The Voice Live Blog-Knockout Rounds #1

The Voice - Season 7

We are less than 10 minutes away from the Tayl- errr I mean THE VOICE. The Voice. I hope you like Taylor Swift because she is going to be all up in your tv screen for the next two hours. =)

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Gamepl...
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Gameplay

It’s the Knockout rounds! It’s a fan favorite, and I love it because the contestants get to choose their own songs. Can’t wait to hear their picks!

For those unfamiliar with these rounds, the coaches must cut their teams in half and will be pairing their own team’s contestants against each other.

Each coach will get ONE steal only!

The first to go is Team Gwen’s Sugar Joans and Bryana Salaz. Gwen chose them because they need to figure out what kind of artist they want to be. Taylor Swift LOVES Gwen and well, who can blame her?!

Bryana freaks out over meeting Taylor Swift. She’s singing Heart Attack by Demi Lovato. Taylor says she has the pipes to belt the song, but that she needs to feel the lyrics and not just show off. They’re missing the rawness and want her to go soft on some of the notes.

Good call by Taylor to have Bryana show restraint on the song. It sounds pretty good!

I am still curious about Sugar Joans. She’s excited to be on Team Gwen because of how nurturing she is. She will be singing Love on Top by Beyonce. Taylor says she is a stunning performer. Gwen wants her to not use the growl as much, she wants her to tone it down.

The Performances:
Heart Attack is a tough song to sing (I attempt to sing it in my car and I can barely breathe by the end lmao). Is Bryana ready for this competition? She’s got a really good voice, she’d fit the pop princess mold pretty well. She is hitting notes even Demi Lovato can’t hit! Interesting.

Here comes Sugar. She has definite star quality when you look at her. Great styling too. I think I’m starting to get why people like her so much. And barely any growls! Pharrell is on his feet for her, aw!

Adam says that having to choose between the two girls is going to be very very difficult. Blake says it’s not normal for someone Bryana’s age to sing like that. Pharrell says Bryana should do things that feel original for her. He’s upset that he didn’t turn around for Sugar but would LOVE to steal her!

Gwen is conflicted. She loved Sugar’s key changes in the song and how she held back the growls. She’s proud of Bryana’s dynamics in the song too.

The winner of this knockout is…Bryana Salaz!! (wow not expecting that. Does Gwen dislike Beyonce orrrrr?) – Download from iTunes

And there goes a steal from Pharrell! Welcome to Team Pharrell Sugar Joans! – Download from iTunes

Next up is Team Blake’s Griffin versus James David Carter. I’ve been a fan of James’ since his blind audition. He’s singing You Got A Friend by James Taylor. Blake is surprised by this song choice because it normally doesn’t push someone vocally. Taylor liked how he delivered the sentiment of the song. He needs to hit a powerful note to put him over the edge.

Griffin is new to Team Blake, he was previously on Team Pharrell until Blake stole him in the battle rounds. He’s singing As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber (say what?). Blake says he can make this song his own. Taylor would love him to incorporate the audience into the song. Hmmm. This could potentially be a hot mess.

The Performances:
James reminds me a tad of David Cook. Anyone else see it lol? Pharrell and Gwen look like they’re enjoying it. He’s got such a nice voice for country and this song shows his showmanship. Lots of substance.

Griffin looks like a priest (?). Not loving the club vibe of this song either. Ahhhh I don’t know what else to write because I didn’t like it lol.

Pharrell said he brought his own flavor to the song. Gwen would have gone with James. Adam liked James and thought that Griffin’s song choice this time around was safe.

Blake said he was wrong about how he felt about James doing that song. He says he stands corrected!

The winner of this knockout is James David Carter! – Download from iTunes

Next is Team Pharrell’s Danica Shirey and Katriz Trinidad. Ugh this is going to be hard because I like both of them. Danica is singing Saving all my love for you by Whitney Houston. She owes everything in her career to her, Whitney inspired her to sing. Pharrell and Taylor are super impressed. Taylor says Danica’s insecurity fuels her talent. Pharrell says she is connecting in such an incredible way.

Katriz will be singing Superwoman by Alicia Keys, and wants to dedicate it to her mom. Taylor says her voice is polished and powerful. Pharrell sees a lot of training in her but wants her to not be so delicate with the singing. They want her to be grittier. Pharrell wants to see some personality from her too.

The Performances:
God I love Danica’s voice, it’s so beautiful. Her styling is much better than the battle rounds too. She definitely deserves to be in this competition and with that voice, heck she could win this whole thing.

Katriz’s voice reminds me a little of Stacie Orrico. It’s crazy how young she is. She needs to pace herself, she’s running a little bit behind the melody. This is the most personality yet that I’ve seen from her so it looks like she’s been following Pharrell’s notes.

Gwen said Katriz had a lot of stage presence this time. Adam said that Danica sang the crap out of that song, but that it’s going to be hard to raise the bar each week. Blake said Katriz definitely stepped up and that she couldn’t look any cuter. He admired Danica’s control and says she’s a perfect singer.

Pharrell has watched Katriz grow. He says Danica is like a unicorn (lol what) and that her transformation has been amazing.

The winner of this knockout is…Danica Shirey!! – Download from iTunes

Next up is Team Adam’s Toia Jones and Damien Lawson. They’re both great singers. Damien is singing How Do I Live by Leann Rimes (really? hmmm). He’s always been an emotional singer, so I hope he does well. Taylor likes his vulnerability. Adam says he felt every word.

