X Factor Week 8 Performance

This first, Jedward-less x Factor, featuring the Top 5 singing 2 tunes each from Take That and Elton John, just wasn’t the same.   So sad to be deprived of a Jedward double-wammy! Sigh.

Sarah - Wexford Has Talent
Sarah - Wexford Has Talent

I don’t think there was one really “wow” performance tonight.   Joe McElderry’s “Sorry Seems The Hardest Part” was the best vocal of the night.   The worst?   Lloyd Daniels, once again, proved that he’s utterly out of his depth here.

Check out the live feed HERE.

Videos and Recap after the JUMP…

  • Danyl Johnson –   “Relight My Fire” – Take That – Danyl danced for the first time on the X Factor stage, and that was pretty good. He should’ve gone upbeat more.   LOL at Louis pulling a Paula, telling him he won round 1 before anybody else performed. –   VIDEO
  • Lloyd Daniels – “A Million Love Songs” – Take That – Typically underpitch, and amature–Lloyd needs to go home NOW. Ugh. –   VIDEO
  • Olly Murs – “Love Ain’t Here Anymore” – Take That – When Olly isn’t hopping around, he’s uninteresting. Ballads reveal the weaknesses in his vocal. Just NO to the long glory note at the end. –   VIDEO
  • Joe McElderry – “Could it Be Magic” – Take That – Turning a moldy Barry Manilow ballad into a disco song?   I’m not feeling the song choice.   Joe’s mewly vocals aren’t showcased here.   Joe’s performances lack energy –   VIDEO
  • Stacey Soloman – “Rule the World” – Take That – A pretty good song choice, but pitchy, pitchy pitchy! Yow.   VIDEO
  • Lloyd Daniels – “I’m Still Standing” – Elton John – OMG. Completely out of his depth. Really embarrassing to watch–the lackluster dancing, the poor vocals–seriously somebody SEND this kid HOME! –   VIDEO
  • Danyl Johnson – “Your Song” – Elton John – The first half of this song was one HOT MESS.   The verses were chopped up, Danyl was pitchy and mis-sang the lyrics–the song improved the closer he got to the money note.   But overall, I wasn’t impressed.   The choir was an unnecessary touch. VIDEO
  • Olly Murs – “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” – Elton John – The literal hand gestures and the boxing theme were too cheesy. But, his vocals were good, and his confidence up. –   VIDEO
  • Joe McElderry – “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word” – Elton John – A very good vocal from Joe, but I still think he lacks the “wow” factor. – VIDEO
  • Stacey Soloman – “Something About the Way You Look Tonight” – Elton John – Still shaky and pitchy. There’s not much charisma coming off this girl. –   VIDEO
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  1. I think we can all agree Lloyd needs to go!
    But who else? Stacey has a decent voice but I really can’t see her as a pop star…

  2. Yeah Lloyd has to go home. Makes me wish he’d do something outlandish like stuff a face in his crotch. lmao

  3. I like Danyl’s voice and he could have star power. The only *slight* issue is that sometimes he forgets to hit the right notes!

  4. Poor MJ. Noone can do it like Elton that’s for sure.

    Danyl did very well tonight. Most impressed.

  5. I agree with you MJ. I didn’t like Danyl’s 2nd performance at all either. I didn’t really care for his first song either.

  6. So JEALOUS of X Factor right now! OUR Top 5 only sang one song each, ‘member? It STILL drives me crazy! Kara was NOT worth losing out on what would’ve been brilliant interpretations by Adam, Kris, and Allison.

  7. Joe the best of the night. Olly was ok. Lloyd did reasonably well for Lloyd. Danyl and Stacey really had some trouble tonight IMO.

  8. I’ve decided I want Joe to win. He’s got a good voice, sings well every week and he’s a really nice kid.

    I won’t be buying any album anyway, so it really doesn’t matter to me who wins.

    But I can definitely see him having a career of some sort. His last song, in particular, was really good.

  9. Agree fadetowhite: Joe already is the best of the bunch, and has a lot of growth potential IMO. And he’s a nice kid.

  10. I agree Joe for the win…He does have the best voice and I think best potential. He can be molded to be mass marketable. Lucie was still the best all around but stupid Simon let her go.

  11. I miss Jedward too for the fun factor

    I don’t have any vested interest this year but I would like Joe to win ..he’s been the most consistent for me and seems a lovey lad .. he’s also from the same part of the UK as me . not that that should matter .. lol

    no bottom two tomorrow so the judges have no say, it’s all down to the public vote .. so Lloyd may live to fight another week .. here’s hoping not as he’s definitely the weakest

  12. If the Brits get it right Joe will win. But what do I know I always pick the runners-up in these contests….

  13. I’m interested to see who goes tomorrow…I agree that it’s time for Llloyd to go, he just doesn’t match up. I think Olly’s a great performer and I like his voice as well, so he’s still my favorite =]] I think Joe has a really nice voice even though I don’t care for him. He definitely reminds me of David Archuleta, so that’s probably a good thing for him. Sometimes I like Danyl, but not as much tonight =/ I liked him better at the beginning of the show. I think Stacey can sing but I just feel like something’s missing, I’m not sure. I really don’t know who’s going to go home. But I definitely think it won’t be Joe.
    On a side note, I really like this show haha. I like how it’s more about a whole performance and I think having the judges mentor the contestants is interesting in comparison to American Idol.

