Top 5 Results Show Wrap Up – Where do the Contestants Stand?

Hope y’all have simmered down after Wednesday’s shocking bottom 3.   Those shocking results occur nearly every season on American Idol, and once they’re examined, seem not-so-shocking.   This week was no exception:

  1. Kris Allen performs in the easy-to-forget first position. The genre is a bit out of Kris’s wheelhouse.   The buzz is mixed.   Simon is critical, so maybe some vote to save him. But he competes with Allison and Danny for votes. Kris ends up in the Bottom 3.
  2. After birthday girl, Allison Iraheta’s awesome performance of “Someone to Watch Over Me”, Simon Cowell inexplicably declares her in trouble.   Online chatter indicates many voted in an effort to save her.   She ends up in the Top 2.
  3. Matt Giruad at this point, is running on fumes.   Despite Simon’s praise, his performance of “My Funny Valentine” is over-cooked and pitchy.   Out-performed by everyone else, he’s finally sent home.
  4. After several lackluster performances, Danny Gokey gives one of his best performances, ever, on the Idol stage.   He gets glowing reviews from the judges. Viewers take notice and throw him their votes.   Danny could be the night’s top vote getter.
  5. Adam Lambert performs last.   Casual viewers, possibly caught up with saving Allison (and maybe Kris to a lesser extent) and/or rewarding Danny for a performance that was both excellent and better-than-usual, may have passed on voting for Adam this week. After all, there are plenty of peeps voting for him, right? Plus, It’s a showboaty performance. Gauging the buzz, it seems casual fans prefer ballad Adam (Mad World) over theatrical Adam (Ring of Fire). A combination of these factors could have sent Adam to the Bottom 2.
  6. The producers revealed a bottom 3 instead of a bottom 2 as they usually do at this point. It was as if they purposely wanted to show both Kris and Adam–two contestants receiving mucho buzz in the press–as vulnerable.   And if by chance Adam happened to really be third, why not fudge the results and put him in the bottom 2? Nigel Lythgoe admits it’s possible.

The Idol producers must’ve been giddy with excitement when they got the results.   With the save behind them they were given another opportunity to craft a truly-edge-of-your seat episode that would have viewers buzzing at their water-coolers the next morning.

It was also perfect timing for dusting off that old trick that splits the contestants into two groups, with the odd man out made to choose which group he belongs in.

Adam, this year’s Huff (For Season 3’s George Huff –the first put in the unenviable position), seemed completely blindsided by the situation, and when he actually chose a side–presumably the top vote getters–after a bit of hesitation, I was neither amused or offended.   After 8 Seasons of watching Idol, I am so over the Huff.

So, yeah. At the edge of my seat. I could barely keep up with my live blogging, I was so nervous. To be honest, I feared more for Kris Allen than Adam Lambert.   Kris seemed truly in danger after his performance Tuesday. Once Ryan sent him back to the stools I breathed a sigh of relief while awaiting, what I believed, was the inevitable elimination of Matt Giraud.

Matt’s singout was way better than his initial performance.   Earlier in the season, I think the judges were hoping he’d catch on.   He does have a contemporary vibe and a good recording voice. But when it comes down to it, the only thing that matters is what happens on the Idol stage.

The right guy went home, but what a ride it was getting there! Wow.

New predictions.   I’ve always said not to count out Danny Gokey. I believe the guy has a solid fan base that votes for him no matter what.   Is Adam Lambert’s voting bloc strong enough to resist? Casual votes may become crucial in this race.

So much depends on how both Danny and Adam play out the rest of this season.

Danny is obviously working hard to change what’s been holding him back. Tuesday’s performance showed both restraint and a polish not seen in prior performances.   If he keeps that up, he could give Adam a run for his money.

Adam needs to keep walking that tightrope between staying true to himself and, quite frankly, not scaring the crap out of America.   I think he should emphasize his mad vocals rather than his over-the-top performance skills, cause I think it’s the voice America loves.

Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen will probably be leaving us in the next   two weeks.   Not sure who is going first. It all depends on this week’s performances.   I think they both have the potential to pull off great performances.   Allison has a voice made for rock, while Kris could have a field day arranging something that’s perfect for his folk/rock vibe.

Personally, I’d rather see an Adam/Allison or Adam/Kris final. But I think an Adam/Danny final is inevitable.   They both have the fan bases and it’s obvious TPTB want it bad. Methinks two buses are parked at the CBS lot–one is for Kris, the other for Allison. Sads.

ETA: Forgot to say, Adam’s appearance in the Bottom 2 means his fans will be voting extra hard this week. The days of vote-splitting are over–not only for Adam, but all the Idol fanbases.

Adam Lambert – 1 or 2
Danny Gokey – 1 or 2
Allison Iraheta – 3 or 4
Kris Allen – 3 or 4

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