Toia is singing Crazy in Love by Beyonce. I’m cool with her doing this song, I love her voice. Is it too upbeat for her though? Adam says there are big gaps in the hooks when she’s singing. Taylor wants her to turn into someone else, and to be more theatrical in her performance. They want her to be more true to the melody and with less runs.

The Performances:
Gah Damien. His voice tugs on my little heart strings. He reminds me of all the late great r&b music of the 90’s. He sounds so good on this song though.

Toia’s being fun and sassy on this song. She can sing absolutely anything and it would sound incredible. Pharrell is standing up and dancing in his chair lolll. Adorbz.

Blake said that Toia’s runs were great. He loved Damien’s version of that song, but that he would give the knockout to Toia. Pharrell said Damien’s performance was flawless but that he didn’t bring all the guns out. He said that Toia tore the place down. Gwen said Damien’s voice was beautiful and showed a different side but that Toia shocked her.

Adam said Damien’s song choice was very smart. He was skeptical of Toia’s song choice but that she gave an incredible performance. He thinks they both are fantastic.

The winner of this knockout is…Damien Lawson!! – Download from iTunes

Nobody is stealing Toia? Wah. =(

Next is Team Blake’s Tanner Linford and Jessie Pitts. Jessie had gotten stolen by Blake in the battle rounds. She’s singing Your Song by Elton John. Blake says it’s perfect for her voice. Taylor loves that she is using Ellie Goulding’s version of the song. She wants Jessie to relax on her “comfort moves.” Blake wants her falsetto to be projected a little more loudly.

Tanner is grateful to be in this competition. He trips meeting Taylor Swift lol. He’s doing Calling All Angels by Train. Good song choice, surprising choice too. Taylor says he has a good voice but needs to sell a message, sell a feeling. She wants him to make eye contact with the crowd. Blake says he’s starting to come out of his shell.

The performances
Jessie still sounds just like Ellie Goulding. It’s pretty and pleasant, she puts the emotion into the song. Gwen looks like she’s going to cry.

Tanner is so adorable, I can’t even. He’s improved so much from last season. I’d pick Tanner.

Pharrell said that Tanner made him look at the song differently. He likes Jessie’s dynamics in the song but that both of them have bright futures. Gwen said Tanner’s voice is so powerful and can work the stage. She said Jessie’s was off the chart. Adam said that Tanner has an angelic presence and that Jessie is a great singer.

Blake says that Jessie’s voice sounds like it’s straight out of the studio. He’s very proud of Tanner.

The winner of this knockout is…Jessie Pitts!! – Download from iTunes

Awwww man Tanner. Poor kid. He has such a good, positive attitude though.

The last knockout of the night is Team Pharrell’s Luke Wade and Taylor Phelan. Luke is one of my favorite contestants. He’s going to be singing Rich Girl by Hall & Oates. Taylor Swift loves his tone. Pharrell wants him to give people variations of his voice. She’s giving him advice on working the stage.

Taylor Phelan is going to be singing Rather Be by Clean Bandit. Taylor says his guitar is his teddy bear, so he’s putting his guitar away for this performance. Pharrell likes how he takes chances but he needs to loosen up and show more emotion.

The performances
Luke’s tone is just $$$$. Love him. He has such an old soul, he’s the real deal. This is going to be so hard for Pharrell to choose. Weird ending to that song lol…it just sort of ended oddly.

Taylor is interesting, a real genuine wild card on the show. Edgier that most in his song choices.

Gwen liked both of them. She said Luke had great command of the stage. She liked seeing Taylor move on the stage. Adam said both of them are major losses to them in the blinds. He liked seeing this new side of Taylor. Adam feels like there’s no clear winner and whoever doesn’t win, they’re coming to his team lol. Blake said there was a lot of adlibbing in Luke’s performance so he would go with Taylor.

Pharrell said Taylor let the world in, and that Luke went with his feelings.

The winner of this knockout is…Luke Wade!! – Download from iTunes

Gwen and Adam both push to steal Taylor Phelan! – Download from iTunes

Ahahaha and Blake does too!

I love how Adam never talks back to Pharrell lol. He knows better.

Taylor picks…Team Adam!

Here are the Teams as of right now:
Team Adam:
Taylor Phelan
Blessing Offor
Matt McAndrew
Damien Lawson
Mia Pfirrman
Alessandra Castronovo
Chris Jamison
Rebekah Samarin

Team Blake:
Jessie Pitts
James David Carter
Allison Bray
Taylor Brashears
Reagan James
Grant Ganzer

Team Gwen:
Craig Wayne Boyd
Ryan Sill
Bryana Salaz
Taylor John Williams
Beth Spangler
Troy Ritchie
Anita Antoinette

Team Pharrell:
Sugar Joans
Luke Wade
Elyjuh Rene
Danica Shirey
Jean Kelley
Menlik Zergabachew
Ricky Manning

I sadly won’t be live blogging tomorrow night but I leave you in good hands. :) Have a good one everyone!


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  1. I’m not mentally prepared for the possibility of my faves not going through. Though I know who advances tonight. Thanks iTunes

  2. Maybe iTunes is tricking us :) I won’t be looking anyway. Lol.

  3. I actually hadn’t intended to check. Someone posted it on the knockout preview

  4. Heyyy!!! So glad the knockouts are back… no more battle rounds 2!!!!!! :D

  5. I really like Gwen, but I sure wouldn’t pay a nickel for her fashion. Man, that is ugly stuff.

  6. You know what’d be really funny? If they showed half of a Knockout and montaged the other person.

  7. As we speak, 7 of the top 10 songs on iTunes are sung by one Taylor Swift.

  8. Taylor already giving good advice, saying shouldn’t just belt way through the entire song

  9. I like Taylor Swift but I have a huge feeling these rounds will be all about her… oh well, at least she’s funny and cute!

