The Voice 6 Top 20 Power Lists, Song Suggestions and Predictions

Hey guys! With the playoffs upon us tonight, I thought I’d take a moments to write up an analysis of the top 20. Below, you will find team, and team member rankings, overall top 20 rankings along with song suggestion and who I think will/should be eliminated in the march to the top 12.

Please note while reading: these are all preliminary, a good performance could change anything in tonight’s round. These predictions are based solely on what we have seen so far and should be taken with a grain of salt.


4th: Team Shakira – Her best chance of winning was Clarissa, and with her gone, I don’t see how Shakira can pull a win.

1 – Tess Boyer– I love this girl’s voice and swagger when she performs. Can she win? No, but she might crack the top 6. Suggestion- Domino, by Jessie J

2 – Deja Hall– I’m still kinda scratching my head wondering how she beat Ddendyl, but she has a good enough voice. I don’t know how far it will carry her, but I’d suggest she play to her strengths. Suggestion – Landslide, by Fleetwood Mac.

3 – Dani Moz – She took down a huge foe in the battle rounds 2, but compared to other singers on other teams, she pales in comparison. The furthest I think she can possibly go is the top 10. Suggestion- If it Makes You Happy, by Sheryl Crow

4- Kristen Merlin – She has a great story, but she has been montaged twice now. America barely know who she is, which does not look to good for the young singer. Suggestion- No One, by Jessie J

5- Patrick Thompson– Fodder. Suggestion- Chicken Fried, The Zach Brown Band

Should be the two sent home- Patrick, Kristen

Will be the two sent home Patrick, Tess (I don’t trust Shakira will make the smart move to hold onto her in the end).

3rd: Team Adam – It’s funny, going into the battle rounds, Adam had some of the greatest singers on his team that should potentially have put him at number one. Unfortunately, Adam either let his better singers go, or they were stolen by another coach. Here’s how I think the chips fall for his team.

1 – Christina Grimme – Adam’s best shot at a victory this year. If Adam lets her go in the playoffs, he can kiss winning goodbye. This girl is a star, and with her pre-show following, if she gets into America’s hands for voting, she will make it to the finale. Suggestion- Take a Bow, by Rhianna

2 – Delvin Choice – I don’t think it was that smart to let go of Josh, but Delvin is still pretty good and I think has a great shot of making the top 12. Suggestion- Demons, by Imagine Dragons.

3 – Kat Perkins – She is a rock chick with a great voice. I don’t think she has a chance of winning, but she is super talented. Suggestion- Just Give Me a Reason, by Pink. Let her show some vulnerability with this song!

4 – Morgan Wallen – Why the bloody heck did you steal him when you could have stolen Ddendyl, Clarissa or Kaleigh?! Suggestion- The A Team, by Ed Sheeran.

5 – Jake Barker– I thought he lost his battle. His falsetto notes were off, and I just don’t know what Adam kept him. Suggestion- Let Me Love You, by Mario.

Should go home Morgan, Jake

Will go home – I have no idea. Adam is so unpredictable this season it could be anyone. But if he loses Christina, he might as well accept he won’t be winning this season.

2nd: Team Blake – Blake has a very diverse team. His team is chock full of talent and has an excellent chance of winning the season.

1- Sisaundra Lewis – I’m putting her at number one now, but I’m not quite sure she can win. America loves the big belty singers, but eventually it will get overdone and people will turn off from her. I suggest she go current to appeal to the younger audience. Suggestion- Cannonball, by Lea Michelle

2- Madilyn Paige – Sweet Madilyn is my personal favorite of the season, but she has an uphill battle going against such strong team members during the playoffs (I think Blake’s team will have a shocker result). However, Madilyn is developing a strong fanbase, and if she makes it through the playoffs, I’d guess she will stick around for a while. Suggestion- The Scientist, by Coldplay

3- Audra McLaughlin – This is where Team Blake gets dicey. I think Audra is a great singer and I think she should advance, but I HIGHLY doubt Blake would send home his only country singer, Jake. If thats the case and he does decided to hold onto Jake, unfortunately it looks like Audra or Madilyn will get the ax, but for now, I’m being optimistic and hoping she advances. Suggestion- Alone, by Heart

4 – Jake Worthington – I personally don’t see his appeal, but Blake clearly does. He has a shot of advancing based solely on being a country singer. That said, I think he isn’t as strong as the Sisaundra, Madilyn and Audra trio and should be sent home, but the cynic in me is saying that wont happen. Suggestion- I Want Crazy, by Hunter Hayes

5- Ryan Maloney – I doubt he will advance past the playoffs. If he does however, things could get ugly really fast. Suggestion- Rockstar, by A Great Big World

Should go home Ryan, Jake

Will go home Ryan, Madilyn or Audra (but I hope not).

And in first place is…….. *drum roll

1st: Team Usher – Blake’s team is quickly catching up on him, but for the moment, I’m confident putting him at number one. It should be noted that most of the steals came from Team Usher, which goes to show how strong his team is.

1 – Bria Kelly – Pimp spot every time she is shown coupled with a fantastic voice puts her at number one. Bria isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Suggestion – I would love to hear her sing Creep, by Radiohead, but I doubt it will happen.

2 – Josh Kaufman– Adam shouldn’t have let him go and now, Josh has made Team Usher way stronger. Josh is an amazing singer that should be competing for a long time this season. Suggestion – Somewhere Only We Know, by Keane.

3- Melissa Jimenez – I like this girl and her spunk. That, and she can belt! Give her the right song and let her work her magic. Suggestion: Ain’t No Other Man, by Christina Aguilera

4 – Stevie Jo – He could easily steal Melissa’s spot if she falters. I think the final spot will come down to the two of them. That aside, Stevie is a great singer and has a shot of advancing. Suggestion – Baba O’Riley, by The Who

5 – TJ Wilkins – He seems like a nice enough guy with a nice enough voice, but there isn’t much else to say about him. I think he is fodder. Suggestion – She Will be Loved, Maroon 5

Should go homeStevie and TJ

Will go home Stevie and TJ

And with that, I now present to you my overall top 20 power rankings which are just based on how I think the contestants stand, not on who I think will/should advance.

20- Patrick Thompson
19- Jake Barker
18- Ryan Maloney
17- TJ Wilkins
16- Morgan Wallen
15- Kristen Merlin
14- Dani Moz
13- Jake Worthington
12- Audra McLaughlin
11- Stevie Jo
10- Melissa Jimenez
9- Deja Hall
8- Kat Perkins
7- Tess Boyer
6- Delvin Choice
5- Josh Kaufman
4- Madilyn Paige
3- Sisaundra Lewis
2- Christina Grimmie
1- Bria Kelly

What are your power rankings and who do you hope to see advance to the top 12? Sound off in the comments!!!!

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