, but they make me so proud to be an Adam Lambert fan.

  • Anonymous

    I love yer berting :3

  • Anonymous

    To my understanding NCOE was what the radio wanted and that is why they went with it.

  • HotHotHot

    I love FYE but Trespassing is brilliant!!! There  are no songs on this album I would skip!! I pray that this album will get the reception that it deserves!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hello Everyone

    OH Lord I am in Nirvana! I feel Adam’s Liberation on this CD and its catching:-) I am  one step away from calling this album ‘A Masterpiece’ but I leave that to the critics and history!

    Sound wise he took it to another level. Rock/dubstep/Funk/Psychodelic wierdness/ I love it! There is no rules here-it just is! Very cohesive and he has accomplished what he set out to do. If he does not do another CD for a long time. This will be his iconic album.

    There is so much to say so little time;-)

    My favorites remain about the same: Cuckoo, Kickin’In, Shady, Naked love, Pop that lock, Chokhold, Trespassing Broken English, Out laws of love, Underneath and my new favourite NIRVANA! In fact the whole album is just  genius and brilliant!!!

    Must say that BTIKM fits in perfectly when you listen to the whole album. I really like it . Sometimes its not about selling loads its about making a statement. BTIKM does just that:-)

    The dubsteps/rock sounds and the weirdness on Cuckoo and Kickin In reminds me of the Cuckooness of Prince one of my favourite artist of all time.  I just love wierd sounds. Adam has invented his own. You can hear this in Broken English, Pop that Lock etc. For me Cuckoo and Kickin’ n is like the brother and  sister of crazy. Honestly I just go mad when they come on:-)

    My fellow Glamberts, get on the crazy train; we are going on the journey of our lives with this album. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and your heart is IN tune:-)

    Finally, I put my intuitive hat on by predicting that he will be nominated for this album:-)

    Till then,

    Kind Regards


  • Roger Kramjet

    I can’t pick a favorite. I LOVE so many of the songs on Trespassing. I think my favorite is just hitting play and listening to the whole thing while I work, exercise, cook, and probably sleep! lol

  • Moria Polonius


    And I love berting!

    Really, I said it before, but Broken English needs to be on some sort of a Star Trek soundtrack, especially the bridge part whereupon Enterprise flies into a ring of space anomalies to meet God.

  • Anonymous


    sounds good to my ears :D/

    I’m still not over the perfection of SHADY!!! It’s too much flawfree to handle at once
     ¯_(? )_/¯

  • Moria Polonius

    Hahaha, Shady is everybody’s favorite, it’s impossible not to like this song! Hooks you right from the first note and doesn’t let go to the last one!

  • Anonymous

     B-Babie-Love your posts, come by more often!

  • Moria Polonius

    Must say that BTIKM fits in perfectly when you listen to the whole album.

    I agree, as much as I like the bonus tracks, I wouldn’t place any of them instead of BTIKM which makes a really good transition from the light to the dark side.

  • Anonymous

     That’s cause it’s so deliciously naaaaasty, lol. When I listen to it my ass just starts waving and bopping totally of it’s own accord, I lose complete control of it until the song is done, lol.

  • Moria Polonius

    my ass just starts waving and bopping totally of it’s own accord

    Same here! The dance songs on this album are serious body shakers, especially the funky ones! 

  • too-cool-for-school

    It sounds so good! The two that kind of annoy me make me the odd person out I think, haha. It seems like Shady and Trespassing are getting good feedback but I’m not totally sold on them.

    Runnin’ is my favorite, along with Naked Love and Never Close Our Eyes. Broken English is pretty sweet, too. High quality pop album right here! :)

  • Anonymous

    I luv Naked Love!

  • Anonymous

    Shady is so much better than either BTIKM and NCOE, but God forbid RCA show some balls….

  • weezle

    I know this belongs in the media thread, but I am so stoked….NYC #1 station just added NCOE’s…..squeeeeeeeeeeee….

  • LaurelG

    This album is like a goldmine of potential top 40 singles. Each one a little fresher and more insanely catchy than the next, and something you could totally imagine hearing on the radio.

    And then there’s Underneath … so utterly beautiful.

  • julia

    yes, finally some BTIKM love back on the platter.  seriously i’ve been really vocal about the single choices, think BTIKM was a bad choice for lead single, but never once thought it was a bad song, just the wrong choice for lead single. 