  10. K…I might not like Swift as a person but her advice is rather spot on.

  11. Based on this I think Taylor’s going to be a really good adviser.

  12. If she keeps up this level of mentoring I might be fine with her being a coach. >.>

  13. It will make my day if Pharrell choose to keep Katriz and Ricky and Danica get stolen by Gwen!

  14. Only crazy people who intend to lose sing “Love On Top”
    Range-y as heeeellll

  15. She only gave one piece of advice so far. Let’s wait to canonize her.

    Seriously though, not a TS fan…but I do respect the hell out of her. The fact that she writes these simple songs that are outrageously popular. And the fact that based on limited vocal range, she is a marketing power house in the music industry. We’ll see how she does tonight.

  16. Her 1 bit of advice has been stronger than all the advice Levine alone has given since the beginning

  17. I remember that “Nina Dobrev” girl in a past season who sang it really well. But damn, if I was in a singing competition, I’d never choose Love On Top.

  18. This is practically the ins and outs of Taylor’s showmanship. She knows she’s not the best vocalist, so I feel like she’s sharing what makes her performances work. They’re not throwaway advices either. She’s giving out good stuff.

  19. I’m distracted by how skinny she is, but she’s doing a pretty good job not belting her way through the whole thing

  20. yes. It was akin to telling someone to brush their teeth before a date.

  21. Really loved her performance of Heart Attack! That thing she did with her head voice in the softer moments was really spectacular.

  22. It’s funny because Bryana was a mess in her blind audition but I listened to the studio version of her battle round with Gianna and both sounded great. I think she’ll deliver a great performance right now. She’s slowly becoming one my favourite girls in the competition.

  23. A 16 year old girl is performing with better vocal consistency than you woman.

  24. I know they only show us small clips, so I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt? Lol.

  25. Did anyone see the look of confusion and discontent on Gwen’s face? LOL

  26. I’d give this round to Bryana. Pharrell looks like he really enjoyed Sugar’s performance though

  27. I have a feeling he’s gonna piss me off tonight…iTunes tells me so.

  28. Team Bryanna. I wouldn’t mind a steal if it weren’t for the fact Sugar’s so bad at selecting songs.

  29. I never warmed up with Sugar. Yes, she has a nice singing voice. Yes, she’s pretty. Yes, she’s current. But… something doesn’t feel very connected with her. And the excessive growling doesn’t help either.

  30. The sweet sound of his favorite team members making it through the live playoffs with no hassle at all?

  31. Sugar has the cool name, but I wasn’t thrilled with her performance.

  32. What? Sugar “held back on her growels”??? Missed that part….

  33. she’s current, she’s r&b/pop. Right up Pharrell’s alley. He could probably help her a lot, TBH

  34. Pharrell probably wants fodder once the live rounds start so his favorites make into the Top 12 easily LOL

  35. The Sugar love is a result of coach bubble. If the early rounds were in real time, they’d all back off.

  36. Oh wait you’re right, I was thinking of Toia and Danica.

  37. Well if he has a love for soul music that bad there’s no way in hell Taylor beat Luke in the knockouts.

  38. I love her tone. I didn’t like either song, but I love her potential.

  39. So Pharrell has a boner for Sugar and wants to get rid of either Luke or Taylor P. Really dude?

  40. Destiny’s Child. Their lead singer was some chick named Beyoncé.

  41. Also, can we please stop with the Beyonce songs?
    God it never goes well.

  42. this season has has the most Halo, Crazy in Love, XO, Survivor, the one sugar did..

  43. Correction. It never goes well for these thin voiced women that keep on trying it.
    You need a husky voice and damned good attitude.

  44. 1989 came out today. I personally think it’s Taylor Swift’s worst album yet.

  45. If I had to choose a Beyonce song, I’d sing one of her least well known songs like “I miss you”, “Mine” or even “Irreplaceable” (yes, I know this last one is very well known but not many people seem to choose it). She also has incredible uptempo songs like “Get Me Bodied” and “Upgrade Ya” but I have a feeling not many people would be able to handle them properly.

  46. If you’re fond of country Taylor, it may not be your cup of tea. Personally I think she does well with songs that have catchy pop hooks.

  47. Nooo… I don’t want Taylor in Adam’s team (we all know Adam is stealing whoever loses)

  48. We already know Griffin is losing this.
    Blake and his sacrificial lambs strike again.

  49. Just heard the guitar riff during the intro and definitely sounded like it.

  50. Same here..maybe Pharrell will see Adam salivating and pick the one he’d rather not lose to him..Taylor is hopefully that response.

  51. It might depend on whether you like pure pop. She’s definitely turned her back on country Taylor, that’s for sure

  52. When “Shake It Off” is one of the better tracks on the CD, then there’s a problem. I’m sure it’s just me though. The reviews I’m seeing just piles on praise after praise for it.

  53. I don’t think there’s really a need for a big note in this great James Taylor song, Blake. The song doesn’t need vocal gymnastics #smh

  54. I wouldn’t buy her album, but it’s interesting to see someone who started out in country music is now an international pop star.

  55. Dear contestants who sing Whitney Houston: it’s okay to sing songs off My Love Is Your Love. Trust me, it is. It was a good album.

