X Factor UK 2015 Week 3 – Ranking the Top 9

X Factor UK 2015 Week 3 - Ranking the Top 9

Welcome to my Britain’s Got Controversy X Factor UK power list, where in a shock move, the X Factor producers have completely thrown away the idea of making a singing competition, instead choosing to make a full season of Boot Camp, which sometimes has good singing thrown in but mostly focuses on tantrums and drama. Yes, my favorite contestant on X Factor in seasons went out in 10th place when he was up against one of the worst singers in the show, but don’t worry. We still have two great singers out of nine…that’s a horrible ratio, but whatever. Let’s power through this and rank these undeserving acts (with two exceptions).

  1. Louisa Johnson – Despite Che getting arguably better comments, I think Louisa is the one who stole the show. Until this performance, Louisa hasn’t danced and hasn’t proven that she can do uptempo songs as well as ballads. This was what I call a game-changer for her, because it proved she can be current and she can do more than sing ballads extremely well. This week, Louisa and Che cemented themselves as this year’s top 2 in my book.
  2. Che Chesterman – Last week Simon harped on the obvious with Che-he can’t dance-instead of talking about the vocal. This week, Che was all about the vocal. The acapella start was a brilliant move, and as Melinda Doolittle once said on reality check, he sang the flip out of that song. I know some people here don’t get Che, and last week he was flawed as he went off at the end. But this week, I think Che proved himself as a brilliant, controlled singer by staying on track the whole way through. Che is the type of contestant that the British people usually vote for, and if somehow Louisa doesn’t win, Che will win instead.
  3. 4th Impact – Despite having two seriously flawed performances in a row, the judges are still rabid for 4th Impact. And while I understand that they are marketable, I now worry that they will never be as good as they were at their first audition ever again. Which is a shame, as I thought they were contenders to win. Now, I see 3rd or 4th place in their futures.
  4. Lauren Murray – Lauren recovered this week. She sang really well, and she is still incredibly likable. But I think she’s still a mid packer. Why? Because the four acts above her on this list have had moments. Lauren hasn’t. When Louisa is in your category, you can hope for 4th or 5th place at best.
  5. Anton Stephans – If he survived the brutal sabotage this week, he’s in it for the long haul. That was seriously worse than Andrea being painted gold. But I can’t see Anton getting past 5th place, because they will sabotage more if they have to. They will find a way to get him sent home if they have to.
  6. Reggie ’n’ Bollie – This week, I thought they sounded terrible, as usual. The mashup was mediocre at best, and while the performance was fun I still can’t overlook the awful vocals. Not like vocals matter anymore on X Factor…but I’m getting sidetracked again. The judges were listening to something completely different than me as they all stood up! If they are in the bottom 3, I now think they will be saved until week 4 or 5.
  7. Monica Michael – If Monica can perform like she did the first week, she can go far. If she does something like last week again, she’s a goner. The vocals last week weren’t bad, but the song choice was wrong and the dress was wrong. Monica asking to sing an original song is smart, as it’s the only thing that can move her up high on this list. I don’t know what we will see from Monica this week, but I hope for her sake that it is good.
  8. Max Stone – Max survived again. Yay. #sarcasm But seriously Max needs to wake me up if he wants to survive this week. Flip a song on its head. Do something bold. And sing like its the last 10 seconds of the song the whole way through.
  9. Mason Noise – I’m positive he was saved to cause controversy. Great. But Mason is mediocre. He’s generic. He is unlikable. And if he doesn’t get 9th place, something is wrong with the British public. Not like something isn’t already wrong with them after last week, but yeah.

My favorite performances from last week:

  1. Seann Miley Moore
  2. Louisa Johnson
  3. Che Chesterman
  4. Lauren Murray
  5. Kiera Weathers
  6. Monica Michael
  7. Max Stone
  8. 4th Impact
  9. Mason Noise
  10. Reggie ’n’ Bollie
  11. Anton Stephans

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