So You Think You Can Dance: Paula Abdul Says Yes, Nigel Says Season 5 Lacked Charisma, Season 6 to End with a Top 6

Nigel Lythgoe @dizzyfeet tweeted a couple of fun factoids today. Paula Abdul says yes:

I saw Paula @ the “Power of Women” event yesterday. I asked her to come on SYTYCD again and she said she would. I hope she means it ?

If she’s got no other gigs, she’ll do it.

Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sin...
Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sing Irving Berlin!

Nigel and his new Dizzy Feet Foundation, created to provide underprivileged kids with dance training, are planning a big fundraiser in LA:

The Dizzy Feet Foundation donated $20, 000 for 2 scholarships to the Alvin Ailey school yesterday. I am proud to be part of this orginization

We are producing a big show at the Kodak Theater on the 28th Nov. For the Dizzy Feet Foundation. Incredible stars have agreed to participate.

The show will not be televised. Tickets will be onsale Info nearer the date on All proceeds will fund scholarships.

This is a bit of old news, but still interesting. Nigel dissed the Season 5 Top 20 in a press conference a couple of weeks ago.

Last season I wasn’t too happy with their charisma. I would like to bring personality with talent: I’ll be trying to instill that. You can never guarantee what the dancers are going to do, you can never guarantee that they’re not going to get stage fright. It depends on them.

With the addition of Adam Shankman as the third permanent judge to the panel, will there still be weekly guest judges? Nigel has said on more than one occasion that 4 judges is too many. The answer seems to be, “occasionally”.

It’s difficult to put them in as judges because I want them choreographing. And I still want Paula Abdul to pop in, and Jennifer Lopez has said how much she loves the program. We tried it with Ellen [DeGeneres], it was very successful. I just don’t want four judges every week. When available, when possible, they will judge. We sometimes have six and seven judges, but normally in a place where I can edit and keep everything tight. The only reason I don’t like that many is that it goes on and it waffles.

And lastly, a little publicized fact: The final will have a Top 6 instead of a Top 4 due to time constraints:

Because of scheduling issues, the season finale episode will feature the Top 6, instead of the usual Top 4. This was to avoid starting with a “Top 18”. By my estimations, this would put the finale on December 16, 2009.

I had my own concerns about the final bleeding into Christmas week. Looks like Nigel did too.

There will also be a special show to introduce the Top 20. Read more about it HERE.

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  1. lol, well now that Paula has a ton of free time, sure she can go on.

  2. I could have lived with a Top 18. The first season started with only 16 after all.

    How are they going to do a final round where every one dances in every combination? They can’t possibly have each dancer do 5 routines and a solo. Then people will be crying foul that certain dancers got a break because they didn’t have to dance with someone in particular.

    Oh….. SYTYCD Canada had it’s first Tap routine….

    So it’s possible we’ll see one in Season 6 too.

  3. Last season I wasn’t too happy with their charisma. I would like to bring personality with talent: I’ll be trying to instill that. You can never guarantee what the dancers are going to do, you can never guarantee that they’re not going to get stage fright. It depends on them.

    Kind of agree with that.
    The level of dance was really high if you go back and compare with the routines of previous seasons, but there were very few dancers that had both charisma and talent, only the winner did IMHO.
    For instance I loved both Brandon and Kayla because they are amazing dancers but you could see that they wouldn’t win (at least Kayla) because they weren’t likeable enough.

  4. I agree. Those dancers last season lacked charisma. I couldn’t get behind ANY of them.

  5. A top 6 finale is a horrible idea, it just makes it that much easier for Nigel to push his favorite into the win. If the judges rave about one contestant, that casual fan support would be enough to push them over any other of the five fan bases.

  6. i’m not liking the top 6 finale. that’s just too many contestants. and i don’t think it was right for him to say that about season five when it’s still so fresh. they’re on fucking tour right now!!! don’t insult them until AFTER the tour!! and at least acknowledge jeanine – personality city, right there!

  7. I noticed that Nige has been bringing up dancers personalities during auditions so I sorta figured that’s the direction he was going in.
    I’m very glad he’s sticking to the 3 judge format I can deal with a 4th one occasionally but for every week it’s too much and I could also live with a top 18, I like the top 4 format. Why can’t they cut down on audition episodes instead, they could totally eliminate the over the hill men in blue spandex type people and chop a week off the schedule right there.