  56. This battle is kindof pointless do we not know who will get picked?

  57. I would kill to hear “My love is your love”.
    Love it so damned much

  58. Lol, you should probably give up on him now. He’s against Blake’s chosen country guy.

  59. I wish someone sang “Heartbreak Hotel”… the only song from that album that we listen almost every year in these shows is “When You Believe”… *rolling eyes*

  60. Yep. Heartbreak Hotel, My Love Is Your Love, If I Told You That…that whole album is the most soulful thing she’s ever done. Everyone goes for the obvious hits that have been done a million times.

  61. How many genres has Griffin covered so far?
    Buble, PM, now..R&B turned Rock?
    Sounds like a mess in the making.

  62. Griffin against “Blake’s chosen one”… who will wins this round? #suspense #notreally


  64. Oh God. I’m getting Danielle Bradbery flashbacks. Nice voice, but absolutely boring as all hell.

  65. Which means Blake will ride that horse until he can’t ride him anymore.

  66. I already see the narrative: album #7 or 8 is her going back to her country roots.

  67. He’s got a really nice voice. Really nice. That seemed very safe, though

  68. At least Danielle had the excuse of being 16. This guy is like… 30? I don’t know, actually. He’s kinda dull, tbh.

  69. Didn’t We Almost Have It All is favorite Whitney song.
    Why don’t these shows like it >.>

  70. Instead we have, for instance, “I Have Nothing”… for the 63th time!

  71. I thought he must have been reading the lyrics from a napkin.

  72. Eww. No.
    Go back to singing soul please, your voice is much more suited to it. imo

  73. Yup. She’s totally reached a level of her own too. It’s not like people are comparing her to Katy Perry or Lady Gaga or any other pop stars out there. She’s just Taylor Swift.

  74. I can’t tell if this is brilliant or extremely obnoxious, but either way it wins.

  75. Adam doesn’t even have vocal chords as far as I’m concerned.

  76. Yup. I think I like her more when she tells a story vs the catchy pop hooks.

  77. Trying to get the crowd involved with the arm thing just seemed forced.

  78. Nobody should ever choose a Bieber song in a competition like this. Remember Judith Hill? #ThatPower? Because I do.

  79. That was a Bieber song? I thought it was a song. Either way it was the worst performance that night.

  80. It’s a Will.I.Am song where Justin Bieber sings the chorus. So it’s kinda a Biebs song LOL

  81. Blake’s idea of an intimate, connected, “story-telling” performance is a stool and a song stripped back as much as humanly possible.

  82. That was not all that interesting, Griffin. James David has the edge in that he knows what kind of artist he is. Griffin seems all over the place with his song choices.

  83. The Caroline P/ what’s his name battle with this song was great.

  84. James was also just ok. I dont think he has that star quality even for country

  85. Remember how ethereal and wonderful Caroline and Anthony’s duet of As Long As You Love Me was? Sigh.

  86. Because the song was re-arranged. It didn’t feel like a Bieber song.

  87. Omg Pharrell why would you put THOSE two against each other?? I hate him right now.

  88. Can Katriz just win just for singing Superwoman? Probably my favorite Alicia song.

  89. True. It’s not just about the voice. Has to be the whole package. Has to have the “it” factor. Haven’t seen one person this season who has that.

  90. Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart is my favourite, but Superwoman deserves an honorable mention.

  91. Is it me or does Griffin look kind of like Chris Richardson?

  92. She was the quirky indie singer who went the farthest on Ce-Lo’s team.

  93. Can I just say I’m under the suspicion that this show is doing a lot of Team Pharrell pimping?
    Out of all the performance previews we’ve seen, only 3 haven’t been apart of Team Pharrell.
    And I only ever see the show hyping up battles and knockouts by Pharrell’s team members.

  94. She did over sing in the battles but I liked it because it showed her range and I was like damn.

  95. I actually like DaNica, she has an interesting vibrato. I just wish she lost her grandma style. Her tone reminds me Jessie J a little bit, sometimes.

  96. Oh. But the Caroline Pennell battle before was fantastic with the same song.

  97. Do you hear all those runs? She’s trying to steal Jessie J’s very essence.

  98. She looks so much older than her actual age. She looks like Taylor’s grandmother.

  99. Pharrell is a whopping 15 years older than her and he looks 10 years younger than she does.

  100. That’s not how you do melisma at the end of a phrase. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  101. No kidding! I want to say something, but I do not want to insult anyone.

  102. Nope. Not even all that extra hair can shave years off DaNica’s look.

  103. more good advice from Pharrell and Taylor because she does seem a little too afraid to let go

  104. It sure as hell does not. Doesn’t hurt that he’s got Asian mixed in there.

  105. Danica has a great voice but the song choice is so old fashioned..

  106. I hope he has an idea who he wants to go with. Otherwise the pairings make no sense.

  107. But, she’s not “that” old. What is she?… 38? she’s no granny. :D

  108. hair extensions? She still looks older than she is. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  109. I can’t see her having any impact as a current artist. She has a great voice, but too old fashioned to me.

  110. Okay that was actually decent. It could have been better but she didn’t oversing it as much as I thought she would. Katriz was definitely grooving to it.

  111. She looks like Granny to me.
    Homegirl looks older than Blake.

  112. So every break will have at least one commercial about Taylor Swift’s new album? lol

  113. It doesn’t help I find her to be incredibly bland.
    And that blandness was blaring when you strip away all 18 million of her runs.

  114. Yup. She’s the same age as Taylor Swift. Let that sink in for a bit.

  115. I don’t think there is one thing she can do to lose her granny style. Not one thing. She is what she is.

  116. It drops tomorrow and will probably sell 350,000 copies in the first week.

  117. I assumed she was around the same age as Blake, and definitely no younger…

  118. She had a baby at 19. I think it changed her whole persona. I’ve seen pictures of her at 18 and she was skanky looking.