  14. OMG Danyl is butchering one of my fav Elton John songs. *Sob*

    Ugh, I was afraid he was gonna do that. He had been already ruining some of my favorite songs for the past weeks.

  15. Lol soccerboi, me too. I pickd the runner-up 2 years running on AI. Even last year with Adam, I thought, this time I’m def. with the winner but no, it was the runner-up again. But if I had to bet now, I would choose Joe for wth win. It was obvious when he sang Circle of Life. He’s far from phenomenal but he has the looks and reasonable enough voice that I really can’t envision his losing. And when Lloyd and Ollie are eliminated, Joe will scoop up those votes. Plus Simon hasn’t backed him and I don’t think the backlash on the Simon chosen one has ended yet. Thus Danyl is skrewed and probably destined to be the runner-up.

  16. I’m not familiar with “Take That” so I am looking forward to hearing these guys sing songs that I probably don’t know. I won’t have any prejudices in favor of the original artist.

    Elton John, however…. Big fan. I spent my 16th birthday with five other teen girls at the Spectrum in Philadelphia seeing Elton John perform in his heyday, with the banana boots, big glasses, and mad hatter hats. He sang Philadelphia Freedom, with the house lights up. Everyone was standing on their chairs. He didn’t even have to sing. It was OUR song, since … YO! It was Philadelphia! Best memory ever.

    All that being said, I’ve liked Joe — of those left. Stacey is good too, so I won’t be disappointed if she continues on, but Joe really has room to grow and become something marketable. He seems like a sexier David Archuleta.

  17. Lloyd really needs to go home. No really.

    THIS without a doubt! Heh

    I think he was the worst tonight by a mile. I think Joe’s second song was the best of the night and I think he will advance and if he doesn’t, I’ll be shocked.

    I think Danyl is losing his edge in the competition. He definitely butchered “Your Song”.

    Thanks for the vids mj. :)

  18. mj, you’ve pretty much written my exact thoughts! Lloyd is way past his sell-by date, Danyl is pitchy and oversings, Joe is dull and Olly’s vocal is weak – he’s only saved by his energy onstage.
    At this point I’d like Stacey to win because I like her personality the most – none of them are going to have successful careers in pop music anyway. I do agree she lacks charisma and has pitch problems, but it would be way more fun to see her win it than Joe, who I think secretly thinks he’s going to win anyway.
    AI is infinitely better with much more promising talent…Only a month and a half to go – so excited! Am counting down the days…

  19. Oh, is it just me or the show is so much boring without the Jedward! At least they’re fun to watch.

    Lloyd, you’re such an eye-candy but it’s awkward watching you sing.

    They’re all boring tonight. I like Joe’s ‘Could it be Magic’ but his ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word’ didn’t touch me.

  20. Ppl here are comparing Joe to Archie, but I’m actually finding him to be similar to George Michael’s tone & presence. I can just imagine Joe singing some GM ballads like Careless Whisper, One More Try, Turn a Different Corner, or Father Figure.

  21. Ppl here are comparing Joe to Archie, but I’m actually finding him to be similar to George Michael’s tone & presence. I can just imagine Joe singing some GM ballads like Careless Whisper, One More Try, Turn a Different Corner, or Father Figure.

    Are you suggesting that there’s more there, there? I mean, with Archie, it’s what you see is what you get. I can’t imagine George Michael was George Micheal in the beginning.

  22. Honestly, none of them are going to be superstars. They just simply aren’t good enough.

    Lloyd is just downright terrible. I don’t know how he got this far, and beat out some of the other people who were better. Perhaps his looks, but he doesn’t have any star quality.

    Stacey, while a very pretty girl, is also in my opinion just awful. She hits some good notes but 95% of them are EXTREMELY pitchy. She has no stage presence or charisma. She’s basically relying on her looks and that she seems like a nice girl. I’m sure being the last girl isn’t hurting her either, but she really isn’t great at all.

    I find Danyl totally overrated. He hits nice big notes, but I find his tone very irritating and most times, pitchy as well. Simon GUSHES over him, but I doubt he will be very successful either. Is he really current? I don’t think so.

    Joe is by far the best technical singer left, but he is lacking star quality. He performs well, and sings pretty good also. He is just missing the “IT” factor, or since it is the X Factor, he is missing the X Factor. He is a really good singer though.

