X Factor Providence – Jillian Jensen, Pat Ford, Carly Rose Sonenclar (AUDIO)

I attended the 6th and last X Factor audition in Providence last June.  I saw live three of the auditions that were featured on the show. Two hopefuls were so dramatic–Jillian Jensen and Carly Rose Sonenclar–were so dramatic they closed Wednesday and Thursday’s episodes respectively.  I also saw Pat Ford–the hopeful who was seemingly obsessed with Britney Spears.

I have raw audio from all 3 auditions. Jillian Jensen, the emotional hopeful who revealed to Demi Lovato that she had been bullied in middle and high school, seemed to go on FOREVER, It was definitely edited. Pat Ford reminded Simon that he auditioned for American Idol once. It was pretty clear he was a joke contestant–not really obsessed with Britney–just looking for a hook that would get him on TV.

Carly Rose Sonenclar was impressive in person too.  As it turns out, she’s a mini Lea Michele, with theater credits that go back to 2006. Check out her Wiki Page. She was also featured on the PBS children’s show, Electric Company.

Here is what I wrote about each contestant back in June, with the audio.

Jillian Jensen – Rochester MA – “Who You Are” by Jesse J – Easily the most emotional moment of the night. This performance will absolutely make the cut. Nineteen year old girl revealed she had a “Stay Strong” tattoo just like Demi, but she got her tattoo before she knew Demi had hers. When she reveals that she was bullied in school, she becomes teary. She thanks Demi for everything she’s done for the anti-bullying movement. She dedicates her song to anyone who has been bullied. Her performance is VERY emotional. The crowd LOVES her. Demi joins her on stage to talk to her and give her a big long hug. LA says he has never heard anyone pour their emotions in a song they way she did. You got it! Britney tells her she shouldn’t be crying right now, because she’s so amazing. Demi was literally speechless and in tears. “I don’t know if I can really talk right now.” Simon said, “That was incredible.” After Jillian finished,her entire family came out on stage to join her. Production had to take a few minutes to fix Demi’s makeup.

Jillian by mjsbigblog

Patrick Ford – “Circus” by Britney Spears – This guy had auditioned for Idol in 2010. And YES LA, contrary to what you remember, Simon WAS on Idol in 2010! Season 9, Simon’s last season took place that year. Pat took the stage with a vase of red roses for his hero, Britney. He followed the joke contestant drill–insisted he was serious, but after 1 note it was obvious he was not.When Simon dissed him on Idol, Pat called him “Saucy Simon”. I remember this, vaguely. Simon could never quite place him. Here, Simon took a tiny dig at Idol, saying he “deleted” it. The crowd went ooooooh at that. After his performance, Simon said it was like he had an argument with Britney, got drunk, and decided to scream the song at her. Pat said, “‘I’d never argue with Britney.” Needless to say, it was 4 noes. I’ve got audio for this one.

Pat by mjsbigblog

Carly Rose Sonenclar – 13 – Westchester, NY – “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone – This was absolutely the WOW performance of the night. Seventh grader, Carly, sings with the confidence and ability of a 30 year old woman. Simon wanted to know who was hiding in the wings singing for her. Then he claimed she was lying about her age. “I’ll bring my birth certificate!” offered Carly, to big laughs. After ripping through “Feeling Good”, LA called her an “old soul.” and said “A star has just walked out on to that stage.” He was also impressed that she knew that Nina Simone originally sang the song. Demi told her flat out she could win the competition. Carly’s performance had the crowd and the judges on their feet. Here’s some audio. You’ve GOT to check it out.

Carly by mjsbigblog

Jillian Jensen Audition

Carly Rose Sonenclar Audition

Pat Ford Audition

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