  119. It’s already come out. Pretty much I know has already downloaded. And it’s estimated to sell 800K-1 million in 1st week

  120. Lovely. Then we get more inane chat and useless banter from the coaches. Groan…

  121. I’d really rather not have to go with DaNica…but…
    Though I won’t be mad if he doesn’t. >.>

  122. I feel like Katriz can have a fuller sound if she opened her mouth more, no?

  123. The difference between Danika and Katriz is Danika definitely had a connection with that song.

  124. It’s funny because DaNica is the one who looks old but Katriz is the one who sang mostly old songs. This round was the exception. But while DaNica has her style completely wrong, I find Katriz to be so bland. It’s pure vanilla.

  125. Gwen should take her and make her sound younger. If Gwen can look and sound like she does at 45 she’ll be good at that.

  126. Let’s be honest, none would even make Top 10. No matter which team they were in.

  127. Damien…
    No, everyone.
    Everyone is picking ancient ass songs. Jesus

  128. That was the right choice. Katriz seems like she belongs in a HS talent show. She’s just not ready for this show, and she’s not going to get much better. DaNica’s maturity is both her blessing and curse, but in this case, it meant that I at least believed her performance, even if I didn’t love it.

  129. Katriz is another Filipino girl (no disrespect intended). Audiences eat that up. So you never know.

  130. Swifty better keep her hands to herself. After all, she has a history with teen boys :-).

  131. I’d strongly advise him against it. If he asked me. He probably won’t but…

  132. LOL at Taylor telling him to use the “cute guy” card. I don’t think that will work with him…..

  133. I am blown away by the fact that that dude is still around for the knockouts.

  134. Not in the US they don’t. Jessica Sanchez didn’t get anywhere close to the Top 10 with her single, for example

  135. Katriz shd watch YT vids of that Ausiie-Fil that just won the that’s Filipino strong ))

  136. Filipino girls are overhyped and are usually very popular online. But when it comes to real voting, they have just as much chances as any other. And Katriz is no Jessica Sanchez so I don’t think she’d make it very far, tbh.

  137. She just has a very defined facial structure. Broad jaw. She needs a lot of softness around her face. She needs to leave more eyebrow in, softer mouth, larger if possible. She actually has good solid features; they just may not be good for television.

  138. her performance preview hit a million views in under a week. Then they plucked it off. They might.

  139. Swifty does know her stuff. She’s giving some pretty insightful advice to these people. I don’t think Taylor generally gets the respect for her music business smarts that she deserves. Plus I think she’s hilarious. Yep, I’m a fan. Always have been

  140. oh yeah.. her name is Marlisa Punzalan ..auditioned at 14.. just turned 15 at Finals

  141. no Jessica Sanchez nor XF-AU Marlisa Punzalan who’s got a strong clear tone

  142. Oh gosh…thanks for the visual….I wasn’t even thinking that was what he meant. Taylor’s response was funny. She’s like a female Blake with Adam.

  143. I’m literally so bored already. But Toia chose Beyonce, so obviously he’s winning.

  144. He is gonna hear a big no when he gets sent home. I don’t know whos gonna win but its not gonna be him

  145. I’d rather hear Toia take this song to church.
    I’d be rolling on the floor with laughter.

  146. How Do I Live is probably one of the most boring songs from the 90s, imo… that one and Because You Loved Me (the cheese, uggh). But Toia’s choice is completely wrong, she doesn’t have enough sass and stage presence to pull it off.

  147. Not feeling the theatrical advice Taylor gave, but it’ll have to do.

  148. I’m a sucker for Damien’s tone. Oops well he started off well and then totally went off the rail. Oh well.

  149. Did he say why he chose this song? Cause I feel like there’s no acceptable explanation.

  150. Geez. Damien is managing to make this song too big for himself. Not liking this.

  151. Damien always looks like he’s about to cry. He did a great job though.

  152. Ok Damien and Toia are both pitchier then I don’t know what tonight

  153. But she hasn’t been that well represented, if I’m being totally honest… (except for Elyjuh, of course)

  154. I wouldn’t consider myself a fan, but I do like some of her songs and I think she’s clearly a very good songwriter. It always bugs me when people say that someone on a singing competition is the next Taylor Swift, because it completely ignores the fact that Taylor’s continued success is due a largely to her talent as a musician and songwriter.

  155. Sad a guy has sang a Beyonce song better than all the women have since the season started.

  156. At least these contestants would be able to sing Britney Spears songs.

  157. Didn’t say I was complaining. Her songs are great but it’s a high bar to set for these amateurs.

  158. I’d prefer neither and let’s hear something different imo.
    Shit, there are a LOT of artists to choose from that aren’t the top 100 chart toppers and music icons.

  159. Not liking the song choice. Pitchy performance. When he’s on, he’s got a really gorgeous tone to his voice, though

  160. I think she is far more talented in a variety of ways than she is given credit for. And she seems to be growing into a solid mature style: she is a better singer than she was.

  161. Damien has a great tone but he was really pitchy tonight and the song choice was a complete NO NO to me, but oh well…

  162. NBC should be expecting a letter from her lawyers tomorrow morning

  163. I appreciate Pharrell for being all proud papa for her…even while she is sucking butt

  164. I don’t know about y’all but I’m actually really enjoying this :)

  165. IM gonna have to go with Toia just because I bought her audition song

  166. It is hard to make this song boring. I think she just did that. Nice glory note, though

  167. Toia was decent. Good high note at the end, and didn’t oversing her ass off.

  168. Toia had fun and I had fun watching her. Damien looked like he knew he was hitting the wrong notes. The choice is an easy one for me.

