X Factor Final 24 Revealed

The X Factor boot camp took place last night and tonight–that’s the American Idol equivalent of Hollywood Week–and the Top 24 have been revealed. X Factor is Simon Cowell’s competition reality show currently airing in the UK. And, according to press reports, it could be coming to Fox as soon as next year… There seems […]

Brooke White, Michael Johns and David Archuleta – Let it Be – VIDEO

David Archuleta surprised the crowd at the Brooke White/Michael Johns concert in Salt Lake City last night, as he joined them onstage in a performance of “Let it Be”. Cool! Listen to the crowd scream as David takes the stage… Brooke and Michael are currently on tour together, wrapping up in Des Moines, IA on […]

Idol Headlines for 09/27/09

Daughtry, Tim McGraw, Dane Cook headline Vegas concert to benefit LAS VEGAS – Comedian Dane Cook, rock band Daughtry, and musicians Tim McGraw and Brian McKnight were headlining a benefit concert Saturday night at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel-casino to provide funding for the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy. Agassi said this year’s first class […]

Simon Cowell Talks to Himself

Check this out.   Nearing his 50th birthday, Simon Cowell writes his younger self a letter.  It’s about how he lost his shirt as a young man, but then climbed his way back to the top. It’s all in the third person–including when the narrative catches up to the present. It’s kind of bizarre, actually: […]

Adam Lambert Update! More on Possible Album Tracks and 2012

More Adam Lambert Album news…brought to you by those diligent fans who scour the web–thanx dilligent fans! Looks like a Max Martin/Andreas Carlsson song   will make Adam Lambert’s upcoming album, according to THIS. Adam recorded with Martin back in August during the American Idols Live tour… Country songwriter, Aimee Mayo (“I Wonder” for Kellie […]

Kris Allen: More New Songs Revealed!

Check out the new video series, Realite, from Entertainment Weekly’s Micheal Slezak and Kristen Baldwin! Watch it HERE In this week’s episode, Slezak interviews Kris Allen right after his Z100 premier of the new single “Live Like We’re Dying”, and they discuss two more songs Kris recorded for his upcoming album. “Written All Over Your […]

Idol Headlines for 09/26/09

Kris Allen’s Shocking Revelation “Idol” host Ryan Seacrest learned something so juicy and scandalous about “American Idol” champ Kris Allen today, that he had to spread the word via Twitter. Seacrest posted, “Today Kris allen told me his wife has to drop him off and pick him up at work now because they only have […]

So You Think You Can Dance: Paula Abdul Says Yes, Nigel Says Season 5 Lacked Charisma, Season 6 to End with a Top 6

Nigel Lythgoe @dizzyfeet tweeted a couple of fun factoids today. Paula Abdul says yes: I saw Paula @ the “Power of Women” event yesterday. I asked her to come on SYTYCD again and she said she would. I hope she means it ? If she’s got no other gigs, she’ll do it. Nigel and his […]

Glee Teaser! Somebody to Love – VIDEO

The Glee kids, now at the required 12 members to compete in Nationals (thanks to the cheerios and football players who wised up and signed up) perform   Queen’s “Somebody to Love.” The video is just a snippet, the entire performance will be featured on this week’s Glee.   It looks like it’s gonna be […]