Brooke White, Michael Johns and David Archuleta – Let it Be – VIDEO

David Archuleta surprised the crowd at the Brooke White/Michael Johns concert in Salt Lake City last night, as he joined them onstage in a performance of “Let it Be”. Cool!

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Listen to the crowd scream as David takes the stage…

Brooke and Michael are currently on tour together, wrapping up in Des Moines, IA on 9/30.

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  1. Awesome! Technically the show was in David’s home town of Murray. I just want the Brooke/Michael tour to come out to the east coast!

  2. Awesome Video….They were all great but “Archie” has that star quality more then Brooke or Michael. Thanks for posting MJ

  3. Wow. That was great! What an AWESOME moment for the audience. And I don’t care what they say, Idols can definitely sing live.

    Who was that tall guy in black between Michael and Brooke whose head kept getting chopped off?

  4. Here is a recap of the concert from Indigo, an Archie fan…

    Not really sure what I should write to you about but I will tell you some things that I remember. First of all, David is a ninja! I looked around for that boy but couldn’t see him anywhere. It was a little frustrating when I would get a tweet on my phone from David saying how he was in the theater listening to them sing. Where he watched I don’t know but it wasn’t with the main crowd (though that did not really surprise me, safer for him that way I’m sure).

    Michael and Brooke were both in a good mood and Michael mentioned several times that he really likes it in Salt Lake. He said that he had been here five times and always enjoyed it. He then said that (I am loosely quoting him here) “My friend David Archuleta, *loud cheering* yes, I find him cute too. David told me (and here he does an impression of David) ‘Salt Lake City is really fun'”. Then he went on talking about Fashion Place Mall or something like that.

    I will be honest and say that I was not expecting to love Brooke White, she was never my favorite on AI, but I was proven very wrong. She was great live and very chatty. She was really happy to be there because a lot of friends of her’s was in the audience. I even talked to one of them in line while we were waiting for the doors to open. Early on in her set Brooke started drinking from her water bottle and just kept going. The crowd chanted “Chug, chug” and she ended up drinking the whole thing at once. After that she crumpled it up and threw it into the audience, she said it was a tradition.

    When Brooke said that she had come to the last song my heart sunk a little bit because we hadn’t seen David yet. She started singing Let It Be and Benton Paul came on stage and joined in. After that Michael Johns came on too and my hope perked up because I was thinking, maybe they are going to keep adding people! There was someone in a plaid shirt in the back but I couldn’t see his face and I was wondering if it was David. Turned out it wasn’t but it’s kind of funny that I saw a plaid shirt and immediately thought of David. I then saw a person grab a microphone on the stage and I remember having the thought “I hope he is getting it for David!”. He was and David came out singing. The thing that stands out the most to me more than anything is the huge smile that was on his face, he was so happy and bashful at the same time. After Let it Be they sang Proud Mary and he was smiling, I was smiling, I think everyone was smiling! Watching him up their made me so happy! After the song they all left the stage and of course everyone was cheering really loudly. Brooke came back and told us that they hadn’t planned that. She then said something that amused me. She told us that she had forgotten to sing a song. What was funny about it was that it was her single Radio, Radio. Seems like that would be the song you would remember the most :-)

    Source: Snarky Archies

  5. Who was that tall guy in black between Michael and Brooke whose head kept getting chopped off?

    Benton Paul, he is a local artist,and is touring with Brooke and Michael… he has open 2 times (I think) for David when he has played on Salt Lake City… He and Archie are good friends :)…

    Now on the video… awesome… always wanted to heard David singing this one and is was really great… and I love Brookie ;)

  6. Here’s “Proud Mary”

    They evidently asked him at some point during Michael’s set to come out and sing “Let It Be” with them so he was somewhat prepared for that.

    But Michael called him back for the final song, “Proud Mary”, and he wasn’t expecting that, hence the “What’s going on?” and Brooke’s “We’re just gonna sing one more song.” haha!

