X Factor – Week 9 – Performance

I think Joe McElderry is the only safe bet for the final next week. And, he’s going to win the whole thing. We’ll see tomorrow who takes the two spots next to him. Olly and Joe have been the most consistent, and entertaining of this quartet, for that reason, I hope they make it to the final.

Sarah - Wexford Has Talent
Sarah - Wexford Has Talent

The elimination of Danyl would be amusing, just to see the look on Simon’s face…

It’s time for the X Factor! Top 4 this week. Poor Olly is missing his twin brother’s wedding! Sads.

Video and recap after the JUMP…

  • Olly Murs – “Can You Feel It” by Michael Jackson – Olly was slightly under-pitch the entire performance. Not one of his best. Nevertheless, Simon gives him a standing ovation! – VIDEO
  • Joe McElderry – “She’s Out of My Life” by Michael Jackson – The only contestant who can sing on pitch, he’s probably going to win the whole deal. His version of this well-known ballad was very simple, very sweet. – VIDEO
  • Stacey Soloman – “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael JacksonWhoa. That key change! YEOWCH. Too bad, because she was fine until then. Simon and Louis hate it.VIDEO
  • Danyl Johnson – “Man in the Mirror” – by Michael Jackson – Ew, Nasally! Not digging this vocal at all. LoL at the giant screens of eco disasters   behind Danyl, and Lol at the judges mocking Simon.   – VIDEO
  • Olly Murs – “We Can Work it Out” by The Beatles – Olly sings the Stevie Wonder version here. Not really crazy about his phrasing (cri-uh-uh-uh-uh -im). He sounds out of breath, and flubs the lyrics several times. Could have done without the herky-jerky dancing.   Louis, not a well known song? WHAT? –   VIDEO
  • Joe McElderry – “Open Arms” by Journey – Joe knows his strength–he’s back with another ballad.   A very nice rendition, but not very passionate. Nobody knows this song in the UK? Simon pimps him into the final – VIDEO
  • Stacey Solomon“Somewhere” West Side StorySorry, but she’s off-key and flubs the lyrics to the point of distraction. Yet, the judges can’t get enough! –   VIDEO
  • Danyl Johnson – “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston – Kinda pitchy and boring, dawg. It didn’t nearly have the impact it could have. Simon doesn’t think he’s been criticized fairly, he pimps him into the final. –   VIDEO
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  1. Thanks earthy and JohnP, but neither link worked for me. I noticed a lot of people in the chatbox at Justintv were having trouble too. I’ve been watching the live feed for weeks with no problem. Tried it on Firefox and Chrome…nothing. I know I can watch the clips on YouTube, but does anyone know of a link to watch the show in it’s entirety? Watching the judges bicker and embarrass themselves is half the fun.

  2. Is it possible to disqualify someone based on choosing “I Have Nothing”? No? ****!

  3. It worked just fine for me in IE but not in Firefox.

    Mark- that song is way to big for him and just about anyone who ever performs on these shows. He sounded nasally all over the place as well.

  4. I still have NO EARTHLY IDEA how Simon still worships the ground Danyl walks on. His voice is just so unpleasant sounding to me. He is ALWAYS pitchy and flat. Its like he’s a quarter step off throughout the entire song. AND IT DRIVES ME NUUUTS!!!!

    Joe will win the whole show. Easily the best voice and since theres no stars of the bunch, a very easy fall-back vote getter.

    Olly will get the boot tomorrow.

  5. Mark- that song is way to big for him and just about anyone who ever performs on these shows. He sounded nasally all over the place as well.

    Usually, it’s too big, and it was here. But I just can’t stand hearing that song anymore on these shows (or, really, ever). It’s just… at this point, no. Far too overexposed and lauded.

  6. The second feed was having problems earlier in the day too when I was trying to watch Merlin with Firefox. His s2es site worked better in IE. I don’t usually like that broadcaster though because he always sticks his ads up at the beginning of XF asking for $. Not sure if he did it this time I was trying to watch on the first link (unsuccessfully). I wish Dragonblades2 was still streaming….