    I find Olly the best overall around. I’m still not sure how successful Olly would be, but he is a really great entertainer and has a good voice to back it up. He isn’t as good as Joe technicality wise but Olly still has a nice voice. He is the only one I think that will actually make it SOMEWHERE if he ever won.

  23. Once again, Joe leaves the rest in the dust from a vocal standpoint, in my opinion. Last week seemed like a very bad week for everyone except him, and at least it seemed to me that they all improved over last week. Even Lloyd, who still wasn’t too good, but was at least better. Danyl and Stacey are similar to me in that they each have moments where they sound good, but they’re not consistent. Olly is very likeable, and although I don’t find his voice that appealing, I thought he did a great job on “Saturday Night”. But I still think that Joe is the best. I agree with Simon that he took a real step up in maturity on the stage this week.

  24. I know I repeat myself, but if Archuleta can have a career in music, then so does Joe. IMO the voice is as good (and he does not have the kind of training and experience DA had when he was on AI), 5 times the personality, and could grow up to become quite a good looking young man.
    Having said that, he probably is suited to doing music I would not buy (like I do not buy DA’s)…

  25. I have liked Joe since his first audition


    It seems that Simon also realises now that he will most likely win which is why extra praise is being heaped on him. He does seem like a really nice lad and is a good singer, he will probably have 2 albums and then on to musicals which lets be honest most singers would jump at.

  26. Am I the only one who stop watching when Simon is gushing over Danyl? Danyl’s second song (even though I imagined it would be a good choice for him) can send him home before Lloyd. Sad, but true. (one more thing – it felt like his voice was gone… How will he be a performer if his voice disappears after one song???)

    If Lloyd doesn’t go home this week… He should ask to leave. He is the worst of the group.

    Olly did ok with the first song. I just think he lost bits of his charisma. I also think he is not giving it all these last weeks. Does he really want it? The second song says so… I think the competition is really between him and Joe.

    Stacey sang one really briliiant tune in the whole season – Who Wants To Live Forever. All she sang before was bad, and all she sang afterwards too. She should get her bottom 2 this week. Unless Britain is crazy. Comparing her with Lucie… It’s just mean. Dannii had the winner and because of the stupid deadlock, the best girl singer is gone. Where is her upbeat song? They said this week was supossed to have one ballad and one upbeat song… Both her songs were ballads.

    Joe, so the boy can’t dance, but he is IMO one of the sparkles of talent in this competition (the other is Olly). Love it. I think he should win. But I can’t predict anything yet.

    I thought initially that Cheryl had made the wrong choices for her group, but Joe is a perfect choice (Lloyd not so much – he is cute but he lacks everything else).

    As anybody can go home now (as the judges have no saying on the final result anymore), it’s difficult to predict. Let’s hope it’s Lloyd, his expiration date in the program has expired a long time ago. But it can be Stacey and Danyl too.

  27. hr100, thanks for posting that, I had not watched the auditions. That was actually very touching, I thought. And he showed better composure up there than people years older than him. A very impressive young man, I like Joe very much.

  28. IMHO> Daniel first song was just ok. 2nd was acutually better once he go his throat to calm down….Should be in top 3
    Joe McElderry has the best voice but does lack some charisma and the first was very good, 2nd song actually blew me away and I had to (heaven) agree wuth Simon…..He sang and emoted absolutely beautifully If he can find this muse again… Should

  29. With the twins gone, I’m now rooting for Lloyd to win. He is the worst singer for sure (has been since almost the beginning), but I like him, no one else can be said to be really good (I’d say Olly is the best left), and I don’t care about X-Factor to want a legitimate singer to win. I really dislike Danyl, hope he’ll go soon.

  30. At this point Joe is my favorite. Lloyd is adorable but should never be allowed to sing.
    The others are various levels of mess and annoyance. Generally I agree with MJ’s review this week.

  31. With the twins gone, I’m now rooting for Lloyd to win. He is the worst singer for sure (has been since almost the beginning), but I like him, no one else can be said to be really good (I’d say Olly is the best left), and I don’t care about X-Factor to want a legitimate singer to win. I really dislike Danyl, hope he’ll go soon.

    I don’t know that I’d go so far as to let him win, but I wouldn’t mind him getting 3rd after Joe and Olly. Way back in the audition stage I said he would go far because all the young girls would like him and I thought he had potential if he were given good mentoring. Not sure that Cheryl has done much to help him with her song choices but I still think he has potential based on the a capella part of his audition. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kA2t07q9G8. Put him in a boy band and he’ll be fine.

    Joe is always solid (even though I don’t care for his vocals myself). Olly just seems like a really nice guy. I don’t mind cheesy when it comes from him.

    Danyl and Stacey were at their best during auditions and really have gone downhill since IMO.

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