  7. Benton Paul, he is a local artist,and is touring with Brooke and Michael’ ¦ he has open 2 times (I think) for David when he has played on Salt Lake City’ ¦ He and Archie are good friends ‘ ¦

    Thanks, cruzceleste. From what I could see, he looked pretty hot. Love the name, too.

  8. Thanks, cruzceleste. From what I could see, he looked pretty hot. Love the name, too.

    Yes, he is kind of hot… to bad he is married ;)…

    What is wrong with this world,every good man is taken (or to young ;)) for me :( (j/k)

  9. This put a huge smile on my face. Season 7 was, hands down, my favorite of all the seasons. So much talent and so little drama. You can tell what good friends they have all stayed.

    Thanks JRB for the link to Proud Mary. That was so much fun.

  10. I love Season 6. I wish Michael and Brooke would just hop over one state and come to Illinois as long as they’re in Iowa. C’mon! We’re close!

  11. I would have done ANYTHING to have been there. Went to the Pomona show but couldn’t even stay to meet them :( . Season 7 is my FAAVORITE and this is like a freakin’ fantasy. Woooooooow.

  12. That was good! I have a soft spot for Brooke, she was one of my fav in season 7..

  13. This was so cool.
    Does anyone have info about Brook and Michael’s tour… I’d like to know what songs they play.

  14. Brooke has such a soothing voice , such a nice tone. This Youtube video captured how amazing her voice is far better than all the high end tech they used on American Idol. What’s up with the sound on Idol? More subtle manipulation on the part of TPTB.

    David Archuletta seems to be coming into his own. Love the power notes.

    From my perspective, they all look so happy just being able to perform and share their love of music. Nice!

  15. They all had great chemistry in this video, what a great reunion they had. David sure can give a song a MIDAS TOUCH though can’t he :wink: He’s so humble, it looked like he didn’t want to upstage his friends on stage though. I smiled all the way through the video, what fun!!! Hopefully the rest of the tour works out great for the gang :D

  16. I just flove Michael Johns…. he was my fav in that season. This was great! I have purchased several of his iTunes and Brooke too.

  17. Nice reunion there and they looked like they were having such a great time! …. hmm would love to hear all of David wailing away at Let It Be!

  18. Ah, loved the Let it Be and Proud Mary videos, such fun! SLC sure loves their little Archie, don’t they?! Was Proud Mary something they did on tour? I didn’t follow the tour last year, so I was wondering if that was why they sang that. I really like Brooke more and more. I bought her album and really enjoy it, too bad they are not touring anywhere near me.

  19. Awesome! Season 7 has my heart and soul. Brooke is so very much better without the pressures of competition.

  20. What a fantastic surprise for everyone who was there and for those of us who got to enjoy it via You-tube. Lots of Archie fans who showed up to support season 7 friends and local pal got an extra surprise when Archie showed up on stage. The smiles and crowd response were contagious, They all love Utah and have fond memories of the Idol tour and David’s solo tour there. Nothing like the hometown crowd.

  21. I gotta say…that was cool! I’m entirely an Archie fan, but I’ve missed seeing Michael and Brooke, too. Love the comraderie; they’re like a family. David tries so hard not to upstage ppl at their own concert, but..I don’t think it works. He’s looking mighty fine there, too.

    Anyway…(ahem), I used to live close to Des Moines. If I still did, I’d definitely go see them. I’m curious, too, how it happened that Brooke & Michael ended up touring together? And poor Brooke literally forgot to sing her new single, I guess. Bummer.

  22. Oh, this was so much fun. I had a longish drive last night and decided to listen to Brooke’s CD a couple times in a row. I love it even more now than when I first bought it. She’s got such a memorable voice and the songs are really very good. It’s great to hear her live though — “Let It Be” was lovely and it’s fun to see Archie having such a good time. I love how joyful he is when he sings.