    If you use a special Firefox add-on and UK Proxy address you can watch on ITV once it’s posted. ;)

    Not so sure Olly will get the boot if the UK is big on sympathy voting. He was supposed to be Best Man at his brother’s wedding but XF wouldn’t let him out of the dress rehearsal. Sad if you ask me.

    Joe is by far the most consistent and the best vocally. If he wins then that would be Cheryl’s 2nd in a row?

    I don’t particularly care for either Danyl or Stacey. I guess I prefer Stacey just slightly more.

  7. earthy‘s livefeed link worked for me in Firefox (I’m in Canada, using Bell DSL).

    This was my first time watching X-Factor live. Only caught the second half though.

    So these are supposed to be the best four singers in this year’s competition? This show also seems to be more about the judges’ egos than the competitors.

    Such boring song choices. None of them are exceptional vocalists to my mind except maybe Joe, but can he sing uptempo non-ballads well? Stacey has a decent voice but wow, she came off like a real flake in the interview segment. Danyl – ok voice, way over-rated but predictably, Simon is cheerleading for him. And what the hell was Olly doing with “We Can Work It Out”? Please do not sing that song ever again.

    As for Simon, it really is all about him and how much money he can make off the X-Factor franchise, isn’t it? Because he’s gushing all over these kids even after mediocre-to-average performances. There were some far superior performances of some of the same songs on American Idol in recent seasons that Simon either trashed or gave faint praise to.

    The other judges are just as over-the-top with ridiculous praise. Goosebumps? Really?

  8. Joe was great this week. Olly was ho hum. Danyl still irritates me and sucks in his lower register. He often sound like he’s singing with a clip on his nose. Stacey did well on her second song.

    I think Olly will go home but would jump for joy if Danyl got axed.

  9. I thought Stacey was pretty awful. Her faux Judy Garland thing was SO not her, and the beginning of “A Place For Us” sounded weak and off-key to me. I don’t think Olly had a great week, either, but I think he did better than she did. So why all of the judges were salivating over Stacey, I have no idea.

    I thought Danyl and Joe were both very, very good this week. Danyl has been up and down, but this week, he hit on all cylinders for me. I loved Joe’s “Out of My Life,” and his performance of “Open Arms” was fine — it’s just that I really hate that song. Always have. But I was surprised to hear Simon say it was a song nobody had ever heard. I guess Journey didn’t make it across the pond? It was certainly a huge hit in the US.

  10. smartcookie, on the Journey discography page of wikipedia they don’t show Open Arms as having had a UK chart position.

  11. It’s a singing competition? If so – Joe must be in the final. Two very good performances (Open Arms was my fave, and I don’t like this song either). It was very good, pitch perfect… He is the talent in this competition.

    Danyl did a pretty good job with Man In the Mirror (look Olly this is good dancing in a performance). I understood what they aimed for with the polar bears, I also think it was trying to get votes in the wrong way, but the performance was sooo good. I didn’t care too much about his other performance. So 01 out of 02 performances, good enough for me…

    Stacey – horrible choice with the MJ song. It looked cabaret. How come that showing polar bears is ‘cheating’, and putting her legs barely dressed is not? After all, that was the only point for the cabaret routine – show her off to get guy votes. I think she looks awkward when she is trying to be sexy, because that is not her (which Simon picked up). The second song was better, but I didn’t like her voice in bits of it (do I like the Il Divo version better? hell yes). So I didn’t like both her songs.

    Olly – I didn’t like ‘we can work it out’. The dance and his voice didn’t do much. ‘Can you feel it’ was better but not enough. No standing ovation for these presentations though. And I’m getting tired of the ‘hey’s in all of his performances… So half out of 2 performances for me.

    About the standing ovations, did Cheryl and Simon agree to stand up in each other acts????

