X Factor UK 2010– Top 10 – Performance

Rebecca Ferguson and Matt Cardle were definitely the best of the night. Great phrasing, emotional vocals. Good stuff. Treyce was right there behind them with a powerful version of “I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing.” She made it tolerable. Wagner was a joke. I wonder how much longer his little cult following will keep him in the show. Mary Byrne is also proving to be a one-trick pony. She has a real inability to stretch out of her comfort zone. Aiden was better this week, but I think Matt is his biggest rival, and will win that battle. Simon’s boyband is really boring. His pimping is hilarious! I think Katie Waissel may finally go home this week. She was a hot mess, and I don’t think she has the fan base to sustain her through bad performances.

Formula 1 2018 - Season Highlights
Formula 1 2018 - Season Highlights

It’s the X Factor Top 10 people! And word is, a double elimination will be announced at the end of tonight’s episode!  The theme is American Anthems, whatever the heck that means.  Take a look at the spoilers–maybe you can figure it out!

After the jump, a LIVE STREAM and my live blog.

OMG there are the cheerleaders as the judges are introduced.

Cher Lloyd – (Cheryl – Girls) – “Empire State of Mind” – by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys – Cher says Cheryl knows exactly who she is. So Cher doesn’t have to? Heh. A good pick for Cher vocally, but she’s not bringing anything new to it. A very karaoke performance. The judges will probably love it, I’m sure. Louis says, “Tonight you sang and you rapped, and you seem very comfortable up there. You could be in the finals.” Dannii says, “That song could have been written for you. It was hard to top last week’s performance.” “After last week, I”m a little bit disappointed. Simon says, Last week was 100 percent original. This week was a little bit copycat. To make the finals, you’ve got to be more original. Your mentor got a little bit lazy.” Cheryl says, “Absolutely not. We found the perfect balance.” Cher tells Simon she appreciates his comments, but she looks really disappointed.

Mary Byrne – (Louis – Over 28s) – “There You’ll Be” by Faith Hill – Finally, Mary is going to sing a somewhat modern song. Hm. Her lower register isn’t that great. I think she’s one of the singers that relies on her belting to carry her. No wonder she was nervous. She seems completely out of her element. Oy. She’s really off-pitch. Bad. Mary knows she blew it. Dannii says, “I think tonight you didn’t feel inside the song. People absolutely love you. The only one who can win this for you is you. I want to see your strength back.” Cheryl says, “I hope your back next week.” Simon says, “I thought you sang it pretty well.” “You are the people’s champion, I don’t care what anybody says.” Louis said nothing about her singing. What’s Simon up to with the pimping? Mary says she’s feeling low and very nervous. Self-sabatoge?

Katie Waissel – (Cheryl – Girls) “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt – WTF IS UP WITH KATIE’S HAIR!??! That rat’s next she’s got on her head is SOOO distracting. Like Cher, Katie’s performance is very karaoke. This performance may finally get Katie kicked off the show. LOL at the videos of Katie crying, looking like a horror on the video screens. Are they busing her or what? Louis says, “That was a brilliant performance.” Dannii says, “For me, I didn’t connect with that. I looked like you were thinking about the performance.” Simon says, “It kind of fell apart in the middle. It looked like you were struggling.” Katie says she was having the time of her life. Simon continues, “Parts of the performance were brilliant. I like that you aren’t a whinger. You come back battling.” Cheryl says, “you are a fighter excentric a drama queen that’s exactly what I love about you.”

Aiden Grimshaw – (Dannii – Boys) – “Nothing Compares To U” by Prince – Aiden WHAT? I can’t understand a word he’s saying. Better than last week. He’s got an interesting style. I wonder if he writes music? He’s best when he’s really connected to a song. Overall, a good performance. Louis says, “You’re one of the most consistent performers in the show. You are the perfect pop star. I like that you’re intense.” Cheryl says, “I accept the fact that you are an intense performer.” Simon says, “That song was only put in last night, taking everything into account, I thought that was absolutely brilliant.” Dannii says, “I think we kept the essence of you. Well done.”


Paije Richardson – (Dannii – Boys) – Mash up of I’m A Believer by The Monkees and Hey Ya! by Outkast – This is a really weird mash-up. Not sure of the point. Paije was OK on “I’m A Believer”, but on the “Hey Ya” bridge? WTF was that? It was off key, bizzare. He shoud “You’re getting better, and you seem to be having fun.” “Cheryl says, “That absolutely made my night. My fav perofmrance of yours so far.” “I loved the whole Austin Powers vibe. It was without question, the best performance so far. You really put on a show. I’m really happy with you.” “I loved that performance. That was really good. Take the good credit because it’s due.” Paije looks sharp this week. Like the gray suit with the yellow sweater vest.

