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The season finale of The Amazing Race airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

The final destination is New Orleans, Louisiana. The teams depart to the airport for the final leg. Riley & Maddison say they are peaking and poised to win. They are also glad their alliance made it to the end. Will & James say the race proved they have a strong relationship. The money would change their lives. Hung says she was reminded why she fell in love with Chee. Chee says Hung is a loyal and determined person.

The teams land in New Orleans. There is a scramble for taxis, and they must proceed to Louie Armstrong Park. Riley & Maddison’s taxi went a different way than the others, putting them behind. Will & James are the first to the clue box. They learn they must make their way to a Mardi Gras parade. They must get up on a float and collect beaded necklaces. They must catch 50 red and 50 gold necklaces. They get started on the task, but Hung & Chee are right behind them in second place. Riley & Maddison are still in last place due to a bad taxi driver.

Will & James are the first to collect their beads. They must now make their way to a café for their Roadblock task. One team member must find a baby inside a king cake. Once the baby is found, they must eat some beignets. Will does the task, and he manages to find the baby by the time Hung & Chee arrive. Riley & Maddison also finally find Louie Armstrong Park and make their way to the Mardi Gras parade.

Despite being in last place, Riley & Maddison manage to catch up. All three teams are in the café at the same time. Chee and Maddison are searching for a baby inside the king cakes while Will & James are eating beignets. Will is struggling with the beignets. He doesn’t want to eat more, but James tells him to focus. They finally eat their beignets and can depart to the next Roadblock.

Since Will did the first Roadblock in the café, James must do the next one. This Roadblock requires one team member to leap off a bridge over the Mississippi River to grab a clue. James gets ready to do the task, but he’s nervous since he doesn’t like heights. Meanwhile, a baby is right in front of Chee, but he fails to notice it. Both Riley and Hung see the baby from the sidelines, but they cannot give any hints to their partners. Chee finally finds the baby though, and he and Hung begin eating their beignets. Maddison notices the baby Chee found was a lot smaller than he expected, and he wonders if he already overlooked one during his search.

James grabs the clue on his first attempt. Will & James keep their lead as they make their way to the next location: Mardi Gras World. After they rappel down the bridge, they must travel by foot to the biggest float design and construction facility in the world. After Will & James are already inside Mardi Gras World, Hung & Chee arrive at the bridge for their next Roadblock. Hung doesn’t like heights either, but she manages to grab the clue on her first attempt too. Meanwhile, Maddison finally finds the baby inside a king cake.

Will & James find a giant blue ball and roll it down to the clue box inside Mardi Gras World. They must find puzzle pieces around the warehouse and wrap them around their ball to create a globe of the world. Once they successfully complete the task, they will receive their next clue. Will & James are already putting their puzzle together by the time Riley & Maddison arrive at the bridge.

Riley jumps off the bridge and grabs the clue on his first attempt. Will & James finish putting their globe together, and they ask for an inspection after they place it on a parade float. However, the inspector tells them their assembly needs improvement. They must fix some of the placements of the pieces, but they manage to do so before any other teams arrive. They can now proceed to the Finish Line: The Superdome. Will & James are very excited as they are on their way to claim the $1 million prize. Hung & Chee and Riley & Maddison are just arriving at Mardi Gras World, so there is no suspense as Will & James arrive at the Superdome.


James says he is a super fan of The Amazing Race. He has applied to be on the show numerous times, and he’s emotional that he got to share this experience with Will. Will is grateful for the experience too. Will says he knows The Amazing Race was James’s dream, but he says his dream is to spend the rest of his life with James. Will gets down on one knee with a ring and asks James to marry him. James accepts, and the eliminated racers there on the field with them applaud.

Hung & Chee arrive later as Team #2. Phil tells them they ran a solid race and should be proud of themselves. Hung calls the race the honeymoon she and Chee never had. Chee says the race has made them stronger. Riley & Maddison arrive later as Team #3. Maddison says they thought their athleticism would help them on the race, but now he thinks the race will improve their skills as volleyball players. Riley agrees and says they will implement their experience from the race into their careers. Phil also congratulates the racers for being part of a milestone season since The Amazing Race has now officially reached the million mile landmark.


1st place: Will & James

2nd place: Hung & Chee

3rd place: Riley & Maddison

And that wraps up this season of The Amazing Race. Filmed two years ago, this season has finally aired on CBS. Are you happy with the winners? Thoughts on the alliance dominating the season? Will there be another season of The Amazing Race? Thanks for reading, vote in the polls, and post your thoughts in the comment section below.

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