X Factor UK – Week 10 – Final

Marcus Collins or Little Fix?
Tonight’s second part of season finale starts at 7:30pm.

2 more hours of suffering are ahead of us. Expect guest performances from Coldplay and Westlife. This will be Coldplays debut on the X Factor and Westlife’s final appearance – boyband is splitting up next year after 14 years of key changes.

Last night’s ratings were down by 3.5m viewers. Yikes. It’s not like there was any reason to watch. Try harder, X Factor.

Who is going to win? Who knows. Does it matter? Well, it’s almost better not to win in the final. You see, the last X Factor UK winner to become the biggest star from her season is Leona Lewis. She won season 3. All winners after her were eventually overshadowed by other finalists. Even the other successful female winner, Alexandra Burke. Rhydian Roberts did better than Leon Jackson, JLS sold more albums than Alexandra Burke, Olly Murs a popstar and not Joe McElderry and Matt Cardle’s first week album sales were easily dwarfed by One Direction and Rebecca Ferguson.

Ups, I’m a bit late.

Group Number: Final 16 (minus Frankie Cocozza plus Goldie Cheung) sing We Found Love/Part Rock Anthem/On The Floor/Moves Like Jagger/Edge of Glory mash-up.

Recap of TOP 2 performances.

More after the break.

We are back.

Round 1: Favorite songs (movie week)

Marcus Collins – (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher (Jackie Wilson)
Ugh, remember that hot pink suit? And the choir? We are getting repeat performance of that cheese. Sigh.

Judges: Popstar, future, nothing relevant, blah blah blah.

Caroline and Olly interview Marcus’ mum.

Little Mix – Don’t Let Go (Love) (En Vogue)
Breakout performance from the movie week.

Judges: More blah blah, blah.

Little Mix mums with Olly and Caroline.

Another break.
Round 2: Christmas songs

Marcus Collins – Last Christmas
This is like bad karaoke. Standing ovation from Gary Barlow. I feel sick.

Judges: More blah. It’s Christmas? Yeah, in two weeks!

Little Mix – Silent Night
Well, at least this feels heartfelt. Maybe I’m biased because this is one of my favorite Christmas classics, but it really is better than that overdone Wham! song. The vocals weren’t perfect, but who cares. This round definitely goes to Little Mix. Girls wear cute jumpers with their names on the front.

Judges: My feed died, so I missed their comments. Nevermind, I’m sure it wasn’t negative.

Westlife perform Daughtry’s “What About Now”. I missed most of it because I still have feed problems.

Round 3: Winner’s single
Cannonball (originally by Damien Rice)

Marcus Collins
First we see a recap of Marcus’ X Factor journey.
Yep, it’s Damien Rice’s Cannonball. John Adams had a moment with this song in the audition round. This must be the worst song choice for the winner’s single ever. It tops “The Climb” by a mile. It’s not a bad song, but it’s just a bad fit for this massacre. I wouldn’t mind Janet Devlin’s cover.
They murdered it. REST IN PEACE, Cannonball.

More praise from the judges, followed by a video of Marcus’ supporters. Hello Robbie Williams!

Little Mix
Little Mix journey.
“Cannonball” gets murdered once again. This song is a very bad fit for a group.

The judges continue their non-stop praise. Another heartfelt video for Little Muffins.

More after the break.

COLDPLAY perform a tune from their latest album. Or two. I’m not sure about the first one, but the second one is “Paradise”. WOW, now this is the real event.

Lines are now closed. Results after the break.

Okay, this is it.


The first group to win X Factor UK is a girlband.

Girls perform their poor massacred single again.

So, how do you like the result? I think it’s cool that a group finally won this show, but I’m not crazy about Little Mix. Nice girls, but that’s about it. Same for Marcus. Nice guy, but no X Factor. For me, Misha B was the star of the season and the most talented contestant. She brought it every week. It’s a shame she didn’t make it to the final. Amelia Lily is my second favorite from this season. My favorites usually do well after the show (One Direction and Rebecca Ferguson are the latest examples.), so I hope both girls get recording contracts.

I miss Simon/Cheryl/Dannii/Louis judging panel badly. Gary had a few funny moments, but most of the time he was a little dull, Kelly completely disappointed me towards the end and I never warmed up to Tulisa (and I will never forgive her for what she did to Misha B). Louis Walsh is unsinkable, but he is spewing the same slogans every season and is moving into Randy Jackson territory for me. Still, he has his great moments. He is the only one who can champion the crazies convincingly for a month and a half every season.

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