    It might have worked as a second single, but you want to excite people with the lead, not make them swoon!

  • Anonymous

    Yes.. just coz there’s Bruno’s name on it. Now people can compare it to the other songs in the album. :)

  • julia

    especially the funky ones!

    Hehe, I was tweeting out earlier that I am amazed at how much some of the slower songs are getting me grooving.  I can’t not dance to Chokehold or Broken English at the moment.  Got totally busted doing my ‘uncle dancing at a wedding’ impression earlier.

    Definitely a lot to get you moving on this one!

  • Anonymous

    Z100??? Or the HAC stations?

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with you. There are some DJs and PDs who are still afraid of Adam for reasons I don’t even want to get into, but I do agree with doing whatever needs to be done to get him the air play he needs.  Not right, but what can we do!!!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope that the clubs will play Shady like crazy, so radio couldn’t ignore it and they will play it too. I love accoustic Cuckoo but love the studio version even more, the layer of the vocal’s crazy. But all songs in Trespassing have those great layers of vocals which I love. I love all of them, but Nirvana.

  • YankeeFan08

    Adam is in the May 24th issue of Rolling Stone.  They reviewed Trespassing and gave it four stars!!!!

  • Anonymous

    “Zeus in a thong.”  ::snaugh::

  • Anonymous

    4 out out 5 stars is not to shabby. Glad to see they really liked it. It’s a standout album.

  • Ronnie D

    Since I like dance/dub/rock and pop, this album was easy to digest. This is definitely a yin/yang type of album. The dance oriented tracks in the beginning, and the more ballad/rock oriented tracks in the last half. I actually loved FYE, but it did take some time to sink in. Especially since I can’t think of any other male artist out there right now doing this kind of music.  Trespassing is more ear-wormy to me than FYE.

    My favs so far:

    Broken English – Brilliant, emotional vocal. Love the atmospheric vibe. Adam never fails to connect to what he is singing. I hope he does it live, because it could be a showstopper!

    Pop That Lock – I was jammin’ to this one. Work…work…work…love it! I almost felt like I was doing Zumba :).

    Chokehold – Great tune, very rock oriented. I love this side of Adam. Almost like an alternative to Sleepwalker. Great guitar work.

    Overall I think Adam is taking us on another roller coaster ride. He is off his hinges and cocked and ready to go! :)

  • Anonymous

     This is pretty major for RS. They don’t give out 4 stars lightly. YAAAAAAAAY!!!!

  • mmb

    Two page profile in new issue of Rolling Stone. Plus great review 4/5 ( FYI RS only gives 5 stars like once or twice a year- 4 stars is a great review)

  • Loretta

    Not a POP fan usually but I really like all the music on Trespassing.  Sonically, Lyrically and Vocally it is stellar.  Ear Candy that makes you want to dance.

    Underneath is a vocal masterpiece. 

  • HotHotHot

    OMG!!!!! Rolling Stone gave Trespassing 4 stars!!!!!!!! WOWOWOW!!!!

  • Ashetalia Staatz

    Holy ^@#) a four star review from Rolling Stone? OMG. That’s BIG.  

  • Anonymous

    And remember, the UK version has 2 more songs. Map and By the rules :)

  • Anonymous

    I just can’t wait for these songs on a tour.  Can you imagine?

  • Anonymous

    RS gave Trespassing 4 stars?? Wow,just WOW! I have RS subscription and I read all the reviews, so I know that 4 star rating is rather rare. I am one happy fan now!!
    Four star is described as an excellent. Five stars = classic.
    Maybe one day.. (hey, a girl can dream)

  • Anonymous

    This is a fantastic album.  All I hope is that Adam will sell enough and/or get enough critical acclaim that RCA will give him another album.

  • Anonymous

    Ronnie, Adam did performed Broken English live on Jimmy Kimmel concert. So you’re not crazy about Underneath? I think it’s even more emotional vocal in this song. It’s almost like CLYG, heart wrenching song.

  • Anonymous

    Is RS out yet?

