Top 12 – Elimination

David Hernandez is Eliminated Tonight

Bottom 3:

  • Syesha Mercado
  • Kristy Lee Cook
  • David Hernandez


thank you Lawrence for the video…

Next week’s theme? The Beatles. Yes, you read that right…

The show tonight opens with cross promotion: Horton’s little Whos sit in front of the television, anticipating the start of American Idol. Just like the rest of us.

You did it America. Over 29 million votes Tuesday night. And it’s finally happening. Season 7 is out pacing Season 6 in vote totals. Last season’s Top 12 garnered 28 million votes. I’m not surprised. I expect to see the same kind of turn-about in the ratings as the buzz for this season continues to grow.

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Jim Carrey, in the audience dressed as Horton, begins tonight’s pimpathon for Horton Hears a Who, the new movie–from FOX, of course.

Ryan jokes that the Beatles theme was SO popular, the kids are going to do it again next week. Wait. He’s not kidding. TPTB are actually going to push their luck with the Lennon/McCartney songbook. The kids are singing Beatles tunes again next week. Eep. The contestants did such a fantastic job with the catalog this week, why not just leave it at that? Unless they’ve managed to secure Paul McCartney as a mentor, I don’t see the point of a repeat.

Oh yeah, GROUP SING! Over the years we’ve had the Beatles music turned into fodder for chipmunks, muzak, disco music (remember “Stars on 45”?) and any number of bland, banal ripoffs. That’s why I don’t mind the kids pointy posing to some of the Beatles’ early tunes. It can’t be worse than the Season 5 tribute to Sgt Pepper, can it?

Michael Johns is off key and forgets the words to “All My Loving”. He thinks it’s pretty funny too. Shot of Jim Carrey rocking out in his ridiculous costume. Jason Castro singing one of my fav early songs, “I Feel Fine” puts a huge grin on my face. OMG, the kids strike a very choreographed pose. I am so VERY happy! This choreography is WAY TOO AWESOME! David Cook solo! YAY! The camera keeps cutting to Jim Carey and it’s cracking me up.

Go Chikezie! That’s my new mantra. David Hernandez messes up the words to “Can’t Buy Me Love.” David Archuleta shaking his hips is something I don’t need to see. Thanks a bunch.

The kids cry for “Help”. It’s probably their theme song right about now.

LOVED the group sing. So did Jim Carrey. And heh, there is Sanjaya Malakar and his sister Shyamali! They liked it, too.

Back from break, it’s time to get to work. Ryan asks, “Who will get the ticket to ride?” *blink* Ryan says that he’s looking for the three people with the lowest number of votes for the bottom three. He asks Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado to stand up. Gosh, who could possibly be in the bottom three out of that bunch? So far, this isn’t exactly a nail-biter. Ryan begins, “…America voted, and Carly, you are safe.” He continues, “Michael, I need you…to take a seat, you are safe.” Michael, a little faked out, is relieved. Ryan lets the ladies scream for Jason before he says, “…America voted, you’ve connected with them, you are safe.”

Syesha Mercado is left. “After the vote, Syesha, you are in the Bottom 3 tonight.” She nods and joins Ryan center stage. The judges think sending Syesha home would be the wrong choice, but Simon believes she belongs in the Bottom 3. Ryan hands her the mic. The Bottom 3 will all be reprising their performances tonight. Time killer! She sings, still with the awkward pauses, but not smiling nearly as much as the night before. She screams one last note, and it’s an ear buster. Ouch.

Ford Commercial! How clever, the American Idol contestants as political candidates. Nobody has ever made that comparison before! Ahem. They sing, “The Distance” by Cake.

And it’s back to the results. Wait, no it’s not. First, we have to watch a weirdly edited tape. It’s a smoosh-up of the Idols attending the Horton Hears a Who premier over the weekend/sitting for their Top 12 official photos. It’s oddly framed by the Beatles’ “A Day in the Life”–“I saw a film today, oh boy…” Kill. Me. Now. At least the version of the song is a cover and not the genuine article. Whoever edited this clip must have been tripping. Literally.

Now, it’s really back to the results. Ryan asks Chikezie, Amanda Overmyer, Kristy Lee Cook and David Cook to stand up. David, why do you look so nervous? As if you’re even close to being in the Bottom 3. Ryan brings Chikezie down to the stage to tell him he’s safe. C’mon, after Chikezie’s break-out performance the night before, couldn’t y’all give him a break and stop playing with him? Amanda is safe too. And David Cook. Of course.

