X Factor – Week 9 – Performance

I think Joe McElderry is the only safe bet for the final next week. And, he’s going to win the whole thing. We’ll see tomorrow who takes the two spots next to him. Olly and Joe have been the most consistent, and entertaining of this quartet, for that reason, I hope they make it to the final.

The elimination of Danyl would be amusing, just to see the look on Simon’s face…

It’s time for the X Factor! Top 4 this week. Poor Olly is missing his twin brother’s wedding! Sads.

Video and recap after the JUMP…

  • Olly Murs – “Can You Feel It” by Michael Jackson – Olly was slightly under-pitch the entire performance. Not one of his best. Nevertheless, Simon gives him a standing ovation! – VIDEO
  • Joe McElderry – “She’s Out of My Life” by Michael Jackson – The only contestant who can sing on pitch, he’s probably going to win the whole deal. His version of this well-known ballad was very simple, very sweet. – VIDEO
  • Stacey Soloman – “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael JacksonWhoa. That key change! YEOWCH. Too bad, because she was fine until then. Simon and Louis hate it.VIDEO
  • Danyl Johnson – “Man in the Mirror” – by Michael Jackson – Ew, Nasally! Not digging this vocal at all. LoL at the giant screens of eco disasters   behind Danyl, and Lol at the judges mocking Simon.   – VIDEO
  • Olly Murs – “We Can Work it Out” by The Beatles – Olly sings the Stevie Wonder version here. Not really crazy about his phrasing (cri-uh-uh-uh-uh -im). He sounds out of breath, and flubs the lyrics several times. Could have done without the herky-jerky dancing.   Louis, not a well known song? WHAT? –   VIDEO
  • Joe McElderry – “Open Arms” by Journey – Joe knows his strength–he’s back with another ballad.   A very nice rendition, but not very passionate. Nobody knows this song in the UK? Simon pimps him into the final – VIDEO
  • Stacey Solomon“Somewhere” West Side StorySorry, but she’s off-key and flubs the lyrics to the point of distraction. Yet, the judges can’t get enough! –   VIDEO
  • Danyl Johnson – “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston – Kinda pitchy and boring, dawg. It didn’t nearly have the impact it could have. Simon doesn’t think he’s been criticized fairly, he pimps him into the final. –   VIDEO
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