  • shell29

    Just finished listening to the album and I like this one much better than FYE.  I don’t know if I’m ready to commit to purchasing it yet. I’m close but I need to listen to it a second or third time before I decide whether I’ll pull the trigger next week when it’s released.  I guess I’ll be the lone dissenter who is not in love with Shady.  It’s just “OK” for me.   The first half of the album is fun but I think I love the second half even more.  Underneath might be my favorite Adam Lambert song to date-everything about it is stunning.  That is a stand out track for me-just gorgeous.

    Overall I’d say good job Adam!  I hope this project is a big success for him.

  • Susan Reiter

    Adam just had a twitter party this afternoon soliciting questions about the music!  He said of the great reviews that he was “relieved and flattered” – pretty honest sentiment there!  He also said he liked Bieber’s “Boyfriend” and that the similar CD covers was some unfortunate marketing LOL!  When asked what song he most loved to perform he said somethng to the effect of – ask me at the end of the month!  Lots of good info from the twitter exchange today!

  • Anonymous

    RS has been a huge supporter of Adam from Day 1. Four star review is great news!

    (Have they reviewed any other Idols’ albums recently? I’m wondering if they will even bother to review Kris’ or Haley’s)

  • Whiskey

    Nice writeup on RS. Adam gets very deep and personal. Yah for 4 stars. That’s better than what Adele’s 21 got. I’m hoping Adam gets a great metacritc score.
    More reviews please.

  • Anonymous

    FYI…Rolling Stone reviews Trespassing in the 5/24 issue. They gave it four stars! By comparison, they gave “21” 3 1/3 stars, Carrie Underwood got 2.5, and Kelly Clarkson got 3.

    (oops, sorry, didn’t realize the info about the review was posted earlier in the thread)

  • Whiskey

    They gave Carrie 2.5. Not that it would affect her sales any.

  • Anonymous

     Actually they sort of ignored him for a while after FYE came out. RS didn’t even cover the GNT. They didn’t start covering him again until the Queen/Pharrell/Nile collabs came about. They also probably heard some of the album and liked it. Seems like they were a bit disappointed with FYE and gave him some room to prove himself a bit before they came around again. Rob Sheffield however has always liked Adam, in fact his review of the AMA performance was the one bright spot of that whole dark time, lol. That’s just my take of course.

  • Ashetalia Staatz

    Yeah, there were no RS reviews/blurbs after fye came out. Did RS even review FYE?

  • Ashetalia Staatz

    Yeah, there were no RS reviews/blurbs after fye came out. Did RS even review FYE?

  • YankeeFan08

    They did review FYE.   They gave it three stars.

  • julia

    I think RS might review Hayley girlygirl, she another one of those idols who stands out from the pack – has something a little different from the usual idol product.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if RS ended up being huge supporters of Hayley too.

    Would be a little more surprised if they reviewed kris. he’s very good at what he does, but what he does is a little too common. Who knows, maybe they’ll have a twofer idol special for hayley & kris?

  • Ronnie D

    I know Adam did it on Kimmel but I haven’t seen a video of it. I love the vocals on Underneath, but I wish more was done with the music. Maybe a more edgier, rock sound like CLYG. It might sink in the more times I listen to it though. I’m also glad Adam’s vocals are more up front on this album!

  • Ashetalia Staatz

     Thank you :)

  • Roger Kramjet

    Here is 1 link to Broken English

  • HappyDaisy

    Such a talented, expressive singer.

    When will there be news about tour?

    My favorites right now:

    Underneath – Wow. This album’s Broken Open.

    Take Back

  • Moria Polonius

    I think they totally drowned out Adam’s voice in his full rock wail on CLYG, though, and on the verses the production it was pretty much the opposite of edgy. I have such a love-hate relationship with that song: love the lyrics and the wailing, hate the production which is only a bit above of Aftermath.

    Underneath, though, is pretty much perfect production-wise for me. It’s sparse and echo-y, and builds up but never so much as to drown out his voice. It’s got that industrial post-apocalyptic vibe that makes me think of a travel through the burned out desert of a person’s darker parts of mind. I’m so relieved that they didn’t try the rock percussion on it, I don’t think it would have been able to achieve the same eerieness.

  • mmb

    they didn’t do any major profiles or review the GNT, but RS never totally ignored Adam…they published a big photo of him in one of his GNT costumes in one issue, and he popped up here and there.  But yeah, they really started covering him again this past December.  I don’t know that they were disappointed in FYE — they did give it 3 stars, which is pretty good — I just think they thought he could do better.  And now they think he has!