  169. Basically. Pharrell was like “if you lose you wouldn’t deserve a steal, at all”

  170. That glory note was pretty clean. Saved it from being too karaoke… but still karaoke.

  171. Poor Trisha Yearwood. She never gets credited for How Do I Live even though they both released it on the same day.

  172. Here’s a summary of KO performances so far:

    Bryana was pretty good. Sugar was a growly mess but somewhat Pharrell wanted to steal her (probably fodder for next round).

    James David sang very well but was tremendously boring. Griffin was not as boring but his vocal was quite average (he chose Bieber, so yeaahh….)

    DaNica and Katriz were both boring, but DaNica was somewhat more “into” the performance while Katriz was just lounge-y.

    Damien and Toia were really pitchy, but because Toia is no Beyoncé and Damien did better than Leanne when she was on XF Finale, he went through. LOL

  173. I’m calling him a dickhead not because he’s a dickhead for picking Damien.
    Just cause he is.

  174. My sentiments exactly. I just feel more affintiy with Damien even though he didn’t have a stellar performance.

  175. Nice résumé eheh. Yeah so Bryana is the one to watch. JDC, no surprises, he’s as bland as a white wall. Danica winning is a surprise imo, but Danica won’t last long. Damien and Toia, well…Toia was actually decent with a Beyonce song. But ofc Adam ditches his steals.

  176. I find it funny because Bryana was a huge mess in her blind audition. But tonight she was very good. Not amazing, but very solid and controled.

  177. Her speaking voice sounds so much like Carrie Underwood. It’s freaky.

  178. DaNica did too.
    But Damien was the very first to start this chain effect

  179. “Someone told me during battle rounds that I sound like Ellie Goulding, so I’m running with it.”

  180. Who’s Adam pet (or “special snowflake”) this season? Javier Colon, Tonny Luca, Melanie Martinez, Judith Hill (?), James Wolpert and Christina Grimmie were his previous but who’s the one this season? I guess… Matt?

  181. If it’s gonna fall back in love w/ Adam ..otherwise..

  182. Poor Tanner..can’t even hide his beaming erection over Swift

  183. No, Blake, she doesn’t know who she is. She only knows that she really admires Ellie Goulding. But at least that’s better than wanting to sing Train.

  184. I give her props for owning it though, saying straight up that she’s doing Ellie’s version.

  185. Do you hear it? It sounds like it’s at risk of changing mid-performance.

  186. Oh wow. I just listened to Caroline Pennell and she sounds exactly like her in this intro.

  187. She’s getting my respect with this. Hate this song, not a huge Ellie fan, but I enjoyed this performance.

  188. While I agree, that doesn’t say much (at least from me). She was just average on “The Story” and the other Ellie Goulding song.

  189. really? I don’t think she quite has the skill to open her voice up in the ways she’s trying, but at least those moments weren’t a carbon copy of Goulding’s cover and the performance was well paced.

  190. I was supporting her because Tanner doesn’t deserve to be here, she actually gave a good performance.

  191. yup.. except for that ..started out sounding a capella ..shd have stayed so..

  192. Odds that they WON’T pick the adorable kid? At least she has a better chance than if she was on the X Factor.

  193. Again, I agree. Tanner is not ready. And while she didn’t give great performances earlier, imo, I think she has tons of potential. So, it would be an easy decision for me.

  194. I can’t believe Tanner is 17 years old. He will probably be asked for his ID for many years!

  195. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but she gave her best performance so far imo. I really can’t stand Tanner so I was supporting her. However, it was solid.

  196. I’m assuming, if she loses, it’s because she succumbed to respiratory arrest.

  197. Whatever kind of performance she did tonight, Jessie is still miles better than Tanner. wait, Tanner who? Hahahaha

  198. I think Jessie will do the best on Itunes from the ones who performed today.

  199. Anybody think this kid weighs more than 80 pounds? And I though the Biebs was a shrimp.

  200. Very high school Glee club. This baby ain’t got no idea what he’s singing about.

  201. I think Blake has lost his mojo he doesn’t have a chance of winning this season.

  202. Exactly my point, lol. I don’t know how Blake turned his chair for him.

  203. some countries actually have kiddie versions of the voice bwahaha

  204. I just turned to the show and I was like, who is this child on my TV? He ruined a pretty decent Train song.

  205. It’s like…a dog with a limp vs a dead fish.
    Neither impressive…but one is going somewhere

  206. 3 person steal for Team Pharrell’s knockout with Luke and Taylor.

  207. Yes Blake, Jessie has a clear image of the artist she wants to be. Ellie Goulding.

  208. Ignore the Voice’s preview hype.
    The incoming knockout sucked imo.

  209. God forbid she makes a guest appearance. She probably won’t leave the set alive.

  210. I really can’t stand Adam, but I have to admit it’s kinda true. I wish Usher was there only for me to ignore Adam almost 100%…

  211. He basically traded one of those guys for Sugar. I can’t. I just can’t.

  212. I’d rather it be Luke…but I think it’ll be Taylor (sadface).

  213. Is it me or Luke Wade is kinda overly hype? The guy misses his notes often and just go with his unnecessary runs to hide his sharp and flat notes.

  214. he got too excited with sugar, he forgot that there are far better artists than her

  215. Yayyy, I like Taylor sooo much!!! :D

    ETA: In this case, I’m talking about Taylor P. :p

  216. Same deal back to the battles. Seriously. Even Gwen had better steals.

  217. oh he stole menlik & jean, and pitted them in knockouts. oh im pretty sure menlik will win that. haha ethiopia will be proud, remember?