  12. He sounded nasally all over the place as well.

    But, but, nasally is a form of singing! (TM Chris Richardson, my most favorite Season 6 contestant.)

  13. With the exception of Joe none of these singers are as good as Adam,Kris,Allison, or Danny were on AI. Stacey is a singing horse. Danyl may be one of the best looking men I have ever seen, but his voice is nasally, breathy, and quite unpleasant. I thought Olly’s quirky dancing was sexy, and I think he is hot, but this video clip of him playing with his chest hairs just gave me the willies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMJU80z-bIw

  14. Nothing against men with hairy chests though…I am not a hater! Just don’t play with it like you’re petting a dog. Hairy backs are what freak me out!

  15. MJ, a shout out to you:

    Thank you for keeping the videos up from last season!! I love hearing the judges’ comments, and you can’t find those on youtube. So THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  16. Diane

    Danyl did a pretty good job with Man In the Mirror

    Compared to Kris, Danyl was awful. Not only was Kris on pitch, Kris sings from the heart:

    LOL Diane, I was going to say the same thing.
    Simon gave Danyl a standing ovation and praised this performance like crazy. What !??
    It is really embarrasing to see the difference in Simon’s reactions to all Kris Allen’s and Danyl’s performances. The talents of these two guys are not even close. IMO

  17. For me Joe is head and shoulders above the rest .. he’s a bit oldfashioned and “safe” but he had a lovely voice and seems like a really nice lad .. he’s also been consistently good each week

    I started out quite liking Olly but his performaces seem more about being a “cheeky chappy” with all the stupid “dad dancing” he does and his vocals aren’t that great .. he’s entertaining but he’s a bit of a holiday camp entertainer.

    Danyl just irritates me .. he over sngs and over performs and has way too many irritating mannerisms .. and Simon’s over pimping is getting ridiculous

    Stacey’s just too robotic for me .. and she shouts a lot of her ballads in parts . she’s more of a cruise ship entertainer .. her first song just did’t work for me (although it must have been difficult concentrating having to step across those chairs) . and her rendition of Somewhere was a bit cabaret for me … Rhydian sang in on the X Factor two years ago and for me, for you dawg, his version was far superior


  18. Joe’s a nice kid…and will have a nice career…when this is done, whether he wins or not…the rest just don’t have the goods…..unfortunately, at least for me…..after ADAM….the bar is so high now…..it’s gonna take someone real special….to get the juices flowing again…..it should be very interesting to see what happens on AI next season….

  19. For me Joe is head and shoulders above the rest .. he’s a bit oldfashioned and ‘safe’  but he had a lovely voice and seems like a really nice lad .. he’s also been consistently good each week

    That’s kind of how I see Joe as well. As mj said in her recap above, Joe was the only one that sang on pitch tonight. He should imo be the one to take it all and yes, he has been consistent each and every week. He really deserves to be in the final.

    Thanks for the vids mj. :)

  20. WTH are you thinking with WCWIO Olly? I was getting horrible flashbacks of Archie flubbing the lyrics to that song. I felt so bad for David but of course he bounce back from that. I know Simon hated that song choice, so why the heck is Olly singing it? LOL…Simon is so different on X-Factor. I really love Olly before but the song choices for him lately have sucked majorly.

    Joe is definitely the front-runner now and he will probably win the whole thing. I hope Danyl goes home but it will probably be Olly or Stacey. I still miss Lucie, lol.

  21. I really don’t understand the hype about Stacey AT ALL. I think she is so overrated and she is generally never in pitch. Danyl is nasally and overrated also.

    If Joe and Olly aren’t in the finals, something is seriously wrong.