Rebecca Ferguson – (Cheryl – Girls) – “Make You Feel My Love” by Bob Dylan – The performance of the night so far. Beautiful and heartfelt. She’s got a bit of a problem staying on pitch, but the emotion is there. She’s going to make great records. And she’s so beautiful. Louis says, “You stand out. you are special. An effortless vocal.” Dannii says, “An amazing performance, you sang it with such soul. Gorgeous.” Simon says, “That was absolutely fantastic. I think you would be the most incredible ambassador for this country.” Cheryl says, “Thank you for having the strength. The nation is willing you on, Rebecca. You have something really special.

Wagner – (Louis Walsh – Over 28s) – Mash up of Viva Las Vegas and Wonder Of You by Elvis – Wagner? As ridiculous as usual. But this week–with extra off-key singing! Wow. Really, there are no words to describe this cluster f*ck. He’s not even keeping time with band. I must stay, the white Elvis jumpsuit is perfect. Wagner needs to move to Branson. Dannii says, “There’s a church in Vegas that wants you to sing at it. The 2nd half was more in tune than the first half.” Cheryl says, “SIGH” Simon says, “It’s kind of something you like, but shouldn’t like. I ‘m in that place with you right now. I’m concerned that I like that performance.” Louis says, “The second song was really good…it’s fun.”

Matt Cardle – (Dannii – Boys) – “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” by Roberta Flack – Covering yet another song by a woman. I’d like to see him try something else for a change. I still really like him though. This doesn’t sound like something Matt would sing out in the real world. The second verse is BEAUTIFUL. Wow. I like the arrangement. Performance got more and more emotional. OMG he just burst into tears at the end. That’s going to get him a GAZILLION votes. Louis says, “Another outstanding voice. I think you’ve absolutely stolen the show. I think you are the person that everyone has to beat in this competition.” Cheryl says, “That absolutely blew me away. I totally get it. Beautiful.” Simon says, “That was completely and utterly stunning. Just stunning. This is the Matt and Rebecca show tonight.” Dannii says, “It was a perfect performance. I wish everyone at home knew why you sang that song. It’s really personal.”

Treyc Cohen – (Cheryl – Girls) – “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith – It’s another rock song for Cheryl. Gah. I hate this song. Well, this arrangement is very rock. But, Treyc is killing it. Her identity crisis may kick her off the show. She doesn’t want to be pigeon holed, but she doesn’t come off versatile–more like a little clueless. She’s got a great voice, though. Louis says, “No matter what happens to you, you always bounce back.” Dannii says, “Tonight we saw a little bit of the spark back.” Simon says, “I can’t fault that vocal. If you have a lion, you want it to bite you, not like you. You don’t have that killer instinct…that passion, belief.” Cheryl says, “You look stunning. Gorgeous vocal. You are a fantastic vocalist. You can sing your heart out.” Treyc does look gorgeous tonight.

One Direction – (Simon – Groups) – “Kids In America” by Kim Wilde – OMG they all sleep in the same room. The kid with the curly hair is in his underwear. They sound terrible singing together. A couple of the lead singers are OK, but I don’t think any of them have big charisma. But I guess there are young girls who would disagree with me. Oh look at the cheerleaders! “A brilliant way to end the show. You remind me of Westlife, Take that..this was not even a hit in America! It’s not an American Anthem!” “It was a great performance guys. Vocally it wasn’t the best of the night.” “Absoultely cheered me up. You’re good lads. Great performance.” “When you came out it was like sunshine on a beautiful day, and then Louis the thundercloud comes along…that was your best performance by a mile. On the money.” Erm. Every week they are mediocre. Not really seeing a big improvement.

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  1. The playlist for this prime is interesting even if there are some overplayed songs.

  2. Those spoilers make me want to take up drinking! I don’t know if I can sit through another Aerosmith karaoke.

  3. Jesus Christ. Cher and Rebecca are the only choices I like. Matt doing girl songs has potential to get boring. Katie, right band, wrong song for her. Mary might be alright too.

  4. Bad start for the show, both were way off. I think the mentors let them down big time.

  5. I’m shocked at how flat Mary sounded tonight. Was it the song that was too wrong for her?

    eta: Cher sounded bad too, but she’s never had much of a voice.