  218. Pharrell…
    You will never understand the severity of how hard I want to bitch slap the ever loving Lord out of you for this pairing.

  219. lol. she needs to pull off a dani moz “edge of glory” kind of performance to steal at least a spot in Pharrell’s top 3

  220. Hmm.. he keeps blinking rapidly when taking constructive criticism. I wonder how much of this is sinking in

  221. I don’t think even with a performance like that shed be luck enough to stay

  222. I really like Luke, but Taylor is my favourite. The way he performs is very honest and sincere. He has the perfect mix of powerful and soft vocals and he makes calculated risks. Like I said in another thread, the way he moves on stage, how he feels the music… I love it!!!

  223. I thought Taylor was gay…but he’s just trying to look European.

  224. Ahahah yeah! Menlik is good but he has a restricted style, so this is going to hurt him. Jean is okay, but still…And Sugar, oh my lord. What-the-hell.

  225. You forgot the wife and kids? Lol, wonder what you were focused on.

  226. lol who knows, we didn’t expect him to steal her in the first place haha.

  227. Kay, maybe not man-candy…but they’re practically non-existent right now. We need some.

  228. It seems Jean is singing “Chandelier”… I think she’s done lol

  229. Even if he’s penny candy. He’s still an immortal being that shall never die.

  230. I don’t even like that song when Hall and Oates sing it.

  231. can we have taylor swift instead of pharrell next season? I mean why does it always have to be 3 guys-1 girl panel of coaches

  232. Liked it better when Cole Vosbury did it. Yes, Cole sang this.

  233. Instead of Pharrell?
    How about Adam and Blake for the love of God?

  234. Honestly, if Pharrell lets Taylor go, I don’t think he has that good of a shot at having a winning team member

  235. agree! and i even hated cole’s version before. so yeah, liking cole’s version now means something :))

  236. can we have new set of panel? i mean at some point we all need a break from drunk blake and hot stuff adam!

  237. I just saw a video with all the moments Xtina sang on The Voice during rehearsals and Blind Auditions… I need more of that. She’s the best female judge/coach just because of that. :p

  238. Not a bad voice on Lucas at all. Wish he sang something from the past decade…or two…or

  239. stupid for giving schuler it’s time!! it threw off his market. hahaha

  240. Homegirl can recreate proper results.
    Especially if she goes back to S5 mode.

  241. Too bad we can’t put Cole’s voice in Luke’s body. That would be a winning combination.

  242. I agree as good as Luke isn’t going to win this, better shot with Taylor.

  243. I love his voice, doesn’t mean I think he’ll garner the popularity

  244. Can we all just agree she needs to release her new album, stat? I’ve been listening to Lotus on repeat all month.

  245. I just realized that Luke is dressed like Captain Kangaroo. Wardrobe is awful tonight.

  246. While I agree, she didn’t won season 5 because that one was competitive season. Every team had a potential winner – or more.

  247. But first. Can their parents be more creative with names. Damn it. reading “Taylor” makes me think twice of who you all are referring too.. At some point I even threw Brashears & TJW somewhere in those conversations

  248. Season 3 she did the stupid thing of creating a team with only generic POP singers. Blake did the same on Season 4 by making a Country team but the outcome was quite different, curiously…

  249. Going with my trend of who I always hope will win..losing
    Taylor is losing this one lol.

  250. my only problem with taylor on this performance is taylor needs dancing lessons cause he looks like an awkward turtle.

  251. Go to Gwen’s team.
    Don’t annoy me by flocking to Adam.
    He’ll choose Matt over you.

  252. Not surprised he took Luke. More his style of performer. And of course everyone else wants Taylor

  253. Can’t see him winning or making it that far though . Taylor has better potential

  254. Gwen would easily have the strongest team if she gets Taylor

  255. Maybe, Blake lend his cup to Pharrell that’s why his decisions feels like he was drunk :P

  256. Nevermind, now we know. Should’ve seen a steal coming from a mile away.

  257. Taylor’s performance was just stupid. I’d be afraid he’d repeat that. Luke was the smarter choice, imo.

  258. Can Adam be struck with the runs? And just lose this?
    I actually think Gwen is right in saying he has similar tastes

  259. That’s it.
    I’m annoyed.
    I’m on meds and idgaf, drinking.

  260. Well Team ADam is loaded with top guys. Chris Jamison/Matt McAndrew and Taylor

  261. I still can’t get over why the heck Pharell would match his stronger singers against each other. sigh. now he has the weakest team overall

  262. I wish some of these contestants wouldn’t pick the obvious sometimes. Shoulda picked Gwen just for the heck of it!

  263. I think she only got montaged last round because she slaughtered her competition. Her and Craig will be a good battle.

  264. Okay, prayer warriors. Let’s all hope Troy Ritchie wins against TJW… or else… Gahd.

  265. Last year they skipped the blondes second battle the one tht came in 5th.k risten?

  266. oh i remember kristen merlin soemthing from team shakira got montaged in Battle Rounds 1 & 2. Because they opted to show three battles in a tuesday episode of Battles 2. hmm

  267. TJW is singing Mad World… he’ll be called ‘artistic’ and ‘unique’ because he chose such a ‘dark’ song. While Troy will be singing Hey Ya! -.-‘

  268. It scares me because even if he doesn’t sing Mad World, he seems to be likeable for all the coaches. Heck, he was praised of great vocals when Amanda Lee Peers outperformed him big time. hahaha.