    And Brooke and Michael sound great together too! Their voices meld really well.

    With the videos from Atlantic City coming in too, it’s going to be a good day for doing a little Youtubing. ;-)

  23. Love seeing three of the season 7 Idols having so much fun together. I’ve also been impressed with Benton Paul’s music. And “little” David is sure growing up and growing in confidence. Fun to watch.

  24. ^^ You are not alone Archie17. (ahem)

    The fangirls at IDF and LA have finally woken up this fine morning. They are now spazzing big time over Archie’s attire last night. I think one dubbed him “Mr. Pectacular”. rofl

    My favorite comment however, is from a guy, a couple of years older than Archie, in college. Big fan.

    “Girls always go batsh!t crazy when he comes out.
    but the screaming is kinda annoying.
    girls, the estrogen rush is not going to kill you. quit acting like you’re dying.”


  25. Great to see idol 7 friends together! Brooke looks so comfortable with talking, singing and playing the key board. David A puts his own touch with soulful interpretation ( I am still in shock by his performance of Contigo at Alma). Michael looks having fun up there too. I thought Michael could have gone farther in the competition because indeed, he has a good voice. Regardless of age differences, all of them have improved their performance skills since the idol. Someday, they should have a season 7 reunion show including all 10 singers. :)

    BTW, I liked the Michael and Brooke duet, Life is OK.

  26. OK folks, how is the Brooke White-Michael Johns tour doing in terms of numbers ? Attendance/Average tickets sold, etc.

    Anyone ?

  27. love all the videos with archie in it. love how they have so much fun together,—- funny, season 7 was the only show that I watched of AI, what a lucky break. I just happend to switch the channel and saw archie singing Shop Around and I was hooked to watch the rest of the show. after that I don’t watch AI anymore except the finale just to see who won.
    Love to see all of them together, their friendship looks so real to me. No drama – so refreshing to have 10 young guys/gals get along very well being together for so many months. I love these videos. thanks MJ.

  28. Oh, this is great – thank you for posting. This is really cool for Archie to join them, and he is looking good!

  29. Saw ( or copying ) this at snarky’s
    “He definitely proved to me there are some gems in the music industry”
    David Archuleta anyone?!?

    So, I was called into work last night while I was at my other job… so I worked all day yesterday with no break! My friend Angel had to bring my food because by 6:30 I still hadn’t eaten anything! But this is story time!

    I was getting everything ready for the show and it was Brooke White( Former American Idol Contestant) Number 1 she is adorable and the sweetest person ever! 2. She is actually good and I hated her on american idol! But I knew it was going to be a LDS crowd and mostly teenage girls and their moms and some husbands that were dragged along. I knew it was going to be a relaxing show… Which I needed. Anyway, I had just poured all the Gatorades into a bucket as well as the water and I had the boxes they were in as well as a chip box. The boys that I work with refuse to let me take the trash out to the dumpster so I just put them in the side room that leads out to the side entrance. as I open the door the room is dark and I walk in and run smack into someone. A small someone. it’s dark and I can’t really see but I knew it wasn’t anyone I worked with then a voice way too familiar said “oh man, I am so sorry are you alright.” I said yes I was fine he only scared the crap out of me. At this time I was trying to figure out why i knew his voice! So I turn to walk back out to the Lobby and when I get out in the light it was DAVID ARCHULETA! I almost died. He had come just to see his old friend from American Idol and then he sang 2 songs with her. I literally can’t even describe to you how little he is! Like my mom’s size!(sorry mom.) But then he rushed upstairs as to not be seen and I was stuck downstairs in the Lobby knowing he was right above me! ha ha But he is a really amazing kid! No lies I meet some of these famous people and am so let down that I don’t even get phased by most famous people in the industry. But he definitely proved to me there are some gems in the music industry! Made me really happy! Then he was in and out all night and he just smiled and waved at me. I am surprised I didn’t do any damage to him! In all honesty I felt like a monster next to him! That was my night at work and Angel came and hung out with me so that helped because it was a really slow show.