  • randi


    I know this belongs in the media thread, but I am so stoked….NYC #1 station just added NCOE’s…..squeeeeeeeeeeee….

    HOOO SHIZZZZ! that is a major f’ing big deal!!  YES YES YES!!!

  • mmb

    they reviewed Carrie, Kelly, I’m pretty sure Daughtry.  And probably J-Hud and Fantasia’s last cds. 

  • iani

    I like the album as a whole much better than the eclectic FYE, it is so much better entertainment in than even FYE-song and the message itself from the first album. Only 2 songs I don’t really like right now, Pop That Lock and Nirvana. Runnin’ rocks and Kickin In should be in every club, so much fun, my guilty pleasure, lol. Hope the best for Adam and a kick-a$$ tour. Great news about #1 in US-Top 40 add today before any official format release date, many other radio stations might follow its example adding the new single.

    NCOE was added by WKTU, in NYC. It is NOT the #1 station. Z100 is the #1 station in NYC
    Still great, many artists would like to have it.

  • Anonymous

    I agree completely that Shady is the standout of the fast songs and is better than anything on the radio, practically. Nile tweeted he got the finished cut of the song in like Feb/March, so I’m not sure it was ready when they were contemplating first singles. And I’m sure they shied away from it due to the overt sexual nature of it, despite that theme being quite common for other artists. 

    If NCOE does well (which I do like as well), I suspect they might be more adventurous with the next single. Fingers crossed! Team Shady or team Cuckoo.

  • Emily

     not that anyone asked, but thoughts from a more casual fan

    Trespassing: probably my favorite of the snippets, love love the bass line and the hand clap track. Goes down from an A+ to a solid B with weird breathing/bridge thing in the middle. Maybe it’ll grow on me

    Cuckoo: I get the love for this, I do. It’s definitely catchy, but I don’t think it’s in any way radio friendly (but then again, what do I know.) I may be in the minority who doesn’t love love this

    Shady: great great bass line, this may be my favorite of all the light side songs. It’s funky, fun, and I could find myself blasting this in my car, or dancing to it in a club, I’d love to see the music video for this the most

    Never Close Our Eyes: doesn’t quite fit thematically with the first three, but I love how great Adam’s vocals sound, and as a single I think it’s probably the most accessible for non fans to come to the equation

    Kickin In: I think this is the song that’s going to grow on me the most. I really like it, and I fear that I’ll find myself dancing in my car on road trips to it.

    Naked Love: The chorus > the verses. I’m only on my second listen, but I’m finding it hard to comment on anything but this. Arguably the weakest track on the first half imo

    Pop That Lock: the most clubby song. I really like the production here, it has a great clear beat, but enough funk to make for excellent remixes (and I hate remixes)

    Better Than I Know Myself: I actually like this song a lot. I still think it’s more third single material, but it is a great transition from the light to dark side. (yes, it’s more on the FYE side of things, but I’m a strong believer in making transitions between albums, so this also works as that)

    Broken English: Another song that reminds me of FYE a bit (maybe in A Loaded Smile sort of way) Here I actually like the bridge/breakdown because it fits thematically in the song

    Underneath: holy hell is it contractually obligated for one Idol to have a heartbreaking song on their album? I love the reoccurring chords in the piano, and how this ebbs and flows. Lyrically (along with Outlaws) my favorite

    Chokehold: almost a letdown, sandwiched between U and OOL. That said, there’s a really interesting vibe to this, I’m not completely sold on the production, but I think it’ll be a grower

    Outlaws of Love: I love that this never turns into a big power ballad. It really makes you listen to the lyrics, and underlines the emotions perfectly

    Runnin’: how in the hell is this a bonus track? No. Really. I think this is actually one of the better songs on the whole album.

    Take Back: feels similar to a lot of other tracks, and is very close to wanting to belong on the first half

    Nirvana: a much better album closer than OOL, makes it less of a fall off a cliff and more of a nice denouement

    overall I really like the album. I can definitely see myself growing to love a lot of tracks, and I’m not disappointed that I ordered the fan edition with the vinyl at all. I’m not sure the tracklisting is quite in the right order, and I don’t know as if I like the light side/dark side split, especially since it leaves Runnin’ as a bonus track as opposed to potential single. But it’s a very solid album.