  6. MARY! OUCH!!!!! I’m praying that Louie will NOT be a judge on the US version bc..DAMN…he has the world’s WORST taste in music….

    Cher was da bomb:) as usual. yes, she doesnt have an incredible voice, but she’s original. her sound is original. me gusta!

  7. As much as on AI that the judges say that contestants make bad song choices, the judging picking songs isn’t any better.

  8. As much as on AI that the judges say that contestants make bad song choices, the judging picking songs isn’t any better.

    They probably also pick from a small list.
    Mary was baaaaaaaaad.

  9. LOL! Katie’s background video was a big fat FAIL!

    Katie’s going home for sure after that “I’m having the time of my life” response.

  10. Bad song choice for Katie, she can’t really sing a rock song and she was lacking confidence, but it’s true that she look a lot like Gwen.

    Talking back, goodbye Katie

  11. Katie was a bit lifeless on that. She wasn’t into that at all. She should just go out there thinking she’s singing for her life. That was just meh.

  12. Liked Allisons version of DOn’t speak better than KAties and I didn’t really like it at the time

  13. Aiden is very hit and miss, but I like it a lot when he hits. The song is boderline appropriate for the theme because it’s best known as a Sinead O’Connor tune.

  14. Ah, i like Katie, but that was sub-par. she’s still in my top 5 tho-

    Wow- Aiden. pitchy dawg. and i do NOT understand how and why these contestants have to change their song at the last minute? like, what in the hell were you doing for 6 days?

    WTF are these so-called “American Anthems”???? these theme weeks are a joke

  15. I doubt Aiden changed his song. Most likely the show got Prince’s OK yesterday. Aiden probably had two songs prepared.

  16. Aidan at least is recognisable– I really like him and his style. I would be very curious of hearing his music.

  17. Simon likes the big performances with a lot of whistles and bells, no wonder he was bored with AI.

    I doubt Aiden changed his song. Most likely the show got Prince’s OK yesterday. Aiden probably had two songs prepared.

    NC2U was already performed in season 4, so I think they already had the rights.

  18. I think Prince only gives single use rights. He’s very careful as to who uses his songs. That why they are so rare on Idol.

  19. I’m a Katie fan, but Aiden was by far the best so far tonight. What was with the praise of the Paije performance? I thought that was terrible.

  20. Love the “I’m a Believer – Hey Ya” smashup…just not on Paije.

    After six performers…the rankings:

    1) Rebecca
    2) Aiden
    3) Cher
    4) Mary
    5) Paije
    6) Katie

    However, they left four of my faves to the end.

  21. Simon is giving her the Leona treatment, praising her to high heavens. Yes she is a “national treasure” and the pride of Britain depends on her winning the show lol.

  22. Rebecca is really, really good. Every week. It would be nice if she changed kind of song one of these weeks, but so far she’s been consistently the best. Last week’s Wicked Game was moving.

    Having said that, I am dreading the moment Wagner comes on the stage.

  23. Paije’s mash-up was a fun performance to watch but his vocals were off.

    I wanna love Rebecca’s voice but I wish she wasn’t so “pitchy” at times.

  24. Can’t believe how bad Mary was, so out of tune.
    I don’t think anybody should sing a Faith Hill song.
    It seems easy hearing Faith singing them, but it always ends up a disaster. There was one time in AI (was it Jasmine Trias ?, I forgot), that was bad too.

    Aiden was the best so far for me, love that song. Sometimes he was kind of unsure in hitting the notes, but overall, really good. And as long as he smiles at the end, it’s OK I guess if the song is intense.

    Rebecca – let’s just say that I prefers Kris more.
    And isn’t her genre kind of the same as Leona Lewis and the other one. Forgot her name. They’ll be all competing with each other.

  25. Rebecca – let’s just say that I prefers Kris more.
    And isn’t her genre kind of the same as Leona Lewis and the other one. Forgot her name. They’ll be all competing with each other.

    Not really, Rebecca voice is not the big belter soul/R&B diva like Leona and Alexandra.

    I didn’t really enjoy that performance of Wagner, I think it’s time to let him go.

  26. Matt owns that song, I usually am not a fan of repeated performance but that was special

  27. Matt was easily the best so far. So many bad notes tonight from the rest.

  28. First time watching this and wow. These contestants sure do sing off key.

    Thought Matt was pretty good though.