Kristy is left. Before Ryan even opens his mouth, she asks, “Where is my microphone?” Smart girl. Ryan says, “How do you know what’s happening?” She says, “Because I sucked big, giant donkey balls last night.” No, she doesn’t really say that, but she should have. After the blah blah run through of judges comments, Ryan finally tells her to grab the microphone. Kristy apologizes to the judges, and hopefully to all of America, “Sorry you have to hear it again.” Kristy babbles incoherently, like a confused pageant queen, when Ryan asks why she thought she was going. She sings out, and it’s not half-bad–she hits that last high note. Simon still hates it.

After the break, Ryan “takes some calls”. Most of the questions are directed at the judges, but A 12 year old asks Jason Castro, if he could be any American Idol judge, who would he be? Jason, who appears to be in a perpetual state of embarrassment, points out helpfully that Pauler is a girl, and then he mumbles something about Randy’s shoes. Simon rolls his eyes. Ronnie Paulie, aka “dumbass”, has auditioned for Idol 6 times and asks the judges for advice. Simon tells him to find another job. Ronnie walked right into that one. John Aaron wants to know when Simon and Ryan are going to “throw down.” Ryan says, “Load in the mud, I’m ready.” Simon says, “See you after the show, Ryan.” Ok, Simon didn’t say that, but it would have been awesome if he had. Ryan dumps the “Simon is sexy…” call. Jellus! A British lady living in the States asks Simon who he thinks are better singers, Americans or Brits. He says, “American singers have the most talent, however, on the judging panel, the Brits.” Wow, that Simon-so clever on his feet! Right. Well, as time-wasters go, that could have been worse.

Katharine McPhee and scary asshat David Foster are next, singing George Harrison’s “Something.” A nod to George. He deserves it, he wrote more incredible Beatles songs than I have time to list. Eh, I’m not loving Katharine’s diva take on “Something.” So, it’s safe to assume Katharine is all done singing “rhythm pop” since that didn’t work out for her too well? On to the next genre! She tries them on like clothes. Speaking of clothes, what the hell is she wearing? It’s some kind of hooker-flapper look. Not flattering. David Foster plays piano while Katharine sings. As Simon would say, the performance is very “old fashioned” and “cabaret”. I’m not feeling this at all. Eh. Still, I’m glad they are sticking to Idol alumni as musical guests. Foster says that he and Katharine will be making a record together. Goodbye “Open Toes”, we hardly knew ye!

It’s time for the last of the slicing and dicing. Cut to the contestants. Jim Carrey is out of his Horton costume, sitting with the kids. “I should have never done the REO Speedwagon thing, man.” I’m sure the Idols still awaiting their fates are loving this “comedy”.

Carrey seems to be finally done with his whoring for the night, and goes back to his seat. Ryan asks David Archuleta, Brooke White, David Hernandez and Ramiele Malubay to the center stage. David H. and Ramiele groan. “Let’s start with David…Archuletta…America voted…David, you get a chance to redeem yourself, you are safe.” Screams from the audience. David hugs Brooke, you can hear her say, “I’m so glad.” David goes back to his seat. “Now, let’s turn our attention to Brooke…America voted, you are safe, take a seat.” Brooke sits down.

Ramiele and David H. are left. Ryan goes through the judges comments with both. “…America voted, Ramiele…you are safe…which means David, you are in our Bottom 3.” Ryan asks David how he’s doing right now. How do you think, Ryan? What a stupid question. David says he’s pretty exhausted, but he’s fine, “It doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going home tonight, I’m just in the Bottom 3.” Yeah. David sings. On the verge of being eliminated, he has dialed the performance way back. It’s much less corny here. “Who is going home?” asks Ryan. Syesha and Kristy Lee join David on stage. “I’m going to send one of you to safety, one of you can relax…

…after the break.”

After the damn break, Ryan asks the judges what they think. Randy thinks it’s “probably” the right Bottom 3. Paula says she’s never seen a “more stronger” Bottom 3, but eventually admits, after some prodding from Simon, that America got it right. Simon says, “I think America got this absolutely spot on.”

“I can send one of you back to safety right now, ” says Ryan, “that person coming back next week…Syesha, you are safe.” Syesha looks pained, smiles, and then goes back to her seat. “We are now left with Kristy and David…after 29 million votes, America has decided, that Kristy…” She narrows her eyes. “You are safe. David Hernandez leaves us tonight on American Idol.”

David and Kristy hug for a bit and exchange words before she goes back to her seat. “Here’s David, guys.” David gives the thumbs up. “Tough night, huh?” Gah, with the stupid questions, Ryan. David talks to his fans, “Things happen for a reason…you’ll see me at the top…this isn’t it for me…”

Ryan introduces the new boot song, “Celebrate Me Home” sung by Ruben Studdard. The song is a real tear-jerker. David’s goodbye video plays out over the credits.

Tonight’s elimination–not a surprise. Between the fall out from stripper-gate, and a horribly picked song performed horribly, David lost his spot. That’s how it goes in Idol land.

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