  • randi


    I don’t know that they were disappointed in FYE — they did give it 3
    stars, which is pretty good — I just think they thought he could do
    better.  And now they think he has!

    I think even Adam felt like he had something to prove with this album and I’m sure that’s why he took such control over everything the way he did.  No one knows how to showcase his voice they way he does and it shows on this CD IMO. His voice is showcased so perfectly on every track.  There isn’t a bunch of extra bells and whistles that distract from the gloriousness (not a word but whatever lol) of his voice. 

    When you sing like Adam does it doesn’t matter if you play an instrument.  His voice is the only instrument he needs.  that man has a gift and personally I’m so grateful that he took a leap of faith and went on Idol.  It would be a shame for that voice to be stuck in the back of a chorus. 

  • Anonymous

    Rolling Stone giving the album a 4/5 is so very cool! They’re notoriously one of the harshest critics. FYE was actually received pretty overall, but still only got a 3 from them. So growth!

    The cohesiveness of the album is really great. It sounds like one piece of art when listening in full yet each song stands alone well too. Critical praise obviously doesn’t mean great sales (or negative ones meaning the opposite) but it certainly can’t hurt :)

  • weezle

    WKTU Top 40 New York….

  • Anonymous

    That and the fact that Sam Sparro is featured on it. He’s too much an unknown to US radio. That alone will likely rule it out for US but maybe Australia could pick it up. 

  • Anonymous

    since it leaves Runnin’ as a bonus track as opposed to potential single.

    I really love Runnin’ but that would never fit on radio. It’s why Katy Perry’s Pearl or Who Am I Living For were never singles even though they’re arguably some of the best on Teenage Dream. It also doesn’t fit sound wise as much as the other songs. I’d be hard pressed to swap it with anything, save BTIKM but that song is much more transitional. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Sam being on it would exclude it alone; I doubt radio would care to be honest. It’s the fact that radio has in the past told RCA explicitly they wouldn’t play FYE b/c of it’s sexual nature or Fever b/c of the male pronoun, I doubt they’ve changed their minds since era 1. It’s also a little outside radio norm. 

    I can see the reasoning behind going with safer but still catchy NCOE, and I do generally like that song a lot. It just makes me a bit sad that really great songs might not be up for consideration for what are ultimately stupid reasons. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been living with this stream since this morning and I have to say…..excellent!  I waited to give a full assessment because I am such a homer and I’ve initially liked some idol cds initially, purchase them and then rarely ever revisit them once the glow is over.  I think this one is a keeper.  If it were a man it could eat crackers in bed.  I certainly wouldn’t kick it out of bed!  I absolutely am over the moon for Shady. I knew that would be one of my favorites once I heard the snippet.  Now hearing the entire song HaySus Christo!  I love love love it.  I can’t get enough of it.  Underneath is so stunning, heart wrenching….ugh, ugh, I am speechless.  If someone else had sung Naked Love it would be a smash, the song is so radio ready.  Kickin In is AMAZING. I can totally see me dancing my ass off after having several cocktails, hell I use to be that girl! LOL!  I hope radio give him a shot, this could be very, very big. 

    I love the direction he went with this cd.  He’s got some true club music and some really beautiful songs that show his vocal artistry.  Adam sings like nobodies business.  It has the abby seal of approval!

    ETA: Whenever my father would really like something, or someone, he would say that it was brilliant! Trespassing is Brilliant!

  • Barbara Swanson

    I am liking it more…however, I really like the tight feel of the main sections.
    Believe me, as a whole, LOVE Underneath.  Amazing lyrics.

  • ZsusK

    Well, Adam is already off to a good start as far as critical success.  Truthfully, as executive producer, I think he’ll take that over sales if it comes down to it.  But, please, PLEASE let NCOE do it’s job to get people to check out this fantastic album. Zeus in a thong deserves it. ;)

  • Anonymous

    CLYG sounds like an unfinished song or demo to me, and what a waste of a potential great song it was. Better production could have given us an excellent song.