  269. And while I really like Grimmie, if producers didn’t try to favour her by inventing a “twitter save” in the semi-final, Kristen would probably have made it to Top 3.

  270. The problem is. The mentoring session is longer than the performances itself. Lol. Even the coaches’ banters were longer than the contestant’s performances. Basically eating up a lot of airtime.

  271. This season is gearing up to look like the bastard child of season 4 at this rate.

  272. That’s the huge problem with The Voice, imo: they don’t care about the contestants. They want to “entertain” the audience with coaches’ banter and by showing how cute and funny Taylor Swift is. They give much more priority to the coaches than to the contestants.

  273. Hoping Adam does right by Taylor. If he’s going to fight this hard for someone, he better back it up with some good coaching once he finally wins them over. The one thing that gives me hope is that Adam is very quick to spot the good talent on the show and he’s had enough time to see that Taylor can back up the initial impression. Taylor also seems like the kind of person who is up for taking a manageable risk and easy to coach, which will keep Adam interested in him. Plus, he’s adorable and good TV. That moment when he turned to his wife for advice choosing a new coach was priceless. You can’t teach that stuff.

  274. I’m watching again the performances. Bryanna was pretty good. She was subtle and chose her moments.

  275. Season 4 had Michelle Chamuel, so I wouldn’t mind that much if this season was similar to season 4 :)

  276. there is no michelle chamuel so it really is a bastard child. ha

  277. How?
    The wife and kids? Cause otherwise they’re two different genres and people.
    Will was like some timid crying mouse on the show. Taylor is definitely not.

  278. While I agree that AI11’s Top 7 was amazing, my favourite group of finalists was AI7’s Top 8.

  279. “timid crying mouse” LOOOOOOL, I can’t even xD

    Plus, Will is more of a belter while Taylor has more of a quirky quality in his tone.

  280. it’s Top 7 ( tessanne, will, jacqui, cole, james, matthew & caroline)

  281. He really was. Like..I can’t even recall a moment where I heard Will talk on the show, aside from singing.
    The dude was like introversion on a seismic level

  282. Top 8 actually…well technically 7 cause Ray was certainly no top

  283. While I didn’t mind Caroline, I never saw her as a winner. Once there was only 6 left, I thought that was anyone’s game — and had no problems with any one of them winning.

  284. True. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more introvert and awkward/shy contestant than him, at least when it came to public speaking.

  285. Amanda ): While TJW’s performance was actually solid during the Battle, Amanda was better. A shame.

  286. It also had Judith Hill and Amber Carrington who were really good too.

  287. LOL James David Carter is the one leading Itunes, after Matt and Eric’s version of “Yellow”… what the hell

  288. I think the most amusing part was how quick the show and coaches would dismiss him and how he’d just take it like a little….little bitch.
    They even dismissed the almighty hell out of him when he returned last season if I remember correctly.

  289. So Pharrell is stuck now with Sugar, Danica, Luke, and the winner of Jean vs Menlik and Elijuh vs Ricky? Well Elijuh is now his only chance at reaching even the top5/6.

  290. Told ya’ll I was getting Danielle Bradbery vibes.
    Blake is gonna come out the woodwork and win.
    Then the show will have set so many records.
    3rd Country Artist on Blake team to win
    4th Artist on Blakes team to win
    4th man to win the show and be with children and over 30
    1st man to occupy the “over 30 and male” and “bland and country” slot at the same time.

  291. I’ve heard rumours that Will was hard to work with on the show, but nothing substantiated, so I don’t know if it was the introversion that made it hard for people to connect with him, or something else that no one’s talking about. The only person who made a visible effort with him was Tessanne, and she’s a sweetheart.

  292. Well, it’s only the first night of KO and we haven’t seen every single contestant. There’s still hope JDC might become just a Top 8/10 contestant… yeah, who am I kidding, he’s already in the final -.-‘

  293. If it lives and breathes the very essence of country…which appears to be (according to TV’s tastes) bland and simple.
    It shall win.

  294. If the voice is unlucky, he will be just like that guy who won XF season 2 who’s name I can’t recall.

  295. Gwen and Adam became the frontrunners overall… even though Blake has JDC, which may be more than enough to win the entire thing lol

  296. UPDATE: Jessie is now leading the Itunes at #222… at least it’s not JDC. lol

  297. same here. She was never a winner for me but hey, it almost became her show during battles and knockouts

  298. Now Taylor’s in Adam’s team, I wonder who will be next one to be thrown under the bus?

  299. i feel they wont montage anyone tomm because they have a group of 4 left and a group of six if u count. 4 tomm and six on monday

  300. I really really hope Troy is on to the live shows. How´s his mood on twitter? Do you think he made it?

  301. So who are the singers tomorrow? I’m afraid Pharell might cut Menlik after his decisions tonight. I think he’s doing what Christina did before. Picking too many belters on her team then comes the liveshow and one by one they get eliminated.

  302. My favorite performers were Damien, Jessie, Sugar and Luke. Didn’t get why so many were fighting over Taylor.

  303. Taylor is a pretty decent singer….he was just exceedingly mediocre last night. I think if this were the first time someone saw him perform, they would not be impressed. Having said that, I do believe Luke did much better.

  304. Good singers everywhere! Very nice. Some are more memorable than others, though.
    Tanner should try American Idol next. He looks young and amateur enough to pass as “undiscovered” talent, yet sounds so much better than the most that come to their door. How old is he?

    And Crazy in Love should have retired on Voice by now. In my eyes (and ears) nobody can top Cody.

  305. I agree. I really loved Taylor in his previous performances, but something wasn’t working last night. Also loved Luke from the start.

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