  30. Archie was it for me season 7, he’s just adorable and uber talented, but I also loved Michael Johns. Brooke’s been growing on me, that love for music is just contagious, she’s doing exactly what she should be doing. I love seeing idols get together, season 7 was one of the special ones.

  31. oh how i love ai7 esp david archuleta.i enjoyed watching this video…the crowd went wild when david came on stage…i just adore david on how he showed his support to his friends and you could tell,he didn’t want to steal the thunder from them….but the crowd just loved him…….and i cannot blame them, yayyyyyy! i could barely hear his voice because of the loud screaaaaaaaaaaaams, but oh my, he sounded amazing! i’m just soooo happy for him…he looked mighty fine too…..ughhhhh, he looks so buff and smexy,lol!oh david!!!!

    i also like brooke,mj and paul benton..congrats to all of them!what an epic and memorable show they had last night….i wish i was there,tho!

    Go david archuleta!!!!

  32. Mj,

    Thanks for posting. This put a smile on my face. It is fun to see them together again!

    The pathetic thing is that I have been so busy with my new job that I haven’t had time to check out the AI scene much, and I didn’t know about this or I would have gone. sad.

  33. so nice to see david, brooke and michael on the same stage again… the energy level of the whole theater changes when david steps onstage… been there, seen that… love his wailing and just letting it all go on ”let it be”….. think those screams are loud? ya’ll remember columbus on the solo tour?

  34. oh my goodness, the screaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmssssssss. I hope the fans still have their vocal chord after that.

  35. It’s so great to see David having such a blast & reunited with his buddies in his hometown! Just loved the immediate cheers as soon as David hits the stage! What an awesome night for everyone there!

  36. I still can’t get over the over-the-top screaming that went on continuously during the latter portion of “Let It Be” once David hit the stage. It was much like that in ggdoorsfan’s link to the Columbus tour. The piercing screams were unrelenting! It gives me a real appreciation for just how big a star David has become.

  37. Awwww! Brooke still sounds amazing on Let it Be. She was my second favorite from a season where I had a LOT of faves! MJ looks so different all prepped out! I understand the crowd’s excitement, but I wish they would’ve calmed down after the initial cheers cuz I wanted to hear Archie’s runs and stuff! Sigh.

    I hope the tour is going okay– would love if they made it out East soon…

  38. but I wish they would’ve calmed down after the initial cheers cuz I wanted to hear Archie’s runs and stuff!

    Same here. Some people go to concerts just to scream not paying attention to music at all. I hope they shut their mouths when artists sing and scream or whatever, after singing. That’s why I love his ALMA performance. You could hear every note, word, riff, run, phrasing etc. and feel raw emotions.

  39. This concert was amazing!! I am a HUGH fan of David and alot of us went together to this show. To show support to Davids friends and we were hoping to see David somewhere in the theater and we were rewarded BIG TIME!! When David came out on stage the whole crowd surged forward towards the stage. It was great to see the love that David received. He is so soulful it was amazing! So happy I went. :)

  40. “”I miss Season 7 so much.


    This ^^^^ I LOVE Adam but Season 7 is my favorite season so far, I really liked so many of them then – Jason and MJ were my tops with Cook

    That was so sweet to see the love they gave David –

  41. Oh my gosh…what a wonderful surprise for the audience…they certainly livened up once David Archuleta hit the stage. Good to see David with friends having a good time on stage! Loved David’s soulful sound. I’ve been watching all the posted videos!

  42. They look so happy to be together and are having so much fun!

    *sigh* I love AI Season 7 get-togethers….the BEST Idol season ever IMO!

  43. Brooke sounds terrific, and looks terrific. Love the mini reunion, they all look so happy. Too bad they can’t get together on stage more often.

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