  • Anonymous

    Just now listening to the stream, and I’m so, so happy.  He nailed it!  When I first heard he wanted to do dance pop, I remember thinking, “Oh, well, I love his voice and what I know about him as a person, so I’ll back whatever he wants to do.”  I also remember, though, his saying something in an interview or on Twitter along the lines of wanting to give us what we didn’t yet know we wanted.  That’s how this album is for me.  Had you told me a year ago that an electronically produced, dance-pop album would immediately be among the top of my personal list of all-time favorites, I’d have thought you were CUCKOO! 

  • Anonymous

    impact date is suppose to be on may the 29th for NCOE.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure what I can say that hasn’t been said so far. I’m fascinated by how the same music resonates differently from person to person. It’s such personal thing. The emotions on this album go from fierce, fun, proud to such pain…. how is one singer able to communicate so much pain. For me his voice just reaches in and rips my heart out.

    I have no musical vocabulary to draw on but I agree the album is cohesive and I really like the flow from beginning to end. On the front end my favs are Shady, Cuckoo, Trespassing. I’m also crazy about the bonus tracks especially Runnin, that lower register and the beats are crazy good. My least favs are probably Kickin in and Pop that Lock. My favorite emotional ones are Underneath (OMG!!), Broken English, Chokehold. With a special feeling for Nirvana, such a brilliant song to end the album with (it’s a crime to even sell the 12 track standard album in my opinion). Nirvana is just heavenly, it’s if “Adam Lambert were to sing a lullaby” this would be it. When his voice just goes up and up in that one place on the word “fly” and ends in his falsetto. Seriously he could sing me to sleep with that song every night. The other songs I haven’t mentioned are all good but someone previously used the word “vanilla” and I think it fits. I like naked love but it really takes me straight back to high school and late 70’s disco. Which isn’t a bad thing but I just don’t have the same level of emotional connection with NCOE, BTIKM and Naked Love.

    I can’t wait to hear how he’s going to take these live!!!! But I’m going to hear him at Wilkes Barre, PA and in DC.

  • Enough already!

    Adam has made a cohesive beautiful piece of work with care and love and proves that he can sing anything he wants to.    While I have a couple of favorites already, I am sure this will change as I get my own copy and listen to the nuances that make up each song.  This album is Trespassing all over my soul from Shady to Underneath and everything in between.   Well done Adam!!!!

  • Anonymous

    For me this album needs to be listened to with really good head phones. There is so much going on in the layers upon layers of music just amazing!!! Can’t wait to get the cd’s in my hands. 

  • Anonymous

    Nirvana just makes me want to make sweet, sweet love….. there just aren’t words for this album. 

  • buffynut2001

    NCOE was added by WKTU, in NYC. It is NOT the #1 station. Z100 is the #1 station in NYC and the country. WKTU is their “sister” station. It is in the #1 market, but it is not the #1 station. However, with the promo Z100 is doing for iHeart radio, I think they will add NCOE soon-ish

  • weezle

    well excuse me, #1 MARKET…its all good to me…

  • Anonymous

    I’m an extremely casual fan [don’t follow him, don’t care much about his life, although props for being an out singer – that continues to take guts, IMO] and I only own one or two of his MP3s.  Didn’t like the snippets I’ve heard before, but this is actually an excellent album when I listen to it in full.  I might download a few tracks to run to ;)  

    Outlaw of Love is the standout to me.  Just a beautiful song and a lovely message – and if ever a movement needed an anthem – this is it.

  • gferna

    Next RS will have an article on Adam.

    Hey, what else I can say.  Honestly, nobody knows  what’s going to happen… Maybe he will succeed big time, maybe not.  But, on the quality of this album, an undisputed YESSS!!!

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t read the thread, casual fan here. I only listened to Shady this afternoon as it was the snippet that got my attention earlier. As I was playing it, my 18 yr. old daughter walked in and said “that sounds like ‘Superstition'” then proceeded to call that up on youtube to show me. That bass line is very similar (no wonder I liked it!). Anyway, she and I both loved the song with its retro funky vibe! (I’m sure she’ll like the dance/club songs, too.) Sounds like Adam has a winner here.

  • sdmama

    I was going nuts because Chokehold snippet was too short. I am ecstatic to be able to hear the whole song. It’s like finally I could scratch where it was itching.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I hope that this isn’t too off topic, but there’s a transcript of the CD review and article in RS here:

  • Not fit to print

    Honestly love almost every song I’ve heard from this cd but NCOE has to get on the radio so that more people are introduced to Trespassing and get out there and buy it.