  8. I want to keep a 3 judge format.
    I think when Pauler is on that Mary needs to choreo or something.
    I did not like S5 at ALL. I didn’t vote for the 1st time since I’ve started watching (S2).
    I am looking forward to the special on the Top 20.
    If there were fewer “audition eps,” you could keep a Top 4. WTF? Why a Top 6? That’s like having a Top 3 for Idol, and that would have meant Kris, Adam, and Danny, and that would have been painful.

    ETA: That tap routine was SICK. And even Mia loved it. Wow. Wonder if they could do it on US SYTYCD. If so, waaaay cool.

  9. He better not have been including Jeanine in his broad generalization about lack of charisma, or Evan for that matter. They were bouncing off the walls with charisma! If he’s referring to his pet Kayla, then yes, I agree.

  10. Oh and he thought Katee from Season 4 had personality?! LMAO! I don’t think so!

  11. From Yahoo! TV Blog: ” And though it’s highly unlikely FOX will yank fan favorite “So You Think You Can Dance,” its lackluster ratings will probably relegate it back to the summer (where it belongs, obviously).”

    I think SYTYCD belongs in the summer as well. I don’t have time to watch it in the fall…too much going on. But it is the perfect summer show when nothing much else is on tv. Also, I haven’t watched it this season because it was too close on the heels of the summer season. I need a break (especially from Nigel).

  12. I don’t intend to watch until the auditions are over, so I can’t comment on the current season. I will agree with Nigel that there was a charisma problem with the dancers in Season 5. I enjoyed watching, but I didn’t feel compelled to root for anyone with any sort of real passion.

  13. I enjoyed the dancers on Season 5 and have rewatched several episodes. This is NOT the time to criticize.

    Here’s hoping someone can talk Nigel out of a Top 6. This is an assine idea. Why not just have more dancers eliminated with the beginning of the TOP 20?

    We tried it with Ellen [DeGeneres], it was very successful.

    No, it was not. Why lie about it? The ratings were high, but it was awkward having Ellen on as a judge.

    With DWTS overlapping, I don’t doubt this week’s show will have less viewers. Having Paula on the show should help ratings for those weeks. Back to the summer line-up would be fine with me.

  14. Season 5 was my first season watching, I liked it. It didn’t make a loyal watcher of me, but it was good I thought.

    We tried it with Ellen [DeGeneres], it was very successful.

    That was the worst episode, in terms of judging, imo.

  15. The ratings are a disaster. I think this week it was down to 5.6 millions viewers. I think sytycd is running itself into the ground. First moving it the fall, then making adam a permanent judge (he was by far my least favorite of all the guest judges, he is annoying, ott, and constantly dramatic for no reason and wont ever shut up). I know people complain about the idol judges talking for too long but on sytycd they seem to talk for at least twice as long and just repeat themselves over and over again. If they ever had a a 4th judge talking I couldn’t handle it. This new top 6 move is ridiculous, people care way more about the performance shows than the auditions so I don’t understand why they can’t edit down the audition shows. I have not watched them yet this year, but in the past I have always found them dull and hard to get through. A final 6 is just so anti climactic, its like a build up to such an abrupt end. I dunno, I loved this show so much for really the first 4 years and it was so amazing for summer, but with last season being pretty boring even though Jeanine was a good winner, and the awful decisions they are making this year, I hope things don’t get so bad where they cancel it completely instead of moving back to the summer. Honestly, unless Paula really can’t find anything else to do, I don’t think she would want to be on a show with 0 buzz that is struggling to get 5 million viewers.

  16. The ratings are a disaster

    yeah I read abt that and felt so bad cos it’s my fav summer show. I knew it wldn’t work in the fall too many good shows happening. I haven’t watched it yet this season. and now too many changes from Nigel is gonna make it worse. anyway i think this was on trial bases and they will move it back to summer only.

  17. I think Paula Abdul will be a great judge on So you think you can dance

  18. I don’t know why Nigel is making these changes. There are several terrific judges and they should be alternating. Also, please forget about a TOP 6.

    For those not watching the auditions, Mary is going overboard with the screaming antics. She needs to cool her jets.

    Maybe Nigel needs ro describe what his definition is of personality. It was a good season, but Seasons 2 and 3 remain my favorites!

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