  29. Matt gave a great performance but then got slammed by that host guy. LOL

  30. Matt absolutely CRUSHED the others in this competition. Beautiful rendition. Loved it.

  31. i think Paije botched the lyrics

    Wagner- God. Like my dark side kind of hope he wins so everyone can look at Louie and say, “Look what you did…you little jerk.”

    OK- Some one give Matt Cardle the trophy. Now please. NOW. thank you. Damn!!!!!! AHHHH!!!! INCREDIBLE!!!

  32. I like Matt best too. Though i think the arrangement of the song was about the same as David Cooks, but the vocals are very different.

    SInce he had done this song before, I wonder if he wanted to sing something else that didn’t clear? There were rumors that he was going to do Everybody Hurts.

  33. Matt sang well, but I got kinda bored halfway through his performance. I don’t know, Rebecca is my favorite so far.

  34. Rebecca is so boring, and she doesn’t even look into the camera. Wish the judges would tell her that!

  35. List of people who sang IDWTMAT:
    On AI: Josh Gracin (the very first one, damn you Josh), Lyndsay Cardinale, Antonella Barba, David Cook, Allison Iraheta, Aaron Kelly.
    On X factor: Tabby Callaghan, Ben Mills, Danyl Johnson and now Treyc Cohen

    Just retire it already.

  36. tryce has a great voice, but thats it. generic. nothing unique about her. she needs to just cause some drama or something or get hair tips for katie hahahahahaha…joking joking..

  37. Ugh why did Cheryl give Treyc that over done song. There are so many current songs she could have given to her. I like Simon’s comment about it being the Matt and Rebecca show tonight, because I completely agree.

  38. Usually I like One Direction but not this week. The song choice was horrible.

  39. at the end of the show, I go back and watch ONE performance. So far, always either Matt or Rebecca…. this wek, Matt, for sure.

    This boy group is boring me. but I’m sure they will stay for a while

  40. One direction are just bad singers, Harry strained badly when trying to reach a high note. The hype so artificial and based only on looks.

  41. One Direction makes me want to hurt myself. and i know the direction i would like them to take…out the back door. thank you. what awful vocals.

  42. Clearly Matt has the star quality out of all the others (Rebecca included). Great performance by him!! :D

    Cher is starting to lose that “spunk”. I don’t think she’ll win…

  43. I had seen some spoilers that One Direction was going to do No Boundaries, I’m glad that didn’t happen. I think it was changed, or else it was really just a rumor.

  44. All in all not a bad show, some were very good (matt, Aiden and Rebecca despite the overhype), some bombed badly (Mary and Katie) and Wagner, One Direction and Cher were par for the course.
    Tomorrow Katie is gone with maybee a “shocker” in the B2 (Mary or Cher?)

  45. Hey MJ you forgot your thought’s on Rebecca’s performance. I thought both Rebecca and Matt were bloody fantastic!!!!!! Those two are definitely going to be the last two standing and also I really want to here both of them duet.

  46. So are they eliminating one or two?

    If one, then Katie and Paije are the bottom two with Katie going.

    If two, then Katie will go with the lowest number of votes. Paije and Wagner will be in the sing-off, with Wagner leaving.

  47. I never thought this moment would ever come but…I am loving Matt’s FTEISYF even better than David Cook’s version. I am off to listening to it a few more times :)


  48. Okay, so my impressions for tonight:

    LOVED: Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction

    LIKED: Aiden Grimshaw and Paije Richardson

    Good vocals but something was missing: Matt Cardle (got bored halfway through) and TreyC Cohen (She needs songs like the one she sang in a sing off with John two weeks ago.)

    Didn’t like at all this week: Katie Waissel, Mary Byrne and Cher Lloyd

    Ultimate WTF performance: Wagner (I have no words!)

  49. Sorry, but I didn’t think Rebecca connected with that song at all. Where was the emotion? I’d take Adele’s version or Kris Allen’s version of TMYFML over Rebecca’s any day of the week. She’s clearly very talented, but I wasn’t feeling that at all.

    I thought Matt was easily the best. But why does he sing songs written by/performed by women every single week?

  50. i’m probably in the minority, but i thought matt’s peformance was overrated. those high notes were questionable, and the way he sometimes “whines” after a note annoys me. his belts were good though. i think there’s something about the way he sings is what’s not making me a fan.

    rebecca, on the other hand, felt more believable. phrasing was lovely, and it’s was just easy listening.