  22. Compared to Kris, Danyl was awful. Not only was Kris on pitch, Kris sings from the heart:

    LOL Diane, I was going to say the same thing.
    Simon gave Danyl a standing ovation and praised this performance like crazy. What !??
    It is really embarrasing to see the difference in Simon’s reactions to all Kris Allen’s and Danyl’s performances. The talents of these two guys are not even close. IMO


    Listening to this performance I couldn’t help thinking the same. Kris energy and artistry far far better on this

  23. After seeing some of these performances and not watching the show much, I hope Joe gets it all. I guess I have a thing for seemingly shy, quiet, modest “everyguys”. I was for Archie then Kris. Heh.

    They seem like the down-to-earth nice guys of each season.

  24. It’s funny, but I grew to like Archie after A17 and he’s still not my kind of singer, but he’s a really nice kid.

    I actually really like Joe on the X Factor and hope he wins. He’s got a great voice, certainly the best on this year’s show and, again, he’s a really nice kid.

    I guess the difference is that there’s no-one on this year’s X Factor who really captures me, or who I think might interest me once the show is over. (Edit: there’s also a much better range of singers on AI, IMO. Whilst I thought Archie was a good singer, he wasn’t the best from my pov, though I can why he would be from other povs). So, I’m rooting for the one who a) can sing the best and b) is the most genuine seeming.

  25. Olly cracks me up with the dancing, but he is quite cute. I’ve never been impressed with his singing, but I like him. Danyl has improved his stage presence I think, but his tone just gets unpleasant sometimes. Compared to Stacey, when they’re both at their best, I think she edges him out as a singer and he edges her out as a performer. Joe continues to impress, always strong vocals and as Simon said last week, he is coming across more now as a young man than as a boy, which is what he seemed at the beginning. If Joe doesn’t win I will be shocked. As to who goes this week, I’d be unsurprised by anyone except Joe. I kind of hope it’s not Olly, since he missed his brother’s wedding for this.

  26. Joe is, absolutely the best singer…..,but he has a modest stage presence.
    I did feel more emotion from him tonight!! He should be in the final.!!
    Now Olly doesn’t have a big voice but what he has got he uses proficienly.
    He knows how to perform and I believe he make people feel pleased. He is very nice to look at while he is mov’in and grov’in and people his hair has improves too….”Maybe” final if the votes come in?
    Danyl sang quit well on both his numbers tonight But he is weak in the lower
    registrars. He sound very good …..potenial
    Stacey is the one with potential but still need lots of traing om performing’
    she should keep singing but she needs dance training and local practice of
    choreogrpahy. She will beccome comfortable because she does have the
    TALENT!!!Just please not this year.

  27. Pretty voices, but lacking, so lacking passion, true emotion….

    ah there is only one Mj….

  28. sry MJ but how can u say Olly being consistent? HE’S AN AVERAGE SINGER! AND A RUBBISH DANCER (btw im no fan of any this years lot)

  29. Joe’s a sure thing to win at this point. I personally am not overly impressed by him, but he has a nice voice and I think he’s the best singer.
    I really don’t know who’s going to go today..I like Olly a lot and it’d be a bummer if he left. Especially because of the whole wedding thing. I think he’s a great entertainer…I don’t care for Stacey…and I’m not sure about Danyl. I agree about Man in the Mirror- all I could think about was how much more I liked Kris’ version, and it kind of annoys me that Simon went on about how good Danyl was. Simon seems to be pleased much more easily in Britain? I mean, he hardly ever gives standing ovations on American Idol.

  30. Its kinda funny, but you never like any Stacey’s performances, but she is, with Joe, the best singer…

    And I can’t really understand how can someone not like Stacey’s performances, and like Joe’s… I like’em both, and can’t understand how ppl don’t like her, and like Joe’s boring performances… Last Night, his songs were way too boring, and it makes me sad, coz I really like him… Cheryl did some bad choices for this kid u_u

    I can’t undestand Olly, he isn’t a good singer, or a good dancer, or good looking… Don’t know why is he there… Lucie, Rachel or Miss Frank deserved that spot more…

    I hope the F2: Stacey & Joe :/
    And, since the winner single is “The Climb” by Cyrus, I preffer Stacey to won and release that song as a single… :/

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