David Archuleta – Girl Up Kick Off Party – Los Angeles

arrives at Variety's Girl Up Campaign Launch on November 4,  2010 in Los Angeles,  California.

David Archuleta sings “Complain” at the Girl Up kick off  party on Thursday night (Nov 4) in Los Angeles.

Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sin...
Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sing Irving Berlin!

Video after the jump…


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  1. That was ~random. Wouldnt have guessed he was gonna sing that one. First time live for it. heh. Nice.

  2. Yeah, Complain wasn’t the song that I thought he might have performed. I do think it fits the event, though.

  3. I really like this song, Complain. I like his new guitar player Alfredo too.

  4. RT @CaitlinKinney27: Rehearsing with @zackbenitez and now @DavidArchie too! Looking forward to tonights show!

    with? wonder what they are doing together…

  5. Nice LIVE performance of Complain and good cause. High Five for all concerned.

    Caitlin and Zack are dancers and David is singing for Adult make a wish type organization. ???? My Kind of Perfect or Something ‘Bout Love ?????? Just guessing from twitter hints and Previous Ice Skating performances. any thought Frogcooke-you’re the detective.????

  6. I have no idea… lol I would have even known those two were dancers had someone not pointed it out. lol Maybe they’ll be dancing to one of his songs??? i really dont know.

  7. David makes every song BETTER live. He is just that good live. Now I am going to listen to “Complain” a million times after that performance, lol. All of David’s music has a sense of hope and I definitely hear it here.

  8. Woah. That live version of Complain is amazing! Love the ending.

    On a related/unrelated note — what kind of camera you think they were recording that with? I haven’t seen the recording time on display since way back in the vhs camcorder days lol. But maybe that’s an option on all the new cameras and I just haven’t noticed. Not that it matters because I surely appreciate this video no matter WHAT they recorded it on. :)

  9. Nice job on Complain. I’m liking the new guitarist, he looks “spiffy” (lol) and a little more closer in age than Mike K. did. Good song, good acoustic performance. Keep putting “one foot in front of the other” Archie, you’re a gem.

  10. Wow…that live performance of “Complain” was awesome. What a beautiful song. Never heard of the “Girl Up” organization before but it sounds like a great cause. Wonderful of David to lend his support.

  11. Three sisters and a mom… lol.
    I see his keyboard. There must be another song he sang at the event.

  12. RT @CaitlinKinney27: Amazing night for the dream foundation! Had a blast meeting and dancing with @DavidArchie! You killed your choreography!! :)

    wait wait wait…. danced?

    RT @saturdayonline: NEXT WEEK: @fareastmovement answers YOUR Q’s, we talk to @brunomars, @davidarchie performs & we talk to @justinbieber! IT’S GONNA BE HUGE!

    ^I think thats probably pre-recorded westwood one stuff.

  13. Nice job on Complain. David brought passion to that song. Hoping to see video of dancin’ David soon.

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