  • Q3 –Is it 5.15 yet?

    The live performance on Kimmel was not one of the songs the show videoed but there are fan recordings on YT.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Annieba for the invite:-)

    I am a conservative Glambert; if there is such a thing:-)

    But I enjoy coming here only to express my love for Adam once in while like this; and if there is some juicy articles on the music industry I give it a go! Also I am also a fan of Jennifer Hudson;-)

    I love reading your post too.Very dedicated and passionate. I admire that:-)

    Honestly we in for a treat with Trespassing. We won’t know what hit us. He is special in a very challenging industry. But he will win!!

    Shall we propose that he moves on to films/TV after this album while he considers what the next album will be:-)?  

    Enjoy your day



  • Anonymous

    Thanks Moria,

    Yes it fits like glove on listening and even marketing:-)

    This album carries so much promise.

     The pop industry is going to be saturated with electronic dubstep rock from Europe more and more. But what sets Adam apart from everyone else he has created his  own sound that fits him perfectly. I admire his creativity and artistry and all those who worked with him especially Pharrell who was the guiding light of Trespassing. It would never have happened:-)

    I admire that he is open to taking risk. This is what pays off in the end. He ignored distracting voices and listened to his gut.

    Way to go Adam!:-)



  • Anonymous

    Video of Nile Rodgers in the studio working on the Shady track

  • milwlovesadam

    Well, to say that this fan of the man is happy would be an understatement. This album is beyond my expectations.  It is current, new, fresh and very market ready. Add in the voice of this man, and it just sends me places I haven’t been in a long time!

    The bonus tracks must be heard. Runnin’ is blasting right now, and I’m addicted to it. This has to go to radio. Can’t wait to hear it live!

    Underneath makes my heart ache with his emotive vocals. Must be a killer to sing. What a beautiful beautiful song.

    Nirvana is the perfect end to this roller-coaster of an emotional journey the album takes you on. It’s like Adam wrote about his Hair experiences, tribe friends, his love of astrology , and everything hippie and trippy, and added in a little Goldfrapp, and stirred it up in a pot and came up with Nirvana. And it is.

  • Joyed

    Late, but I listened to the stream!

    I felt kind of lame listening to the stream sitting at my computer because these songs are clearly meant for movement – for listening while in the car, walking, or dancing.

    I wanted to share my thoughts on the tracks (minus the bonus
    tracks).  I tend to be a music first person, so the aural sound catches my attention before I tend to focus on lyrics.  Lyrics usually only catch me on
    first listen if one is particularly lovely or a horrible clunker.

    Here are my favorites:

    Trespassing – just super catchy throughout the song.  The melody feels familiar, like I’ve heard it before.

    Cuckoo – chorus.  Don’t think I’m in love with the lyrics, but the chorus feels fun.

    Chokehold – The overall song is quite nice melodically and vocally.  This really sounds like Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” vocals in a few places. 

    Outlaws of Love – When I heard his acoustic version, I didn’t really connect with the song, but the final product really works for me with the production.  It also feels like a timely song.


    Kickin it – Weird mixed feelings on this.  The opening vocals of the song are so close to Michael Jackson’s on “Don’t Stop til You Get Enough.”  But I love the chorus.  I actually caught most of the lyrics for this song.  I just feel like it really evoked the watching someone getting wasted in the bar of a club feel.

    Never Close Our Eyes – like the vibe and lyrics, but it isn’t amazing

    Shady – fun funky best – the opening riff reminds me of “Superstition.”  My least favorite part of the song is the “Sha-ady, Late-ly” part.

    Broken English – I think I enjoy a lot of the melody lines and where he harmonizes with himself. 

    Meh / Not My Thing

    Naked Love – this reminds me of the pop songs from the British boy/girl bands like the Steps or SClub7.  I liked some of those songs, but this just doesn’t hit the spot for me either musically or lyrically.