  51. LOVED: Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction

    Really? You like One Direction?

  52. My favorites. Cher really impressed me that she was actually able to sing that song. Tough song and she pulled it off. Think she deserved more credit. Also, for the first time liked Aiden. He was less intense and more enjoyable. He deserved more credit too imo.

    Was not completely in love with Rebecca this time. Kinda boring. Same goes for Matt. Plus he had done that song before. Very unoriginal. But I do have to give him the second half of the song had fascinating vocals. But he still has no it factor for me. Reminds me too much of WGWG and I’m bored with that.

    The rest were meh… forgettable.

  53. I’ve never really understood Aiden before, but I really liked him tonight. I think he was my favorite tonight along with Matt.

    Matt and Rebecca should be the final. They’re the most consistent, though I’ve liked others the best some weeks like Aiden this week and Katie the week where she did the Jungle Book song.

  54. Matt is leagues above everyone else. Not fond of Rebecca’s voice though she must be good as they all said she is.

  55. xfactorupdates judge
    Tomorrow nights group performance is So What by Pink #xfactor

    xfactorupdates judge
    #xfactor phone votes not going as expected, double elimination being canceled again?


  56. I really liked Aiden tonight,I think I’m starting to get him.

    Matt on the other hand did nothing for me. The faux falsetto just doesn’t work for the whole song. I might have enjoyed it more if it had been done in a lower key.

    I keep thinking/hoping that Wagner is just punking us and he really can sing, if this is the case he needs to do so and soon.

  57. I’ve dismissed this show as a total joke for having someone like Wagner in the 10 finalists. It would be like having one of the horrible early auditioners for Idol in the finals.

  58. In all honesty, I thought Matt’s performance was even better than anything on American Idol since David Cook’s Billie Jean.

    And Wagner’s performance was worse than… anything… ever.

  59. Watched everything except Mary, Katie, and Paije so far.

    Wagner…. I’m getting a little bored of it. I still watch She Bangs/Love Shack because it still entertains me, but after that… not much else. If he’s punking us and he really can sing, holy shit that would be the most awesome and hilarious thing EVER.

    From a Kris fan, I had my reservations watching Rebecca sing the song that got me really into Kris. Despite that, I thought her version was FANTASTIC. I love her voice, it’s so soulful to me. A few pitchy notes that she should work on (I love Lee DeWyze, but I don’t think I can take another winner who had a really pitchy run on this show, but IMO she makes up for her pitch shortcomings more than Lee does).

    Matt, I was worried I’d be bored of him covering yet another female song and I was worried he’d get undeserved praise yet again (after Hit Me Baby One More Time, but not really referring to Bleeding Love last week). I think he totally deserved that praise. It was AMAZING. (Yes, I like words in all caps). I really loved those high notes.

    Last week, Cher prompted me to get my friend to get me her version of Stay on iTunes UK. I dunno how she does it. But this week, I was kinda bored. It was a good vocal, but pretty karaoke and the arrangement had no “oomph” that the original has. The visuals were pretty fun, but I was somewhat disappointed.

    Aiden, I really want to like him, he’s somewhat creepy and I like creepy. He started off singing in Martian or something, but after he reverted to English he was pretty good, better than weeks before. Although he has kinda convinced me that his “playing the part” thing in Mad World was really just a strange case of nerves, since he always seems to have them every week. I liked him tonight, but he still seems to have serious nervous habits. He seemed to enjoy himself a bit more this week, but I wanna hear him do something upbeat.

    Treyc…. Well, I’ve seen this song performed 4 times. David Cook, Allison Iraheta, Aaron Kelly, and now Treyc Cohen. You know what’s sad? The only one of these I liked was Aaron Kelly. David Cook’s version was immensely overrated, Allison’s was copycat David Cook’s and pretty much her worst performance, I liked Aaron’s even if it wasn’t too special (and I love Aaron), and Treyc’s was just…. I dunno, somewhat mediocre. I’m pretty sure there could have been a better American anthem for Treyc.

    As for One Direction, I just have to say that if you gave them mustaches and facial hair, they might not even be here anymore. Granted, I’ve been satisfied with every elimination, but I kinda wish these guys were gone. The only one I cared about was Liam, and I think he’s good, but he doesn’t need the rest of the group.

    Wow, Mary was so bad. Made me kinda sad. I didn’t think her voice was too terrible for the type of song, she just used it horribly wrong.

