X-Factor 3- The Chairs Of Destiny, Episode 2- Live Blog and Discussion

Join me here tonight for some serious discussion about whether or not you were LITERALLY born to do this.

Last night, Kelly picked her Over 25’s.
Lillie McCloud, Rachel Potter, Jeff Gutt, and James Kenney earned spots.

Demi heard four singers and gave four chairs to:
Bree Randall, Khaya Cohen, Ashly Williams, and Jamie Pineda

Bree was LITERALLY born to do this.

Resuming The Girls:

5) Simone Torres- A Change Is Gonna Come
This is bizarre. It’s so low. And they took a song, and made it uptempo… that shouldn’t have been made uptempo. It’s so low, it doesn’t even sound good. I realize she has a low voice, but this is too low in parts. When she hits her stride, it’s clear that she deserves to take Bree’s spot, but I don’t think she should be in the final four. She can temporarily take a seat. Paulina relates to her. Simon wishes he could have told her not to do the song, because the arrangement was so bad. Kelly says she still sang it well. Demi is letting her take a seat. The first girl switched out, in favor of Simone, is Bree Randall.

6) Danie Geimer- Georgia On My Mind
She reads books. A little flat there, on that run. Otherwise, this is a killer vocal. She definitely deserves a chair. I would swap out Simone or Jamie. She had more pitch problems toward the end. Simon thinks Danie is here at the right time. Kelly says Danie deserves a seat. I see people holding up a lot of 1’s, 3’s and 4’s. People seem to like Khaya. Demi is swapping Simone Torres out. I wonder how long Jamie is gonna survive…

7) Rylie Brown- Angels
She was in beauty pageants. She’s loving “Hangels”. It’s boring. The pitch isn’t there, and she keeps loving “Hangels”. I’d MAYBE swap her for Jamie, but I could also just let her go home. Kelly doesn’t think she’s ready for the competition. Simon says everything tonight felt like it was chosen by her mother. He doesn’t buy her. Demi thinks she looks beautiful, and has potential, but thought it was pageanty. Rylie is going home.

8) Primrose Martin
Her dad was in Kool and the Gang. She’s dancing like a pop star, but the vocals are just so-so. She sounds out of breath. The more the performance goes on, the worth it gets. She’s actually being BOOED BY THE AUDIENCE… DURING HER SONG. She’s that bad. Kelly didn’t like it at all. Paulina said it was nothing like the first time. Simon says it was beyond awful. He says it was the longest minute and a half of his life. She just delusionally keeps singing some other song. Demi thinks she danced more than she sang, and she danced more than she sang. She’s begging, the audience boos her, and Demi is sending her home. The audience applauds. I love this audience. lol.

9) Rion Paige
There’s a fire burning inside her. She’s an OK singer. Jamie is crying. If I’m being honest, it was alright. A few pitch issues here and there. I’d swap her for Jamie. Kelly loves watching Rion. Simon says “when you’ve got it, you’ve got it.” Demi says it’s a mature voice. I’ve noticed that Paulina gets edited out a lot. Rion is getting a chair. Who is losing one? I vote Jamie. i see a lot of 1’s, and 3’s. People didn’t like Danie? That’s weird. Wow. She’s cutting Ashly. Didn’t see that coming. The audience boo’s Demi. I thought Ashly would be the final cut, against Ellona. Why is Jamie still there? Honestly? I think Ashly deserved a final four spot.

10) Ellona Santiago- Clarity
Not a great start. Some pitch issues. As the song picks up, Ellona really gets to let it rip vocally, but this is the boring original version (not the uptempo version most people are now familiar with). Song choice. Kelly calls her a beast. Paulina says it was amazing (I’m glad she’s speaking again). Simon says it was one of the best vocals. He can’t imagine her not being in the competition. Demi agrees with the judges, and says Ellona has an incredible voice, but says something is missing. She’s lacking the star quality. Demi can’t see herself letting go of any of her four girls. Simon is fighting for Ellona. Really, Demi? You think Jamie is better than Ellona? Ellona is begging. I don’t think she should have to. This shouldn’t be that hard of a decision. Finally, Demi agrees to keep Ellona. A lot of people holding up 4’s. Demi is sending Jamie home.

Final four:
Khaya Cohen, Danie Geimer, Ellona Santiago, and Rion Paige.

Join me next week. Paulina and the Boys and Simon and the Groups.

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