    Pop That Lock – It starts off promising, but I really am not into the chorus at all, especially the “pop that lock” part

    Better Than I Know Myself – it’s okay, but it feels a little whiney earnest to me. (Which is how I feel about WWFM :p)

    Underneath – I know a lot of people love this, but this falls into my overwrought ballad bin.  I don’t connect to the darkness of the lyrics – I like the concept of what’s underneath but not the actual examples the writer chose “red river of screams”.  Still, Adam’s vocal is impressive on this song this.

  • Anonymous

    Just listened to the stream again – and the more I do the more beautiful and interesting the album becomes.  The production is stellar – the ballads haunting and exquisite – the funky/dance tracks irresistible – the vocals – mygod – they’re beyond anything out there today – and the layering of the vocals in these tracks is phenomenal.  The range of his voice in “Runnin” stuns, and the incredible “Underneath” IMO will be a classic.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I only got through BTIKM before technical difficulties hindered, which is a shame, as I suspect I’d gravitate more towards the later ballads.

    I agree with everyone who said that Shady is the highlight on the first half.  It may be JT, but JT isn’t really busy being JT right now so Lambert may as well be the one to do it.  Very very fun.

    Naked Love is still breezy.  And I still think NCOE is the easiest sell at radio and at the clubs.

    As for the rest, Trespassing comes off better than the initial extended snippets; the funk seems slighly less strident.  Still not entirely enamored with the lyrics.

    I really want to like Kickin In but whatever they did to the harmonies in the chorus…no me gusta.  Maybe they’ll try some different arrangements live and I’ll be able to appreciate it more.

    Pop that Lock is one of those songs where someone came in with a great idea for the first verse and then the rest of the song just falls off in comparison.

    And Cuckoo is just not for me at all.  The guy is a hippie burner underneath it all, so this paean to going out and getting crazy with friends shouldn’t feel so sterile, but it does.

    Still, three strong tracks and two with redeeming features out of 8 in the first half is pretty solid especially since I’m pretty some of the ballads will do it for me.  Worth a few downloaded tracks, if nothing else.

  • milwlovesadam

    Runnin’ seems to be the track that is getting a lot of attention in the press and with fans. I hope it gets radio play, despite it’s placement as a bonus track. If Adam puts out an EP after this, Runnin’ should be on it for sure. This is the song I keep going back to. Turned up to 11. So many layers. Stunning. Killer vocals.

  • Anonymous

    “Shady – fun funky best – the opening riff reminds me of “Superstition.”  My least favorite part of the song is the “Sha-ady, Late-ly” part.”

    OMG! That’s my favorite part of the song…. :)

    It’s so awesome that Rolling Stone gives #Trespassing album a rare 4 star. Exciting!!! 

  • Ashetalia Staatz

    Honestly? After too long listening, the only track I’m not totally crazy about is btikm. I wish it had been replaced with Runnin. The rest…really depends on my mood. Lately, been od’ing on Runnin and Nirvana, and totally in love with Cuckoo, Shady, KI, trp. Ki is playing now. Love that song.

  • Anonymous

    I keep going back to Runnin too. This song was the biggest surprise from the snippets. It is utterly unique and the vocals only Adam could pull off. It is catchy but intense. The lyrics are personal but almost as if sung by two different people, I don’t know. I will say it finally dawned on me what this song feels like. It feels like a Queen song. The multi-layered varied vocals, the vocal range, the tempo and melody changes, the drama and theatricality. I love this song but I don’t know what to make of it at the same time.

  • Anonymous

    Yes – find this song fascinating.  Mentioned before that, particularly at the end, it does sound more like a duet than layered vocals.

  • Barbara Swanson

    I am so in love with TSP.  Runnin…brilliant.
    However, the more I hear, the more I am blown away with Take Back…it is so amazing.
    I actually think if Adam’s name were removed, that Runnin would go far on country–which is weird, but it is almost a genre-free song.  Wow.  This entire album is simply amazing.  Amazing.

  • Kayla

    Hmmm Runnin is not even in my top 10 LOL. To each his own. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it, especially the opening lines and that driving beat. But it’s a bit too far into the rawk end of pop/rock for my personal tastes. Adam’s lower register is fascinating to hear at length, though.

  • Barbara Swanson

    I think it is so great, the really wide variety of ‘faves’.
     This is a testiment to the quality of all the tracks.  I haven’t heard any single song being consistenly disliked or called filler!

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm RUNNIN is my #2 fav close behind Shady.