    Katie. I like her voice, but she absolutely sucked the life out of that song. Totally the wrong No Doubt song for her. She should probably be the one to leave.

    Paije did okay with I’m A Believer, and I thought it was pretty good until the end. Right before he got to Hey Ya and ended I’m A Believer, it went straight to hell.

    I’m still hoping for a Matt/Cher/Rebecca finale (assuming the finale is still 3 acts). If any of those 3 win, I’ll be completely satisfied.

    Mary and Katie should probably be bottom 2 (As much as I said Treyc wasn’t that great, it might have just been me being tired of the song, and she shouldn’t even scrape B3, and as much as I don’t like One Direction, they didn’t do terribly this week) with Katie going.

  60. I like Matt, but I also think I would have liked the song better in a lower key. I think the key high to stay in for the whole song. But still my favorite.

    I thought Rebecca did a good job, also. I think she put some originality into that song. I really like her voice.

    Probably I liked TreyC next. I think she is a good singer but doesn’t really have an identity, and I think she doesn’t emote enough.

    And I think Cher could be a big pop star, even though I don’t really like the kind of music she does, I think she does have some star quality, though I don’t think she did that well tonight.

    And I think it’s awful that they still have Wagner in so far into the competition. Top 10 should be for serious contestants.

  61. xfactorupdates judge
    #xfactor phone votes not going as expected, double elimination being canceled again?

    So how fixed is this show? lol…geezzzz….Let the people speak. Shockers are fun and sending someone home that they didn’t expect to go would be a lot more interesting. Have some balls X-Factor. It was probably Aiden, Cher or Mary going home. Who knows?

    TreyC Cohen (She needs songs like the one she sang in a sing off with John two weeks ago.)

    Yes, I totally agree, that was her BEST performance. She needs to go back there. The girl can sing.

    I loved Matt, Rebecca and yes even One Direction. lol Uncle Simon was right about them being sunshine. They could sing better if they tried, I think. There still may be hope. Aiden wasn’t too bad this week but not stellar. Cher was not as good this week. Mary sucked terribly and she may be a goner. I laughed so hard watching Katie crying in the video while she was singing. X-Factor sure does have a great sense of humor. The girl is still annoying and she really isn’t that great of a singer. I hope she goes along with Wagner.

  62. I’m sure either Matt or Rebecca will win this season. I hope it’s rebecca though, because she could be a very successful recording artist. Her voice is amazing, and to me she’s just pure class. She’s very shy and humble, and I could see lots of women voting for her, unlike Cher or Katie.

  63. It was never a double elimination. That was a rumor. At the end of the show today Dermot said contestant, singular, and never mentioned a double elimination. Nothing changed because of the way votes were going.

  64. It was never a double elimination. That was a rumor.

    Ok then I take what I said back. LOL…They could easily send two acts home because a lot of them did suck. Katie and Wagner need to go. Wagner isn’t as fun to watch as the twins last year.

  65. X Factor is style over substance – the fantastic stage effects, wardrobe, backup acts, the WWF-style announcing (heh) and judge’s hyperbole, all serve to camouflage really mediocre talent.

    Rebecca the best of this week? Please, she’s a sweet lady with an innate elegant style, but her vocals are all over the place – but who cares, with autotune, they can churn out another beautiful singing robot (see: Cheryl Cole). And she’s actually one of the better ones.

    They kick out the real talent, if it doesn’t fit some stereotypical image they have to feed the public cattle. Compare –

  66. How does a goofy Italian guy end up with a Germanic name like Wagner?

  67. Uncle Simon was right about them being sunshine. They could sing better if they tried, I think.

    That’s the problem I’m having with One direction right now. They either totally suck and can’t improve or they are not trying very hard to improve. They are coasting by on their “cuteness” and it’s annoying to watch them every week grin and goof around on stage because they know they are not going home anytime soon. When Matt or Mary give a sub par performance you can tell how disappointed they are in themselves. With One Direction I have no idea if they know or care that they sucked. I also feel bad for Liam because as the lead singer he does have a good voice and he looks like he’s trying to do something other than be cute. I don’t hate One Direction, but like Wagner their novelty act is getting old.

  68. xfactorupdates judge
    #xfactor phone votes not going as expected, double elimination being canceled again?

    Could be the One Direction not getting the votes because they went last and most of their teen/tween fans decided to vote Matt this week, thinking OD was super safe by going last. Would be interesting seeing them hit the bottom group. That would get Simon close to not having a horse in the race at a very early time in the season.

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